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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
6General - British Colonies1937-52 Mainly mint George VI collection in a green Crown album(many 100s), fairly well filled including Antigua 1938-49 set, Ascension 1938-53 set, Australia defin sets to 1 and 2, Bahamas 1942 Columbus set, 1948 Eleuthera set, Basutoland 1938 set, Bechuanaland 1938 set, Bermuda set to 1, British Guiana 1938 set, RSW set, British Honduras 1938 set RSW set, Burma inc Peacock overprints(not guaranteed), Canada inc 1942 and 1946 sets, Caymans defin sets, Cyprus 1938 set, Dominica defin sets, Falklands 1952 set, Fiji 1938 set, Gibraltar 1938 set, Great Britain 1948 RSW and 1951 Festival high values sets unmounted, Jamaica 1938 set, Leewards 1938 set, Mauritius complete, North Borneo 1950 set, Seychelles 1938-49 set, Somalailand 1938 and 1942 sets, a good lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 1574
20General - British Commonwealth1860s-1970s FINE USED COLLECTION on stockcards. Inc. SAMOA nice KGV-KGVI, SOUTHERN NIGERIA inc.KEVII to 2/6d,NIGERIA inc.1914-29 to 10/-,1921-32 to 1/-,1936 to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,S/Wedding,NTH.RHODESIA KGV to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,NYASALAND 'B.C.A.' 2/-,1895 to 6d,1877 to 2/6d,1901 vals.,1913 vals.1921-33 to 2/-,1934-5 to 1/-,S/ 1/-,KGVI to 5/-,QEII to 1,RHODESIA QV to high vals.1895 to 4/-,1896-7 to 4/-,later to 5 Fiscal, Double Heads & Admirals.ST.HELENA Imperf.& Perf.QV ranges.1890-7 to 10d,Later ship types,ST.CHRISTOPHER nice QV vals.NEVIS 1862 to 1/-,1866-76 to 1/-,later QV,ST.KITTS KGVI to 2/6d,ST.LUCIA 1860 Wmk.Star (1d) & (6d), 1863 (4d),(6d) Wmk.Reversed, 1869-71 vals.1882 to 4d, 1883-6 to 1/-, 1891-8 to 1/-1902-3 to 1/-,1904-10 to 1/-x2,later inc.KGVI to 10/-,QEII to $2.50,ST.VINCENT inc.1861-8 4d,1/-,1872 (June) Small Star 1/-, 1872-8 to 6d,1880 to 6d, later QV to 1/-,1902 to 2/-,KGV to 1/-,later to h/vals.SARAWAK QV to 12c,1895 to 8c,1899-1908 to 25c,1918-9 to 25c,1932 to 10c,1934 to $3,later to $5.SEYCHELLES solid ranges of QV to h/vals.Surcharges,1903 to 18c,1906 to 45c,1912-6 to R2.25, KGV to R2.25,SIERRA LEONE ranges of QV to 1/-,& 2/-1903 to 2/-,1904 to 1/-,1912-21 to 2/-1921-7 to 2/-,1932 to 10/-.SINGAPORE KGVI to $10,1955-9 to $5. SOMALILAND QV 1R,1912 vals.CAPE OF G.HOPE Triangulars to 6d x 2,1/-.later QV to 5/-,KEVII to 5/-,GRIQUALAND WEST various 'G' 5/-,NATAL much QV to 1/- vals.1902-3 to 5/-,1904-8 to 1,ORANGE FREE STATE ranges to 5/-,TRANSVAAL 1878-80 to 1/-,1902-17 to 1/-,1904-9 to 1, etc.ZULULAND GB ovptd.vals to 6d,later to 1/-,SUDAN 1895 to 10P,1902-21 to 10P, solid later to top vals.Airs.SOUTH AFRICA KGV to 10/-,Coils,1926-7 pairs to 6d,later to 10/-,Airs.SOUTHERN RHODESIA kgvi TO 5/-,Qeii to 5/-,S.W.A.pairs to 10/-.TRINIDAD 1855 (1d), 1859 SG 28,6d, 1/- Lilac (?), later QV to 5/-,1896-1906 to 1,1901 to 5/-,nice KGVi,inc.S-Jub.later to $4.80,TURKS 1867-79 1/-, later QV to 1/-,KGV to 2/-.UGANDA QV to 1R, HONG KONG 1862-3 to 12c,1863-71 to 30c,28c on 30c,later QV inc.surchs.1904-6 to $1, KGV to $5, later to $10.INDIA 4a, solid later QV to 5R,KEVII to 5R, KGV to 10R & 15R,KGVI to 10R, Then extensive ranges of Convention State hgh vals.etc etc. Some minor faults here & there, but generally clean-looking lot.All good to fine used.Very high cat.value(Many 100s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US4 3223
109General - Thematics1961-1989 SPACE - PARAGUAY: A really impressive collection in a de-luxe Lighthoue 4-ring album (60 double-sided stockpages) from 1961 First American Astronauts in Space set perf/imperf & min sheets through to 1989 20th Anniversary of Apollo XI. Many sets both perf & imperf, some 'muestra'(Specimen) opts. Previous collector catalogued this at 3289 using SG & probably Domfil. Quality is superb throughout, a rare opportunity to own such a specialised collection (100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 1050
199Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses 5s. With 'SPECIMEN' type 32 overprint, fine mint, cernered to foot, extremely rare in this form. Cat 6500 US3
204Bradbury Wilkinson Collection JERSEY: REVENUE STAMPS 1900-82 an astonishing and intact exhibition worthy collection, expertly written up on pages, arranged by orders of printing, often in matching corner examples, with issued stamps with values to 100, Jure-Justicier overprints, archive examples with punch holes, SPECIMEN overprints (40), mouthwatering PROOFS (40+) incl. die and plate proofs etc, many unique and superb items throughout. (approx 265 items) US3
205Bradbury Wilkinson Collection NEW ZEALAND: 1954-63 OFFICIAL imperf matching left sheet marginal plate proof BLOCKS OF FOUR written up on pages, each with plate number and printing dates noted in pencil on backs, with 1d (2), 1d , 2d (3), 2d, 3d (5), 4d(2), 9d, 1s (2)and 3s, fine unmounted mint apart from 9d which is on card. (18 blocks = 72 proofs) US3
208Bradbury Wilkinson Collection RHODESIA: 1892 Arms 1d to 10 set of IMPERF PLATE PROOFS on thick gummed paper, each with god margins and large part gum, extremely rare set. (11 proofs) US3 2044
218Bradbury Wilkinson Collection UNITED STATES: 1851 George Washington Three Cents essays, in deep purple, blue, red, brown and in green, extremely RARE ! (5 proofs) US3
759Australia1913-65 an extensive mint and used HUGELY CATALOGUED (a Conservative guess would be 25,000) duplicated collection displayed in two Lighthouse albums with slipcases, a 'proper' original collection with just a handful of key stamps removed and offered seperately, leaving plenty of goodies throughout. Highlights incl. 1913-14 1st Roo d mint (6) and used (19, one inverted watermark), 1d all dies mint, die I block of four mint, die I inverted watermark, a range of red and blue cancellations, 2d mint and used (16), 2d used (4), 3d mint shades (3), and used (12), die II used (4), 4d mint (2) and used (8, one orange-yellow), 5d mint and used (3), 6d nint (2) and used (8), 9d mint (2) and used (7), 1s used (11, one inverted watermark), 2s and 5s used, plus ranges of OS perfins to 1s used; 1913-14 recess 1d 8, three used), 6d Kookaburra mint and used (2); 1914-20 Heads incl. 1d inverted watermark mint, 4d mint shades (5), 5d mint (3); 1915 Roo incl. 2d mint, 6d mint and used (5), 9d used (2), 1s, 2s 5s cds used, plus OS perfins to 5s used; 1915-27 Roo 2d mint (3, one die IIA), 2d mint (2), 3d mint (3, one die IIB), die II used (3), 6d mint (6, one die IIB), 9d mint (6, three die IIB), 1s mint (6, three die IIB, one with sideways wmk), 2s used (12), OS perfins to 5s; 1916-18 Heads on rough paper 1d shades mint (12); 1918-20 Heads incl. 1d chocolate block of four with one showing 'PENCF' flaw; 1918-23 Heads with mint incl. 1d bright red-brown, 2d orange shades (9), 4d blue shades (5), 1s.4d; 1923-24 Roo 6d mint (5), 2s mint and used (9); 