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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
7General - British Commonwealth BRITISH EUROPE a valuable mint and used collection in an album, with CYPRUS (660) incl. 1880 on GB ½d plate 15 with nice '942' cancel, 1d plates 215 & 216 mint, 4d sage green mint, 6d grey used (straight edge at right), 1881 'CC' set nicely used, 1882 both 1886 ½p and 30pa surcharges used, 1886 (April) ½ on ½pi used, 1894-96 set fine used (12pi mint), 1902-04 to 6pi and 12pi fine used, 1904-10 to 12pi and 18pi used, 45pi mint, 1912-15 set fine used (12pi mint), 1922-24 to 45pi fine used, 1928 Anniversary to £1 fine mint, 1938-51 set fine used, 1955 set used; GIBRALTAR (550) incl. GB used in to 1s, 1886-87 to 6d mint and 1s used, 1889 surcharges set mint (75c short '5'), 1889-96 to 5p mint, 1898 set used, 1904-08 and 1907-12 to 2s used, 1912 4s mint, 1925-32 to 10s mint, 1938 to £1 with perf changes to 10s used, 1953 to £1 fine used, and MALTA (875) incl. 1860-63 ½d blued paper unused, white paper nicely used, 1885-86 to 5s used, 1899-1901 to 10s (2) fine used, 1904-14 to 5s used, 1921-22 2s mint, 1922 5s mint, 1922-26 £1 mint, 1926-27 10s mint, 1928 and 1930 to 10s fine used, 1938 and 1951 sets, various later to about 2001, a very good lot. (Approx 2085 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £4000
8General - British Commonwealth ISLAND COLONIES a splendid mint and used collection in an album, incl. Ascension (90) incl. 1938-53 to 10s mint, 1956 set fine used, 1963 set fine used, Falklands (220) incl. QV and KE7 to 1s, 1929 to 2s.6d fine used, 1938-50 to £1 fine used, 1952 set fine used, 1960 set fine used, Dependencies 1944 overprinted sets mint, 1954 set fine used, Fiji (165) with useful 19th century types, 1938 to £1 fine used, 1954 set fine used, Gilbert & Ellice (125) incl. 1912 5s fine used, Mauritius (230) incl. high value definitives, New Hebrides (150) incl. 1911 set fine used, 1938 5f and 10f fine used, Pitcairn (60) incl. 1940-51 set mint, , St Helena (145) from SG 1 (2, each four margins) used, 1861 intermediate perf. 6d nicely used, 1922 to 2s used, 1938 to 10s mint, 1953 set fine used, Seychelles (185) with attractive QV to KGV issues incl. higher values, 1938 incl. 1r hreen fine used, , Solomon Is (115) incl. 1938 set, 1956 set fine used, Tonga, , Tristan Da Cunha (100) incl. 1952 2s.6d to 10s fine used1954 to 10s and 1960 to 10s fine used, 1961 set mint etc. (approx 1750 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £2000
11General - British Commonwealth BRITISH ASIA incl. Bangkok 1883 2c pale rose fine used, Bushire 1915 (Aug) six values to 24ch used (not guaranteed), Brunei (50) incl. 1895 25c mint, Hong Kong (289) incl. 1862 18c nicely used, 1863-71 to 96c, 1877 16c, 1880 5c on 18c and 10c on 24c, 1880 48c all used, 1891 20c on 30c grey-green mint, 1903 and 1904 to $1 used, 1912 $10 fine used, 1921 to $3 and $5 used, 1938-52 to both $10 used, good range of QE2 definitives to top values used, Malayas (780) incl. FMS 1900 20c mint, B.M.A. to both $5 fine used, Straits good ranges incl. 1888 96c fine cds, States with many useful high values, some Japanese Occupation issues, North Borneo and Labuan (270) incl. 1883 8c green with nice red barred cancel, 1950 set used, 1954 and 1961 sets used, Sarawak (145) incl. 1888-97 6c fine used, 1950 set fine used, , Singapore (55) incl. both KGVI sets used etc. (approx 1670 stamps) £1250
12General - British Commonwealth BRITISH WEST INDIES 1860's-1970's, a valuable mint or used collection in an album, with Antigua (118) incl. 1913 5s mint, 1938-51 set fine used, 1953 set fine used, , Bahamas (152) from Chalon types, 1884-90 5s fine used, 1901-03 2s fine used, 1902-07 5s fine used, 1911-19 3s fine used, 1912-19 5s fine used, 1938-52 to £1 fine used, Barbados (140) from a good range of Britannia issues, Bermuda (215) incl. KGVI to £1 fine used, British Guiana (120) incl. 1934 to $1 fine used, British Honduras (100) incl. 1888 'TWO' on 50c on 1s used, 1888-91 50c on 1s fine used,1938-47 set fine used, British Virgin Is (140) incl. 1867-70 to 1s used, 1899 to 5s fine used. 1904 to 2s.6d and 5s fine used, later Definitive sets, Cayman Is (185) incl. 1905 to 1s and 1907-09 to 5s fine used1921-26 to 5s fine used, 1935 Pictorial to 5s fine used, 1938-48 set fine used, 1950 and 1962-64 sets fine used, Dominica (115) incl. 1879 2½d fine used, 1882-83 surcharges on bisect piece, Grenada (145) from Chalon types, 1895-99 1d to 8d fine used, 1921-31 to 5s fine used, 1934 to 5s mint, Jamaica (100) incl. 1921-29 to 10s used, 1938-52 to £1 fine used, Leeward Is (78) incl. 1890 to 1s used, 5s mint, 1938-51 to 10s and £1 used, Montserrat (175) incl. 1876-83 6d fine used, 1884 2½d red-brown fine used, St Kitts (110) incl. St Christopher 1882-90 to 1s used, Nevis 1st types to 1s used, 1882-90 incl. 1d lilac, 2½d red-brown, 4d blue used, 1883 surcharge bisect on piece, St Lucia (105) from 1st types, St Vincent (140) incl. 1869 1s indigo used, 1938 to £1 mint, , Trinidad and Tobago (130) incl. Tobago 1882-84 4d used, Turks and Caicos (120) incl. 1909 to 3s fine used, 1950 set fine used, 1957-60 set fine used, a good lot. (approx 2390 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £3000
14General - British Commonwealth BRITISH AFRICA 1850's-1960's a valuable mint or used collection displayed in two albums, arranged by area, with Southern incl. Cape of Good Hope triangular issues (7) to 1s in mixed condition, 1876 1d on 1s mint, 1902-04 set fine used, Mafeking Siege SG 1 & 13 used, few Griqualand, Natal from Chalon issues, 1902 £1 and £1.10 cds used, Officials to 6d used, Orange Free State incl. good range of surcharges and Occupation issues, 1903 set fine used, Transvaal with few early types, 1878 Queen 2s fine cds, KE7 to £1 fine used, Zululand 1888-93 to 5d and 9d fine used, 1894-96 to 1s fine used, a range of South Africa definitive issues, Basutoland 1938 to 10s fine used, Bechuanaland 1888 Ptoectorate 6d on 6d fine used, 1889 4d on ½d mint, 1904 to 1s used, 1932 to 2s.6d mint, 1938 to 10s mint, 1955 to 10s mint, Swaziland 1933 to 5s fine used, 1928 to 10s fine used, South West Africa range, Rhodesia incl. 1892 