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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
11General - British Colonies1937-52 Mainly mint George VI collection in a green Crown album(many 100s), fairly well filled including Antigua 1938-49 set, Ascension 1938-53 set, Australia defin sets to 1 and 2, Bahamas 1942 Columbus set, 1948 Eleuthera set, Basutoland 1938 set, Bechuanalan US 2056
23General - British Commonwealth ISLAND COLONIES a splendid mint and used collection in an album, incl. Ascension (90) incl. 1938-53 to 10s mint, 1956 set fine used, 1963 set fine used, Falklands (220) incl. QV and KE7 to 1s, 1929 to 2s.6d fine used, 1938-50 to 1 fine used, 1952 set fi US3 1362
24General - British Commonwealth BRITISH EUROPE a valuable mint and used collection in an album, with CYPRUS (660) incl. 1880 on GB d plate 15 with nice '942' cancel, 1d plates 215 & 216 mint, 4d sage green mint, 6d grey used (straight edge at right), 1881 'CC' set nicely used, 1882 b US3 2726
26General - British Commonwealth1860s-1970s FINE USED COLLECTION on stockcards. Inc. SAMOA nice KGV-KGVI, SOUTHERN NIGERIA inc.KEVII to 2/6d,NIGERIA inc.1914-29 to 10/-,1921-32 to 1/-,1936 to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,S/Wedding,NTH.RHODESIA KGV to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,NYASALAND 'B.C.A.' 2/-,1895 to 6d, US2 4308
263Bradbury Wilkinson Collection CANADA HEAD ESSAY: King Edward VII 1d 'SPECIMEN', recess printed in purple, a scarce imperforate block of eight on thinned gummed paper (right stamps with light crease), the lower right stamp appears to be printed double, unmounted mint. US
265Bradbury Wilkinson Collection123-132s CYPRUS: 1928 Anniversary of British Rule set, overprinted 'SPECIMEN', very fine lightly hinged mint. (10) Cat 700 US
266Bradbury Wilkinson Collection DUMMY STAMPS: 1879 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE ONE PENNY ESSAY die proof block of four in black, fine and attractive. US
267Bradbury Wilkinson Collection DUMMY STAMPS: 1879 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE ONE PENNY ESSAY in brown, imperf on gummed paper. US
268Bradbury Wilkinson Collection DUMMY STAMPS: 1919 MERCURY HEAD '2' die proof in black, colour trials in mauve and in blue (perf. SPECIMEN), then archive cards with imperf proofs in vermilion, brown and in green, another card with deep brown, a further card with head only within a circu US
270Bradbury Wilkinson Collection DUMMY STAMPS: KING EDWARD VII & BATTLESHIP 2D design, letter press plate proof in black block of forty-five (9 x 5), single imperf colour trials (3 different, two with SPECIMEN perfin), then perforated blocks of four in red, blue and violet with coloured US
271Bradbury Wilkinson Collection DUMMY STAMPS: REVENUE QUEEN VICTORIA HEAD on goldbeater' type paper, inscribed 'Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd, London & Paris, Timbre Mobile, Bollo Mobile, Revenue Stamp, Sello Movil similar to the Austrian thin paper stamps, with proofs of the head only US
279Bradbury Wilkinson Collection FALKLAND ISLANDS: 1891-1902 6d orange-yellow, watermark reversed, a rare right marginal horizontal block of twelve, very fine mint with ten being unmounted. Cat 1020 US
280Bradbury Wilkinson Collection FALKLAND ISLANDS: 1891-1902 archive small 'SPECIMEN' handstamps in violet, on shades of d (5), 1d (6), 2d (2), 2d (5), 4d (2), 6d, 9d (2) and 1s (2), fine without gum, very scarce. (25) US
283Bradbury Wilkinson Collection127/135 FALKLAND ISLANDS: 1933 Centenary set to 2s.6d, fine mint. (9) Cat 494 US
284Bradbury Wilkinson Collection FIJI: 1951 Health issue, unique archive of hand drawn or hand painted ESSAYS by R.A. Derrrick (2) and Rev. A. R. Tippett (2), all featuring the Anti T.B. symbol within the design, each fit on an album page, and with details included. (4 items) US
286Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918 Seahorse 2s.6d. Imperf proof with fine impression, vertical pair with large margins, upper stamp creased. US
287Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918 Seahorse 2s.6d. Rough proof, imperf block of four, fine. US
288Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918 Seahorse 2s.6d. Rough proof, imperf block of four, from the post 1927 plates, manuscript marks, fine. US
289Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918 Seahorse 5s imperf rough proof in a vertical pair, from the post 1927 plates, fine. US
290Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918 Seahorse 5s. Imperf rough proofs in three different states, fine. (3) US
291Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorse 2s.6d experimental printing with sideways watermark, overprinted 'CANCELLED' type 24, very fine mint. Cat 750 US
292Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorse 2s.6d 'SPECIMEN' type 23 overprint, very fine mint, with Royal certificate. Cat 900 US
293Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorse 2s.6d with 'SPECIMEN' type 23 and 'CANCELLED' type 24 overprints, fresh mint with small hinge thin, very scarce. Cat 3000 US
294Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses 10s. (broken 'S' plate) with 'CANCELLED' type 24 overprint, fine mint with minor tone spot to gum, unpriced by SG. US
295Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses 2s.6d with 'CANCELLED' type 33 overprint, superb unmounted mint. Cat 1500 US
296Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses 5s. With 'CANCELLED' type 24 overprint, fine mint. Cat 1000 US
297Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses 5s. With 'SPECIMEN' type 32 overprint, fine mint, cernered to foot, extremely rare in this form. Cat 6500 US
298Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: 1918-19 Seahorses set with 'SPECIMEN' type 23 overprints, the 2s.6d with couple of shorter perfs, the 10s with small hinge thin, a scarce set, each with BPA certificate. (3) Cat 3500 US
299Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: LOCAL POSTAGE STAMP essays, Coat of Arms design imperf proofs in purple, vermilion, red, green, blue and in brown, fine and scarce. (6 proofs) US
300Bradbury Wilkinson Collection GREAT BRITAIN: THE FALKLAND ISLANDS HEAD 1879 printed in black with Queen's head to left, and inscribed 'Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Five Shillings', a rare imperf proof block of thirty-six (12 x 3), as submitted to the Post Office for the Surface Printing T US
302Bradbury Wilkinson Collection INDIA - HYDERABAD: 1902 Revenue 'H.H. THE NIZAM'S PROCESS FEE', imperf plate proof blocks of four with security hole punch on each, with 4a, 6a, 8a, 1r in blocks of four, then COLOUR TRIAL singles of 2a in green, brown, blue and vermilion, 4a in grey and US
304Bradbury Wilkinson Collection JERSEY: REVENUE STAMPS 1900-82 an astonishing and intact exhibition worthy collection, expertly written up on pages, arranged by orders of printing, often in matching corner examples, with issued stamps with values to 100, Jure-Justicier overprints, arch US
307Bradbury Wilkinson Collection NEW ZEALAND: 1954-63 OFFICIAL imperf matching left sheet marginal plate proof BLOCKS OF FOUR written up on pages, each with plate number and printing dates noted in pencil on backs, with 1d (2), 1d , 2d (3), 2d, 3d (5), 4d(2), 9d, 1s (2)and 3s, fine unm US
309Bradbury Wilkinson Collection NEW ZEALAND: 1955-59 imperf plate proof BLOCKS OF FOUR written up on pages, each with plate number and printing dates noted in pencil on backs, with 1d (3), 1d , 2d (3), 3d, 4d(2), 6d (2) and 8d, fine unmounted mint. (13 blocks = 52 proofs) US
310Bradbury Wilkinson Collection NIUE: 1950 Pictorial set of ten imperf proofs on two B.W. archive page, each marked alongside 'approved in NZ', manuscript markings at foot of the pages 'Unapproved proofs, removed for destruction 20/12/49', unique and fine. US
311Bradbury Wilkinson Collection161a QUEENSLAND: 1882 Chalon 1 deep green on thick paper, showing the re-entry, fine mint. Cat 850 US
314Bradbury Wilkinson Collection RHODESIA: 1892 Arms 1d to 10 set of IMPERF PLATE PROOFS on thick gummed paper, each with god margins and large part gum, extremely rare set. (11 proofs) US
315Bradbury Wilkinson Collection RHODESIA: 1892 Arms 1d to 10 set, PERFORATED 'SPECIMEN', each fresh with large part gum, rare. (11 stamps) US
316Bradbury Wilkinson Collection18/26 RHODESIA: 1892-94 archive collection of upper marginal blocks of four without gum as normal for these, each with pencil printing date in the margin, comprising all different for shades etc d (6), 2d (8), 3d (3), 4d (6), 8d (4), 3s (2) and 4s, stunningly US
317Bradbury Wilkinson Collection RHODESIA: 1892-94 set of seven values, perorated 'SPECIMEN', large part gum, scarce issue. (7) US
319Bradbury Wilkinson Collection SAMOA: 1952 Pictorial issue, a unique set of imperf plate proofs affixed to four B.W. archive cards, each with 'Approved in NZ' endorsement alongside, other unapproved proofs removed for destruction. Fine and highly attractive. (10 proofs) US
321Bradbury Wilkinson Collection168-180 SIERRA LEONE: 1933 Abolition of Slavery set, very fine lightly hinged mint. (13) Cat 1100 US
322Bradbury Wilkinson Collection SOUTHERN RHODESIA: Revenue 1953 4d imperforate proof on B.W. card, endorsed 'pattern A approved', the card would originally have had four proofs, the other three removed and further endorsed '3 proofs not approved, removed for destruction', also includes US
323Bradbury Wilkinson Collection114/123 ST HELENA: 1934 Centenary set, fine mint. (10) Cat 425 US
324Bradbury Wilkinson Collection STAMPS: 1861 WYON QUEEN VICTORIA THREE PENCE ESSAY, imperf proofs in blue, green, brown, red and in blue, fine and very rare. (5 proofs) US