1924-25 Heads to 3d (4), 4d 4), and 4d (3) shades mint, 1d multi wmk mint (3), no watermark 1d (7) and 1d (3) mint; 1926-30 Heads perf 14 set mint and to 1s.4d used, perf. 13 set mint, and to 1s.4d (3); 1928 Stamp Exhibition pane of four mint (2, small faults), 1929-30 Roo 6d mint (4), 9d mint (5) and used (7), 1s mint (5) and used (10), 2s mint and used (7), OS perfins to 5s c.t.o.; 1929 Air 3d mint (11), 1930 Sturt sets mint (4) and used (6), 1930 to 5d on 4d mint 6) and used (2), 1931 Smith to 6d mint (8); 1931-36 Heads set mint, plus additional shades to 1s.4d mint, Roo's 6d mint (2) and used, 9d mint (4), 2s mint (15), 5s c.t.o. (3), 10s cds used, 10s (2), 1 and 2 (broken Coast) 'SPECIMEN'; 1931 Air 6d mint (5) and used, 'OS' mint, 1932 1s Lyrebird mint (3), 1932 6d Kookaburra mint (3), 1934 Victoria perf. 10 to 1s mint (2) and used (2), perf. 11 to 1s used (6)1934 Macarthur set mint, 1934 Air 1s.6d no wmk mint (2), 1935 Gallipoli 1s mint and used, 1935 Jubilee to 2s mint (5), 1936 South Australia to 1s mint (5) and used (4); 1927-49 incl. 3d die I mint (7), 3d bright blue mint (2), 6d mint (3), 1s mint (3), 10s mint (4, one thin paper), 1 mint and cds used (4), perf. 15x14 3d blue mint; 1937 NSW sets mint (8), 1940 AIF sets mint (20 and used, 1942-50 1d coil strip of four mint, 1945 Roo 2s corner imprint blocks (2) mint, 1948-56 to 2 used (9), 1953-56 both 3s.6d booklets, 1963 Nvigators to 1 unmounted etc; plus similar ranges for most other issues of the period. Condition generally good to fine, occasional faults chiefly on earlier period, highly recommended. (Approx 5950 stamps, 3 covers and 2 booklets). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 2500
2361British Post Offices in Siam20c1882-85 BANGKOK Double overprint 'B' 8c. Orange wmk Crown CA, Perf 14, 1882 Straits ovptd 'B' Type 1, variety overprint double, part Bangkok CDS used example, one of the rarest of the double overprints. An exceptionally difficult stamp to locate in cds condition, due to delicate colour, this being a particularly fine example, described on the BPA colour photo-certificate (2019) as bearing manuscript line at foot, creases (absolutely minimal), soiled (barely) and a little rubbed (hardly), is genuine - most of which, apart from the authenticity, is irrelevant because a better example hardly exists. Crucially, clearly defined double 'B' overprint. Exceptionally rare. Cat 4250 US 1780
3502China - Japanese Post Offices491914 Overprint on Japan Princess Jingu 10Y violet very fine used, well centred, rare! Cat 3500 US
3604Colombia1859-1967 Collection on large leaves(861 stamps,24 mini sheets) with 1859-67 imperfs used(8) inc 1859-60 10c yellow, 20c blue, thereafter mainly mint including a good range of imperfs with values to 10P, 1904 values to 5P,10P, 1910 Centenary set to 10P with some paper adhering to reverse, 1917 set to 10P ovptd Oficio, 1926 5P,10P ovptd Muestra, 1932-39 Air set to 5P, 1934 Cartagena Air set, 1934-35 American Bank Note Co. set, 1937 4th Olympiad set, 1938 Bogota set, 1940 Sanatander set, 1941 Air set to 5P, 1944 Cundinamarca set and mini sheet, 1945 Air set, 1948 Air set, 1950-51 'L' and 'A' ovpts both sets of each, 1950-54 Air set to 10P, 1955 Postal Union set and mini sheets, 1956-58 set to 10P, later sets and mini sheets. A good lot in mainly fine condition, ex Norwegian Post Office archives US 1121
4143Denmark1851-1985 ATTRACTIVE COLLECTION on printed leaves.Starts 1851 4 R.B.S. X 2, 1854-7 2 Sk,4 Sk.8 Sk,1858-62 4 Sk x 2,1863 Rouletted 4 Sk.1864-8 Crown & Crossed Swords vals. to 8 Sk, 1870-1 New numeral types to 16 Sk, 1875-9 to 100 ore with many shades and some inverted frames.1895-1901 similar to 100 ore, 1905-17 ranges, 1904-5 Christian IX to 100 ore, 1907-12 Forward-facing King set to 100 ore, 1912 Surcharges, 1913-20 ranges.1913-28 Side-Faces to 5 Kr.,Comprehensive later ranges through to 1985 with much of value, inc.1924 300th Anniv.Blocks x 4 m.m. or u.m.1930 60th Birthday set, c.d.s.Then apparently complete thereafter.Then Officials, Postage Dues, Charities, etc.Then DANISH WEST INDIES Useful ranges inc.some GB Used at St.Thomas. m.m.or u.m. or f.u. Few faults among earlies, but generally clean.(Many 100s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 1022
4144Denmark1851-2000 Mainly used collection on Christensen hingeless leaves(many 100s) including 1851-54 4 R.B.S. brown shades(6), 1854-59 2sk to 16sk, 1864-70 Crown 2sk to 16sk plus some shades, 1870-74 Posthorn set to 16sk plus some shades, extensive later Posthorns inc some inverted frames, 1912 and 1915 G.P.O. 5Kr red, 1918 overprints on Newspaper stamps(SG 190-93 are mint), high degree of completion for later regular issues, a few mini sheets and booklet panes are mint. Back of the book section includes Airs 1925-29 set(the 50 ore and 1Kr are mint), Officials 1871-73 perf 14 x 13 set, 1875 set, 1914-23 set, Newspaper 1907 set, 1914-15 set, Postage Due sets, Parcel Post 1919-41 set to 10Kr inc 50 ore grey black, 1937 Windmill booklet panes. A GOOD LOT in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 1234
4176DenmarkN185-941914-15 Newspaper-Set to 1Kr mint(10), the 38 ore has a minor gum crease but a very rare stamp in mint condition Cat 2713
4954France370-3771917-19 War Orphans' Fund set of eight, complete unmounted mint never hinged, 2c + 3c through 5f + 5f blue and black, the two highest values signed. Fabulous fresh original gum hardly ever seen these days. Note the set / high value offered on eBay has no images of the reverse. Stated Yvert 148/155 Euros 9,150= (not corroborated) - BUT an incredibly rare set in this condition as supplied by a major London auction house a few years ago. Please see images of front and back, the two high values design clear of perfs, plus superb colours throughout. Exceptional Cat 2750 US 2225
6131Germany - 1871 to 19451872-1949 Mixed mint and used collection in a Davo Album in Black embossed with German Eagle and 'Deutschland' in Gold with slip case. Ranges from a few Empire issues not good quality through to some allied Fieldposts and includes mini sheets including MS576a - International Philatelic Exhibition, Konigsberg with 'Ostrapa 1935' in sheet margins but has no gum, split perfs and multiple h/r priced accordingly and officials. Condition is maily good but with some average and poor items as well. Approx 1100. High cat val approx 4000. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US 1424
6854Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1840 1d black plate 5, strip of four lettered 'CE/CH', on entire letter (August 1st) from London to Trowbridge, rather rough cut with the last two stamps having four margins, tied red Maltese crosses, a rare multiple with a block of four used cataloguing 25,000 !
6874Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1840 1d black plate 5, lettered 'TB', four neat margins and red Maltese cross.