Arms £2 and £10 fiscal cancels, 1895 perf. 12½ 2d and 4d fine used, 1905 Falls to 2s.6d cds used, 1909 £1used, range of Double Heads and Admirals, Southern Rhodesia1914 to 2s.6d and 1931 to 5s fine used, Northern Rhodesia 1925 to 5s fine used, 1938 to 20s used, 1963 set fine used, Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954 and 1959 sets fine used, Nyasaland incl. KGV 2s and 5s fine used, 2s.6d and 4s mint, 1938 incl. 2s to £1 mint, 1945 and 1953 to 20s mint; EAST AFRICA with B.E.A. 1890 ½a on 1d and 4a on 5d used, 1894-95 'Remington' surcharge on 3a used, 7½a on 1r fine used, overprints on B.E.A. to 8a and India range to 6a incl. two '2½a on 1a.6p fine used, 1896-1901 to 4r used, 1897 2½ on 1a (2 diff) and on 3a fine used, a good range of K.U.T., Uganda 1898 to 1r cds used, G.E.A. 3r fine used, Tanganyika 1927 to 10s fine used, Zanzibar 1895-96 5r cds used, later incl. better higher values; WEST AFRICA with Gambia incl. 1869 6d no watermark with four margins and red cds, CC 4d with three margins cds used, perf. to 1s green, CA to 1s fine used, 1898-1902 to 1s used, 1904-06 10d fine used, 1906 1d on 3s fine used, 1912 to 3s fine used, 1922-29 to 3s aniline and 4s fine used, 1938 to 10s mint, 1953 and 1963 sets to £1 fine used, Gold Coast 1889 1d on 6d fine used, 1898-1902 2d mint, and to 5s and 10s fine used, 1913 to 20s used, 1938, 1948 and 1952 to 10s mint, The Nigerias with gopod ranges of Lagos, Niger Coast to 1s (3) fine used, Northern 1902 10s fine used, 1905-06 to 2s.6d fine used, 1910-11 to 10s fine used, 1912 to £1 fine used, Southern 1907 to 10s fine used, Sierra Leone useful ranges, Somaliland 1904 5r fine used, 1938 1r and 2r fine used, 3r and 5r mint, Sudan incl. Postage and Official issues to high values, and much else. (approx 3380 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £4000
29General - British Empire1839-1960 BRITISH EUROPE collection in large Yvert album(100s) with Cyprus including a good range of QV issues, 1904-10 45pi mint, 1928 Jubilee values to 45pi mint, 1935 SJ set mint, 1938-51 18pi to £1 mint, 1955 high values mint, unused QV stationery cards and cut outs, Crete 1898-99 British Occupation issues duplicated, some forgeries, Gibraltar inc 1889-96 set mint, only one 20c, 1898 set mint, EVII values to 2s mint inc a few Specimens, 1894 Registered letter to Paris with 25c blue pair, GV values to 10s mint, 1938-51 set to £1 mint inc some perf vars, 1960 set to £1 mint, Malta inc 1863-84 ½d yellows(10 mint inc better shades, 3 used), 1886 5s rose mint and used, 1899 Shipwreck 10s used, 1904-14 most values to 5s mint, 1914-21 values to 2/6d mint, 1922-26 set to 10s mint, 1935 SJ set mint, 1948 RSW set mint, 1956-58 2/6d to £1 mint, 1925 Postage Due sets mint, 1916 three Prisoner of War three picture postcards to Egypt, Guernsey and Jersey 1839-1852 seven stampless letters, an interesting lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £1124
1156Australia - States - Tasmania181855 Large Star 4d blue fresh mint, large part original gum, cut close at sides, just touched at foot, part of adjoining stamp at top, rare stamp mint Cat £5500 US £
1193Austria1850-2007 a fairly extensive mainly used collection displayed in three albums, incl. 1850-54 imperf Arms (18) incl. 1k (2) and 2k (2), 1858-59 incl. 1k and 2k both types, 3k, 1863 perf. 14 set, 1867 to 50k, 1874-80 to 50k, 1883-90 issue sorted by perf types, 1890-99 issue sorted by perfs, 1908 Anniversary set, 1910 Birthday 1k to 10k mint, 1918 Air set, 1925-30 Air set mint, 1931 Rotary set mint, 1932 Painters set mint, 1933 WIPA 50g mint, 1933 Catholic Congress set, 1934-36 set, 1935 Air set, 1936 Ski set mint, 1936 Dollfus 10s. fine mint, various WW2 German stamps used in, 1945 Hitler overprinted set to 3m mint (2m and 3m signed), 1950-53 Air set, good range of later, plus Newspaper stamps, incl. 1853 2k, 1890 25k, Postage Due, Telegraph 1873 with various perfs to 2f mint, plus Specimen overprints; Military Post issues to 10k etc, a good lot in mainly good to fine condition. (approx 3300 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1500
1462Bahamas170a1942 Columbus 8d ultramarine and scarlet, left marginal horizontal pair, the second stamp (row 5/2) showing the very rare variety 'COIUMBUS', mint with toned gum. Cat £13000 US2 £
1464Bahamas1751942 Columbus £1 deep grey-green and black on thick paper, rare complete left pane of sixty, unmounted mint, some mild toning to reverse. Cat £4800 US2 £1370
1505Bahamas149eb1952 ½d brown purple, lower two rows of the sheet, one lower stamp showing error ST EDWARD'S CROWN, superb unmounted mint, a KGVI rarity ! Cat £4250 US2 £
2032Belgium1849-1941 ORIGINAL COLLECTION written-up on leaves. Starts 1849 Epaulette 10c, 1849-50 Medallons to 40c x2, Perf.types Unused, 1865-6 to 1F, 1866-7 5c 1869-70 Numerals to 1F, Solid later ranges through to 1941 inc. 1884-5 to 1F, 1893-1900 Sunday labels issue to both 2F x 2, 1905-7 similar labels issue to 2F x 2, 1915-20 Views to 10F m.m.1919 Tin Hat vals. to 5F m.m., 1922-7 and 1921-5 to 10F, 1929 to 50F, 1931-2 Albert to 10F, 1932 Balloon set, 1936-51 to 20F, many Pre-Cancels, 1910 Charity set, 1911 Chareroi set, 1914 Red Cross sets, Anti-Cancer sets 1928 to 1932 complete, 1936 Min.Sheets, then many other Charity and other sets for the period. Then Airmails, Special Dly, Postage Dues inc. 1870 pair, 1895-1909 to 1F, 1922-38 set, Newspaper Stamps inc. 1928 to 20F, 1929-31 to 20f, Officials, Parcel Posts inc. 1879-82 1F, 1882-94 vals. inc. 50c Rose m.m. 1895-7 vals., and many later sets.Then German Occupation inc. 1914-15 to 1F.25c on 1m, 1916-8 set, 1919-21 to 2F, Eupen & Malmedy issues, etc. Few with few faults but generally clean. Very high cat. value.m.m.or u.m.or f.u. (Many 100's) US £1202
3064Brunei - Japanese OccupationJ191942-44 $25 black/red with Japanese OVERPRINT INVERTED very fine used with full Japanese c.d.s., pencil signature on reverse, please request an extension for certification if required Cat £3500 US4 £