335Bradbury Wilkinson Collection TRANSVAAL: 1878-80 Queen's head mint range, with the set to 2s (6d corner example imperforate (cut down at right ?), plus 1d and 4d pairs, 6d block of four, mainly fine. (15 stamps) Cat 826 US
336Bradbury Wilkinson Collection UNITED STATES: 1851 George Washington Three Cents essays, in deep purple, blue, red, brown and in green, extremely RARE ! (5 proofs) US
915Australia - BCOFJ1,etc1946-47 Collection including the set in unmounted mint pairs, the 1s and 2s are blocks of four, d mint pair, one with dropped 'J', d orange left pane block of 80 unmounted mint, R.9/4 with wrong fount '6', column 8 has some creasing, d orange right pane unmoun 1050
920Australia - States I've always liked collectors who accumulate classic material with the intention of sorting it out in the future because these are the real collections where there is a good chance of adding value by subsequent collector-owners making real 'finds'. This is US 1424
972Austria1850-2007 a fairly extensive mainly used collection displayed in three albums, incl. 1850-54 imperf Arms (18) incl. 1k (2) and 2k (2), 1858-59 incl. 1k and 2k both types, 3k, 1863 perf. 14 set, 1867 to 50k, 1874-80 to 50k, 1883-90 issue sorted by perf types, 1890-9 US3 1022
1209Bahamas149eb1952 d brown purple, lower two rows of the sheet, one lower stamp showing error ST EDWARD'S CROWN, superb unmounted mint, a KGVI rarity ! Cat 4250 US5
1654Belgium1849-1970s ORIGINAL COLLECTION on leaves, starts with nice ranges of 10c x2, 20c, Medallions to 40c from various printings, The perf.type Medallions from all printings to 40c x 3, + 1c m.m.1965-6 to 1 Fr f.u.1869-80 to 1 Fr.c.d.s.Then the usua US2 1077
2593Burma181937 KGV Stamp of India ovpt 'Burma' 25r Orange & Blue l.m.m. (Overall gum toning). Very fresh lovely bright colours. Cat 1700
2643Burma - Japanese OccupationJ721943 State Crest 5c scarlet complete sheet of 56 fine unused, two stamps at foot are torn, otherwise fine, Stanley Gibbons states that blocks are scarce as they were usually sold affixed to envelopes, a complete sheet is probably quite rare Cat 1624
2649Burma - Japanese OccupationJ77a1943 Farmer 5c red IMPERF complete sheet of 50 fine unused, R.2/6 shows variety 'G' for 'C', rare! Cat 2900
2653Burma - Japanese OccupationJ85c,86c,87c1943 Independence Day set IMPERF in complete sheets of 56(168) very fine unused Cat 3780
2678Canada1859-1969 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves, stamps in Hawid mounts.Starts 1859, Albert 10c SG 35.1864 2c Rose,1868-71 Ottawa 2c,12c,15c.1870-88 Small Heads to 10c Salmon, 1889-97 to 10c Salmon-Pink, 1893 20c stain, 1893 8c, 1897-8 Maple Leaf set to 10c, Cat 14835 US2 1551
2683Canada1868-1902 QV DOMINION COLLECTION with duplication throughout showing shades.Starts 1868-90 Ottawa thin transparant paper c, 2c, both f.u.+ 1c Red-Brown m.m. Medium to stout wove paper, 3c x4,6c x3,12c 4,15c.Montreal 5c, 15c x3,1870-91 ranges of shades inc. Cat 13483 1000
2877Canada1911-1936 KGV EXTENSIVE COLLECTION with much duplication inc.better shades/printings. Starts 1911-22 to 5c x x 29 (11 are m.m.), 7c x 30 (11 inc.block x 4 are m.m.),10c x 28 (14 inc.blk.x4 are m.m.), 20c x 21 (1 is m.m.), 50c x 19 f.u.Them many coil stamps and 1915 Cat 13680 1250
4211Denmark1851-1985 ATTRACTIVE COLLECTION on printed leaves.Starts 1851 4 R.B.S. X 2, 1854-7 2 Sk,4 Sk.8 Sk,1858-62 4 Sk x 2,1863 Rouletted 4 Sk.1864-8 Crown & Crossed Swords vals. to 8 Sk, 1870-1 New numeral types to 16 Sk, 1875-9 to 100 ore with many shades and some invert US 1335
4212Denmark1851-2000 Mainly used collection on Christensen hingeless leaves(many 100s) including 1851-54 4 R.B.S. brown shades(6), 1854-59 2sk to 16sk, 1864-70 Crown 2sk to 16sk plus some shades, 1870-74 Posthorn set to 16sk plus some shades, extensive later Posthorns inc som 1575
4355Dubai240a1966 60d on 60np olive green & orange red 'New Currency' surcharge issue with variety 'DIRHRMS' FOR 'DIRHAMS', fine used with part roller cancel. A major rarity of Dubai. (SG 240a) US4
4552Falkland Islands1381933 1 Centenary mint, lightest hinge trace. A lovely example of this KGV Classic. Cat 2500
4554Falkland IslandsZ641933 Centenary 10s, with partial SOUTH GEORGIA cds AP 24 (?), very fresh, v.f.u. Cat 2250 US3
4860France1849-1965 Mint and used collection on leaves(1,940) including 1869 5Fr grey used, 1870-71 Bordeaux values to 30c,40c,80c used, 1876-90 Peace & Commerce values to 5Fr used inc some better items, 1881-92 Postage Due set to 60c mostly used, 1900 2Fr lilac and buff use Cat 16301 1312
5466Germany1872-2010 an extensive largely used original intact collection displayed in four albums, incl. Empire 1872 small shield both complete sets, Numerals 10g unused, 30g pen cancelled, large shield thaler set, gulden set (2k and 18k unused), 1875-79 with shades to 50pf US3 1022