6889Great Britain - QV (line engraved)11840 1d intense black, plate 4, TL, just shaves at extreme lower left o/wise 4 good to huge margins, very fresh, fine o.g. Cat 13000 US
6907Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1a, AF, 4 tiny to large margins, tied to small piece by MAGENTA MALTESE CROSS, fine used. RPS Cert. (1977). Cat 3000 US
6909Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 8, QL, 4 small to good margins, fine m.m. RARE. Cat 16500 US
6924Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1b, IH, recut left side-line, 4 tiny to large margins, fine m.m. Cat 12500 US
6936Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 5, OH, 4 tiny (at SE corner) to large margins, with distinctive black NORWICH MALTESE CROSS, faint pressed out horizontal crease, fresh, f.u. SG Spec. A1 uc. Very scarce. Cat 3800 US
6956Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2 PL1a Wi1840 1d black T-F Plate 1a 'Watermark Inverted' - an extraordinary large four even margins example cancelled by red-brown maltese cross with no faults and in quite exceptional condition, very fine used for this. INVERTED WATERMARK is rare upon plate 1a. A trace of plate wear above 'Y' of penny. See SG QV specialised for listing and catalogue value. A rarity for the 1d black specialist / inverted watermark collector Cat 4000 US
6965Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 6, horizontal strip of 4, KA-KD, thin paper, small to good margins all around,, KA and KC with guide lines in NE corner, extremely fresh, v.f.u. Cat. 2500++ as two pairs. US
6974Great Britain - QV (line engraved)3 PL 111840 Penny black plate 11 letters S-E, guaranteed genuine. Greyish-black shade typical to plate 11, four quite even margins, completely clear at right hand side example, reverse - very light 'eleven' pencil annotation, very fine used by cleanly cancelled black maltese cross, even colour, excellent definition, carries (UPA CERTIFICATE) - rarely offered in fine used four margins condition, a quick on-line search reveals few available, particularly lightly cancelled as this and confirms rarity. Cat 4600 US
6991Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 2, LK, 3 tiny to large margins, tiny watermark thin, part o.g. RARE. Cat 48000 US2
6997Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, KI (double letter 'I'), 4 small margins, neat RUBY MALTESE CROSS, fresh, v.f.u. RARE. SG Spec. D1(2)uf. Cat 7000 US
7002Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5 Plate 11840 2d blue plate 1 letters D-A to D-D, incredibly a 4 margins horizontal strip of 4 from close but clear base of D-C & D-D, to three quarter HUGE margins and no faults, bar impression of black maltese cross showing as slight indent upon right hand stamp D-D, fine colour, no creases or other faults, each stamp cancelled by single indeterminate black maltese cross. Pairs catalogue SG 2,000 - x 2 = 4,000 + we estimate premium for strip 100% = Extrapolated SG catalogue value 8,000. We searched on-line for a similar calibre 4 margin horizontal strip sold / offered, the nearest we could find being a horizontal strip of 3 - four margin but cut into on the right-hand stamp which sold for 829 in an eBay auction against multiple bids. No comparison against a 4 margin strip of four with no faults - but, at least a starting point to establish value. We estimate this strip to be worth at least double the eBay realisation. SG had nothing comparable except a marginal strip of 3 fine used at 9,500 or a strip of 6 on a cover to HMS Gorgon at 22,500. Makes our starting price look positively cheap. RARE strip of four. Cat 8000 US
7004Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5e1840 2d blue, JC, 3 margins, with BLUE MALTESE CROSS, small thin at edge, fresh, fine used. RARE. RPS Cert. available if required. Cat 15000 US6
7009Great Britain - QV (line engraved)6h1840 2d pale blue, plate 2, MJ, thin paper, 4 neat margins, with partial DORCHESTER town cds, very fresh, v.f.u. RARE. Cat 10000 US
7062Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 11, LL, 4 margins just clear at bottom right, m.m. Cat 8500 US
7064Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 5, EI, 3 margins with RED MALTESE CROSS cancel, f.u. Scarce. Cat 5000 US
7072Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 11, FI, 4 very close (at lower left) to very good margins, with RED MALTESE CROSS, fine used. Scarce. BPA Cert. (1979), - early issue numbered 955. Cat 5000 US
7076Great Britain - QV (line engraved)7l1841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 8, JI, 3 margins, crisp RED MC, fine used. Very scarce. Cat 5000 US
7105Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, a complete sheet reconstruction AA-TL, range of shades, 53 examples with MC cancels and 4 with Numbers in Cross, many with plate numbers on reverse, many with 4 margins, fair to fine used. Good lot. Cat 10500 US 1168
7118Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, a complete sheet reconstruction of 240, AA-TL (ex. PG), 29 examples with MC cancels (incl. one Number in Cross), shades, many with plate numbers on reverse, many with 4 margins, fair to fine used. Cat 9350 US 1028
7211Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, 291 examples on Lighthouse hingeless leaves, much above-average condition with many many 4 margins examples, 83 stamps with MC cancels (one with NUMBER 5 IN CROSS), range of shades, most MC stamps (plus others) with plate numbers identified on reverse, a super lot for continuation and development. Cat 13000 US3 1431
7409Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C11854 1d red brown die I perf. 16, plate 200, an extremely rare block of ten 'AD/AH, BD/BH', with neat '503' (Manningtree, Essex) barred cancels, Shows the major re-entry over 'BG' and in lower arts of 'AG'. A block of four catalogues 400, how much rarer is a multiple this size ?
7449Great Britain - QV (line engraved)F1/81854-58 2d blue 'Stars', specialised collection written up on pages, with PLATE 4 perf. 16 (12, incl. a pair, and one on cover), perf. 14 (4), PLATE 5 perf. 14 small Crown (4, incl. a pair), perf. 16 small Crown (2), perf 16 large Crown (2), perf. 14 (10, incl. two pairs), PLATE 6 perf. 14 (4, one on cover), perf. 16 (2), generally good to fine hand picked examples. (38 stamps and 2 covers) Cat 7060 2500
7453Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C3/61855 1d red brown Die II, a PLATED study collection writen up on pages, with Plate 1 C3 (4, incl. a pair), C4 (6, incl. a pair), C5 scarce pair, C6 (5, incl. a pair), Plate 2 C3 (2), C6 (4, incl. a pair), Plate 3 C3 (2), C4 (5, incl. a rare strip of four), Plate 4 C3, C4 (3, one with spoon cancel), Plate 5 C3 (2), C4 (2, one with spoon cancel), C6 (2), Plate 6 C3 (2), C4 (3), C5 (2), Plate 7 C3, C4, C6 (3, incl. a pair), Plate 8 C4 (2), C6, Plate 9 C6 (2), Plate 10 C6 (7, incl. two pairs), Plate 15 C6 (4), Plate 16 C6,a good lot for the specialist, condition generally good. (69 stamps) Cat 4465 1250
7481Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C101857-63 1d red Stars on white paper, a splendid PLATED study collection written upin an album, with lots of varieties etc, with Plates 27 (31), 34 (25, incl. a block of six), 36 (22, incl. srip of four and five pairs), 37 (7, incl. strip of four), 39 (4), 41 (3, incl. a pair), 42 (23, incl. three pairs), 43 (5, incl. a pair), 44, 46 (8, incl. a pair), 47 (31, incl. a pair), 48 (22, incl. a rare block of nine), 49 (24, incl strips of four and three), 52 (19, incl. two pairs), 55 (27), 56 (8, incl. three pairs), 57 (26, incl. threepairs), 58 (32 , incl. strip of four and a pair), 59 (23, incl. scarce blocks of six used and unused), 60 (28, incl. scarce block of four and six pairs), 61 (10, incl. three pairs), 62 (10, incl. a pair), 63 (7, incl. two pairs), the RARE PLATE 64, 66 (25, incl. two scarce blocks of four and a pair), 67 (4), 68 (5_ and Reserve Plate 17 (18). Generally very good to fine condition, with many scarce and interesting pieces, cat as cheapest versions in excess of 8700, not allowing for any of the scarce multiples etc. (449 stamps) Cat 8737 3500
7483Great Britain - QV (line engraved)C101857-63 1d red PLATE 60, complete sheet reconstruction 'AA/TL', written up on three pages, good to fine, cat 7200 ! (240 stamps)) Cat 7200 1000
7615Great Britain - QV (line engraved)48/91870 d rose, the remarkable complete sheet reconstruction (less one stamp FF, but with extra FE), AA-TX, 102 stamps are mint/o.g. (incl. pl. 8 x 6, pl. 20 x 3 etc.), 29 stamps are unused no gum (incl. plate 9 cut into at right) and the rest used (incl. pl. 9 and a good minority with cds cancels). The condition is mixed as to be expected, but many fine items are noted incl. mint pair and strip. The whole would benefit from remounting, and the replacement of a few poor stamps. Nevertheless, a fantastic achievement by one collector, which deserves to be taken forward. Total Minimum Cat. Value 38,500 (taken as cheapest where plate numbers are unclear). US9 1142
7634Great Britain - QV (line engraved)531870 1d rose-red (plate 1) ERROR of lettering OP-PC, 100% perfect centring, design clear of perforation upon all four sides, I have never seen this rare stamp with such perfect centring, confirmed by on-line research, not a single example located for sale came even close. Add clear letters all four corners and fine even colour - the OP-PC error is rarely found with all four letters clear confirming authenticity beyond doubt. 125% SG Premium catalogue value example. If you collect the best line engraved I challenge you to find a better used clear corner letters perfectly centred example at any price. Cat 4500 US