3183Canada1859-1935 Mint and used collection on Imperial leaves(401) including 1859 values to 17c used, good range of Large and Small Queens inc some better mint items, 1897 Jubilee 1c to 50c mint, 1897-98 Maple leaves set mint, 1898-1902 set to 20c mint, 1903-12 set to 20c mint, 1908 Quebec set mint, GV defins to $1 mint inc coils, 1928-29 set to $1 mint, 1930-31 set to $1 mint, 1935 set to $1 inc coils mint, Postage Dues mint, condition a little mixed on early issues, later mainly fine US £1132
4312Cook Islands1892-1978 a collectors accumulation of mint (much unmounted in later-issues) and fine used issues, displayed in two stockbooks, with light to moderate duplication, note 1892 1d (5), 1½d (3, one used) and 2½d (3) mint, good range of Queen and Tern issues incl. 1893-1900 to 10d (3, one used) and 1s mint, 1913-19 10d and 1s mint, 1920 Pictorial set mint, 1921-23 2s.6d mint, 1924-27 set mint, 1926-28 2s and 3s mint, 1933-36 set mint (3), 4d vignette proof imperf block of six, 1935 Jubilee (4 sets), 1936 2s and 3s mint, 10s SG 123a mint (small tone mark), 1944-46 set mint, 1949-61 incl. four mint sets, a good range of later with sets and miniaure sheets etc, PLUS Aitutaki incl. 1903 perf. 11 set mint, 1911-16 1s mint, Penrhyn 1914-15 6d and 1s mint, later incl. surcharges, Niue 1903 6d and 1s (2) mint, 1s used etc, generally good. (approx 2100 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1112
4643Cyprus84a1912-15 KGV MCA wmk 45pi with 'broken bottom left triangle', superb original gum, appears unmounted though probably is a lightest hinge example. Very rare variety in this condition, delightful. Cat £1800 £
4880Denmark1852-1980 a collectors accumulation of mint and largely used issues, displayed in a stockbook, with light to moderate duplication, note a good range of classic imperfs incl. 1854-59 2sk with four margins on piece, 8sk (6), and 16sk (5, one mint with four margins, small thin), 1858 to 8sk (4, three with four margins) used, 1863 rouletted 16sk, 1864-70 to 16sk (3) used with faults, 1870-74 incl. 2sk (3, incl. a pair), 3sk (2), 4sk (3, incl. a pair) mint, used to 16sk (3, poor), 1875-1903 good range of Ore values incl. some mint, used to 100o (6), perf 12½ to 100o (3), 1904-05 to 100o (4), 1907 Newspaper to 10k used, 1912 35o on 16o (7, incl. block of four) 35o on 20o (3) and 35o on 32o mint, 1912 Post Office 5k used, 1913-28 incl. 27o (5, two mint), 60o blue and brown (2) mint, 1918 Newspaper Crown watermark 27o on 10o used, wavy line watermark various mint blocks incl. 27o on 1k lower part sheet of fifty, some used valused, 1920 Recovery set mint, 1924 Post set in setenant pairs and blocks of four mint, 1925-29 Air to 1k mint, 1926 7o on 5o mint, 1929 Cancer to 25o mint and used (2), 1930 Birthday set mint, a good range of later to about 1980, plus some Officials, Parcel Post, D.W.I. etc, generally good. (approx 2200 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1335
5084Dubai240a1966 60d on 60np olive green & orange red 'New Currency' surcharge issue with variety 'DIRHRMS' FOR 'DIRHAMS', fine used with part roller cancel. A major rarity of Dubai. (SG 240a) US £
5356Falkland IslandsZ641933 Centenary 10s, with partial SOUTH GEORGIA cds AP 24 (?), very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £2250 £
5359Falkland Islands1381933 Centenary £1, gum bend at bottom, very fresh, fine mint. Cat £2500 £
5576Fiji1874-1916 A remarkable collection of the postmarks of Fiji in a Senator loose-leaf album. Starting with Levuka, the old capital, with cds cancels on 12 stamps, a page of 'Sunburst' killer cancels showing the Levuka oval type on 2 single KEVII adhesives & a strip of 4 of the 2d dull green on piece; the Suva killer on 8 values, two in bright red; Smaller post offices are represented by BUA, with three values with manuscript name cancel & date(1900-02); UDU KACU manuscript cancel across a pair of 1d mauve(1899); TAVIUNI on Edward 1d(1905); NANUKULOA RA on 1d mauve(1902); scarce cds cancels of P.O.BA (3), P.O.NADI (2), P.O.NAVUA(3) & undated violet double ring SAVU SAVU/POST OFFICE on Edward ½d pair. The a 'locally made' cancel of P.O.NAMOLI in violet (c1900-01) on 2 x ½d green. Violet LAUTOKA, part cancels in violet on 1d & 2d(c 1900-07) & 4 examples of the 23mm cds on 4 adhesives (1905-10). A manuscript cancellation by the postal agent at NAUSORI (1897) plus 3 values with the cancel of 'A.M.Brodziak & Co Nausori' (1898) & 1899,1900 & 1903 examples of the Nausori P.O.cds on 1d or 2d adhesives; 2 pages of SUVA with various cds cancels from 1892 & examples of the duplex (1895). Three pages of cancels, not written-up, at the back of the album include more 'killer' cancels & part straight line cancels of SOMO SOMO, NADARIVATU, NADROGA, WAINIBOKASI etc. Plus some possibly fiscal manuscript cancels. A terrific lot for the specialist, many marks are rarely seen. All on stamp(s).(114 items - 135 stamps) Scans & photocopies are available - please contact the office. US5 £1096
5721France1849-1969 SUPERB (INTACT) COLLECTION housed in two 'hingeless' DAVO LUXURY ALBUMS (With slip cases). Very comprehensive, starts with 1849-50 to 1 Fr.,1852 10c, 25c. 1853-50 to 1 Fr, 1862 to 80c x 2, 1863-71 to 5 Fr, 1870 Ceres to 80c, 1871-5 issues complete. 1876-7 to 1 Fr both types. 1877-90 to 5 Fr, 1900-27 to 20 Fr, ranges of Sower types to top values, 1917-19 War Orphans most to 1 Fr + 1 Fr, 1918 Red Cross, 1922 War Orphans surcharges to 1 Fr + 25c, Mouchons to top vals. 1923 Bordeaux Congress 1 Fr, Then continues onwards to 1969 with high degree of completeness, inc. 1927 War Orphans set, 1928 & 1930 Sinking Funds, 1929 Philatelic Exhib 2 Fr, 1937 Museum pair on pieces, 1938 Ader 50 Fr, and hundreds of later sets and values for the period. Then AIRMAILS inc. 1927 Merson Aeroplane ovptd. Pair, 1936 50 Fr 'Banknote', 1947 500 Fr, 1949 to 500 Fr, etc POSTAGE DUES, MILITARY POST STAMPS, COUNCIL of EUROPE, UNESCO, etc. Condition is generally excellent throughout. The period before 1939 is mostly Fine Used, and after 1939 mostly Mint or Unmounted-Mint. Catalogue nearly £14,000 from 2011 'Stamps of the World', but a new France SG Sectional catalogue is recently published and total would doubtless exceed £15,000. Very nice lot, offered intact. (Many 100's) HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. Cat £14000 US14 £2468