5676Gibraltar1081925-32 Script 5 violet and black fresh lightly mounted mint, very fine Cat 1600 US
5927Great Britain1840-1970 A mint & used substantial collection in a black Simplex album(c130 leaves). From a QV section including 1d blacks(3 - with 2 nice four margined examples), a fine plate 2 2d blue, 1841 2d x 3 (four margined), later includes 1d plates set to 224, a small su US2 1077
6001Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 2, LK, 3 tiny to large margins, tiny watermark thin, part o.g. RARE. Cat 48000
6013Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5e1840 2d blue, JC, 3 margins, with BLUE MALTESE CROSS, small thin at edge, fresh, fine used. RARE. RPS Cert. available if required. Cat 15000 US4
6308Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, 291 examples on Lighthouse hingeless leaves, much above-average condition with many many 4 margins examples, 83 stamps with MC cancels (one with NUMBER 5 IN CROSS), range of shades, most MC stamps (plus others) with plate numbers identified Cat 13000 US 1869
6935Great Britain - QV (line engraved)43/41864-79 1d red, plates 71 to 224 apparently complete, ex. pl. 115, five examples are used, the others mint/o.g., many are partly stuck down by hinge but will lift with a little care, most with some degree of gum toning, a few without gum, condition varies but mos Cat 11300 US4 1378
6970Great Britain - QV (line engraved)48/91870 d rose, the remarkable complete sheet reconstruction (less one stamp FF, but with extra FE), AA-TX, 102 stamps are mint/o.g. (incl. pl. 8 x 6, pl. 20 x 3 etc.), 29 stamps are unused no gum (incl. plate 9 cut into at right) and the rest used (incl. pl. 9 US7
7044Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847 10d deep brown, 3 margins, some old faded manuscript at top and bottom on reverse, very fresh m.m. SG Spec. H2(2). SCARCE. Cat 15000 US4
7065Great Britain - QV (embossed)59wk1847 6d dull lilac, watermark inverted and reversed, just shades at left, fresh, very l.m.m. Cat 19500 US4
7092Great Britain - QV (surface printed)62a1855-57 small Garter 4d carmine, on slightly blued paper, well centred, very fresh, most o.g. Scarce thus. Cat 9000
7146Great Britain - QV (surface printed)66aWi1855-57 large Garter 4d rose, WATERMARK INVERTED, centred to SE, small faint stain at left, h/r, fresh m.m. Brandon Cert. (2005). Cat 4800 US
7303Great Britain - QV (surface printed)861862-64 9d bistre, HL, centred to bottom, nice little coloured printing flaw at upper right, very fresh, fine l.m.m. Cat 5800 US
7645Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 5s pale rose, plate 1, HE, centred to SW, part o.g. Rare. Cat 11000 US
7660Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, EI, centred to SE, small STOCK EXCHANGE/GLASGOW cds, excellent colour, fresh, v.f.u. Cat 3200 US
7661Great Britain - QV (surface printed)128s1867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, CB, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, extremely fresh, very fine mint. Scarce. Cat 4250 US
7662Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, EJ, centred low, GLASGOW cds of MY 22 82, clear profile, fresh, fine used. Cat 4500 US
7663Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 1 brown-lilac, GJ, off-centre to SE, crisp GLASGOW cds, nice colour, fine used. Cat 4500 US
7666Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, BH, well centred, crisp GREENOCK cds, very fresh, very fine used. SCARCE. Cat 4800 US
7668Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, horizontal pair EC-ED, neat light oval cancels, fresh, v.g.u. SCARCE. Cat 9600 US
7670Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s pale rose, plate 4, CC, neat squared circle pmks, fresh, fine used. VERY SCARCE. Cat 4800
7674Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, on blued paper, DB, good colour, fine used. Cat 5200 US
7675Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, DA, well centred, light oval Registered pmk, fine used. RARE. Cat 5200 US
7676Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, DG, full THROGMORTON AVENUE/E.C. cds, fresh, v.f.u. Cat 4200 US
7685Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 5 orange, BA, neat WIGAN thimble cds, extremely fresh, fine used. EXCEPTIONAL. Cat 4750 US
7686Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 5 rose BJ, a couple of trivial gum wrinkles mentioned for accuracy, o/wise a superb fresh example, u.m. EXCEPTIONAL. Cat 14500
7687Great Britain - QV (surface printed)137s1867-83 5 orange, AD, ovptd. SPECIMENS Type 9, well centred, suggestion of a few faintly toned perfs on reverse mentioned for accuracy only, fine m.m. Cat 3750
7776Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1411873-80 2d rosy mauve, plate 17, horizontal pair, BE-BF, a couple of faintly toned perfs on one, o/wise fine m.m. Scarce. Cat 3400 US
