Auction UPA77 - Lots 20000 to 20139 (Closing Date : Tuesday 14 April 2020)

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Lot No Country More Lots SG Ref Description Estimate Image
20000Great Britain - TelegraphsT17s1876 1 brown-lilac, DF, centred to SE, faint pressed out horizontal crease, o/wise v.g.u. Cat 950
20001Great Britain - Used AbroadZ811861 CHILE : 10d pale red-brown, JJ, light central VALPARAISO cds, centred to bottom, v.f.u.
20002Great Britain - BookletsBB12 Edn171924 KGV 2s. Blue 'Bourneville' booklet Edition No.17. complete. Post Office fresh despite being almost 100 years old. Includes advertiement pane NB15a.(1). EXHIBITION Extraordinary Quality. Provenance: Supplied Ex SG price 900= Cat 900
20003Great Britain - BookletsBB12 Edn221924 KGV 2s. Blue booklet Edition No.22. 'DEAF', complete, exceptionally fine and fresh includes advertisement pane NB15a(2). Very scarce so fine. Originally supplied by SG price 900= Cat 900
20004Great Britain - BookletsBB12 Edn81924 KGV 'Peacehaven' 2s. Blue booklet Edition No.8. complete. Exceptionally fine and fresh example with advertisement pane NB15a(1a) showing error 'text on labels inverted'. Tiny corner fault on d pane, otherwise very fine. Scarce Cat 900 750
20005Great Britain - BookletsBD13 Edn11940 'PUNCH' 2s.6d. Red & black wartime booklet Edition No.1. complete. Very fine and fresh example of this difficult booklet with good perfs on all panes. Exceptional. Rare so fine. Provenance: Originally supplied by SG price 1,700= Cat 1700
20006Hong Kong1211921-37 Script 5c violet fresh unmounted mint lower marginal block of four Cat 96 60
20007Hong Kong1351935 Silver Jubilee 10c brown and deep blue top right corner marginal with sheet number fine mint, the stamp is unmounted Cat 18 15
20008Hong Kong145a1938-52 10c dull violet top right corner block of four with sheet number fresh unmounted mint Cat 38 20
20009Hong Kong - British Post Offices in China201922-7 Script 4c red horiz pair with margin at right, fresh m.m. Cat 44 20
20010Indo-ChinaEarly -1940's Mainly mint collection on hagner pages. From Peace and Commerce issues, then later defins, commems, dues and some imperfs. Strong in 1940's issues. Many 100's with cat. value approx. 700 Cat 700 200
20011Ireland52-661922 Free State set to 10s fresh m.m.(15), the 5s has small faults Cat 350
20012Ireland841925-8 Narrow Date 5s rose carmine fresh m.m. Cat 60 30
20013Ireland991935 Re-engraved 2/6d chocolate fresh l.m.m., centred high Cat 48 24
20014Ireland1551953 An Tostal 1/4d blue v.f.u. marginal Cat 30 10
20015Italy - Colonies - Cyrenaica1923-34 Mint collection on large printed leaves(103) including 1923 March on Rome set to 1L used, 1929 Montecassino set mint, 1931 Balbo set mint, 1934 Colonial Exhibition set mint, 1924 Vaglia set to 3 mint, mainly fine 150
20016Italy - Colonies - Eritrea1893-1936 Mint and used collection on large printed leaves(250) including 1893 set to 1L used, 1916 Red Cross set mint, 1922 ovpts on Somalia set mint, 1924 ovpts on Somalia set used except the 2c is mint, 1925 Holy Year set used, 1926 St. Francis set used, 1927 National Defence set used, 1927 Volta set mint, 1929 National Defence set used, Montecassino set used, 1930 set to 10L mint or used, Ferrucci set used, National Defence set used, Virgil set used, 1931 St. Anthony set used, 1934 Exhibition Postage set used, Air set mint, mainly fine Cat 3580 450
20017Italy - Colonies - Libya1912-37 Mint and used collection on large printed leaves(115) including 1928-9 Air set mint, Express issues mint inc 1927 2L50 on 2L red and blue, Postage Due 1915-30 set used except the 60c brown and orange is mint, mainly fine 180
20018Italy - Colonies - Somalia1903-36 Mint and used collection on large printed leaves(229) including 1903 Benadir set used, 1906-16 surcharge set mint, 1922 surcharge set mint, 1923 surcharge set mint, 1924 Manzoni set to 1L mint, 1926 surcharge set mint, 1926 St. Francis set used, 1926-30 set to 10L mint, 1929 National Defence set used, Montecassino set used, 1930 Ferrucci set used, National Defence set used, Postage Due 1909 set ovpt at top mint or used, Parcel Post 1926-31 set to 20L mint, mainly fine Cat 5450 650