5723France1849-2008 a substantial, mainly used and all different original intact collection displayed in two albums, incl. 1849-52 Ceres 1f carmine (3 large margins), 1853-61 to 80c, 1862 to 80c, 1869 5f , 1870-71 10c to 40c, 1870-71 Bordeaux incl. 4c, 10c and 80c with four margins, 1876-85 type I to 1f, 1877-90 to 5f (2), 1898-1900 to 2f, 1900-06 Merson incl. nice 2f, a wide range of Sower issues, 1917-18 Orphans 25c+15c, 1f+1f and 5f+5f (mint), 1918 Red Cross 15c+5c (mint), 1926-27 Orphans 5f+1f, 1928 Sinking Fund set (mint), 1929-33 to 20f (all three perfs), 1936 Air to 50f, 1936 50f banknote, extensive later issues incl. good Relief Fund sets, plus Postage Due incl. 1881-92 2f black, 1927-31 to both 2f etc, very high catralogue value. (approx 3800 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £2500
6125France - Colonies FRENCH COLONIES IN THE PACIFIC a lovely fine mint or some used collection displayed in an album, with Tahiti incl. 1882 25c on 35c unused, 1893 diagonal overprint range to 5c mint, 1f used, 1893 (Aug) 15c mint, 75c used, Postage Due 20c mint, 40c used (signed); Oceanic Settlements 1892 incl. 40c used, 1900-07 50c mint, 1921 surcharges set mint or used, 1929 Bay set mint, 1941 France Libre set mint, 1948-55 Air 13f to 200f fine used; Polynesia only to 1962 incl. 1958-60 Air set fine used; New Caledonia 1881-84 25c on 75c used, other surcharges incl. inverted, 1892 (June) imperf 35c and 1f used, incl. 20c and 35c mint, used to 30c, 1941 France Libre set mint, 1959-64 Air set fine used; Wallis and Futuna incl. 1930-40 set mint, 1941 France Libre set and Postage Due set mint; and New Hebrides incl. 1908 and 1910-11 to 1f fine used, 1938 Gold Currency set and Postage Due set mint, 1941 France Libre set and Postage Due set mint, 1963-72 set fine used; also a few T.A.A.F incl 1956-60 25f and 85f mint, Air set mint etc, a lovely lot. (approx 980 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1250
6127France - Colonies FRENCH COLONIES IN EQUATORIAL AFRICA a lovely mint and used collection displayed in an album, with Equatorial Africa 1937-40 to 20f mint, 1940 Libre in black to 5f (signed) and 10f mint to 20f used, red overprint to 10f mint, Air set (1f 50 and 3f 75 signed Brun), 1944 Resistance vertical set mint, French Congo 1891-92 surcharges range type 1 5c on 1c used, 5c on 15c used, 5c on 15c used, 5c on 25c used, type 2 5c on 25c used, vertical 10c and 15c on 25c used, on Postage Due set mint or unused, 1892-1900 to 1f used, 1900-04 to 5f mint, 1903 0.10 on 2f used, 1907-17 to 5f mint, Parcel Post 1891 10c used (signed), Middle Congo 1933 to 20f mint, Postage Due 1930 and 1933 sets mint, Oubangi-Chari 1915-18 to 5f mint, 1922 to 5f mint, Tchad 1922 to 5f mint, Gabon 1886 5 and 25 on 20c used, 1888 25 on 5c used, 1889 Postage Due 25 on 20c mint and used, 1889 type-set 15c and 25c used 1904-07 to 2f mint, 5f used, 1910 40c to 1f mint, 1932-33 to 20f mint, 1932 Postage Due set mint etc. (approx 850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1200
6128France - Colonies FRENCH COLONIES IN EAST AFRICA a lovely mint and used collection displayed in an album, with Obock 1892 Commerce curved overprint 10c and 35c mint, used to 75c, straight overprint 40c and 1f mint, on Postage Due curved 10c mint, straight to 40c mint, 1892 surcharges incl. 30c on 10c mint, 35 on 25c used, 1892 to 1f mint, 1893 triangular 2f and 5f mint, 1894-1903 to 1f mint, 25c bisects on pieces; Djibouti 1893 overprinted 5c used, 50 on 1c used, 1894-1902 to 2f used, 10c bisect on piece, 1902 0.10 on 1f used, 1902 5c on 25f mint and 10 on 50f used, 1902 (April-June) 10c on 2f and on 10f used; Somali Coast 1902-03 to 5f mint, 1903 to 5f mint, 1909 to 5f mint, 1923-27 to 20f on 5f used, 1942 France Libre set mint or used, 1956 500f used; Madagascar with 1889 25 on 40c on a piece used, 1891 5 on 10c and 5 on 25c mint, 15 on 25c used (signed), 1895 set to 5f used, Diego Suarez 189 surcharges set used, 1890 litho set used, 1891 Postage Due 5c and 50c used, 1891 surcharged pair used, 1892 to 75c and 1f used, 25c inverted overprint unused, Postage Due to 60c used (signed Diena), 1892 Tablet to 1f used, Nossi Be 1889 large figures 5c on 10c used (signed), 1890 25c on 75c on a piece used, 1891 Postage Due 0.20 on 1c used, 1893 to 1f on 5c mint, 1893 handstamped to 20c used, 1894 to 1f used, Ste. Marie De Madagascar 1894 to 75c mint, 1f used, British 1895 Runners set mint, Madagascar and Dependencies 1896-99 to 5f mint, 1896 Postage Due set mint, 1902 surcharges incl. 0.05 on 30c of Diego Suarez on combination piece, 1903 5f mint, 1943 France Libre opts to 20f on 5f; Anjouan 1892 to 1f mint, Grand Comoro 1897 to 1f mint, Mayotte 1892-99 to 5f mint, Moheli 1906-07 to 5f mint; Zanzibar 1894-95 to 10a on 1f mint, 1896-1900 to to 50a on 5f mint (signed Brun), 1902-03 to 10a on 1f and 20a on 2f used, Postage Due set used etc, a splendid lot ! (approx 1120 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1600
6129France - Colonies FRENCH COLONIES IN ASIA a valuable mainly fine mint and used collection displayed in an album, with French Indian Settlements (245) incl. 1892 30c and others to 1f mint, 1903 set of four surcharges mint (small faults), 1923-28 to 5r on 5f mint, 1941 France Libre 15ca on 20c, 1fa.3 on 35c mint, 18ca mint, 1942 (Dec) surcharges on 16ca set mint; Reunion (470, incl. CFA to 1974) incl. a good range of overprints on General Issues, 1892 Tablet 50c mint, 75c and 1f used, 1943 France Libre set mint, Postage Due incl. 1889 20c unused, Parcel Post 1890 10c black frame used, 1907-23 both 10c mint, CFA incl. 500f on 1000f Air used; French Indo China (575, incl. early issues of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) incl. Cochin China 1886-87 surcharges incl. unissued 15 on 30c, Annam and Tonking 1888 to 5 on 10c mint and used, then 1889 5 on 35c in red used, 1892-96 5f mint, 1904-06 set fine used, 1907 to 5f used, 10f mint, 1919 to 2p on 5f mint, 1927 to 1p used, 2p mint, Postage Due 1905 5 on 40c and 30 on 60c mint, 1908 to 5f used, 1919 to 2c on 5f used, 1927 to 1p mint, Official 1933 to 2p used; CHINA (630) incl. 1894-1903 to 5f used, 1900 25 on 1f on a piece used, 1901 Peking 16c on 25c mint, 1902-06 to 5f used, 1907 to 2pi on 5f mint, 1922 to 1pi on 5f mint, Postage Due 1903 overprints incl. 10c carmine signed Brun used, Indo Chinese issues 1902 to 5f mint, Canton 5f mint, 1906 to 5f and 10f mint, 1908 to 10f mint, 1919 to 4pi on 10f used, Chungking 1903-04 to 5f mint1906 to 10f mint, 1908 to 10f mint, 1919 to 4pi on 10f mint, Hoi Hao 1901 to 50c mint, 1903-04 to 50c brown and 1f mint, 1906 to 5f and 10f mint, 1908 to 5f mint, 1919 to 2pi on 5f mint , Kwang Chow 1906 35c and 75c inverted overprints mint, 1908 to 10f mint, Mengtze 1903-06 5f mint, 1906-08 set mint, plus 1f and 2f used, 1908 set mint, 1919 to 4pi on 10f mint, Packhoi 1903-04 to 1f and 5f mint, 1906 to 2f and 10f mint, 1908 to 10f mint, 1919 to 4pi on 10f mint, and Yunnan Fou 1903-04 50c brown and 1f mint, 5f used, 1908 to 10f mint, 1919 to 4pi on 10f mint, etc . A lovely lot. (approx 1920 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £4000
