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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
149General - World Collector's world-wide accumulation, collected over the course of some forty + years. An extraordinary 'massive' collection that completely filled a large 4 x 4 when we were asked to uplift for sale by auction and offer intact as one lot. A world-wide holding, comprises collections, new issues, albums, stockbooks, covers, even mixtures including kiloware. Doubtless consuming most of the collector's 'stamp-den space', it seems that, as so often, the joy was to be had in the acquisition rather than the sorting out. With so much material weighing 100 kgs+ we're talking literally tens of thousands of stamps / items accumulated by purchase from stamp fairs, stamp shops, collectors, mail-order dealers and smaller stamp auctions. Not being 'big' on sorting out, there's literally months of enjoyment sorting, sifting, cataloguing and arranging . If you are interested by literally months of philatelic 'work', rather than write an essay, Andrew has offered to give you a verbal description over the telephone whilst surrounded by the mountain of material, bags, 15+ boxes, which may take some thirty +/- minutes on the telephone, but will adroitly answer any queries (or your spouse's concerns!). Obviously shipping is extra, and this is the only lot in the auction upon which we cannot offer a return refund guarantee, because obviously shipping may come to hundreds of pounds (unless the buyer collects), so we want you to be confident that this enormous philatelic 'hoard' is right for you. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £4450
168Bradbury Wilkinson CollectionGREAT BRITAIN 1918-19 Seahorses 5s. With 'SPECIMEN' type 32 overprint, fine mint, cernered to foot, extremely rare in this form. Cat £6500 US4 £
172Bradbury Wilkinson CollectionJERSEY 1900-82 REVENUE STAMPS an astonishing and intact exhibition worthy collection, expertly written up on pages, arranged by orders of printing, often in matching corner examples, with issued stamps with values to £100, Jure-Justicier overprints, archive examples with punch holes, SPECIMEN overprints (40), mouthwatering PROOFS (40+) incl. die and plate proofs etc, many unique and superb items throughout. (approx 265 items) US4 £
173Bradbury Wilkinson CollectionNEW ZEALAND 1954-63 OFFICIAL imperf matching left sheet marginal plate proof BLOCKS OF FOUR written up on pages, each with plate number and printing dates noted in pencil on backs, with 1d (2), 1½d , 2d (3), 2½d, 3d (5), 4d(2), 9d, 1s (2)and 3s, fine unmounted mint apart from 9d which is on card. (18 blocks = 72 proofs) US4 £
175Bradbury Wilkinson CollectionRHODESIA 1892 Arms 1d to £10 set of IMPERF PLATE PROOFS on thick gummed paper, each with god margins and large part gum, extremely rare set. (11 proofs) US4 £
181Bradbury Wilkinson CollectionUNITED STATES 1851 George Washington Three Cents essays, in deep purple, blue, red, brown and in green, extremely RARE ! (5 proofs) US4 £
669Australia151913-14 'Roo Wide Crown £1 brown and ultramarine well centred cancelled to order with Melbourne AP 15 13 c.d.s., one slightly short perf at foot otherwise very fine and fresh Cat £2500 £
670Australia161913-14 'Roo Wide Crown £2 black and rose fine cancelled to order Melbourne 1913 c.d.s., off centre but very fresh Cat £4000 £
2348British Post Offices in Siam20c1882-85 BANGKOK Double overprint 'B' 8c. Orange wmk Crown CA, Perf 14, 1882 Straits ovptd 'B' Type 1, variety overprint double, part Bangkok CDS used example, one of the rarest of the double overprints. An exceptionally difficult stamp to locate in cds condition, due to delicate colour, this being a particularly fine example, described on the BPA colour photo-certificate (2019) as bearing manuscript line at foot, creases (absolutely minimal), soiled (barely) and a little rubbed (hardly), is genuine - most of which, apart from the authenticity, is irrelevant because a better example hardly exists. Crucially, clearly defined double 'B' overprint. Exceptionally rare. Cat £4250 US2 £
2600Burma181937 25r orange and blue, wmk upright, slightly yellowish gum, still very fine, m.m. Very scarce. Cat £1700 £
3493China - Japanese Post Offices491914 Overprint on Japan Princess Jingu 10Y violet very fine used, well centred, rare! Cat £3500 US2 £
4246Denmark1851-2000 Mainly used collection on Christensen hingeless leaves(many 100s) including 1851-54 4 R.B.S. brown shades(6), 1854-59 2sk to 16sk, 1864-70 Crown 2sk to 16sk plus some shades, 1870-74 Posthorn set to 16sk plus some shades, extensive later Posthorns inc some inverted frames, 1912 and 1915 G.P.O. 5Kr red, 1918 overprints on Newspaper stamps(SG 190-93 are mint), high degree of completion for later regular issues, a few mini sheets and booklet panes are mint. Back of the book section includes Airs 1925-29 set(the 50 ore and 1Kr are mint), Officials 1871-73 perf 14 x 13½ set, 1875 set, 1914-23 set, Newspaper 1907 set, 1914-15 set, Postage Due sets, Parcel Post 1919-41 set to 10Kr inc 50 ore grey black, 1937 Windmill booklet panes. A GOOD LOT in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £1074
4953France370-3771917-19 War Orphans' Fund set of eight, complete unmounted mint never hinged, 2c + 3c through 5f + 5f blue and black, the two highest values signed. Fabulous fresh original gum hardly ever seen these days. Note the set / high value offered on eBay has no images of the reverse. Stated Yvert 148/155 Euros 9,150= (not corroborated) - BUT an incredibly rare set in this condition as supplied by a major London auction house a few years ago. Please see images of front and back, the two high values design clear of perfs, plus superb colours throughout. Exceptional Cat £2750 US2 £