20019Italy - Colonies - Somalia91905 Centesimi 5 on 10a lilac fine used Cat 350
20020Italy - Colonies - Somalia591924 Manzoni 3R on 5L black and dull purple mint, some paper adhering to reverse Cat 850
20021Italy - Colonies - Somalia1,etc1925-26 JUBALAND-Mint collection on large printed leaves(69) including 1925 set to 10L, Express 1926 set, Postage Due 1925 set, Parcel Post 1925 set, mainly fine Cat 1750 320
20022Kuwait1923-57 Small collection of mainly mint on hagners, with KGV to 8a, KGVI to 5/- used, QE2 to 10/- mint and used, with commems and defins. Cat 370+ Cat 370 125
20023Kuwait1960-1980's Small collection of post independence issues with mint and u.m. sets on hagners. With airs and dues. Cat 170+ Cat 170 50
20024Latvia1919-40 Mint collection on hagner pages from early Arms issues through to 1940 with defins and commem sets, partly remaindered but with some better, mainly m.m. (few 100's) Cat 370 120
20025Lebanon1924-40's Mainly mint part remaindered collection on stock cards with sets, airs and dues from overprints on France to middle period. Also some used issues. Cat 630+ Cat 630 180
20026Liberia1886-1978 A mint or unmounted mint collection in a 4 ring Kestrel stock album. A small pre 1900 range incl 1892 vals to $1, then 1906 vals to $5, a good range oof 1910-39 issues incl Red Crposs opts, later with post WWII issues incl 61 min sheets/sheetlets of 1960's/70's. A few duplicates.Mainly very fine (c320 + min sheets). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat 210 60
20027Liberia1936-88 Thematics - Flight: A mint or unmounted mint collection of the period with imperfs ,colour trial prints, min sheets etc. Useful lot for the flight speciaist. (Cat value by various cats incl. SG)(Qty) Cat 188 50
20028Malaya - Trengganu811949-55 Sultan 30c red and purple lower right corner Plate block of 15 fresh unmounted mint Cat 18 10
20029Malta1101922 Self Govt MCA 1s black/emerald fresh unmounted mint lower left corner block of 12 with Plate number 3 Cat 84 45
20030Malta1191922 Self Govt Script 6d dull and bright purple lower left corner block of six unmounted mint, light gum tone on two stamps Cat 156 40
20031Malta1191922 Self Govt Script 9d dull and bright purple lower right corner block of six with Plate number 3, fresh unmounted mint Cat 156
20032Manama1967-72 A Lighthouse stock album with the unmounted mint collection of thematic interest - with mainly cmplete sets of Space, Scouting, Sports, Winter Sports, Costumes, Famous People, Aircraft, etc. A really clean & fine collection with some sets both perf & imperf & odd gold & silver effect stamps. (180+ stamps & 60 sheetlets/min sheets on 43 sides) (not all catalogued by SG so original owner's cat value stated at c1000). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 250
20033Mauritius861878 CC 13c on 3d orange red fresh unmounted mint block of six, very fine Cat 184
20034Mongolia46-551932 Set to 1t very fine (10) Cat 35 12
20035Mongolia1932-97 A mainly unmounted mint collection on black Vario stock pages. A few 1932 vals to 50m(3), then 1958 onwards with many sets of thematic interest, much Space, Flight, Famous people, etc. A really clean & fine lot, would look better written up in an album. (289 + 58 min sheets/sheetlets) Cat 480 150
20036Montserrat49,etc1916-22 MCA set to 2/6d ex 4d lower right corner maginals with Plate number 1, also 1923 Script 4d top right corner marginal with Plate number 1(10), all fresh mint, the stamps are mostly unmounted Cat 81 50
20037Montserrat1351951 $4.80 black and purple fresh u.m. marginal block of four Cat 140 80
20038Morocco Agencies1902-1950's Balance of a mainly mint collection with British, French and Spanish currency. With KEVII to 10d, KGV to 3f on 2/6 (2) , KGVI commems with light duplication. Many 100's. Cat 650+ . Few 100's. Cat 650 200