6132France - Colonies FRENCH COLONIES IN NORTHERN AFRICA a valuable and extensive mint or used collection displayed in an album, largely all different and incl. General Issues 1859-65 Eagle to 40c (2), 1871-72 5c apparently unused with four margins, Peace and Comerce to 1f, Postage Due to 5f;, Algeria from overprints, Airs, Postage Due, Morocco French P.O's 1891 to 2p on 2f mint, 1902 to 2p on 2f mint, Airs, Postage Due, British incl. on Gibraltar 1898 and 1905 2p mint1907 to 2s.6d mint, Spanish currency 1907 to 6p on 5s mint, German P.O's incl. good high values mint or used, Tangier, Morocco LOCAL issues good range, Tunisia incl. 1888 5f mint, Airs and Postage Due EGYPT P.O.'s in Alexandria with 1899 to 2f used, 5f mint and Port Said 1899 50c to 5f mint, surcharged 10c, 1902 to 5f mint, surcharges for each, Postage Due issues; Fezzan-Ghadames 1973 3f on 20c and Air 50c, 1951 Postage and Air set mint, and much else. (approx 1900 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1200
6307France - Colonies - Southern and Antarctic Territories KERGUELEN ISLAND early 1920's envelope to Le Havre, bearing 5c orange and 20c brpwn Sowers tied by 'republique francaise/RESIDENCE DE FRANCE/ILES KERGUELEN'circular cancels, very rare. US4 £
6385France - Colonies - Southern and Antarctic Territories1970-2016 a substantial collection of largely pristine illustrated and unaddressed FIRST DAY COVERS, with very good early 1970's sets and frankings incl. airs and miniature sheets; plus a further range of special cachets, ships, various Base postmarks etc, a super lot with much completeness. (approx 1050 covers). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £1362
6644German States a collectors accumulation of mint and largely used issues, displayed in a stockbook, with light to moderate duplication, the early issues rather mixed condition, later generally good to fine, note Baden 1851-52 1k on buff used (part margins), 9k on rose fine four margins, other imperfs, 1862 perf. 10 6k and 9k nicely used, 1862-65 9k shades used (6), 30k with questionable cancel, 1868 to 7k (3) used; Bavaria range of imperfs incl. 1862-63 12k and 18k four margins nicely used, 1911-13 5pf and 10pf tete-beche pairs mint, later issues; Brunswick, Hamburg, Hanover, Oldenburg, Prussia, Saxony incl. 1850-51 3pf with four margins used, Thurn & Taxis, Wurttemberg etc; Also COLONIES incl. China 1898 to 20pf and 50pf used, Morocco 1899 set mint, Turkish Empire 1889 20pa on 10pf andf 1pi on 20pf corner blocks of four unmounted mint, 1900 15pi on 3m mint, 1905-12 15pi on 3m, 25pi on 5m mint, Caroline Is 1899-1900 set of six mint, Mariana Is 1899-1900 set of six mint, 1901 5m no watermark mint; Also Danzig, Memel etc. (approx 980 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1335
6645German States a highly catalogued and useful mainly used collection displayed in an album, commencing with some early maps, stamps with good ranges for each from Baden incl. 1862-65 to 18k used, Bavaria incl. 1862-63 to 18k four margins used, Bergedorf, Bremen incl. 1855 3gr unused, 1866-67 5gr, 7gr and 10gr unused, Brunswick, Hamburg, Hannover incl. 1859-61 10gr used, Heligoland incl. 5m mint, Lubeck, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg 1852-59 1/30th, 1/15th and 1/10th each four margins nicely used, Prussia incl. 1866 10sgr and 30sgr used, Saxony incl. 1855-63 to 10ngr, Schleswig-Holstein, Thurn and Taxis both District ranges, Wurttemmburg and N. G. Confederation, very mixed condition though with many good to fine seen. (approx 940 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1000
6657Germany1872-2010 an extensive largely used original intact collection displayed in four albums, incl. Empire 1872 small shield both complete sets, Numerals 10g unused, 30g pen cancelled, large shield thaler set, gulden set (2k and 18k unused), 1875-79 with shades to 50pf, 1875-99 2m shades, 1899-1900 to 3m, 1902 to 3m (2), 5m, 1920-21 set, 1922-23 Air set, a good range of Inflation issues, 1924-27 1m (both) to 5m, 1924 Air set, 1926-31 Air set, 1928-31 Zeppelin set, 1932 Birthday set, 1934 Air set, 1939 overprints on Danzig mint set, Third Reich with many useful sets incl. Relief Funds; plus Officials, Allenstein, Marienwerder 1920 Commission set mint, Plebiscite set used, Germania 5pf, 20pf, 80pf, 1m on 2pf and 1½m on 2½pf, Schleswig, Saar 1st overprints set (1m signed), on Bavaria 10m mint (signed), 1921 Views set, 1921 surcharges set to 3f used, 5f mint, 1934 Plebiscite set mint, Officials; strong Allied Zones, West Germany incl. most 1949-53 commemoratives, Berlin 1948black and red overprints to 2m, 1951-53 Bell sets, East Germany from early issues etc. A very good basis to expand upon.(approx 6150 stamps) HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1500
6806Germany - Colonies an attractive and highly useful mint or fine used collection on pages, incl. Cameroun Germany 10pf and 20pf on a piece tied Kamerun cds's, 1897-98 set mint, 1900-11 1m mint, 3m used (signed Richter), Caroline Is 1899-1900 25pf mint, 50pf used, 1901-10 set mint, German New Guinea 1897-99 set mint (25pf used), 1901 2m used, 1914-19 5m upper corner unmounted mint example, GERMAN POST OFFICES IN CHINA 1898 to both 25pf and 50pf used, 1901-04 1m, 2m and 3m used, 1905 ½d, 1d and 1½d used, 1905-19 ½d used, German East Africa 1893 set (25p mint), 1901 1r used, 1905-20 3r mint, 1905 45h and 60h used, German South West Africa 1897-1900 with hyphen unissued 25pf mint, 1901 1m, 2m and 5m used, Kiaochow 1901 80pf to 5m mint, 1905 1d used, 1905-18 40c and 1d used, 1½d and 2½d mint, Mariana Is 1899-1900 to 25pf mint, Marshall Is 1897-99 10pf and 20pf mint, 1901 set and 1916-19 5m mint, Samoa 1900-01 1m used, 1915-19 5m mint, Togo 1897-98 25pf and 50pf mint, Empire mourning stamps range unused and used etc, a very good lot. (300+ stamps) £1750