6061Germany - 1871 to 19451872-1949 Mixed mint and used collection in a Davo Album in Black embossed with German Eagle and 'Deutschland' in Gold with slip case. Ranges from a few Empire issues not good quality through to some allied Fieldposts and includes mini sheets including MS576a - International Philatelic Exhibition, Konigsberg with 'Ostrapa 1935' in sheet margins but has no gum, split perfs and multiple h/r priced accordingly and officials. Condition is maily good but with some average and poor items as well. Approx 1100. High cat val approx £4000. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £1253
7005Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1840 1d black plate 5, lettered 'TB', four neat margins and red Maltese cross. US £
7048Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2 PL1a Wi1840 1d black T-F Plate 1a 'Watermark Inverted' - an extraordinary large four even margins example cancelled by red-brown maltese cross with no faults and in quite exceptional condition, very fine used for this. INVERTED WATERMARK is rare upon plate 1a. A trace of plate wear above 'Y' of penny. See SG QV specialised for listing and catalogue value. A rarity for the 1d black specialist / inverted watermark collector Cat £4000 US2 £
7049Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2var PL81840 1d Black Plate 8. Imprimatur (from the 1st sheet printed). MAJOR RARITY: Very fine and fresh unused (as prepared) imperforate four even margin, right hand marginal imprimatur example lettered SL. Exceptionally rare, unusually with sheet margin attached (only two right hand marginal examples being possible). This being one of only 23 possible imprimatur examples, many of which are in institutional collections. Accompanied by 2001 Brandon photo-certificate. Previously sold for full catalogue value. If you are seeking an imprimatur, you will not find better EXHIBITION Quality Cat £42000 US £
7241Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, a complete sheet reconstruction AA-TL, range of shades, 53 examples with MC cancels and 4 with Numbers in Cross, many with plate numbers on reverse, many with 4 margins, fair to fine used. Good lot. Cat £10500 US2 £1028
7400Great Britain - QV (line engraved)F1/81854-58 2d blue 'Stars', specialised collection written up on pages, with PLATE 4 perf. 16 (12, incl. a pair, and one on cover), perf. 14 (4), PLATE 5 perf. 14 small Crown (4, incl. a pair), perf. 16 small Crown (2), perf 16 large Crown (2), perf. 14 (10, incl. two pairs), PLATE 6 perf. 14 (4, one on cover), perf. 16 (2), generally good to fine hand picked examples. (38 stamps and 2 covers) Cat £7060 US £2225
7403Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C3/61855 1d red brown Die II, a PLATED study collection writen up on pages, with Plate 1 C3 (4, incl. a pair), C4 (6, incl. a pair), C5 scarce pair, C6 (5, incl. a pair), Plate 2 C3 (2), C6 (4, incl. a pair), Plate 3 C3 (2), C4 (5, incl. a rare strip of four), Plate 4 C3, C4 (3, one with spoon cancel), Plate 5 C3 (2), C4 (2, one with spoon cancel), C6 (2), Plate 6 C3 (2), C4 (3), C5 (2), Plate 7 C3, C4, C6 (3, incl. a pair), Plate 8 C4 (2), C6, Plate 9 C6 (2), Plate 10 C6 (7, incl. two pairs), Plate 15 C6 (4), Plate 16 C6,a good lot for the specialist, condition generally good. (69 stamps) Cat £4465 US £1112
7426Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C101857-63 1d red Stars on white paper, a splendid PLATED study collection written upin an album, with lots of varieties etc, with Plates 27 (31), 34 (25, incl. a block of six), 36 (22, incl. srip of four and five pairs), 37 (7, incl. strip of four), 39 (4), 41 (3, incl. a pair), 42 (23, incl. three pairs), 43 (5, incl. a pair), 44, 46 (8, incl. a pair), 47 (31, incl. a pair), 48 (22, incl. a rare block of nine), 49 (24, incl strips of four and three), 52 (19, incl. two pairs), 55 (27), 56 (8, incl. three pairs), 57 (26, incl. threepairs), 58 (32 , incl. strip of four and a pair), 59 (23, incl. scarce blocks of six used and unused), 60 (28, incl. scarce block of four and six pairs), 61 (10, incl. three pairs), 62 (10, incl. a pair), 63 (7, incl. two pairs), the RARE PLATE 64, 66 (25, incl. two scarce blocks of four and a pair), 67 (4), 68 (5_ and Reserve Plate 17 (18). Generally very good to fine condition, with many scarce and interesting pieces, cat as cheapest versions in excess of £8700, not allowing for any of the scarce multiples etc. (449 stamps) Cat £8737 US £3115
7682Great Britain - QV (line engraved)531870 1½d rose-red (plate 1) ERROR of lettering OP-PC, 100% perfect centring, design clear of perforation upon all four sides, I have never seen this rare stamp with such perfect centring, confirmed by on-line research, not a single example located for sale came even close. Add clear letters all four corners and fine even colour - the OP-PC error is rarely found with all four letters clear confirming authenticity beyond doubt. 125% SG Premium catalogue value example. If you collect the best line engraved I challenge you to find a better used clear corner letters perfectly centred example at any price. Cat £4500 US2 £