7862Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1511873-80 1s orange-brown, plate 13, SD, wing margin at right, well centred, small bend, light corner crease in wing margin, extremely fresh, extremely lightly hinged, fine l.m.m. Very scarce. Cat 4750 US
7901Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1531873-80 4d sage-green, IMPERF IMPPRIMATUR HORIZONTAL PAIR, EK-EL, sheet margin with imprint at right 'el, 2s per ', light gum wrinkles, small tone spot on one stamp and in margin, o/wise very fresh, fine l.m.m. RARE. Cat 6400 US4
8138Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(190)1883-84 2d, GT, COLOUR TRIAL in blue, on watermarked paper, hinge sweated off, most o.g. Cat 2100 US
8139Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(191)1883-84 3d, TC, COLOUR TRIAL in greenish grey, on watermarked paper, good colour, part o.g. Cat 2100 US
8141Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(191)1883-84 3d, TF, COLOUR TRIAL in deep purple, on watermarked paper, hinge sweated off, fresh, part o.g. Scarce. Cat 2100 US
8143Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1883-84 wmk Cross 1 brown + lilac, GF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, slightly ragged perfs at top, extremely fresh, centred to SW, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat 6250 US
8147Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d pale lilac, NA, fine m.m. Photocopy of Brandon Cert. (1991). Cat 6750
8150Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, EB, centred to right, light vertical gum crease at right, o/wise extremely fresh and crisp, fine m.m. Philatelic Expertising (GB) Ltd. Cert. (1995). SCARCE. Cat 6750 US4
8187Great Britain - QV (surface printed)179a1883-84 2s6d lilac, MA, on BLUED PAPER in white paper period, MR 22 92 cds, short perf at bottom left, v.g.u. SCARCE. Cat 3600 US
8223Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1831883-84 10s ultramarine, MH, quite well centred, superb fresh Post Office condition (!), u.m. EXCEPTIONAL. Cat 2250
8291Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns 1 brown-lilac, OD, centred to NE, two ironed-out creases, super appearance with excellent colour, l.m.m. RARE. Cat 32000 US
8349Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(206)1887-92 Jubilee 4d, separate DIE PROOFS on glazed card of Head plate and Duty plate, fine. Very scarce. Cat 3400 US
8419Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, NC, couple of light gum creases, small patch without gum at edge, fresh l.m.m. Cat 4000 US
8421Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, MB, centred to left, wrinkles where hinge removed, yellowish gum, m.m. Cat 4000 US
8424Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 1 green, IA, well centred, super fresh crisp example, barest trace of hinge mark visible (could pass for unmounted), very fine l.m.m. Cat 4000
8442Great Britain - KEVII1902 DLR 5s, DIE PROOF in black on white glazed card, without marking, fine. Scarce. Cat 4250 US 2492
8443Great Britain - KEVII1902 DLR 2s6d, DIE PROOF in black on white glazed card, without marking, hinge remains on reverse, fine. Scarce. Cat 4000 US 2092
8673Great Britain - KEVII2661902-10 DLR 1 dull blue-green, light gum toning, possible trace of faint hinge mark, l.m.m. Cat 2000
8840Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH 1 deep green, centred to SW, a top marginal example, small light gum crease, gum yellowed, stamp is u.m. Scarce. Cat 2000 US
9245Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow 1 dull blue-green, centred to SE, nice little frame break beneath E of POSTAGE, perf thin at right, a few lightly toned perfs at top, l.m.m. Cat 3500 US
9266Great Britain - KGV411/3N70(3)1915 10/- De La Rue, the rare Bright 'Cambridge' Blue seahorse shade, an exceptionally fine mint full original gum exceedingly light hinge example which appears almost unmounted mint, superb in colour, well centred with just a hint of a few irregular perfs so Cat 9500 US
10184Great Britain - Covers - QV1820s-1950s Just how often does an original archive turn up these days? Looking back, I remember being on the periphery of the discovery of the Corsini correspondence even today when such letters turn up they seem to be avidly snapped up. But, all those tales of US5
10307Great Britain - Covers - KGV456a1935 Silver Jubilee 2d Prussian Blue very fine used stunning deep original prussian blue colour, well-centred, perfectly positioned clear of profile contemporary 24 JY (19)35 WESTME(AD) (CA)RSHALTON SURREY CDS, clear original 1945 BPA Expert Committee photo-c Cat 15000 US
10463Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, BE, some barely visible tiny surface abrasions, sweated hinge, o/wise fine l.m.m. Signed Richter. BPA Cert. (1977). Very scarce. Cat 12000 US