7069Gibraltar1081925-32 KGV £5 violet & black, mint, lightest hinge trace, superb colour & very fine Cat £1600 £
7298Gold Coast1875-1982 an extensive collectors accumulation of mint (much of later is unmounted) and used issues incl. postmark interest, with light to moderate duplication, highlights incl. 1875-76 1d with nice upright '554' cancel, 1876-84 ½d (3, one used), 1d with rare INVERTED watermark unused without gum, others to 6d (3) used, 1883 CA ½d and 1d used, 1884-91 incl. 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d (2) and 1s mint, 1889-94 10s. (2) used, 1898-1902 to 1s (4) used, 2s mint and used, 5s and 10s used, 1902 to 2s used, 1904-06 incl. 2½d mint and used, 1907-13 to 2s mint and with Specimen opt, 1913-21 to 5s used, 1928 to 2s unmounted mint, 1935 Jubilee set used, extensive KGVI incl. 1938-43 to 10s (11) mint, 1948 to 10s (3) used, 1952-54 to 10s. (15) unmounted mint, Postage Due incl. 1951-52 3d used (10, incl. a block of four), then GHANA (approx 2600 stamps) incl. 1957-58 to 10s (26, five used), 1965 surcharges, Postage Due etc, generally good to fine. (Approx 4350 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1068
7467Great Britain1840-1970 Used collection housed in black SG 'Windsor' printed album(100s) including representative 1840 1d black, 2.5 margins but corner letters 'S-G', 1d reds inc partial reconstructions of Plates 85 and 129, good range of Surface Printed inc better / high catalogue stamps / plates / shades, 1883-4 2/6d and 5s, EVII 2/6d(5),5s(2), GV to 10s(2), GVI nearly complete, some Officials, also Postage Dues in a loose leaf binder, substantial catalogue but mixed condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £1057
7468Great Britain1840-1978 Mint and used collection in luxury 'Philatelic' album(100s) including 1840 1d black used, four margins but small faults, another fine used with four margins on a front, 1840 2d blue three margins fine used on piece, another used example with faults, extensive perf 1d reds and 2d blues, 1847 Embossed 1s green used, good margins, 1859 cover to Paris with 4d rose pair, very fine, 1862-64 issue including a very fine 9d bistre, 1876 8d orange fine c.d.s. used, 1883-84 2/6d(2),5s(3),10s used, 1883-84 'Lilac and Green' set used, 1887-92 Jubilee set to £1 used, also set to 10d and 1s green and red mint, 1902-10 set to £1 used, 1912-24 set to 1s mint, Seahorses 2/6d(8),5s(2),10s(5), 1948 RSW set mint and used, 1951 Festival high values mint and used, QEII commem sets mint, no phosphors, condition mixed but many fine stamps included. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £1370
7536Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, amazing vertical strip of 7, DA-JA, from left of sheet, folded between various stamps, one stamp (JA) with 4 margins, one with 3½ margins and two with 3+ margins, the others with 3 margins, indistinct red MC cancels, surprisingly fresh appearance, some toning on reverse, v.g.u. Cat. pro rata as 3 pairs with red cancels approx. £9600. US £
7550Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5e1840 2d blue, JC, 3 margins, with BLUE MALTESE CROSS, small thin at edge, fresh, fine used. RARE. RPS Cert. available if required. Cat £15000 US £
7552Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, LK, 3½ margins, tiny watermark thin, fresh, part o.g. RARE. Cat £38000 US £
7706Great Britain - QV (line engraved)(15aa)1841 2d violet-blue, TJ, 3 margins, marked Ivory Head with slight sign of lavender tint (early stage), fresh m.m. SG Spec. ES17. Very scarce. Cat £12000 US £
7840Great Britain - QV (line engraved)36a1856-58 perf 16 2d blue, CK, centred to SE, extremely fresh, fine mint. RARE. Cat £14500 US5 £
7875Great Britain - QV (line engraved)43/41858-79 1d red, the fine coll on leaves of plates 71 to 224 complete, not a partial reconstruction but up to approx. 30 examples from each plate (mostly up to about 10, but incl. 137 & pl. 172), just single examples of most of the later scarcer plates plus a few multiples incl. pl. 218 block of 6 with cds cancels, inverted wmks (4), examples on piece (17) and on cover, some perfins and some with unidentified plates (90), some toning but condition is above-average, generally good to fine used. Super lot. Cat. approx. £8000+. (1700) US £1028
8066Great Britain - QV (line engraved)431864-79 1d red plate numbers 71-225 (less 77) MINT, average to good, cat £15,000+. (151 stamps) US3 £1362
8070Great Britain - QV (line engraved)43/41864-79 1d red, plates 71 to 224 apparently complete, ex. pl. 115, five examples are used, the others mint/o.g., many are partly stuck down by hinge but will lift with a little care, most with some degree of gum toning, a few without gum, condition varies but mostly decent looking, o.g. (49) Cat £11300 US £2092
8082Great Britain - QV (line engraved)481870 ½d plate 9, GE, centred to top, a couple of faintly toned perfs, o/wise fine l.m.m. RPS Cert. (1987). Cat £6000 US £
8128Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51/21870 1½ d, an almost complete reconstruction of 226 stamps AA-TL, 12 are mint (incl. a very fine plate 1 pair) and 7 unused no gum, nine of these in total are the scarcer plate (1), some faults (straight edge, toned, perfin) are noted but generally good sound examples and with a goodly number of fine cds copies. Includes 3 extra copies, one with Copestake Moore underprint. A super lot for continuation. Cat. approx. £28,000. (226) US4 £
