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Since 1958 our Approvals business has been supplying stamps upon approval to thousands of collectors worldwide. With over 1,000,000 different individually priced stamps in 7,000+ approval books, the chances are that we will have something you are missing, which will add interest and value to your collection.

How It Works

Send us a request and we will send you a selection based on your collecting interests. Simply keep what you want, and send back the rest with payment for the stamps you’ve added to your collection. If you’d like another selection, complete the form included in the first sending and the team will oblige.


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Finding expensive stamps is a function of money, but try finding the inexpensive ones… that is a real challenge.

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Not a lot of Collectors know this, but some of the stamps they search for were produced in very small numbers, often down to a few thousands or less of high values. If the market were to move, surely these stamps would be the first to move up. Naturally it may take time, but generally these stamps can be located, albeit not always in the best condition sought.

Counter intuitively one would think that lower value stamps produced in larger printings would be easy to find, but sometimes such stamps may be much more difficult to source than high/higher value stamps, and the reason why is often, but not always, because few dealers can afford to cost-effectively handle stamps which are theoretically worth pence.

However, even in the harsh reality of today’s cold Covid commercial climate, when you handle stamps cost-effectively in ‘on approval’ stamp supply selling-systems, with the added benefit of scale, supplying stamps to be selected by hundreds of collector clients … it is possible, even today, to effectively sell inexpensive stamps and crucially make sufficient profit to stay in business.

Supplying stamps ‘on approval’ to collectors since 1958, this is the 63-year-old legacy of my Avon & Omniphil Approvals. You may even have been one of our youngest clients, returning to philately 60 years later… In those days, an advertisement offering a few free stamps in ‘Boy’s Own’ would yield 3,000 response requests for stamp approvals.

Thankfully, the world has spun a few times since and we have all matured – likewise our approvals business has grown as part of a larger organisation, but the same open value for money principles, which have nurtured and nourished collectors (and our business), hold true today. Furthermore (whilst we supply Approvals to collectors universally), we’ll offer you a free trial to test receiving a selection of stamps you collect on approval and take your 1st £25 worth absolutely FREE. Respond quickly and we’ll round-up your free stamps selected of your choice to £30, provided you can pick them from your 1st two selections of stamp approvals.

Just tell us which countries and subjects you collect, and whether you collect mint and/or used. We’ll see what we can send you from our library of over 7,000 books of individually priced stamps, and if you live in the UK, we’ll even include a postage paid return envelope. Please apply online now whilst you are thinking about it…