7686Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1841 PLATES 59-75 a good collection written up on pages, largely four margins and 1844 type cancels, with plates 59 (5), 60 (8), 61 (9), 62 (3), 63 (6, incl. strip of four), 64 (5), 65 (11), 66 (4)67 (5), 68 (8), 69 (10, incl. strip of four, and one scarce orange-brown shade), 70 (8), 71 (7), 72 (7), 73 (6), 74 (7) and 75 (5). (113 stamps) Cat 3400 1200
7691Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1841 PLATES 102-131 a good collection written up on pages, largely four margins, with plates 102 (2), 103, 104, 105 (3), the RARE 107 (fine four margins), 108, 109 (2), 110 (5), 111 (with blue cancel), 112 (5), 113 (pair), 115 (2), 116 (4), 117 (3, incl. a pair), 118 (4, incl. a pair), 120 (4), 121 (5, incl. block of four - in to), 122, 123 (3, incl. a pair), 125 (2), 126, 127 (3), 128 (3, one with blue cancel), 129 (5), 130 (6) and 131 (6), generally good condition. (70 stamps) Cat 3240 1200
7695Great Britain - QV (line engraved) - Imperforate 1d Red Plated1852-53 PLATES 132-172 ALPHABET II a very good collection written up on pages, largely four margiins with plate 132 (4, one with blue '237' cancel), 133 (2), 134, 135 (2), 138, 139, 140 (10, incl. two pairs), 14 (3), 145 (2), 146 (3, one orange-brown with four margins), 147 pair, 148 (4), 150 (6, incl. strip of four with Irish '186' cancels), 151 (2), 152 (3), 153 (2, one unusually used 1888), 154 (2), 155, 157 (4), 158 (3), 160, 161 (3), 163 (4), 164 (6), 165, 168, 169, 171, 172, generally good condition. (78 stamps) Cat 3550 1250
7701Great Britain - QV (embossed)551854 1s green, Die 2, clear margins all around, thin at top edge, heavy m.m./part o.g. Decent appearance. SCARCE. Cat 26500
7725Great Britain - QV (embossed)59wk1847 6d dull lilac, watermark inverted and reversed, just shades at left, fresh, very l.m.m. Cat 19500 US6
8132Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 wmk Cross 5s rose, plate 1, EE, very fresh, fine m.m. Cat 9500 US
8157Great Britain - QV (surface printed)128s1867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, DD, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, yellowish gum, l.m.m. Cat 4250 US
8161Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown lilac, EI, centred to bottom, corner wrinkles, v.g.u. Cat 4500 US
8162Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, HI, centred low, light STOCK EXCHANGE/GLASGOW cds, excellent colour, very fine used. Cat 3200 US
8164Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, DB, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to left, excellent original colour, fine mint. Super. Cat 6250 US
8171Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, EE, crisp KINGSTON/GLASGOW cds, very fresh, trace of red crayon at top, o/wise v.f.u. Cat 4000 US
8172Great Britain - QV (surface printed)130s1867-83 wmk Anchor on blued paper 5s rose, CE, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, gum disturbance where hinge removed and patch of gum loss in corner, very fresh, m.m. Rare. Cat 5250 US
8173Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1321867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 1 brown-lilac, DA, smudged squared circle pmk, good used. RARE. Cat 7500
8174Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1321867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 1 brown-lilac, EF, crisp 101 CANNON ST. B.O./E.C. cds, faint pressed out horizontal crease at top, o/wise fine used. Cat 7500 US
8180Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, EG, slightly yellowish gum, l.m.m. RARE. Cat 28000 US
8182Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 10 shilling greenish grey letters B-G, white paper watermark anchor 'GEORGE ST EDIN(BURGH) (18)83' steel CDS cancel North-East, clear of profile. Light 'Richter' + dealer's proofer's signature upon reverse, neither affects appearance. Beautifully centred superb colour example with excellent perfs and no faults, simply stunning stamp, as close to perfection as one could ever hope to expect. London retail up to 4,000+, catalogue value includes CDS well-centred premium. Exhibition quality. Cat 7875 US
8186Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, GG, light corner cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat 4000 US
8187Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, BE, neat BRISTOL cds, fresh, very fine used. Cat 4000 US
8188Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor 1 brown-lilac, DA, centred to top, neat WEST STRAND B.O./W.C. cds and very light boxed postmark, v.g.u. RARE. Cat 7000
8189Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 Wmk anchor 1 brown-lilac letters D-B, F-VF 'CENTRAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE '24 JU (18)83' CDS cancelled example 'Socked on the Nose' (SON) as the collectors in the US say, particularly well-centred. Minor paper creasing, blunt corner perf NE, but good colour and appearance, collectable example. On-line research reveals few acceptable CDS cancelled 1 brown-lilacs available compared with the far more common maltese cross 1 SG129, priced according to condition and rarity. Cat 7000 US
8190Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor 1 brown-lilac, CG, dated WESTMINSTER PALACE HOTEL cds, fresh, v.f.u. Rare so fine. Cat 7000 US
8191Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 5 orange, AG, centred slightly to SE, neat cds cancels, very fine used. Cat 3500 US
8192Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 5 orange, CL, with neat BIRMINGHAM thimble cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Brandon Cert. (2004). Cat 3500 US
8193Great Britain - QV (surface printed)137s1867-83 5 orange, AD, ovptd. SPECIMENS Type 9, well centred, suggestion of a few faintly toned perfs on reverse mentioned for accuracy only, fine m.m. Cat 3750 US2
8323Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1531873-80 4d sage-green, IMPERF IMPPRIMATUR HORIZONTAL PAIR, EK-EL, sheet margin with imprint at right 'el, 2s per ', light gum wrinkles, small tone spot on one stamp and in margin, o/wise very fresh, fine l.m.m. RARE. Cat 6400 US6
8345Great Britain - QV (surface printed)127 PL21874 Wmk Maltese Cross 5s. Pale rose letters A-I, fine mint original gum example, small hinge remnant, vertical crease barely affects appearance. Full perfs, fresh fine colour, centred NE. Plate 2 is rare mint, one could easily pay double our starting price for an inferior adhesive. Cat 15000 US
8488Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331882 5 Orange blued paper high value letters C-J sound average used cancelled by single obliterator, well-centred example, fractional short corner perf SE, otherwise an extremely difficult space to fill at an affordable price for one of QV's rarest stamps catalogued 12,500 (a space which is usually filled by a 'specimen' overprinted unused stamp). We've seen sound average used singles offered for as much as 2,500 to 3,000= - perhaps making the opening price at which this most popular key high value is offered - appear to be something of a 'snip' Cat 12500 US
8498Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d pale lilac, NA, fine m.m. Photocopy of Brandon Cert. (1991). Cat 6750 US2
8507Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1761883-84 blued paper 5s rose, GF, original redistributed gum, fresh m.m. Brandon Cert. (1991). RARE. Cat 12500 US
8531Great Britain - QV (surface printed)178s1883-84 2s6d lilac, JA, centred to top, ovptd. CANCELLED Type 14 (double kiss ovpt.), couple of trimmed perfs at bottom left, light gum creases, fresh u.m. Cat 4000 US
8536Great Britain - QV (surface printed)179a1883-84 2s6d lilac, LE, on blued paper during 'white paper period', London hooded cds cancels of 1889, v.g.u. SCARCE. Cat 3600
8566Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 10s cobalt, FA, fine used. RARE. Cat 8250
8567Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 10s cobalt, KD, crisp LIVERPOOL ST. STATION/GT. EASTERN RY cds of JY 4 84, with the day written in manuscript to correct black slug, a few very lightly toned perfs, o/wise fine used. RARE. Cat 8250 US
8568Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, LG, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, slight black offset in corner on reverse, o/wise very fresh and fine mint. Scarce. Cat 3200 US
8743Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs 1 brown-lilac, ND, centred to top, weak corner perf, oval Registered pmks, v.g.u. Very scarce. Cat 4500 US
8745Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs 1 brown-lilac, BC, two creases at left, fresh m.m. RARE. Cat 60000 US
8746Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs 1 brown-lilac, good colour, fine used. Cat 4500 US
8747Great Britain - QV (surface printed)186a1888 1 brown-lilac wmk 'orbs' letters T-A, rare frame broken variety, very fine used exceptional even deep colour, importantly lightly cancelled clear of corner letters and frame break variety, perfectly centred too, design clear of perfs upon all four sides, premium catalogue value example, light boxed plus 'SHEFFIELD' MY 20 (18)89 large part CDS. Charming example of the rare 'orbs' watermark frame broken rarity Cat 13500 US
8752Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, PC, centred to NW, fresh, heavy m.m. Cat 3500 US
9092Great Britain - KEVII1911-13 SH 9d slate-purple and deep ultramarine, ordinary paper, lower right complete pane of 20, with sheet/interpane margins on all 4 sides, natural paper inclusion on one stamp (R3/5), diagonal gum crease at SE corner affects 3 stamps, wonderfully fresh, stamps u.m. SG Spec. M39(3). Stated to be from plates H2H/D2H. Cat. 6000 incl. premiums for blocks of 4. Very scarce.
