For valuation related questions, please read Valuation FAQs.

For questions specific to the auction, please read Bidding Information.

We’ve tried to include the most commonly asked questions, but it you still have a question please get in touch.

Can I attend your auctions?

Our auctions are postal auctions only, not public auctions. We must receive your bids by 5pm on the closing date; see Bidding Information for more details.

How can I request a catalogue?

Click here to complete our catalogue request form. Catalogues (both printed and online) are available about a month before the closing date. You can request a catalogue at any time; we’ll send you a printed copy/online link as soon as it’s available.

New customers are likely to receive up to 3 free catalogues, regardless of auction participation. Regular bidders will automatically receive the next few auction catalogues, even if you miss an auction. If you continue to request catalogues after receiving your free copies and have never bid (or have had several catalogues since your last bid), we may ask you to subscribe or view the catalogue online instead.

If you request to view the catalogue online, we will send you the link as soon as it is available (check your Spam/Junk folder if you haven’t received your notification). This is a popular choice for overseas customers where delivery of a printed catalogue can sometimes take a couple of weeks.

Click here to view the auction schedule and when to expect to receive your printed catalogue/email notification.

What’s your buyer’s premium?

There isn’t one! The only additional charges we apply are shipping charges where applicable (click here for more details).

What is the Unsold Lots sale?

After the auction we sell unsold auction lots at 80% estimate (reserve price) for a limited time. You might also hear us refer to this sale as the Late Sales.

Can I visit your offices?

Our Head Office is a small but busy office, so we operate on a strict appointment only basis.

Appointments are available for valuation purposes only – please contact us to discuss and arrange.

If you wish to collect your auction winnings in person, please let us know in advance so we can ensure your goods are ready to collect.

We are unable to receive customers at our Tewkesbury Office.

How can I buy stamps from you?

We have a number of different platforms, depending on your collecting level. Click the links below to learn more about each service and find which suits you best…

UPA Auctions, for specialist collectors

Top-Up Twenty, for advanced and specialist collectors

Approvals, for general and advanced collectors

Mixtures, for general collectors

eBay shops, for general collectors