Request Scans

Auction lots cannot be viewed in person, however we provide a free scan/photocopy service for reasonable requests (we can’t scan hundreds of items). We can also provide verbal condition reports where a scan is not suitable (such as for very large lots).

• We aim to complete your request within 5 working days, please check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us after this time.

• We cannot guarantee to provide scans/photocopies for requests made within 2 working days of the auction closing date.

• We are unable to provide scans of Unsold Lots during the first auction despatch week. Requests may be made during the second week of despatch, but we cannot guarantee this service.


Scans of heavy lots/very large lots:

• These lots can be very time consuming to photograph, therefore we ask that you only request scans for lots you are genuinely interested in. If you have specific questions regarding a lot, a verbal condition report may be more suitable – please detail this in your request.

• If we are unable to photograph the entire lot (ie. close to closing date, very large lot), we may send you a selection of images that represent the lot.