20039Morocco Agencies - British Currency37,381907 1s green and red, 2/6d dull purple ovptd Specimen fine m.m. Cat 140 80
20040Morocco Agencies - British Currency51c1914-31 De La Rue 2/6d pale brown block of four, fresh well centred mint, two are unmounted mint Cat 220
20041Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency112-231907-12 Set to 12P on 10s(12) fresh mint, some light gum bends Cat 200 100
20042Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency117,1231907-12 40c on 4d green and brown(no gum), 12P on 10s blue fresh mint, ovptd Specimen Cat 150 60
20043Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency1251912 12P on 10s blue Somerset House printing ovptd Specimen fresh m.m., light corner crease
20044Morocco Agencies - Tangier1920-57 Mainly mint collection on hagners, partly remaindered but with many sets. With KGV, Edward 8th blocks, KGVI to 10/- used and QE2 TO 10/- mint. Quite extensive with light duplication. (few 100's) Cat 350 120
20045New Hebrides1953-80 British Currency - small mint collection on stockleaves, with defins, commems, thematics and dues. Later issues are u.m. sets. Cat 145 45
20046New Zealand218w1882-1900 1d rose perf 10 WMK INVERTED fresh unmounted mint marginal block of four, light gum creasing Cat 720
20047New Zealand - OfficialsO157b1947 Official-1s red brown and carmine fine u.m. lower left corner Plate 3A 2 block of four Cat 96 60
20048Palestine5/1101918-27 A small mint range with 1918 vals to 5pi & 1920 opts vals to 2pi then most 1927 vals to 500m, includes 1918 1m marginal block of 8 with minor printing flaws(identified). Some duplication . Very fine mint.(55) Cat 140 50
20049Palestine90/1111927 Set to P1 (ex 4m red & 90m bistre), all very fine mint (20) Cat 120 50
20050Palestine90/1111927 Set of 22 values 2m blue to P1 black, all very fine mint. Cat 200 80
20051Qatar1953-1980's Excellent mint collection of sets from overprints on GB through to modern thematic sets with better sets, many space thematics and mini sheets. Mainly u.m. Useful lot with cat value over 490. Cat 490 180
20052Qatar317-221970 Gulf Flight set u.m. Cat 42 24
20053Qatar435-4421972 United Nations set m.m. Cat 45 20
20054Rhodesia119-851910-13 Double Head set to 1 ovptd Specimen mint(18), some minor gum faults, some are quite heavily hinged, slight damage to the 6d value, otherwise fine, a fresh and attractive set, rarely seen Cat 3500 US 2056
20055Somalia1931-81 A small, mainly unmounted mint collection from 1931 St Anthony set of 7, then incl. 1951 Territorial Council set, 1952 1st Somali Fair, 1953 UPU, then a range of nice thematic content to 1981. Very clean & fine (148 + min sheet) Cat 275 90
20056Somalia244-2541950 Air set of 11 very fine mint, barest hinge traces, a scarce & lovely set. Cat 330
20057Somalia353-3551960 Independence overprint trio, very fine unmounted mint Cat 140
20058Somalia376-3821961 Butterflies set of 7, very fine u.m. Cat 35 16
20059Somalia1962-81 A small group of unmounted mint sets with 1962 Child Welfare, 1963 Somali Fair trio, 1964 Airline, 1964 Refugees , 1965 Somali Exhibition & 1981 Refugees min sheet. Very fresh & fine (19 + min sheet) Cat 51 18
20060South Africa1913-24 1d tete-beche pair plus coil set incl. 1d shade, v.g.u. (7) Cat 39 14
20061South Africa1913-24 wmk inverted set to 1s (both shades), ex. 2d, fresh m.m. (10) Cat 120 48
20062South Africa151913-24 5s purple and blue, centred to SW, large hinge remain, fresh part o.g. Cat 120 44
20063South Africa15-17a1913-24 5s (both shades), 10s and 1 pale olive-green and red, very good to fine used. (4) Cat 376
20064South Africa161913-24 10s deep blue and olive-green, gum crease, large hinge remain, fresh, part o.g. Cat 180 50
20065South Africa171913-24 1 green and red, good colour, torn perf at bottom, o/wise v.g.u. Cat 350
20066South Africa18-211913-24 coil set to 2d, incl. 1d shade, o.g. (5) Cat 79 27