8138Great Britain - QV (line engraved)48/91870 ½ d rose, the remarkable complete sheet reconstruction (less one stamp FF, but with extra FE), AA-TX, 102 stamps are mint/o.g. (incl. pl. 8 x 6, pl. 20 x 3 etc.), 29 stamps are unused no gum (incl. plate 9 cut into at right) and the rest used (incl. pl. 9 and a good minority with cds cancels). The condition is mixed as to be expected, but many fine items are noted incl. mint pair and strip. The whole would benefit from remounting, and the replacement of a few poor stamps. Nevertheless, a fantastic achievement by one collector, which deserves to be taken forward. Total Minimum Cat. Value £38,500 (taken as cheapest where plate numbers are unclear). US4 £
8152Great Britain - QV (embossed)601847 6d purple, excellent fresh colour, fine m.m. RARE. Cat £19500 US £
8155Great Britain - QV (embossed)591847 6d dull lilac, diagonal crease at top left, m.m. Rare. Cat £19500 US £
8162Great Britain - QV (embossed)59wk1847 6d dull lilac, watermark inverted and reversed, just shades at left, fresh, very l.m.m. Cat £19500 US £
8164Great Britain - QV (embossed)551847 1s green, into at top and at left, light diagonal crease at bottom, m.m. Rare. Cat £24000 US £
8169Great Britain - QV (embossed)591847 6d dull lilac, just into at right, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat £19500 US5 £
8173Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847 10d deep brown, 3 margins, some old faded manuscript at top and bottom on reverse, very fresh m.m. SG Spec. H2(2). SCARCE. Cat £15000 US £
8179Great Britain - QV (embossed)551847 1s green, Die 2, just shaved at right, slight rubbing, m.m. RARE. Cat £26500 US £
8196Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847-54 10d brown, just into at bottom, fresh, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat £11500 US5 £
8202Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847-54 10d brown, very good margins, fine mint. SCARCE. Cat £11500 US5 £
8484Great Britain - QV (surface printed)121s1867-80 2s brown, TF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to NW, very fresh, very fine mint. Very scarce. Holcombe Cert. (1982). Cat £3800 US £
8551Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, CH, small shallow gum, part o.g. EXTREMELY RARE. Cat £42000 US £
8554Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BE, centred to NW, boxed postmark and BIRMINGHAM T.O. cds, sound, very good used. Cat £4750 US £
8555Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, DG, centred to top, partial DUNDEE cds, fresh, v.f.u. LOUIS Cert. (2016). Scarce in this condition. Cat £3200 US £
8556Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, FB, centred slightly to NW, MANCHESTER/YORK ST. cds, excellent fresh colour, v.f.u. Cat £4500 US £
8557Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, EC, neat LONDON/NORTHERN OFFICE cds, excellent colour, very fine used. Cat £3200 US £
8559Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, DJ, centred to right, crisp LEITH cds, excellent fresh colour, superb used. Brandon Cert. (2007) Cat £4500 US £
8561Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 5s rose, BH, well centred, GREENOCK cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £4800 US £
8562Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, EE, slightly smudged MANCHESTER/YORK ST. cds, very fresh, very fine used. RAYBANDI Cert. (1983). RARE. Cat £9000 US £
8569Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, HH, centred to right, lovely crisp GLASGOW cds, extremely fresh, v.f.u. Cat £4500 US £
8573Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, BC, full MARK LANE/B.O./E.C. cds, super colour, very fine used indeed. Cat. £9100 incl. premium. US £
8577Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s greenish grey, DF, full neat upright LOMBARD ST. B.O./E.C. squared circle, blunt SE corner perf, v.g.u. Cat £4500 US £
8578Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, CE, centred to SW, small stain at top right, ironed-out crease across top margin, neat CHARING CROSS cds, fine used. Cat £4500 US £
8580Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, DA, neat STRAND B.O./SOMERSET HOUSE W.C. cds, excellent colour, v.f.u. Signed Georg Buhler. Cat £5200 US £
8581Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, EH, centred slightly to left, oily suffused boxed postmark and CLEVEDON cds, v.g.u. RICHTER Cert. (1993) Cat £9000 US £
8583Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, DA, central cds cancel, ink very slightly suffused on GLASGOW, o/wise a lovely example, v.f.u. Cat £4750 US £
8585Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CD, centred to NE, faint gum tone patch in corner, light horizontal gum crease, signed, l.m.m. Lovely fresh appearance. Very scarce. Cat £14500 US £
8591Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, DM, centred slightly to top, very slightly suffused oval Registered postmark, fresh, fine used. Extremely nice example. Cat £4750 US £
8595Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper £5 orange, CG, poor perfs at top, corner crease at lower left ends in small closed tear, partially reperforated, regummed, good unused. EXTREMELY RARE. BPA Cert (2007). Cat £70000 US7 £
8598Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 5s rose, plate 2, horizontal pair AA-AB, off-centre to SW, extremely fresh, full light 161 SLOAN ST/S.W. cds cancels, v.f.u. Cat £3000 US £
8601Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 wmk Cross 5s pale rose, plate 2,FG, centred to bottom, short perf at bottom, fresh, part o.g. Rare. Cat £18000 US £
8603Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 wmk Cross 5s rose, plate 1, CE, centred slightly to NW, good colour, extremely fresh, fine mint. Cat £11000 US £
8614Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, CH, well centred, small closed tear at centre right, decent colour, v.g.u. Scarce. Cat £9000 £
8617Great Britain - QV (surface printed)133s1867-83 £5 orange, CM, on very slightly blued paper, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, very fresh, very fine l.m.m. Exceptional. Cat £3500 £
8678Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1531873-80 4d sage-green, IMPERF IMPPRIMATUR HORIZONTAL PAIR, EK-EL, sheet margin with imprint at right '…el, 2s per …', light gum wrinkles, small tone spot on one stamp and in margin, o/wise very fresh, fine l.m.m. RARE. Cat £6400 US £
