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Covid Announcement:

World Mixture Replacement Offer

We appreciate how fortunate we have been not to have lost a single day’s business due to the pandemic. Like most businesses we have made substantial organisational changes in order to continue to trade safely and supplies and deliveries have continued relatively uninterrupted. However, unfortunately supplies of off-paper world mixtures have been severely disrupted because much of these emanate from charities, many of which have been severely affected.

We hope to be able to resume offering Trial World Mixtures (your 1st up to 500 stamps free) … BUT, until further notice (with resumption of supplies) this offer must remain closed …

However – the good news is that we have good supplies of individual country / area / theme off-paper mixtures from which you can pick stamps at low unit prices, regardless of catalogue value. Rather than offer you a fixed number of stamps to select FREE – because unit prices vary, we have decided to replace the 500 stamps free offer – with a NEW offer for you to pick your 1st £15 stamps FREE … so that you can test Avon Mixtures, and hopefully continue to ask for more country/area/subject mixes supplied upon approval from which you may purchase more stamps needed for your collection.

This offer is restricted to UK clients, overseas clients accepted but may be required to pre-pay a deposit (please enquire).

Read on to discover why our off-paper mixtures are so popular…

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy collecting stamps, Andrew explains why…

When you go to a stamp fair, order online or bid in an auction, you’re almost always buying stamps priced against catalogue value. One of the biggest problems when I collected stamps 47 years ago was that the stamps I wanted always seemed to cost more than I could afford! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but with the benefit of hindsight I suppose the problem was that I hadn’t set my collecting boundaries to my budget.

Why does everything you collect have to be related to catalogue value?

The answer is, it doesn’t! There’s nothing wrong with catalogue values per se, but it’s simply that this is the philatelic industry norm. I set out to break industry norms, creating my enormously popular off-paper mixtures club more than 30 years ago.


Ask yourself… Would you enjoy picking stamps at low unit prices regardless of catalogue value? Would you enjoy forgetting the prices? Would you enjoy the thrill of making a find and paying pence to do so?

Well, now you can. If you’re a real collector, (not an investor), I’m putting the fun back into philately so you can enjoy collecting how it used to be. It’s not a club, but it feels like one… Like me, you may remember swapping stamps, and in order for you to test my Avon World Mixtures I’m offering you the opportunity to select your 1st £15 worth FREE so that you can see for yourself how much fun there is to be had from your trial mixture bags.

Is this offer right for you?

If you don’t like the idea of forgetting catalogue prices and paying pence per stamp, this offer is not for you. If you collect high-end stamps costing £100’s each then this is probably not for you too. But if you enjoy sorting through stamps, seeing what you may find and enjoying the simple pleasure of adding inexpensive stamps to your collection, then this really is for you. All you need to do is complete the request form and (if you’re aged 18+ and NEW to Avon World Mixtures) you can pick your 1st £15 worth stamps FREE, plus the chance to select other country stamps at low unit prices regardless of catalogue value.