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We try to reply to all enquiries within 48 hours (excluding weekends, bank holidays and holiday periods). Please contact us if you don’t receive a reply at all, we may not have received your email or maybe our reply went into your Spam/Junk folder.

Guidelines for photographing your collection…

• We don’t need a photo of every stamp, simply a good representation of the collection.

• If the stamps are in an album: photo a few of the more complete pages, i.e. the pages with the most stamps on them.

• If the stamps are loose: take a batch of approx 20-30, lay them on a flat surface and take a photo/scan – you can do this with a few batches.

• Limit the number of images to a maximum of 20.

• JPEG files are ideal. If emailing your images, please don’t send very high resolution images and try to contain all images within one email, but avoid sending emails that exceed 10MB in size (our system may not accept it).

• Please don’t send lots of photos of individual stamps, it’s not efficient for us to handle – one photo per album page is ideal.

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