20067South Africa3-141913-24 set to 2s6d, incl. 1d, 4d, 6d, 1s, 1s3d and 2s6d shades, fine m.m. (18) Cat 212 75
20068South Africa5a1913-24 1d tete-beche pair, fine used. Cat 18 7
20069South Africa26-91925 Air set to 9d, v.g.u. (4) Cat 110 40
20070South Africa27-91925 Air 3d, 6d and 9d, m.m. Cat 40 16
20071South Africa30-21926-27 d, 1d and 6d, very good used. Cat 48 16
20072South Africa31-21926-27 1d (block of 4, never hinged) and 6d, m.m. Cat 45 17
20073South Africa321926-27 6d green and orange, fine used. Cat 48 19
20074South Africa321926-27 6d, marginal pair, very fresh, fine used. Cat 48 19
20075South Africa341927-30 2d, 3d and 1s, m.m. Cat 63 22
20076South Africa34, 361927-30 2d (never hinged) and 1s (fine used). Cat 71 24
20077South Africa35-61927-30 3d, 4d and 6d, very good used. Cat 143 50
20078South Africa35b1927-30 4d brown, fresh u.m. Cat 32 15
20079South Africa371927-30 2s6d green and brown, fine l.m.m. Cat 150
20080South Africa381927-30 5s black and green, centred to left, m.m. Cat 300
20081South Africa391927-30 10s, fine used. Cat 160
20082South Africa391927-30 10s bright blue and brown, centred to NW, short perf at lower right, fresh m.m. Cat 200
20083South Africa40-11929 Air both mint (1s never hinged) and used, latter 1s with nice white flaw beneath 'U' of LUGPOS. (4) Cat 26 10
20084South Africa411929 Air 1s, block of 4, central cds, fine used. Cat 56 23
20085South Africa1930-44 watermark inverted 2, 3d black & red (never hinged), 3d blue, 4d brown (original printing) and 1s, m.m. Cat 156
20086South Africa1930-44 wmk upright 2d, 3d blue, 4d redrawn (2 shades) and 2s6d blue & brown, v.g.u. Cat 57 17
20087South Africa1930-44 watermark inverted 3d black & red (wrinkle), 6d and 1s, v.g.u. Cat 91 28
20088South Africa42/71930-44 d, 1d, 2d (2, one with small ink mark in corner margin), 3d blue, 3d redrawn and 6d (2 shades), m.m. (8) Cat 123 45
20089South Africa441930-44 2d slate-grey and lilac, very fresh, fine l.m.m. Cat 28 12
20090South Africa451930-44 3d black and red, wmk upright, h/r, fresh m.m. Cat 130 48
20091South Africa45dw1930-44 3d blue, watermark inverted, with WINDOW FLAW, light corner toning on one, u.m. Cat 600 18
20092South Africa461930-44 4d brown, wmk upright, a few separated perfs, heavy hinge remain on one, m.m. Cat 325 60
20093South Africa46bw1930-44 4d brown, watermark inverted, with SPEAR FLAW, fine and fresh, u.m. Cat 170
20094South Africa481930-44 1s brown and deep blue, wmk upright, centred to SE, fine and fresh, l.m.m. Cat 120 48
20095South Africa481930-44 1s brown and deep blue, wmk upright, fine used on small piece. Cat 60 24
20096South Africa491930-44 2s6d green and brown, short NW corner perf, o/wise v.g.u. Cat 120 34
20097South Africa491930-44 2s6d green and brown, slight yellowing, o/wise v.g.u. Cat 120 28
20098South Africa491930-44 2s6d green and brown, centred to SW, h/r, fresh m.m. Cat 100 36
20099South Africa491930-44 2s6d green and brown, a few reinforced perfs, o/wise fine used. Cat 120 38
20100South Africa1933-36 Voortrekker Memorial and 1935 Silver Jubilee (blue crayon on 1d), odd faintly toned perf, o/wise v.g.u. (8) Cat 163 42
20101South Africa54/61d1933-48 d, 1d, 1d (both shades), 2d (both colours), 3d and 6d, Type 3, m.m. Cat 201 75
20102South Africa58/64ca1933-48 2d blue and violet, 3d, 1s, 5s black & blue-green and 10s (both extra blue and charcoal), v.g.u. (7) Cat 114 40
20103South Africa58a1933-48 2d grey and dull purple, fresh u.m. Cat 65 28
20104South Africa591933-48 3d, with interpane at bottom, u.m. Cat 15 7
20105South Africa61b1933-48 6d Type 1, with MOLEHILL flaw, lower marginal example, m.m. Cat 250
20106South Africa621933-48 1s brown and chalky blue, two shades, fine m.m. Cat 110 42
20107South Africa64b1933-48 5s black and blue-green, 3 minor shades, v.g.u. Cat 63 22
20108South Africa64b1933-48 5s black and blue-green, two shades, short perf on one, o/wise fine m.m. Cat 84 30
20109South Africa64ca1933-48 10s blue and charcoal, 2 shades, fine m.m. Cat 90 34