11492Hong Kong54b1898 (1st April) 10c on 30c grey-green, SURCHARGE DOUBLE with equal intensity, from position 17 of the third printing showing broken 'EN', very fine mint, and with 2011 BPA photo certificate signed by Schneider, Granger and Taylor, probably the most knowledgea US8
11636Hong Kong140-621938-52 Defin set complete plus some shades(30) on nine FDCs, the 1938 issues are illustrated covers, a rare assembly, Yang HK$40,000, about 4,000 US2
11956Iceland1873-1985 ORIGINAL COLLECTION (balance) on printed hingeless leaves.Starts 1873 Arms Perf. 12,16sk m.m.1876 Arms 5a Ultramarine m.m.Perf.14x13,6a,10ax2,16a,c.d.s.+ 20a,40a m.m.1882-98 Wmk.Crown Perf.14x13 to 100a taken as cheapest shades, Perf.13 to 25a inc.16a Cat 12850 US 1558
11957Iceland1873-1995 a substantial and valuable mint (much of later is unmounted) and used (often both and some light duplication) collection OFFERED INTACT and displayed in a handsome pair of Lighthouse albums with slipcases; highlights incl. 1873 4sk fine mint, 3sk unused, US4 1758
12160India1855-73 Mainly used accumulation in a stock book(approx 1,440) heavily duplicated with many better stamps, some nice multiples, much postmark interest, condition well above average, catalogue value in excess of 14,000, an interesting lot. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BI US2 1034
12674Israel1948-9 INTERIM emergency period covers/items. Almost all 65 items being covers including registered,,bearing interim period adhesives, mand with handstamp ovpts. April 1949 IPPSA Newsletter Vilume 1 No8 accompanies details (INTERIM PERIOD) list of Post Offices a US 1335
13629Lithuania - Polish Occupation4-131920 (23 Nov) Lithuanian set with Arms of Poland & Lithuania overprint. 2m on 15s to 10m on 5a, all very fine mint, some hinge remains. Three values signed Richter & all signed Stolow. A very rare set. Further certification available if required(10) Cat 5585 US
13632Luxembourg6/18751859-2010 A valuable mint & used collection in a 4-ring album, from a very nice range of imperf, rouletted & coloured roulettes(mixed condition), including 1959 4c yellow mint, 37c vfu, etc. 1882-84 various perfs with vals to 1fr(2 - mint) & 5fr mint & fine used, US2 1551
14767Mexico533-5601934 National University Fund Airmail Set of 8 values (Scott C54-61) 20c-20P very fine mint original gum - the rare 20P very light hinge, signed (light pencil manuscript) and exceptional centring to 10P and 20P. Scott cat US$2,685 (GBP2,100), A RARE SET Cat 1500 US
15089Nepal1881-1930 a valuable and original old time collection of first types displayed in a small book, mainly in very nice used condition (largely usual telegraph cancels), highlights incl. 1881 imperf 2a and 4a with four margins unused, 1886-89 clear impression 2a with f US3 1362
15725Newfoundland1857-1938 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION on leaves (in Hawid mounts), with considerable duplication throughout, often showing shades/printings. Starts 1857-64 Imperf.1d x5, 3d Triangular x2,4d,5d.1862-4 New colours 1d, 6d x 3,6d,1/-.1865-71 Perf.types 2c Cod-fi Cat 21697 1750
15732Newfoundland16a1862-4 QV Hand-made thin semi-transparent paper, without mesh.1d Red-Brown. 4 neat even margins.Fresh mint with full original gum, very lightly hinged.Attractive and RARE. Cat 8500 US3
16344Norway1855-1920s COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION on large-format stockcards. All used unless stated, with duplication throughout showing many shades/printings. Starts with 1855 Lion types 4sk x 6 inc.2 on pieces, inc. Some nice 4-margined examples.1856-60 King Oscar Heads 2sk x 2 US 1558
16522Palestine1922 Specialized collection of Palestine overprints on E.E.F. issue(approx 2,600 stamps, 15 covers or cards). The collection commences with three trial overprints on white paper, faults including finger-prints, top left corner Plate blocks of 1m,3m,5m,6m,8m, b 2520
16721Portugal - Colonies - Azores1868-2000 EXTENSIVE ORIGINAL COLLECTION on leaves. Starts with 1868 Imperf.10r Yellow f.u.barred circular pmk.with 3 neat margins, touching frame at lower-right.100r Unused, 4-marg.signed Alberto Diena on back.1871-3 Overprinted types to 300r with both types prese US2 1371
16728Portugal - Colonies - Guinea1881-1990s EXTENSIVE ORIGINAL COLLECTION on leaves,starts 1881-4 Perf.12 100r inc.50r Green m.m.Perf.13 to 100r m.m.or Blue (thin spots), 1885 Colour changes Perf.12 to 50r, Perf.13 to 50r inc.40r ovptd. on Mozambique m.m.1886 Carlos Perf.1 US2 1175
16780Portugal - Colonies - Nyassa Company1898-1925 Mint and used collection on leaves(approx 515, including some duplicates) including 1898 overprints on Mozambique sets mint, 1901 Pictorial set mint and used, ditto 10 values to 300R with inverted centres mint(cat 95 each), 1903 local surcharges used(cat US 1121