7695Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1841 PLATES 59-75 a good collection written up on pages, largely four margins and 1844 type cancels, with plates 59 (5), 60 (8), 61 (9), 62 (3), 63 (6, incl. strip of four), 64 (5), 65 (11), 66 (4)67 (5), 68 (8), 69 (10, incl. strip of four, and one scarce orange-brown shade), 70 (8), 71 (7), 72 (7), 73 (6), 74 (7) and 75 (5). (113 stamps) Cat £3400 US £1068
7701Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1841 PLATES 102-131 a good collection written up on pages, largely four margins, with plates 102 (2), 103, 104, 105 (3), the RARE 107 (fine four margins), 108, 109 (2), 110 (5), 111 (with blue cancel), 112 (5), 113 (pair), 115 (2), 116 (4), 117 (3, incl. a pair), 118 (4, incl. a pair), 120 (4), 121 (5, incl. block of four - in to), 122, 123 (3, incl. a pair), 125 (2), 126, 127 (3), 128 (3, one with blue cancel), 129 (5), 130 (6) and 131 (6), generally good condition. (70 stamps) Cat £3240 US £1068
7735Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1852-53 PLATES 132-172 ALPHABET II a very good collection written up on pages, largely four margiins with plate 132 (4, one with blue '237' cancel), 133 (2), 134, 135 (2), 138, 139, 140 (10, incl. two pairs), 14 (3), 145 (2), 146 (3, one orange-brown with four margins), 147 pair, 148 (4), 150 (6, incl. strip of four with Irish '186' cancels), 151 (2), 152 (3), 153 (2, one unusually used 1888), 154 (2), 155, 157 (4), 158 (3), 160, 161 (3), 163 (4), 164 (6), 165, 168, 169, 171, 172, generally good condition. (78 stamps) Cat £3550 US £1112
7758Great Britain - QV (embossed)551854 1s green, Die 2, clear margins all around, thin at top edge, heavy m.m./part o.g. Decent appearance. SCARCE. Cat £26500 US £
7839Great Britain - QV (surface printed)91a PL31862 1s. Deep green Plate 2=3 (hairlines). Superb unused original gum right hand wing marginal imperforate horizontal pair of this rare 'abnormal' issue lettered BG-BH. Described originally by Stanley Gibbons as 'very rarely seen so fine' we doubt that superior may exist. SG Speciaised J102a accompanied by clear 1984 RPS photo-certificate. Previously sold for £14,000. EXHIBITION Quality Cat £14000 US £
8044Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, OC, quite well centred, clear profile, very good to fine used. Rare. Cat £4250 US £
8045Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, SB, good to very good used. Scarce. Cat £4250 US £
8047Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128s)1867-83 wmk Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in greenish grey, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, right marginal with part imprint, fine m.m. Cat £2400 US £
8048Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128s)1867-83 wmk Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in mauve, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, fresh, fine mint. Cat £2400 US £
8049Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(129s)1867-83 wmk Cross £1, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in blue, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, fresh, fine mint. Cat £2700 US £
8070Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, DG, centred to bottom, neat DUNDEE cds, v.f.u. Karl-Albert Louis Cert. (2016) Cat £3200 US £
8073Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to right, neat ARGYLL STREET/GLASGOW thimble cds of AP 5 82, v.f.u. Exceptional. Cat £4500 £
8076Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to SE, crisp ABERDEEN cds of JU 9 81, good colour, v.f.u. Cat £4500 US £
8077Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to SE, superb colour, LONDON W.C. cds, v.f.u. Scarce thus. Cat £4500 US £
8078Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, DB, centred to left, GLASGOW cds, excellent colour, fine used. Scarce. Cat £4500 US £
8081Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, GC, centred to bottom, neat MARK LANE B.O./E.C. cds cancels, fresh, v.f.u. Scarce. Cat £4000 US £
8085Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, DA, full cds, signed Georg Buhler, v.f.u. Very scarce. Cat £4500 US £
8086Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1321867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper £1 brown-lilac, DA, smudged squared circle pmk, good used. RARE. Cat £7500 US £
8087Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper £5 orange, BH, neat blue crisp LIVERPOOL cds of JY 14 82 (early use), fine used. RARE. Cat £12500 US £
8088Great Britain - QV (surface printed)133s1867-83 £5 orange, BE, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, small perf abrasion at upper left, o/wise fine mint. Cat £3750 US £
8095Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, DE, thinned at top, light toning, m.m. Rare. Cat £28000 US £
8102Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, DA, centred to top, neat WEST STRAND B.O./W.C. cds and very light boxed postmark, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £7000 US £
8215Great Britain - QV (surface printed)127 PL21874 Wmk Maltese Cross 5s. Pale rose letters A-I, fine mint original gum example, small hinge remnant, vertical crease barely affects appearance. Full perfs, fresh fine colour, centred NE. Plate 2 is rare mint, one could easily pay double our starting price for an inferior adhesive. Cat £15000 US2 £
8319Great Britain - QV (surface printed)132 (J127)1882 £1 brown lilac on blued paper, wmk Anchor, lettered AD, very neatly cancelled by Portsmouth cds(MR 3 84). Has been very neatly repaired (added or strengthened perfs & a pressed horiz crease). Would grace any album page. (Cert Karl-Albert Louis / Dec.2019) Cat £7500 £
