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I’m lucky to live the dream of most stamp collectors; I turned my hobby into my career. By the age of 21 in 1975 I was running my own stamp business. I’m passionate about philately, but I soon realised that I couldn’t afford to continue collecting because, naturally I’d try to keep the best stamps for myself – so I decided the transitory pleasure of handling the world’s most valuable stamps would be more than enough for me, if I could create one of the World’s largest stamp companies!

And did I succeed? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but suffice it to say that up to 7 x more collectors and dealers bid in my auctions than other stamp auctions in the UK. We’re the largest philatelic stamp auction in the UK with up to 2,000 different collectors and dealers regularly participating in my 20,000 lot quarterly stamp auctions from up to 54 different countries worldwide. I’ve been fortunate to handle stamps / philatelic items up to £500,000 each and collections up to £1 Million.

I expect you have a few founding childhood philatelic memories from a very young age? My earliest stamp memory is upon my 7th birthday, but when I really started collecting aged 10 I simply loved it… but there was then, one seemingly insurmountable problem, and what was that? Amazingly finding stamp information was so difficult – and the ‘Ladybird’ book of Stamp Collecting excepted where did one go, especially a child who couldn’t afford a stamp catalogue? Nowadays, of course, we live in a different electronic world where there’s no absence of information – but with so much info-overload, is it the right information?

Which is the reason why, in my quest to promote philately, I created my ‘Stamp Tips of the Trade’ –  before such hard-earned knowledge may be taken away. I invite you to download Your Stamp ‘Tips of The Trade’ now, and in so doing, learn from my mistakes and others, thereby making considerable savings, not just monetary, but also in time.

There must be a reason why my auctions have become the largest in the UK (Globally too)… and the principal reason why is that I believe that if a stamp is not selling it’s too expensive. Other auctions strew the way ahead, almost delighting by throwing obstacles in your way – such as pernicious buyer’s premiums, extra VAT, packing and shipping charges, insurance and until recently surcharges for payment by credit card… so that stamps won for say £100, your final bill may be approaching £140. I don’t believe in loading those hidden extras. It doesn’t happen when you pay for petrol – so why for philately? So that when you order auction unsolds or win auction lots – that hammer price of £100 is ALL YOU PAY including Loyalty Post-Free shipping (unless the lot is heavy).

Take it from me. That’s the point, 2,000 clients participating in our 20,000+/- lot auctions, create economies of scale which, to repeat, permit me to offer you NO BUYER’S PREMIUM + ALL Lots 100% Guarantee, Unique Reducing-Estimate (and reserve) System, Free Delivery (excluding shipping heavy lots to overseas customers), etc.

All auctions have unsold lots, but some don’t tell you, preferring to bring in their favourite dealers… Hmmm.

After our auctions close we offer collectors a level playing field, by making the UNSOLD LOTS available to all at reserve (20% below estimate). Perhaps understandably this has proven to be a very popular offering (especially with all lots guaranteed), so much so – that we now know some collectors with more general tastes (or a budget) may no longer bid in the main auction – preferring to purchase from the unsold lots available immediately afterwards. However most collectors bid in the main auction because they know the chance of securing that special something they have spent years seeking becoming unsold may be remote – so better to bid for it than lose it.

Because, in our auction ‘cycle’ we’re now selling our unsold auction lots – if you’re new to UPA, now’s the time that you can so easily deploy my 1st GBP£55 FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Just browse 20,000+/- lots, ALL available for immediate purchase…

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