Insurance against loss in transit is FREE for the majority of countries. Exclusions include: South Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and former Russian republics.


Shipping Carrier

Most items will be sent by Royal Mail (service used is dictated by the value). For very large or heavy items that cannot be sent via Royal Mail, a courier (such as Parcelforce or TNT) will be used – shipping surcharges may apply.


Shipping Costs

Auction and Unsold Lots – shipping is FREE for the majority of lots. Exclusions include:

  • Auction invoices under £50: UK P&P = £2, Overseas P&P = £3.50
  • Shipping heavy lots to overseas customers. Heavy lots are identified at the end of the description. Surcharges are subject to client location, lot size and quantity of heavy lots won. Surcharges can be quoted for before bidding (please ask us) and will be confirmed when the auction results are processed.

Top-Up Twenty – shipping is FREE except for shipping heavy lots to overseas customers. Heavy lots are identified at the end of the description. Surcharges are subject to client location and lot size. Please select the appropriate shipping surcharge when ordering directly on our website. If you would like to order multiple heavy lots, please contact us so we can combine the shipping costs.

eBay – shipping prices are be displayed within the listing.

Approvals and Mixtures – prices are inclusive of shipping.


Delivery Times

Purchases are shipped as soon as possible, typically within two working days (courier items can take longer). Delivery times vary depending on service used and client location.

Despatch of auction parcels – Bidders who provide payment details before the closing date are processed during the first despatch week. Clients who request a pro-forma invoice and send payment in response to their invoice are processed in the second despatch week, in the order that payment is received. Late sales orders are despatched in the order that payment is received, starting in the second despatch week. Large/heavy lots take longer to despatch, please allow an extra week.


Goods Sent/Returned to UPA

If you are sending material for valuation, it will be fully insured if we have been notified ahead of shipping. Please note, material for valuation should not be sent unless UPA has agreed to receive it – we cannot accept material before a phone consultation. Material should be packed following our Packing Guidelines, and must include your full details inside the parcel.

If you are returning a purchase, your parcel will be fully insured. Please ensure you use an appropriate service relating to the value (ie. Special Delivery for items over £250 value), and retain the Post Office receipt until we have confirmed receipt of your parcel. Goods returned to UPA must be packed to the same standard as received to ensure the contents are suitably protected. Please include a note inside the parcel with your full details, the reason for the return (eg. bought in error, mis-described) and the accepted refund method (eg. original payment method, auction credit).