8320Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331882 £5 Orange blued paper high value letters C-J sound average used cancelled by single obliterator, well-centred example, fractional short corner perf SE, otherwise an extremely difficult space to fill at an affordable price for one of QV's rarest stamps catalogued £12,500 (a space which is usually filled by a 'specimen' overprinted unused stamp). We've seen sound average used singles offered for as much as £2,500 to £3,000= - perhaps making the opening price at which this most popular key high value is offered - appear to be something of a 'snip' Cat £12500 US2 £
8323Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1883-84 2s6d, 5s and 10s, plus 1891 £1 (off-centre), each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, fresh, fine m.m. Nice group. (4) Cat £2525 US £
8326Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d pale lilac, NA, fine m.m. Photocopy of Brandon Cert. (1991). Cat £6750 US3 £
8332Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1771883-84 blued paper 10s ultramarine, EG, very good to fine used. VERY SCARCE. Brandon Cert. (2019) Cat £8250 US £
8360Great Britain - QV (surface printed)179a1883-84 2s6d lilac, LE, on blued paper during 'white paper period', London hooded cds cancels of 1889, v.g.u. SCARCE. Cat £3600 US £
8385Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 10s cobalt, FA, fine used. RARE. Cat £8250 US £
8386Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, IF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to left, fresh, fine mint. Scarce. Cat £3400 US £
8432Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, OB, centred to top, light central BRISTOL cds, faded at left where crayon removed, o/wise v.g.u. Cat £3000 US £
8516Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, OD, cds cancels, small violet mark on reverse, o/wise fine used. Cat £4500 US £
8518Great Britain - QV (surface printed)186a1888 £1 brown-lilac wmk 'orbs' letters T-A, rare frame broken variety, very fine used exceptional even deep colour, importantly lightly cancelled clear of corner letters and frame break variety, perfectly centred too, design clear of perfs upon all four sides, premium catalogue value example, light boxed plus 'SHEFFIELD' MY 20 (18)89 large part CDS. Charming example of the rare 'orbs' watermark frame broken rarity Cat £13500 US2 £
8519Great Britain - QV (surface printed)208var1888 1888 6d. 'Jubilee' colour trial. Described by Stanley Gibbons as very fine when originally supplied at £7,000, in our opinion bordering superb condition colour trial printed in green upon rose-red gummed crown wmk paper. Very rare. EXHIBITION Quality Cat £7000 US £
8523Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, BB, centred to NW, corner gum crease, o/wise fine l.m.m. Cat £3500 US £
8524Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, KC, cut-down margin at top, small wrinkle, fresh, fine l.m.m. Signed Brun. Cat £3500 US £
8525Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, PD, well centred, light gum toning, u.m. Cat £5000 US £
8573Great Britain - KEVII2641902 KEVII De La Rue printing 5s. Deep bright carmine. Superb unmounted mint full original gum S.W. corner marginal multiple block of 8 originally supplied by SG at £8,950=. Stunning colour, well-centred. EXHIBITION quality. SG specialised M51(2). Current SG catalogue £7,200. A premium piece Cat £7200 US £
8663Great Britain - KEVII260s-66s1902-10 DLR 2s6d, 5s, 10s and £1 (centred to SW), each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 16, h/r, fine m.m. Cat £2750 US £
8760Great Britain - KEVII1911-13 SH 9d slate-purple and deep ultramarine, ordinary paper, lower right complete pane of 20, with sheet/interpane margins on all 4 sides, natural paper inclusion on one stamp (R3/5), diagonal gum crease at SE corner affects 3 stamps, wonderfully fresh, stamps u.m. SG Spec. M39(3). Stated to be from plates H2H/D2H. Cat. £6000 incl. premiums for blocks of 4. Very scarce. US £
8792Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH £1 deep green, well centred, slight partial yellowish tinge to gum at top, o/wise very fresh, very fine marginal u.m. Cat £3000 US £
8856Great Britain - KGV(357s)1912 1d scarlet, marginal horizontal strip of 4, each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 23, and with 1922 ADVERTISEMENT TRIALS on reverse of each ('P.O. Savings Bank, P.O. Savings Bank, Install the Telephone, Install the Telephone'), light gum crease along top, o/wise fine and fresh u.m. See SG Spec. QV p. 120. Cat. £1800 as hinged. VERY SCARCE MULTIPLE. US £
8983Great Britain - KGV373a1912 2½d dull Prussian blue, small bend, with control R21, perf type 2(P), fine u.m. Brandon Cert. (1978). RARE. Cat £1850 US £
9180Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow £1 green, reperfed at top, light gum yellowing, l.m.m. Scarce. Cat £2800 US £
9182Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow £1 dull blue-green, centred to NW, small wrinkle, fresh m.m. Cat £2800 US £
9183Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow £1 dull blue-green, centred slightly to SE, couple of short perfs, very fresh, barest trace of hinge, fine l.m.m. Cat £2800 US £