9192Great Britain - KGV322a1911-12 Die A d green, ERROR perf 14, used on coloured real photo p/card of Scenic Railway and pedestrians, Great Yarmouth, on Ay 18 11, faults on front of card which has caused corner damage on stamp. Charles Nissen discovered this example, and it is signed by him at edge and dated 4.11.33. Very few examples known, and this is the only one from GT. YARMOUTH on cover. RARE. SG Spec. N1 (1) ba. Well written up Cat 1400
9234Great Britain - KGV(357s)1912 1d scarlet, marginal horizontal strip of 4, each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 23, and with 1922 ADVERTISEMENT TRIALS on reverse of each ('P.O. Savings Bank, P.O. Savings Bank, Install the Telephone, Install the Telephone'), light gum crease along top, o/wise fine and fresh u.m. See SG Spec. QV p. 120. Cat. 1800 as hinged. VERY SCARCE MULTIPLE.
9413Great Britain - KGV3731912 2d indigo-blue, fine m.m. RPS Cert. (1976). RARE. Cat 3000
9414Great Britain - KGV373a1912 2d dull Prussian blue, small bend, with control R21, perf type 2(P), fine u.m. Brandon Cert. (1978). RARE. Cat 1850
9678Great Britain - KGVN14(15)1913 Royal Cypher d Deep blue-green, the famous 'Myrtle' shade, unmounted mint south-west corner marginal control 'L 18' block of six. Natural gum bend affects two values, one fractionally toned perf/ original paper inclusion below neck upper left-hand stamp, hinge remnant in margin, these being trivial imperfections, otherwise exceptionally rare brilliant fresh myrtle colour control block of 6. 'London' retail as singles at 225 each alone exceeds 1,350= but try finding another unmounted mint control multiple of this rare shade, if such exists. As near to perfection as we shall ever see, we estimate this to be a 2,000+ retail multiple in some quarters Cat 2000 US 1331
10018Great Britain - KGVI4761939 KGVI 2/6d brown 'square high values' COMPLETE Unmounted Mint Never Hinged SHEET of 40 (8 x 5), with selvedge. Large multiples/complete sheets of this 'key' high value are becoming increasing rare to find. Unmounted mint singles sell for 50 each retail so that 40 examples in a complete sheet should command in excess of 2,000 retail with a total SG catalogue 4,000(+), however this is counterbalanced by condition with 'flat' original gum, reverse aging and couple of diagonal creases which barely affect the impact of this remarkable find. Attractive and increasingly rare in this format - we believe this complete sheet of the key 2/6d value to be worth 1,275 Cat 4000 US 1135
10540Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-86 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, IC, light oval ACCOUNT BRANCH/P.O. GLASGOW cancel, signed on reverse, very fine used. Cat 3750 US
10544Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, BD, regummed, good unused. RPS Cert. (2016) rather harshly states 'soiled'. RARE. Cat 12000 US
10603Great Britain - OfficialsO69c1891-1900 GOVT. PARCELS 1d lilac, ovpt. INVERTED, good used on piece. RPS Cert. (1966). RARE. Cat 3500 US
10877Great Britain - BookletsBB201920 3s6d booklet, edition 31, generally excellent perfs, fine and fresh. Rare. Cat 2200 US 1262
10884Great Britain - BookletsBB341932 5s booklet, edition 6, the 1d advert pane of 4 with wmk inverted, mostly very good perfs, fine. RARE. One of the key GB booklet. Cat 5250 US 2990
10885Great Britain - BookletsBB251934 5s booklet, edition 8, the 1d pane and two 1d panes (incl. advert pane) with wmks inverted, age stain on one 1d value, o/wise very fresh, very fine and scarce. Cat 2200 US 1168
10895Great Britain - BookletsBD211937 3s booklet, edition 342, fine and fresh. Scarce. Cat 1900 US 1051
10901Great Britain - BookletsBD221938 3s booklet, edition 375, one 1d pane (slightly yellowed gum) with wmks inverted, o/wise fine. Scarce. Cat 1900 US 1018
10902Great Britain - BookletsBD221938 3s booklet, edition 346, fine and scarce. Cat 1900 US 1051
10905Great Britain - BookletsBD251940 5s booklet, edition 10, fine and scarce. Cat 2000 US 1098
11510Hong Kong54b1898 (1st April) 10c on 30c grey-green, SURCHARGE DOUBLE with equal intensity, from position 17 of the third printing showing broken 'EN', very fine mint, and with 2011 BPA photo certificate signed by Schneider, Granger and Taylor, probably the most knowledgeable experts in the field today. To put the rarity of this stamp into perspective, the 10c on 30c with Chinese characters similarly with double surcharge has been recorded incl. within a complete mint pane, and a handful of singles (currently priced at 12,000 by SG). ONLY one row in a single pane became doubly printed, and the row comprised a setting of six subjects (incl. the above variety showing 'EN' broken); Moving on to the same stamp issue without Chinese characters which this is, ONLY ONE OTHER EXAMPLE IS KNOWN and unpriced by SG, and to find one with this combination of broken letters is almost certainly unique. A Hong Kong and indeed Asian philately rarity of the highest calibre. US10
11607Hong Kong140-621938-52 Defin set complete plus some shades(30) on nine FDCs, the 1938 issues are illustrated covers, a rare assembly, Yang HK$40,000, about 4,000 US4 1465
11972Iceland1873-1985 ORIGINAL COLLECTION (balance) on printed hingeless leaves.Starts 1873 Arms Perf. 12,16sk m.m.1876 Arms 5a Ultramarine m.m.Perf.14x13,6a,10ax2,16a,c.d.s.+ 20a,40a m.m.1882-98 Wmk.Crown Perf.14x13 to 100a taken as cheapest shades, Perf.13 to 25a inc.16a c.d.s.1902-4 Christian Wmk.Crown to 1Kr, Black ovptd '1 Gildi '02-'03' Perf.14x13.on 16a SG 60 m.m.& on 100a c.d.s.Perf.13 Red 25a,Black 50a.1907-8 to 50a, 1911 Sigurdsson set to 25a 1920-2 Christian X most to 1Kr, 1921 Surcharges,1925 Views set c.d.s.1931-3 King to 1Kr, 1935 Jochumsson set. Then comprehensive ranges thereafter to 1985 with fair degree of completeness.The AIRMAILS inc.1930 10a,1931 Zeppelin ovptd.30a & 2Kr,1947 Views set, etc.OFFICIALS inc.1873 Perf.14x13 4sk Green m.m.RARE,with S.GRONLUND Certificate, 8sk Lilac numeral in rigs cancel with LASSE NIELSEN Cert.Perf.12, 4sk m.m.1876-95 Numeral in shiels types to 10a x 2,1898-1902 similar vals.1902-3 Overprinted vals.1907 Two Kings 50a,1920 Christian set to 5Kr, etc. Some minor faults among earies, but generally clean throughout with many scarce items noted.m.m.or c.d.s.Modern period mostly u.m.Cat.price is few years old and approximately correct.(Some 100s). Cat 12850 US3 1193
11973Iceland1873-1995 a substantial and valuable mint (much of later is unmounted) and used (often both and some light duplication) collection OFFERED INTACT and displayed in a handsome pair of Lighthouse albums with slipcases; highlights incl. 1873 4sk fine mint, 3sk unused, 8sk and 16sk used (these with faults), 1876-95 perf. 12 5a unused, perf. 14 incl. 16a brown mint and used, 40a mint, Official to 20a mint and used, 1882-95 to 50a and 100a used, 1896-1900 perf. 12 3a small figure mint, 16a mint and used, 25a (4) mint, Official 3a and 4a fine used, 10a mint, 1902-04 incl. 5a, 6a (4) mint, others to 1k mint and used, 20a strip of three one with error mint (toning), 1902-03 Gildi overprints perf. 14 x 13 100a mint (2), perf 12 to 16a mint, 25a mint and used, 25a inverted overprint marginal example unmounted mint, 1902 (Nov) Official set mint and used, 1907-08 perf 12 incl. 5a, 6a (2), 10a (3) mint, 1k and 2k mint and used, 5k mint, 1911 Sigurdsson set mint and used, 1912 set used, 1920 to 2k (3) and 5k (2) used, 1k mint with spur on '1', 1921-30 surcharges good range incl. 1k on 40a mint (2) and used (2), 10k on 2k mint and used, high values with Tollur cancels, 1925 Pictorial set mint, 1928-29 Air sets (2) mint, 1931-33 Pictorial set mint, 1930 Millenary set complete mint, 1931 Zeppelin set mint, further 1k with spur on '1' mint, 1931-37 incl. 40a mint (tone spot), 1k mint, 2k used, 1931-33 Falls set mint, 1934 Air set mint and used, 1935 Revenue 10 on 75a mint, 1936 Official set mint, 1937 Jubilee miniature sheet mint (2), 1939 Worlds Fair set mint sand used, 1939-47 Statue incl. 5k perf. 11 (3, two unmounted), 1940 opts to 2k (2) mint, 1944 Proclamation set in imprint blocks of four unmounted mint, and most others for the period, mainly good to fine. (approx 2850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US6 1255
