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“I have dealt with many stamp dealers, stamp shops and auctioneers over the last 40 years. I can honestly say that UPA is by far the best I have ever dealt with.”
GH, Cumbria
Auction Bidder

“Your bags of stamps are good! It took me 4 days (an hour a day) to look through. These bags give you the option of replacing existing copies (ie. too heavily franked) or having a pair instead of single copies of which I did both! The wee books are good also as I get to view the higher value ones and those which you don’t see as often.”
AN, Ayrshire
Approvals Customer

“Love the auction format: UPA and Andrew forever, buyers’ premiums never!”
Auction Bidder

“Probably the best World Mixture I have ever had from any dealer – certainly the most productive!”
NB, Kent
Mixtures Customer

“Absolutely five stars! Certainly the best of all the Auction houses that I have had dealings with (and I have dealt with many – Grosvenor, Spink, Gibbons, Cheshire, Colonial, Keller, Feldman, Statius, Abacus, Sparks, Sandafayre, Maresch etc). Andrew’s and his staff’s sincerity and helpfulness, the quality of descriptions, the large amount of rare and very fine material in each auction, the absence of commissions and defined bid increments, prompt dispatching of material, the enormous catalogues almost without printing errors, mix-ups and other flaws that often accompany other catalogues. In every respect and A1 job! My congratulations.”
HH, Ontario
Auction Bidder & Top-Up Twenty Customer

“The most new-thinking auction-house in the world.”
From Øyvind at The Norwegian Philatelic Magazine

“What a wonderful service to stamp collectors, I have been really pleased with all my purchases from your auctions and unsold lots. Quality stamps at reasonable prices, fast friendly service, keep up the good work. Fantastic way to buy stamps for collectors to find ways to complete their sets which are missing a few stamps and build their collections. Only wish I had a few friends who collect stamps as I would highly recommend your services.”
LF, Aberdeen
Auction Bidder

“I have previously sold stamps and good collections through various auctions houses, not often that satisfactorily. In future UPA will be my first choice when I have stamps to move on. A very positive experience.”
VH, Norfolk

“Your service has been the very BEST that I have come across and used in my thirty years and counting of being engrossed in this great hobby of ours. Many thanks once again for all your efforts.”
MS, Essex
Approvals Customer

“The stamps have just arrived which I find astonishing as the auction was only a week ago. What superb service and efficiency and my thanks go to you and your colleagues for making this happen. The stamps are, as always, in pristine condition and exactly as described. I always look forward to your auctions and regard them as four events during the year that I enjoy very much. Again, many thanks to all at UPA.”
TC, Kent
Auction Bidder

“It’s a pleasure to do business with UPA – any minor issue that I have had (and I can recall only one) has been ironed out promptly and your auction catalogues always give hours of interest and, importantly, is reliable as to the quality of the stamps that one is bidding on. I look forward to many more opportunities to close the gaps in my collection.”
JF, Alberta
Auction Bidder

“Universal Philatelic Auctions offer a massive choice of stamps from the whole world in their auctions, and a great opportunity to buy unsolds at a discount. They are businesslike and friendly, and are going deservedly from strength to strength.”
GT, Dorset
Auction Bidder