9184Great Britain - KGVN14(15)1913 Royal Cypher ½d Deep blue-green, the famous 'Myrtle' shade, unmounted mint south-west corner marginal control 'L 18' block of six. Natural gum bend affects two values, one fractionally toned perf/ original paper inclusion below neck upper left-hand stamp, hinge remnant in margin, these being trivial imperfections, otherwise exceptionally rare brilliant fresh myrtle colour control block of 6. 'London' retail as singles at £225 each alone exceeds £1,350= but try finding another unmounted mint control multiple of this rare shade, if such exists. As near to perfection as we shall ever see, we estimate this to be a £2,000+ retail multiple in some quarters Cat £2000 US2 £
9189Great Britain - KGV406 N64(2)1915 De La Rue 2s.6d. Chrome (very pale sepia-brown) Seahorse. Superb well-centred unmounted mint original gum N.E. corner marginal example. Described as a magnificent positional piece of this very rare shade by Stanley Gibbons when originally supplied for £7,500=. Fabulous. Could not be bettered, clear 2011 BPA photo-certificate, EXHIBITION Quality Cat £7500 US £
9481Great Britain - KGVI4761939-48 2s6d brown, complete sheet of 40, with R1/7 and R2/7 varieties, a couple of faint tone spots only, o/wise fine u.m. Seldom offered these days. Cat £4200 £
9645Great Britain - QEII (pre-decimal)717/20var1967 British Wild Flowers (Ordinary) 4d. Very fine unmounted mint original gum se-tenant block of four left hand marginal IMPERFORATE Imprimatur, endorsed 'NPM IMRIMATUR' handstamps on reverse. RARE. Supplied by Stanley Gibbons for £9,000= Cat £9000 US £
9949Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s pale ultramarine, ED, centred slightly to NW, light central CARDIFF cds, fine used. WENVOE Cert. Cat £3750 US £
9950Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, KH, centred to SE, neat SHEFFIELD cds, pressed out horizontal crease at very bottom, o/wise fine used. Cat £3750 US £
9954Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, GH, light creasing at bottom, slightly faded, unused no gum. SCARCE. Brandon Cert. (2004) Cat £12000 US £
10000Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, IB, centred to NE, neat central MANCHESTER ACCOUNTS cds, tiny trace of blue crayon in SW corner, o/wise fine used. Signed Brun. Cat £2500 US £
10222Great Britain - BookletsBB201920 3s6d booklet, edition 31, generally excellent perfs, fine and fresh. Rare. Cat £2200 US2 £
10223Great Britain - BookletsBB201921 3s Experimental booklet, Edition number 35, some light gum marks on back cover, o/wise crisp and fine. RARE. Cat £2400 £
10232Great Britain - BookletsBB341932 5s booklet, edition 6, the 1½d advert pane of 4 with wmk inverted, mostly very good perfs, fine. RARE. One of the key GB booklet. Cat £5250 US2 £
10233Great Britain - BookletsBB251934 5s booklet, edition 8, the 1d pane and two 1½d panes (incl. advert pane) with wmks inverted, age stain on one 1½d value, o/wise very fresh, very fine and scarce. Cat £2200 US2 £
10745Hong Kong54b1898 (1st April) 10c on 30c grey-green, SURCHARGE DOUBLE with equal intensity, from position 17 of the third printing showing broken 'EN', very fine mint, and with 2011 BPA photo certificate signed by Schneider, Granger and Taylor, probably the most knowledgeable experts in the field today. To put the rarity of this stamp into perspective, the 10c on 30c with Chinese characters similarly with double surcharge has been recorded incl. within a complete mint pane, and a handful of singles (currently priced at £12,000 by SG). ONLY one row in a single pane became doubly printed, and the row comprised a setting of six subjects (incl. the above variety showing 'EN' broken); Moving on to the same stamp issue without Chinese characters which this is, ONLY ONE OTHER EXAMPLE IS KNOWN and unpriced by SG, and to find one with this combination of broken letters is almost certainly unique. A Hong Kong and indeed Asian philately rarity of the highest calibre. US11 £
10832Hong Kong140-621938-52 Defin set complete plus some shades(30) on nine FDCs, the 1938 issues are illustrated covers, a rare assembly, Yang HK$40,000, about £4,000 US5 £
11362india23022005 5r. 50th Anniv of Jadavpur University ERROR MISSING BLACK (compass, grid, cogs, symbol, links to atoms) superb unmounted mint with normal, unlisted by SG, it is believed that only a very small number exist, guaranteed genuine in all respects £
12841Libya131-431951 Overprints on Cyrenaica set for Cyrenaica complete(13) on First Day Cover, Benghazi 24 XII 51 cancels, fine and rare, Sassone cat E11,000 for philatelic cover US £
12847Libya166-751951 Overprints on Cyrenaica set for Fezzan complete(10) on cover with SEBHA, Fezzan 1 - 2/ 1952 cancels, fine and rare, Sassone cat E7,500 for philatelic cover US £
13149Malaya - Federated Malay States821922-34 Script Elephants $25 green and orange very fine m.m. Cat £2250 £
15798Portugal81853 100r pale lilac, good margins, slightly oily central postmark, fresh, g.u. Scarce. Cat £3000 £
16275Rhodesia119-851910-13 Double Head set to £1 ovptd Specimen mint(18), some minor gum faults, some are quite heavily hinged, slight damage to the 6d value, otherwise fine, a fresh and attractive set, rarely seen Cat £3500 US2 £
16290Rhodesia186,etc1913-19 Admiral set to £1 ovptd Specimen(19), fresh and fine Cat £2750 US2 £