12702Israel1948-9 INTERIM emergency period covers/items. Almost all 65 items being covers including registered,,bearing interim period adhesives, mand with handstamp ovpts. April 1949 IPPSA Newsletter Vilume 1 No8 accompanies details (INTERIM PERIOD) list of Post Offices and Postal Agencies. Please ask for scans. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 1022
12818Italy1890-2003 Mainly mint collection on Hagner leaves in a luxury ring binder with slip-case(approx 1,800 stamps) including 1890 ovpts on Parcel Post set, 1911 Jubilee set, 1912 St. Mark set, 1923 March on Rome set, 1926-8 Air Post set, 1928 National Defence set, 1932 Dante set complete, Garibaldi set complete, March on Rome set complete, 1933 Zeppelin set, Balbo triptychs, 1934 Football Air set, Military Medal set complete, 1938 Empire set complete, 1948 St. Catharine Air set, 1949 ERP set, UPU 50L, 1950 Occupations set complete, 1951 Tuscan stamp set, good range of later issues. A GOOD LOT in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. Cat 6458 1000
13201Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika1051922-7 Script 100 red and black very fine fiscally used, neat red Revenue cancel 27/2/37, well centred and fresh Cat 2250
13617Libya131-431951 Overprints on Cyrenaica set for Cyrenaica complete(13) on First Day Cover, Benghazi 24 XII 51 cancels, fine and rare, Sassone cat E11,000 for philatelic cover
13624Libya166-751951 Overprints on Cyrenaica set for Fezzan complete(10) on cover with SEBHA, Fezzan 1 - 2/ 1952 cancels, fine and rare, Sassone cat E7,500 for philatelic cover
13743Lithuania - Polish Occupation4-131920 (23 Nov) Lithuanian set with Arms of Poland & Lithuania overprint. 2m on 15s to 10m on 5a, all very fine mint, some hinge remains. Three values signed Richter & all signed Stolow. A very rare set. Further certification available if required(10) Cat 5585 US3
13746Luxembourg6/18751859-2010 A valuable mint & used collection in a 4-ring album, from a very nice range of imperf, rouletted & coloured roulettes(mixed condition), including 1959 4c yellow mint, 37c vfu, etc. 1882-84 various perfs with vals to 1fr(2 - mint) & 5fr mint & fine used, 1890 Grand Duke mint vals incl 20c orange pair, 37c, 50c, 1fr, 2/fr & 5fr mint; vals to 2fr used, 1906 to 1fr used 1914-16Grand Duchess vals to 5fr m & 2fr u, 1921-34 vals to 5fr(2) mint & 1fr u, 1923 10fr black vfu, Memorial set of 3 opts vfu, 1924 Death of the Grand Duchess set m & u; then a good run of mint and/or used Chilad Welfare sets & other commems to WWII, 1931 Lower Town 20fr vfu, 1938 Abbey Restauration mint set, 1939 Anniversary of Monarchy min sheet mint; a small range of mint German Occupation values then 1944 Grand Duchess definitives mint & used sets to 20fr, good late 1940s issues incl 1946 Stamp Expo sheet u.m., Genarl Patton set of 4 u.m. & vfu, 1947 Echternach Abbey set m, then a good run of National Welfare Fund sets mint, 1948 Grand Duchess defins set mint, UPU mint, War Orphans set mint, United Europe set m & u, 1952 Stamp centenary airmail set of 5 m, Olympic Games mint & u, 1953 Royal Wedding u.m., 1954 International Fair 4fr u.m. 1954 Welfare Fund u.m. & u, 1956 Coal & Steel community trio m, Europa trio v.l.m.m. & vfu, 1957 Europa v.l.m.m. & vfu sets; many other sets in between these. Then a general, scattered run to 2010 with some mint/u.m. & much used. One of the best Luxembourg collections we have had the pleasure of handling (100s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US4 1160
14701Mexico533-5601934 National University Fund Airmail Set of 8 values (Scott C54-61) 20c-20P very fine mint original gum - the rare 20P very light hinge, signed (light pencil manuscript) and exceptional centring to 10P and 20P. Scott cat US$2,685 (GBP2,100), A RARE SET Cat 1500 US3
14702Mexico553-601934 University Air set(8) very fine m.m. Cat 1400
14706Mexico543-521943 University Postage set(8) very fine m.m. Cat 1400
14932Morocco Agencies - Gibraltar Period161899 2P black and carmine mint block of 36 from the top left of the left pane, Plate 2, superb unmounted mint, hinged in margins, one stamp with a tiny tone spot on gum, a fresh and impressive multiple Cat 2160 US 1121
15501Newfoundland16a1862-4 QV Hand-made thin semi-transparent paper, without mesh.1d Red-Brown. 4 neat even margins.Fresh mint with full original gum, very lightly hinged.Attractive and RARE. Cat 8500 US5
16675Portugal - Colonies - Azores1868-2000 EXTENSIVE ORIGINAL COLLECTION on leaves. Starts with 1868 Imperf.10r Yellow f.u.barred circular pmk.with 3 neat margins, touching frame at lower-right.100r Unused, 4-marg.signed Alberto Diena on back.1871-3 Overprinted types to 300r with both types present.f.u.or unused.1882-5 small ovptd. Types to 300r, 1882-7 Kinh Luis 500r, 1894 Prince Henry set c.d.s., 1895 St.Anthony vals., 1898 Vasco da Gama set, 1906 King Carlos to 500r, 1910 King Manoel to 1000r, 1910 (Dec) 'Republica' to 1000r, 1911-12 Vasco da Gama set m.m.1911-2 Postage Dues ovptd. to 500r on 100r m.m., 1917-30 various Ceres issues to 2E & 3E.20, 1921-3 Parcel Post set to 5E m.m.1925 Branco set to 3E.20, 1926-8 Independence sets, 1929-30 Surcharges, Then extensive later ranges through to about 2000 inc.souvenir sheets.Few minor faults but nice clean lot m.m.or f.u.Many scarce items noted with very high cat. value.(Many 100s) US4 1026
16963Rhodesia186,etc1913-19 Admiral set to 1 ovptd Specimen(19), fresh and fine Cat 2750 US 1682
18724Switzerland1850-1990 an extensive and solid mint or used collection displayed in a DAVO hingeless printed album with slipcase, much of note with classic imperf issues incl. 1850 Rayon II 10r without frame to cross (2, one with red manuscript cross signed Kimmel, one on thick carton paper) each four margins, Strubel types (47) in mixed condition to 1f (5) used, one with four margins, 2r grey (3, two unused), Seated Helvetia types incl. 1862-64 plain paper 30c to 1f (7) used, 1867-78 to 50c (6, one mint), 1881 granite papers range, 1882-99 good range incl. 15c mint (2), 1882-1903 Standing Helvetia incl. 40c grey mint, to 3f used, 1908-40 to 1f mint, 1919-20 Air opts pair mint, most Pro Juventute and Pro Patria sets, 1945 Peace 10f cds used (corner crease), 1961 St Oswald's set unmounted mint, many other u/m sets in later period, and much else. (approx 1500 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US4 1171
19376United States of America - Guam141899 Commodore Perry $1 black Type II fresh mint, heavily mounted otherwise fine and rare Cat 5500 US3