20110South AfricaO1d1933-48 6d Type 3, three shades, slight tone patches on one, o/wise fine m.m. Cat 60 18
20111South Africa66-81935 Silver Jubilee 1d to 6d, fresh u.m. Cat 42 18
20112South AfricaMS69-701936 JIPEX min sheets on front and reverse of illus. cover, special last day handstamps of 14th NOV printed address, fine. 9
20113South Africa71-91937 Coronation and 1938 Voortrekker Centenary both mint and used, plus 1937-40 d mint, fine. (19) Cat 138 46
20114South Africa80-71938 Voortrekker Commemoration, 1939 Huguenot and 1941 1d (2), both mint and used, fine. Cat 120 40
20115South Africa88/1941-46 War Effort set (ex. 2d), incl. 1s3d shade, 1942-44 War Effort set to 1s, odd small blemish, m.m. Cat 124 36
20116South Africa88/961941-46 War Effort set, incl. d, 4d and 1s3d shades, m.m. (12) Cat 116 42
20117South Africa91a1941-46 War Effort 3d, marginal pair, one (R18/2) with CIGARETTE FLAW, centred to bottom, l.m.m. Cat 120 45
20118South Africa104a1942-44 War Effort 1s, with BURSTING SHEEL variety, a few lightly toned perfs, l.m.m. Cat 95 28
20119South Africa104a1942-44 War Effort 1s, with BURSTING SHELL variety, v.g.u. Cat 95 30
20120South Africa122b1947-54 5s black and deep yellow-green, fine used. Cat 100 48
20121South Africa15a19B-24 5s reddish purple and light blue, m.m. Cat 120 48
20122Tanganyika871922-4 Giraffe 10s black and deep blue wmk sideways fresh mint, centred left Cat 275
20123Tanganyika881922-4 Giraffe 1 blackand yellow orange wmk sideways fresh m.m., off centre Cat 500
20124Thailand92/SB1171905-1992 A small mint or unmounted mint range on stock pages, incl. 5 values of 1909 opts (these cat 40+), 3 Red Cross Fund low vals, Victory x 4 vals to 15s, 1955 opts on 5s violet & 10s carmine, plus 5s on 20s & 10s on 20s, later modern small range with thematic interest. Very clean lot (70 + 3 booklets & 1 min sheet) Cat 240 80
20125Thailand212/2211920-25 3s green, 5s carmine, 5s violet, 10s, 15s blue & 25s indigo, all very fine very lightly hinged mint (6) Cat 84 40
20126Thailand238-2431925-37 Airs perf 12, set of 6 very fresh & fine mint, lightest hinge. Cat 70 30
20127Thailand3481951-60 King Bhumibol 10b violet & sepia, superb unmounted mint Cat 400
20128Thailand507-5101963 Correspondence Week set of 4 very fine Cat 75 28
20129Thailand521-21965 Royal Wedding Anniversary pair very fine Cat 60 24
20130Thailand570-5771967 Orchids set of 8 very fine Cat 110
20131Togo20-361916 Anglo-French Occupation set complete to 5fr,mint, gum very slightly off-white(as usual) very fine for these.(17) Cat 65 22
20132Togo37-531921 Set to 5fr Dahomey overprinted TOGO, very fine mint (17) Cat 40 15
20133Togo1921-59 A mint, or some unmounted mint, collection on stock pages with postage dues, many pictorial sets of the period incl. 1957 & 1959 sets. Some small duplication. Very clean & fine lot (c300) Cat 545 170
20134Togo163/1841947 Set to 200fr (ex 10fr red), imperf unmounted mint, very unusual lot & very fine (21) 40
20135Togo189-190var1954 8f & 15f 'Gathering Palm Nuts' pair perf(u/m) & impef mint no gum. Scarce. 20
20136Togo1961-89 A lovely fresh mint, mainly unmounted mint, collection in a Lighthouse de luxe binder. Great thematic content with Space, Art, Scouts, Wildlife, etc. A number of imperf sets & some duplication, but a really fresh & fine collection. (many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat 1450 400
20137Togo675-6951969 Young Pioneers set of 21 in imperf marginal pairs, 7 values, including 200fr & 500fr are tete-beche pairs. Unmounted mint, superb & scarce.
20138Yemen1963-78 A Lighthouse quality stock book with the mainly Space + Sport thematic collection with 50+ min sheets, imperf & perf sets, a few colour trials, etc. Very clean & fine unmounted mint(50+m/s & c200 stamps). (STC 1170).HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 300
20139YugoslaviaD85-921918 CROATIA: postage due oveprints on Hungary 1f to 50f mint (30f no gum), very fine & scarce Cat 185