17820Spain - Civil War Issues1936-38 CIVIL WAR LOCAL STAMPS COLLECTION a marvellous and extensive largely all different collection of largely mint issues with overprints on Spain plus local label types, arranged and displayed alphabetically in three large stockbooks, Alicante through to Zaragoza. Now, we do not have any catalogues for these seldom offered issues and are not able to determine what is common and what is rare, in fact we may as well be looking at next years holiday brochures ! BUT the nature of the collection (the companion to the amazing Spain section offered in this sale) suggests that it has high powered material collected over many decades. We note many are expert signed, and includes errors, varieties and so on. Further details and scans available upon request. (Approx 1330 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £2120
19078United States of America - Guam141899 Commodore Perry $1 black Type II fresh mint, heavily mounted otherwise fine and rare Cat £5500 US4 £
19325General - World General - World - Predominantly GB. Under the instruction of the executor we offer the collection, property of a late collector intact as received. Comprising some 40 volumes, a predominantly British mint / used collection spanning the period QV through mid-period QEII to circa 2003/2004 - the substantial collection, the vast majority being housed within those previously popular Errimar Series Amherst 'midi' sized springback loose-leaf albums with quadrille leaves. Amongst the copious quantity of GB, particular highlights noted include useful mint seahorses (more follows). QV from 1d black just 4 margin plate 3 FU, (no 1840 2d blue), 1d red plates used range to pl 154, pretty used surface printed, nothing outstanding, however occasionally a fine mint value interspersed e.g. 2d. pale rose SG168 fine mint (SG£350), most of these ranges being ‘representative’ with absence of high values, we note a particularly delightful mint o.g. 1883 9d dull green ex the lilac and greens set catalogued £1,250= (SG195), few weak ‘officials’, but as we move into Edward VII note increasing frequency of mint, often hinged – sometimes heavily, but odd UM interspersed, also used, no high values. KGV in similar vein (no PUC £1), but useful representative mint seahorses incl hinged Bradbury Wilkinson 2s.6d x 3 shades, 5s., and nice mint 10s. slightly heavily hinged, similar mint 1934 re-engraved seahorses – possibly UM but creamy brownish gum. Regionals – apparently a volume for each, most encased in those difficult to check ‘split back’ type mounts – but each random checked - apparently UM NH. Noted Northern Ireland Type II 17p N143a (SG£175), decimal multiples cylinder blocks of 4 (good ‘face’). Wildings – Excellent fairly comprehensive ranges / sets, watermarks – INV / Sideways, surprisingly no 605a, but good Castles with Waterlow UM, 1st DLR UM, 2nd DLR UM, - these alone retail £100’s. Pre decimal machin ranges, followed by substantial mint GB decimal 'postage' machins / commems to early 2000’s, some multiples, low emphasis of (no value) GB FDC's – few better earlier 60’s commems FDC’s, 1980's / 90's, and oddments of Malaysia / Singapore incl a few mint 1948 Weddings (not HK), insignificant British Europe, Unverified BERLIN ovpts heavily hinged – all part of the collection. A well-known philatelic company offered to purchase the entire collection as seen for the sum of GBP£2,600 so that upon close examination it is obvious that the collection has a resale value in excess of £5,000, and was previously insured for £22,000 although it is uncertain upon what basis the collection was insured - possibly catalogue value which may bear lower relationship to real value. If you feel that the collection may be suited to yourself, please contact UPA head office and ask for describer 'call-back' in order to ascertain highlights, emphasis and suitability to your requirements. Overall condition is good. A heavy lot, shipping to UK buyers may be in several heavy boxes at just a nominal extra £14.50 to pay, overseas shipping costs will be more substantial - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £4000
19451Germany1851-1944 Mint and used collection in two large Schaubek albums(many 100s) including States with many better items, extensive Bavaria, Wurttemburg, Allenstein 1920 issues complete used, Marienwerder, Upper Silesia 1921 Plebiscite set mint, Saar inc 1920(Jan-Mar) ovpt set mint, the 35pf is used, 1921 Pictorial set mint, the 60pf is used, 1921 French Currency ovpt set mint or used, 1922 French Currency set mint or used, 1928 Christmas set to 3Fr mint, 1929 Christmas set ex 50c mint, 1931(Jan) set to 3Fr mint, 1933 Explosion set mint, 1934 Christmas set mint, Plebiscite Christmas set mint, Danzig inc 1923 surcharge set to 3G used, 1932 Air Exhibition set mint, 1937 Exhibition mini sheet mint, Eupen 1920-1 set to 10fr mint, Postage Due set mint, Memel inc Klaipeda, P.O.s in China, P.O.s in Morocco inc 1900 set to 3P75c mint, the 10c is used, Cameroons inc 1897-8 set ex 10pf mint, New Guinea, General gouvernment, Bohemia and Moravia, a good lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1375
19545Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1840 1d black, RAINBOW COLOUR TRIAL (voided corners) IMPERF corner pair from top left corner of sheet, on white wove paper dipped in prussiate of potash in lilac-rose, fine used. SG Spec. DP20a. RARE. Cat £9000 £
19565Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 9, IB, on THIN PAPER, 4 tiny to large margins, very slight surface abrasions at bottom, fresh m.m. Very scarce. Cat £20000 £
19569Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1b, RE, 4 margins (small at bottom, portion of adjoining stamp at top), showing BURR RUBS, PLYMOUTH black MC, on large piece (not tied), fine used. SG Spec. AS5g/uc. Very scarce. Cat £3800 £