19394Uruguay1859-1967 Mainly mint collection attractively presented on large leaves ex Norwegian Postal Museum(1065 stamps, 11 mini sheets) including 1894 set to 3P(cat 120), 1895-6 Pictorial set to 3P(cat 130), 1897 set to 3P(cat 40), 1900-01 set(cat 43), 1923 Lapwing set(cat 120), 1924 Lapwing set(cat 55), Football set(cat 60), 1925 Heron(both, cat 66), 1928-34 set(cat75), 1928 Air set(cat 500), Football set(cat46), 1929-30 Air set(cat 200), 1929-33 Artigas set(cat 500), 1930-43 Air set(cat 200), Centenary set(cat 130), 1931 Exhibition mini sheets(cat 75), 1933 Flag set(cat 45), Conference set(cat 32), 1934 Republic set(cat 37), 1935 Air set(cat 180), 1937-41 Dam set(cat 85), 1939-44 Air set(cat 160), then looks complete to 1967, a fine lot 1000
19680General - World Collector's world-wide accumulation, collected over the course of some forty + years. An extraordinary 'massive' collection that completely filled a large 4 x 4 when we were asked to uplift for sale by auction and offer intact as one lot. A world-wide holding, comprises collections, new issues, albums, stockbooks, covers, even mixtures including kiloware. Doubtless consuming most of the collector's 'stamp-den space', it seems that, as so often, the joy was to be had in the acquisition rather than the sorting out. With so much material weighing 100 kgs+ we're talking literally tens of thousands of stamps / items accumulated by purchase from stamp fairs, stamp shops, collectors, mail-order dealers and smaller stamp auctions. Not being 'big' on sorting out, there's literally months of enjoyment sorting, sifting, cataloguing and arranging . If you are interested by literally months of philatelic 'work', rather than write an essay, Andrew has offered to give you a verbal description over the telephone whilst surrounded by the mountain of material, bags, 15+ boxes, which may take some thirty +/- minutes on the telephone, but will adroitly answer any queries (or your spouse's concerns!). Obviously shipping is extra, and this is the only lot in the auction upon which we cannot offer a return refund guarantee, because obviously shipping may come to hundreds of pounds (unless the buyer collects), so we want you to be confident that this enormous philatelic 'hoard' is right for you. 5000
19720Canada1859-1969 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves, stamps in Hawid mounts. Starts 1859, Albert 10c SG35 1864 2c Rose, 1868-71 Ottawa pntd vals to 2c, 12c, 15c, 1870-88 Small Heads to 10c Salmon, 1889-97 to 10c Salmon-Pink, 1893 20c stain, 1893 8c, 1897-8 Maple Leaf set to 10c, 1897 Jubilee vals to 5c, 8c, 15c, 50c, $1, $2, $5, 1898-1902 Numerals at base to 5c, 7c, 10c, 20c, 1898 Maps x 3, 1903-12 set to 50c, 1908 Quebec to 10c, 1911-22 Heads incl 20c, 1915 WAR TAX Ovptd 50c, 1915-16 War Tax issues, 1922-31 to 8c, 1927 Both Hiostorical sets, 1928-9 to 10c, 1930-1 set to 50c, Coils, comprehensive later ranges incl 1932 Ottawa, 1932-3 to 13c, 1935 to $1, Coils, 1937-8 to $1 Air Coils, 1942-8 War Effort to $1, later to $1 values, Special Delivery, Officials, and some useful New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island etc. Average to fine mixed condition, some earlier material with faults, but full of useful items and generally clean. All m.m.or u.m. Scans recommended. (some 100s) Cat 14835 US4 1160
19797Great Britain - QV (Mulreadys)ME31840 1840 2d. Mulready Lettersheet. Very fine used example sent from within London, neatly cancelled by a beautifully positioned red maltese cross with a black straight line 'T.P./Piccadilly' handstamp alongside and an octagonal datestamp to reverse for MY.12.1840. Addressed to the printers Spottiswoode's in Fetter Lane the Mulready is unusually endorsed 'Proof' over the word 'Copy' at lower left, although whether this refers to the Mulready or original contents is unknown. Minor peripheral faults and a light overall toning, nevertheless very rare, being one of only two recorded 2d Mulready's used on this date in May. Ex. Grunin & 'Mayflower' . RPSL 1999 photo-certificate attests the mauscript 'Proof' to be contemporary and observes 'Addressed to Printer'. EXHIBITION STANDARD Major Rarity
19798Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2 PL7 AS441840 1d. Black letters K-J from plate 7, fine unused no gum 4 margin example of excellent colour and appearance. 2019 RPS photo-certificate attests 'genuine' SG Specialised AS44, mentions surface abrasions behind ear which are almost impossible to discern and do not affect appearance in any way. Note guide-line through 'K' and ON of one confirms plate VII. If you're looking for a fine unused four margin penny black with RPS certificate sensibly estimated - you may have found it Cat 13500
19799Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2var PL81840 1d Black Plate 8. Imprimatur (from the 1st sheet printed). MAJOR RARITY: Very fine and fresh unused (as prepared) imperforate four even margin, right hand marginal imprimatur example lettered SL. Exceptionally rare, unusually with sheet margin attached (only two right hand marginal examples being possible). This being one of only 23 possible imprimatur examples, many of which are in institutional collections. Accompanied by 2001 Brandon photo-certificate. Previously sold for full catalogue value. If you are seeking an imprimatur, you will not find better EXHIBITION Quality Cat 42000
19811Great Britain - QV (surface printed)91a PL31862 1s. Deep green Plate 2=3 (hairlines). Superb unused original gum right hand wing marginal imperforate horizontal pair of this rare 'abnormal' issue lettered BG-BH. Described originally by Stanley Gibbons as 'very rarely seen so fine' we doubt that superior may exist. SG Speciaised J102a accompanied by clear 1984 RPS photo-certificate. Previously sold for 14,000. EXHIBITION Quality Cat 14000
19819Great Britain - QV (surface printed)120a1867-80 2s cobalt, EB, centred to NW, clear profile, v.g.u. Brandon Cert. (2019). SCARCE. Cat 3000
19824Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, SB, good to very good used. Scarce. Cat 4250
19825Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, OC, quite well centred, clear profile, very good to fine used. Rare. Cat 4250
19826Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128s)1867-83 wmk Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in greenish grey, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, right marginal with part imprint, fine m.m. Cat 2400
19827Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128s)1867-83 wmk Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in mauve, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, fresh, fine mint. Cat 2400
19828Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(129s)1867-83 wmk Cross 1, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in blue, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, fresh, fine mint. Cat 2700
19835Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, DG, centred to bottom, neat DUNDEE cds, v.f.u. Karl-Albert Louis Cert. (2016) Cat 3200
19836Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, HF, centred to SE, neat GLASGOW cds, fine used. Cat 3200
19838Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, DB, centred to left, GLASGOW cds, excellent colour, fine used. Scarce. Cat 4500
19839Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to SE, superb colour, LONDON W.C. cds, v.f.u. Scarce thus. Cat 4500 2200
