Abbreviations commonly used in our descriptions…

Cat Catalogue Value
cds circular date stamp
cto cancelled to order
cv Catalogue Value
E East
EL Entire Letter
excl excluding
f.u. fine used
FF First Flight
g.u. good used
h/r hinge remainder
incl Including
inv inverted
l.m.m. lightly mounted mint
m mint
m.m. mounted mint
MC Maltese Cross
MS miniature sheet
N North
n.h. never hinged
NE North East
NW North West
o.g. original gum
o/c off centre
o/w otherwise
ovpt overprint
part o.g. part original gum – may denote heavy hinging
p/p pulled perf
PH photo
pmk postmark
RSW Royal Silver Wedding
S South
SE South East
SW South West
u used
u.m. unmounted mint (never hinged)
unused mint, no gum
US item is previously unsold
US2, US3 etc previously unsold twice, three times etc…
v.f. very fine
v.f.u very fine used
v.g. very good
vals to £1 incomplete set to value stated
W West
wmk watermark
(4) number in brackets denotes number of stamps in the lot


Classifications are denoted (where applicable), at the end of each lot description, e.g. {BK}

BK Booklet
C Cover(s)
CC Collection
D Die Proof
E Essays, Colour Trials
F Forgery
L Cinderella
MH Mounted Mint / Mint Hinged / Unused
MX Mint and Used (Mixed Lots)
O Officials
P Proof
PD Postage Dues
PF Postal Fiscals
PS Postal Stationery
R Revenues
S Specimen
T Telegraphs
U Used
UM Unmounted Mint
X Other