19574Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 6, NG,, 4 small to huge margins, just tied to piece by red MC, with additional boxed Penny Post handstamp in black, f.u. Very scarce. SG AS41ya. Brandon Cert (1997). Cat £3000 £
19584Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2Wi1840 1d black, plate 5, JA, WATERMARK INVERTED, just shaved at NE corner o/wise v.f.u., neat red MC. Scarcer plate. RPS Cert (1978) Cat £3750 £
19590Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 6, QL, 4 neat margins, gum toning, m.m. Very scarce. Alcuri Cert (1987). Cat £13500 £
19594Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 1b, KD, 4 small margins (just clear at bottom), m.m. Very scarce. Cat £12500 £
19596Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, KL, 4 margins, neat partial LYME town cds, fine used. SG 5h. Cat £10000 £
19600Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, horizontal pair, KI-KJ, margins all around (just clear at bottom) ex. shaves at lower right, short top right serif on K of KI, tied to small piece by good strikes of distinctive black KELSO MALTESE CROSS, v.f.u. SG Spec. DS5vb. SG Cat Value: £8,000+ £
19611Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, ex. 'black' plate 10, EB, 4 margins but close at bottom, tied to small piece by smudged RED MALTESE CROSS, v.g.u. SG Spec. BI (1)sb. RARE. RPS Cert (1983). Cat £4800 £
19658Great Britain - QV (line engraved)53a1870 1½d ROSY MAUVE, plate (1), BE, centred to bottom, fine m.m. VERY SCARCE. Cat £7000 £
19690Great Britain - QV (surface printed)76wi1862-64 3d carmine-rose, RF, WATERMARK INVERTED, slightly yellowed gum, m.m. Very scarce. Cat £7500 £
19692Great Britain - QV (surface printed)78a1862-64 3d rose ABNORMAL with white dots, BH, IMPERF, marginal m.m. Scarce. Cat £5500 £
19698Great Britain - QV (surface printed)87b1862-64 9d straw, on THICK PAPER, short perf at top, centred to bottom, fresh, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat £6000 £
19699Great Britain - QV (surface printed)87wi1862-64 9d bistre, AJ, WATERMARK INVERTED, centred to left, h/r, very fresh, fine o.g. SCARCE. Cat £7000 £
19717Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(118)1867-80 2s, IMPERF PLATE PROOF IN BLACK on thick card, fine unused. RARE. Cat £3750 £
19740Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(129s)1867-83 wmk Cross £1, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL on bistre, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, light corner crease, fresh m.m. Cat £2700 £
19744Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, HB, blunted perfs at top, neat STOCK EXCHANGE/GLASGOW cds, good colour, fine used. Cat £3200 £
19746Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, HH, centred to right, crisp STOCK EXCHANGE/GLASGOW cds, light staining, o/wise v.g.u. Cat £4500 £
19747Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, DE, off-centre to NW, oxidised/stained GLASGOW cds cancel, short perf at lower left, good used. Cat £4500 £
19748Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, GB, small closed tear at right, o/wise superb cds used. Cat £4500 £
19749Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor paper 10s grey-green, BF, excellent colour, neat LONDON/V.R. hooded cds, v. fine used. Cat £4500 £
19750Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blues paper 10s grey-green, FC, oval Registered pmk, fine used. Cat £4500 £
19754Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AL, centred to left, central upright GLASGOW cds, slight rubbing/smudging at centre right, o/wise v.f.u. Cat £3500 £
19755Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, DG, well centred, GLASGOW cds and neat boxed postmark, v.g.u. Cat £3500 £
19756Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CA, centred slightly to right, faintest trace of orange crayon barely noticeable in SW corner, central BELFAST cds, v.f.u. Cat £3500 £
19757Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BG, well centred, a few lightly toned perfs barely detract from this otherwise exceptional crisp example, l.m.m. Cat £12500 £
19758Great Britain - QV (surface printed)137s1867-83 £5 orange, CA, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, light corner gum crease and gum crease, fine and fresh, l.m.m. Cat £3750 £
19821Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, NG, off-centre to SW, fine m.m. Scarce. Cat £6000 £
19823Great Britain - QV (surface printed)177as1883-84 blued paper 10s cobalt, AG, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to top, gum wrinkle, h/r, fresh m.m. Cat £5500 £
19829Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, MB, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred slightly to NW, good colour, slight gum disturbance at top corner on reverse, h/r, m.m. Cat £3400 £
19846Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, PB, centred to left, central INVERNESS cds, slight rub in NW corner, o/wise fine used. Cat £3000 £
19850Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185s1884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, GC, centred to SE, evenly toned gum but fine facial appearance, m.m. Cat £2800 £
19855Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(210)1887-92 Jubilee 10d, COLOUR TRIAL in green and red, most o.g. RARE. Cat £7000 £