16785Portugal - Colonies - St. Thomas and Prince1870-1980s ATTRACTIVE ORIGINAL COLLECTION, starts 1870 Perf.12 vals.& 1875-7 300r m.m.or c.d.s.Perf.13 most to 300r most m.m.1881-5 Colour changes to 50r most m.m.1887 Carlos types to 300r m.m.or c.d.s.1889-91 5r on 10r m.m. & 5r on 20c c.d.s.1892 Newspape US2 1058
18032South AfricaSB81931 3s booklet black/pink, complete but 'exploded' and mounted on an album leaf, fine and rare Cat 3750 US3 1312
18998Switzerland1850-1990 an extensive and solid mint or used collection displayed in a DAVO hingeless printed album with slipcase, much of note with classic imperf issues incl. 1850 Rayon II 10r without frame to cross (2, one with red manuscript cross signed Kimmel, one on thick US2 1566
19001Switzerland1854-1980s ATTRACTIVE COLLECTION in printed DAVO printed album.Starts 1854-62 Imperf Helvetia's 1 Fr.c.d.s.(fault), 1862 smaller Perf.types to 3c Black,30c Rose, 40c Green,1 Fr.Gold all c.d.s., 1867-78 similar inc.30c blue c.d.s.50c mauve m.m. Granite paper US2 1077
19713United States of America1851-1953 Mainly used collection in loose leaf album(few 100s) including 1851-57 imperf 12c black, 1857 perf 12c black, 1861 set to 90c with some grills inc 12c(2), 1869 Pictorial set to 24c, 1870-71 set to 90c with some grills inc 6c and 7c, 1873 values to 90c, 18 US4 1231
19857United States of America - Guam141899 Commodore Perry $1 black Type II fresh mint, heavily mounted otherwise fine and rare Cat 5500 US
20214Germany1872 Eagle issues, a valuable collection on stock pages, with many attractive cds examples, some are in poor condition though generally good to fine. Note Small Shield g (3), ?g (3, one unused), g (18), 2g (12), 5g (10); 1k (5, one unused), 2k both shades un 1250
20216Great Britain1840-41 Collection of 8 lettersheets each bearing 1d blacks, all addressed to Alfred Taylor, mainly at 3 Cambridge Place, Regents Park, London. An auction lot originally emanating from the sale (by Lacy Scott & Knight 5th October 2018) of The Alfred Swaine Taylor 1000
20217Great Britain1902-84 (and a few QV spotted), a messy but useful collection in seven albums or stockbooks, highlights incl. 1902-11 to 10s. (2, sound), 1 (2, one with some shorter perfs, other is quite nice), KGV unsorted Seahorses with 2s.6d (28), 5s. (13), 10s. (3), 1 (cds 1350
20219Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 2, KK, 4 margins (very close at bottom left), neat crisp BLUE MALTESE CROSS cancel, light toning on reverse, still fine used. RARE. Cat 15000
20222Great Britain - QV (line engraved)6h1840 2d pale blue, plate 2, LJ, 4 margins except just shaves at upper right, with neat partial TOWN cds's. fine used. RARE. Cat 10000
20223Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51841 2d blue, plate 1, block of 4, CD-DE, small margins all around except just shaves at right on DE, heavy black MC cancels, very good sound used. RARE. Cat 28000
20226Great Britain - QV (surface printed)66ab1855-57 large Garter 4d rose on THICK GLAZED PAPER, centred to top, vertical gum bend at left, fresh l.m.m. SCARCE. Cat 6500
20249Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 wmk Cross 5s rose, plate 1, FF, centred to SW, slight yellowing, l.m.m. Cat 11000
20256Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, HB, a few blunted perfs, neat STOCK EXCHANGE/GLASGOW cds, excellent colour, f.u. Cat 3200
20258Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, BG, centred to right, GLASGOW cds, good colour, v.g.u. Cat 3200
20259Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, ED, centred to NW, neat HOPE ST. GLASGOW thimble cds, excellent colour, very fine used indeed. Cat 3200
20260Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, FI, centred to SE, crisp GLASGOW cds, slight rub at lower left, o/wise fine used. Scarce. Cat 4500
20261Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, CE, centred to left, small CHARING CROSS cds, faint ink line across top on reverse, f.u. Cat 4500
20263Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross 1 brown-lilac, DB, centred to SW, very light parcel cancel and neat NOTTING HILL W./HIGH ST cds on top, fresh, nibbled perfs at top, fine used. Cat 4500
20266Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, BF, London hooded cds, very fine used. Cat. 9100 incl. premium.
20267Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, AB, good colour, very good to fine used. Scarce. Cat 5200
20268Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, GF, smudged oval Registered pmk, good colour, v.g.u. Cat 5200
20269Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper 5 orange, wmk Anchor, P14, neat HOPE ST. GLASGOW cds (early usage on Aug 31 1882), predded crease, very fresh, v.f.u. Brandon Cert 43280 (Mar 2016) Cat 15000
20270Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s pale rose, GC, well centred, neat GLASGOW cds, fresh, v.f.u. Cat. 7350 incl. premium.