19840Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to SE, crisp ABERDEEN cds of JU 9 81, good colour, v.f.u. Cat 4500
19843Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, GC, centred to bottom, neat MARK LANE B.O./E.C. cds cancels, fresh, v.f.u. Scarce. Cat 4000
19844Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, DA, full cds, signed Georg Buhler, v.f.u. Very scarce. Cat 4500
19846Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5 orange, BH, neat blue crisp LIVERPOOL cds of JY 14 82 (early use), fine used. RARE. Cat 12500
19847Great Britain - QV (surface printed)133s1867-83 5 orange, BE, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, small perf abrasion at upper left, o/wise fine mint. Cat 3750
19848Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, DB, light creasing at bottom, faded, full DEVONPORT/M.O.O. cds, v.g.u. Scarce. Cat 3800
19852Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, DE, thinned at top, light toning, m.m. Rare. Cat 28000
19853Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, CD, faint trace of lightly erased blue cancel at left, neat EAST CHEAP B.O./E.C. cds, very good to fine used. Cat 4000
19863Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371882 5 Orange letters D-A, very fine used exceptionally well-centred example with fine colour neatly cancelled by well-positioned CAMBRIDGE SP 6 (18)91 CDS, plus full well-balanced boxed cancel showing an unusually complimentary degree of fineness and intensity, with good perfs and no faults, a fine addition to a good collection affordably estimated Cat 3500
19864Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1883-84 2s6d, 5s and 10s, plus 1891 1 (off-centre), each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, fresh, fine m.m. Nice group. (4) Cat 2525
19869Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1771883-84 blued paper 10s ultramarine, EC, very good to fine used. VERY SCARCE. Brandon Cert. (2019) Cat 8250
19877Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, IF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to left, fresh, fine mint. Scarce. Cat 3400
19893Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns 1 brown-lilac, OB, centred to top, light central BRISTOL cds, faded at left where crayon removed, o/wise v.g.u. Cat 3000
19896Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs 1 brown-lilac, OD, cds cancels, small violet mark on reverse, o/wise fine used. Cat 4500
19898Great Britain - QV (surface printed)208var1888 1888 6d. 'Jubilee' colour trial. Described by Stanley Gibbons as very fine when originally supplied at 7,000, in our opinion bordering superb condition colour trial printed in green upon rose-red gummed crown wmk paper. Very rare. EXHIBITION Quality Cat 7000
19899Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, PD, well centred, light gum toning, u.m. Cat 5000
19900Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, KC, cut-down margin at top, small wrinkle, fresh, fine l.m.m. Signed Brun. Cat 3500
19901Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, BB, centred to NW, corner gum crease, o/wise fine l.m.m. Cat 3500
19906Great Britain - KEVII2641902 KEVII De La Rue printing 5s. Deep bright carmine. Superb unmounted mint full original gum S.W. corner marginal multiple block of 8 originally supplied by SG at 8,950=. Stunning colour, well-centred. EXHIBITION quality. SG specialised M51(2). Current SG catalogue 7,200. A premium piece Cat 7200
19909Great Britain - KEVII260s-66s1902-10 DLR 2s6d, 5s, 10s and 1 (centred to SW), each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 16, h/r, fine m.m. Cat 2750
19912Great Britain - KEVII2661902-10 DLR 1 dull blue-green, light toning, barest trace of hinge, l.m.m. Cat 2000
19920Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH 1 deep green, well centred, slight partial yellowish tinge to gum at top, o/wise very fresh, very fine marginal u.m. Cat 3000
19921Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH 1 deep green, centred to left, very fresh, fine m.m. Cat 2000
19925Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow 1 green, reperfed at top, light gum yellowing, l.m.m. Scarce. Cat 2800
19926Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow 1 dull blue-green, centred slightly to SE, couple of short perfs, very fresh, barest trace of hinge, fine l.m.m. Cat 2800
19927Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow 1 dull blue-green, centred to NW, small wrinkle, fresh m.m. Cat 2800
19930Great Britain - KGV406 N64(2)1915 De La Rue 2s.6d. Chrome (very pale sepia-brown) Seahorse. Superb well-centred unmounted mint original gum N.E. corner marginal example. Described as a magnificent positional piece of this very rare shade by Stanley Gibbons when originally supplied for 7,500=. Fabulous. Could not be bettered, clear 2011 BPA photo-certificate, EXHIBITION Quality Cat 7500
19938Great Britain - QEII (pre-decimal)717/20var1967 British Wild Flowers (Ordinary) 4d. Very fine unmounted mint original gum se-tenant block of four left hand marginal IMPERFORATE Imprimatur, endorsed 'NPM IMRIMATUR' handstamps on reverse. RARE. Supplied by Stanley Gibbons for 9,000= Cat 9000
19954Great Britain - OfficialsO631883-86 GOVT. PARCELS 9d dull green, EA, centred to NE, fine m.m. BPA Cert. (1980). Scarce. Cat 2750
19956Great Britain - OfficialsO641883-86 GOVT. PARCELS 1s orange-brown, plate 13, JF, m.m. Brandon (2017) and Wenvoe (2017) Certs. Scarce. Cat 2750
19957Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s pale ultramarine, ED, centred slightly to NW, light central CARDIFF cds, fine used. WENVOE Cert. Cat 3750
19958Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, KH, centred to SE, neat SHEFFIELD cds, pressed out horizontal crease at very bottom, o/wise fine used. Cat 3750
19960Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, GH, light creasing at bottom, slightly faded, unused no gum. SCARCE. Brandon Cert. (2004) Cat 12000
19961Great Britain - OfficialsO9b1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, LG, ovptd. in BLUE-BLACK, strong central ABERDEEN cds (suffused to reverse), fine used. Wenvoe Cert. (2019) Cat 3200
19970Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE 1 green, IB, centred to NE, neat central MANCHESTER ACCOUNTS cds, tiny trace of blue crayon in SW corner, o/wise fine used. Signed Brun. Cat 2500
19976Great Britain - OfficialsO351896-1902 OFFICE OF WORKS 10d, very fine used. Brandon Cert. (2005). Cat 2250
19978Great Britain - OfficialsO911902 ROYAL HOUSEHOLD d, block of 4, very fresh, very fine, u.m. Scheller Cert. (2007) Cat 1500
19990Great Britain - OfficialsO401903 KEVII 10d. Dull purple and carmine overprinted 'O.W. OFFICIAL' fine used, cancelled by part 'COVENTRY' AU 18 (19)05 CDS. Well-centred good colour example accompanied by clear 2014 Brandon photo-certificate. Similar quality examples retail up to 2,500. Rare stamp. Cat 7000
20005Great Britain - BookletsBD13 Edn11940 'PUNCH' 2s.6d. Red & black wartime booklet Edition No.1. complete. Very fine and fresh example of this difficult booklet with good perfs on all panes. Exceptional. Rare so fine. Provenance: Originally supplied by SG price 1,700= Cat 1700
20054Rhodesia119-851910-13 Double Head set to 1 ovptd Specimen mint(18), some minor gum faults, some are quite heavily hinged, slight damage to the 6d value, otherwise fine, a fresh and attractive set, rarely seen Cat 3500 US 2056