19863Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, MC, centred to top, slight gum toning, o/wise fine l.m.m. Cat £3500 £
19864Great Britain - QV (surface printed)212a1891 £1 green, JC, with FRAME BREAKS, centred to bottom, light vertical gum crease, o/wise fine and fresh, very lightly hinged mint. Very scarce. Cat £7500 £
19866Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(263)1902-10 DLR 5s, DIE PROOF in black on white glazed card, with manuscript initials and 25/11/01, hinge remains on reverse, fine. SCARCE. Cat £4250 £
19888Great Britain - KEVII2661902-10 DLR £1 dull blue-green, centred to top, very fresh (lovely white gum), fine l.m.m. Cat £2000 £
19898Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH £1 deep green, centred to SW, couple of very faint tone spots on reverse, o/wise fine m.m. Cat £2000 £
19902Great Britain - KGV(368)1912-24 2d orange, Die 1, IMPERF TETE-BECHE IMPRIMATUR from British Postal Museum Archives, each with relevant handstamp on gum, fine u.m. Uncatalogued by SG Specialised, but the Die 2 pair Cat. at £15,000. RARE. £
19903Great Britain - KGV(392)1912-24 9d agate, IMPERF IMPRIMATUR (marginal) from British Postal Museum Archives (handstamp on reverse), very fresh, very fine u.m. Cat £7500 £
19909Great Britain - KGV(418a-21b)1924-26 watermark sideways ½d, 1d, 1½d and 2d, IMPERF IMPRIMATURS (all marginal) from British Postal Museum Archives (handstamp on reverse), gum crease on 2d margin, fresh u.m. RARE. Cat £17000 £
19915Great Britain - KGV437wi1929 PUC 2½d, wmk INVERTED, superb u.m. never hinged example, perfectly centred full white original gum, the pale blue shade (Gibbons shade 1), superb colour, plus full even perforation. Rarely, if ever do we encounter this, the scarcest of commemorative inverted watermarks in this condition. Most UM NH examples are encountered with minor blemish and still sell for £2,000+, so that were this example graded upon the American system (which is a service only offered for USA stamps) it would rate 'gem' status a full 100/100 - although we're given to understand that 98/100 is regarded as 'perfection'. If you seek the rarest of the rare, look no further - for you have found it. The most difficult part for the specialist being to locate a matching 'gem' status in the deeper shade. This being the best of the best handled within 50 years, how long may one have to look to find the corresponding Gibbons 'shade 2'? Good reason therefore to acquire this shade 1. for you will never find better. Note, we have matched with shade 2. normal (upright wmk) accompanying for comparison. Cat £3750 £
19921Great Britain - KGV456a1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d, the famous Prussian blue, superb mint small hinge trace full fresh original gum example (light historical pencil annotation), fabulous fresh colour, perfs and centering. Unusually we've been fortunate to handle probably more than our fair share(!) of this rare colour error stamp within the past five years. Barely an example encountered is in top condition, most come with minor imperfection / blemish. This is the second time that we have handled this example, the first time realising precisely £10,000=. No faults example, accompanied by clear 1956 BPA Expert Committee photo-certificate signed by philatelic 'glitterati' Robson Lowe amongst others. As fresh today, 64 years later. Accompanied by superb colour 'normal' for comparison. Magnificent and RARE Cat £12000 £
19932Great Britain - KGVI476as-78bs1939-48 2s6d (both) to 10s (both), each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 23, slight gum yellowing, o/wise fine m.m. Scarce. Cat £1825 £
19958Great Britain - Covers - QV1840 (21 FEB) HOUSE OF COMMONS 1d Parliamentary envelope used, red PAID cds, neatly opened, fine for this. SG Spec. PE9. Cat £6000 £
19959Great Britain - Covers - QV21840 1d black, plate 2, DE, 4 decent margins, guide line in margin below 'D' square and value just tied to Entire by pale RUBY MALTESE CROSS of Aberdeen (cds on reverse), fine and scarce. Holcombe Cert. (1989) Cat £4500 £
19972Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, CH, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, toned perfs and small wrinkle at top, h/r, m.m. Cat £2750 £
19974Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, JG, slight tone spots in one corner, neat central CARDIFF cds, fine used. Brandon Cert. (2016) Cat £2500 £
19976Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, AB, crisp ABERDEEN cds cancels, fresh, v.f.u. Cat £2500 £
20037India - States - Jaipur59/601932-46 MaharajahSawai Man Singh II: ¾as black & brown red & 1as black & blue in complete sheets of 120, unmounted mint with full sheet margins. Very scarce multiples, very fine (240) Cat £3860 £1272
20040Italy211877 10c blue fresh mint, handstamped Grosch on reverse Cat £7500 £1100
20273Switzerland1854-1978 Mint and used collection in Schaubek printed album(many 100s) including imperf and perf Sitting Helvetias, Standing Helvetias values to 3Fr used, Pro Juventute 1915 set used, 1916, 1917 sets mint, 1923-40 Airs inc 35c(both), 40c,75c used, 1945 Pax set mint, later issues fairly complete, miniature sheets inc 1936 Pro Patria mint, 1937 Pro Juventute used, 1938 Aarau mint, 1941 Pro Juventute mint, 1942 National Relief mint, 1943 Stamp Cent all three sheets, GEPH, 1945 Basle Dove, all mint, 1948 IMABA used, 1951 LUNABA mint, 1955 Lausanne mint, Officials and International Organizations with many good sets, mainly fine. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. £1100