20272Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, FE, small orange crayon line across corner, small light cds cancels, light toning, g.u. Scarce. Cat 4500
20273Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor 1 brown-lilac, EB, light creases, smudged boxed cancel and cds, good used. Very scarce. Cat 9000
20274Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 5 orange, CL, well centred, GLASGOW cds, small blemish, o/wise very fine used. Cat 4750
20311Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, NA, centred to right, a few tone spots at top, o/wise fine m.m. Cat 6750
20312Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, NG, centred to SW, fine m.m. Cat 6750
20314Great Britain - QV (surface printed)177as1883-84 blued paper 10s cobalt, AG, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, s 'short' stamp from the top row, h/r, fresh m.m. Scarce. Cat 5500
20322Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 10s cobalt, white paper, wmk Anchor, Perf 14, EF, faint trace of pressed out light horizontal crease, slightly smudged '(?) TOWN/TEL. OFFICE' cds, v.g.u. Brandon Cert 44928 (May 2019). Rare. Cat 8250
20325Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1831883-84 10s ultramarine, CH, well centred, light corner gum crease, very fresh, marginal, stamp is never hinged. Cat 2250
20328Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns 1 brown-lilac, ED, well centred, crisp central DUBLIN/SORTING OFFICE cds, excellent colour, v.f.u. Cat 3000
20387Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 Somerset House 1 deep green, centred to bottom, a few light gum wrinkles, fresh, fine mint. Cat 2000
20400Great Britain - QEII (decimal)2327ab2003 Birds of Prey NVI 1st Class se-tenant NW corner block of 10, with BROWNISH GREY omitted, fine and fresh, u.m. Spectacular error. Cat 2250
20402Great Britain - Covers - QV31840 1d grey-black, plate 11, PJ, 3 (possibly just 4?) margins, tied to 1841 part EL to Sheffield by neat light black MC, with basal shift and fine lines in bottom margin, a nice item. Very scarce. Cat 16000
20445Great Britain - Officials5h1840 2d blue, plate 2, FL, 4 tiny to huge margins, light town CDS, slight yellowing on reverse, v.g.u. RARE. Cat 10000
20446Great Britain - OfficialsV11840 Official VR 1d black, lettered PE, 4 good margins, with faint black Maltese Cross cancel experimentally used and then officially cleaned by Rowland Hill. Trace of faint pressed out corner crease. RARE. RPSL Cert 94940 (Feb 1976). Cat 35000
20448Great Britain - OfficialsO62s1883-86 GOVT. PARCELS 6d dull green, block of 4, CM-DM, each ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to SW, extremely fresh, lightly hinged on one only, three stamps are u.m. Exceptional and very scarce.
20454Great Britain - OfficialsO631883-86 GOVT. PARCELS 9d dull green, DF, centred to SE, excellent colour, gum yellowing, small patch of gum on front below Queen's head, fine m.m. Wenvoe/Roberts Cert (May 2019). Cat 2750
20455Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, DF, neat EDINBURGH cds, fine used. Expertised on reverse. Cat 3750
20456Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, NA, centred to right, light oval ACCOUNT BRANCH/P.O. GLASGOW cancel, slight soiling, v.g.u. Cat 3750
20457Great Britain - OfficialsO10s1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, CF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 10, faint horizontal and corner bends, o/wise fine m.m. Cat 2750
20463Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, NF, very fine used. Cat 2500
20464Great Britain - OfficialsO9a1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, whitepaper, wmk Anchor, perf 14, AE, with RAISED STOP variety, centred to left, hooded Registered cds, small light diagonal crease at right, o/wise fine used. Brandon Cert 44476 (Aug 2018) Cat 3200
20471Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE 1 green, AB, well centred, crisp ABERDEEN cds cancels, slight yellowing on reverse, o/wise very fine used. Cat 2500
20472Great Britain - OfficialsO16s1887-92 INLAND REVENUE 1 green, OA, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 10, centred to top, two small thins at top, excellent colour, gum yellowing, m.m. Cat 2250
20476Great Britain - OfficialsO351896-02 OFFICE OF WORKS 10d, dull purple and carmine, wmk Imp Crown, P14, used on close-cut piece, light oval Registered pmks, fine used. Expertised on reverse. Brandon Cert 44480 (Aug 2018). Cat 2250
20478Great Britain - OfficialsO821902 BOARD OF EDUCATION 1s green and carmine, wmk Imp Crown, P14, light vertical surface scratches at top, o/wise fine u.m. RARE. BPA Cert 22668 (Apr 1982). Cat 12000
20666Pitcairn Islands59a1967 c on d an unmounted mint corner single with deep brown omitted (line around the hull & some passengers etc). A super example of this Tristan rarity Cat 1500
20782Switzerland1843-99 CLASSIC ISSUES, an intriguing and potentially valuable collection displayed in a small stockbook, a minefield for us to judge if the early Cantonal and Federal issues are originals or not, but guessing some, or more could well be !; briefly comprising Zur 8000