8928Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, LC, slight moisture/grease mark in right margin, l.m.m. Cat £6750 US £
8935Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1761883-84 blued paper 5s rose, GF, slightly redistributed original gum, fine m.m. Brandon Cert. (1991). Rare. Cat £18000 US £
8936Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, LG, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, trivial speckly adherence in one corner, really lovely colour, fine m.m. Cat £3400 US £
8937Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, MH, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, centred slightly to NW, very fresh, fine mint. Cat £3400 US £
8951Great Britain - QV (surface printed)187/961883-84 'lilac and green' set complete to 1s (excellent colour), ex. 2½d, the 3d is slightly toed, the 4d to 9d are a trifle faded through age, o/wise very fine l.m.m. (9) Cat £5305 US £
9019Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1811883-84 5s crimson, block of 9, AE-CG, vertical gum creasing on most, very fresh, lightly hinged on two stamps only, the others are u.m. VERY SCARCE. Warwick & Warwick Cert. (1976). Cat £10375 US5 £
9034Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, EB, centred to right, light vertical gum crease at right, o/wise extremely fresh and crisp, fine m.m. Philatelic Expertising (GB) Ltd. Cert. (1995). SCARCE. Cat £6750 US £
9045Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 10s cobalt, GH, centred to NW, slightly washed, small blemishes, oval Registered pmk., v.g.u. Philatelic Expertising (GB) Ltd. Cert. (1996). RARE. Cat £8250 £
9050Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1771883-84 slightly blued paper 10s ultramarine, BC, very fresh, very good used. Philatelic Expertising (GB) Ltd Cert. (2000). RARE. Cat £8250 £
9060Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, ED, well centred, crisp central DUBLIN/SORTING OFFICE cds, very good colour, small crease/tiny crayon trace at bottom left, o/wise very fine used. Cat £3000 US £
9061Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185a1884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, TA, with frame break variety, centred to NE, a couple of faint tone spots mentioned for accuracy only, a few shortish perfs at bottom left, fine mint. EXTREMELY RARE. Cat £60000 US £
9063Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, PB, centred to left, INVERNESS cds, fine used. Cat £3000 US £
9071Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, NC, superb colour, light central oval Registered pmk, v.f.u. Signed Lieberwirth. Cat £2800 US £
9073Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, GD, well centred, single corner oval Registered pmk, very good used. Cat £3000 US £
9181Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1, FC, centred to SW, oval Registered pmks (smudged at left), trace of green crayon, v.g.u. Cat £4500 US £
9182Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, EA, very crisp original colour, LANGHAM PLACE HOTEL B.O. cds and light boxed pmk, fresh, fine used. Cat £4500 US £
9185Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, SC, well centred, oval Registered pmk., good colour, faint reduced crayon at top, o/wise fine used. Cat £4500 US £
9187Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, GD, cds boxed cancel, good colour,, v.g.u. Expertised Richter. Cat £4250 US £
9188Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, AB, central upright Registered pmk, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £4500 £
9198Great Britain - QV (surface printed)212a1891 £1 green, TA, with FRAME UNBROKEN, centred to SW, colour a little faded, l.m.m. SG Spec. K17aa. SCARCE. Cat £7500 US £
9201Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, FC, centred to NW, slight patchy gum yellowing, still fine, l.m.m. Cat £4000 US £
9205Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, RD, centred to SE, small patch of gum dis-coloured by hinge, small gum wrinkles, vertical gum crease at right, very fresh, m.m. Cat £7500 US £
9368Great Britain - KEVII1902-13 a highly catalogued duplicated used collection/accumulation displayed in two large stockbooks, arranged by printers and value (incl. misidentified), ranging from faded,average to some lovely very pretty cds examples for all values, some multiples incl. 1s blocks of four and six, unchecked for varieties etc, note DLR to 2s.6d (25), 5s (16) and 10s (7); Harrison incl. 15x14 issues; Somerset House to 2s.6d (6), 5s and 10s (2) etc. A very useful lot for the specialist to sort through. (approx 2900 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £1175
9452Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 £1 deep green, superb unmounted mint. US2 £
9894Great Britain - KGV373a1912-24 2½d dull Prussian blue, centred slightly to SW, u.m. Very scarce. Photocopy of RPS Cert. 1998 for block of 4, from which this stamp has been removed. Cat £1850 US £
10016Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow £1 green, centred slightly to NW, lightly toned perfs along top, u.m. Scarce thus. Cat £4800 £
10731Great Britain - QEII (decimal)1972 Polar Explorers 3p Ross, on UNCOATED PAPER, Pierron F461PFa, unmounted mint, with 2016 Brandon certificate, apprently two known. US4 £
10733Great Britain - QEII (decimal)923/924c1973 British Explorers 3p se-tenant pair with turquoise blue background and inscription omitted, unmounted mint, perfs partially split between, rare and stunning. Cat £5000 US4 £
10763Great Britain - Covers - QV1820s-1950s Just how often does an original archive turn up these days? Looking back, I remember being on the periphery of the discovery of the ‘Corsini’ correspondence – even today when such letters turn up they seem to be avidly snapped up. But, all those tales of Solicitor’s cellars and crate-fulls of penny blacks on cover seem to be flights of fancy don’t they. Well, not any longer; I’d say this is the first original archive we’ve seen in thirty years. That’s remarkable, utterly remarkable. Understandably the vendor wished to keep the entire archive intact, preserving it for posterity. Unfortunately (but fortunate for the owner) the discovery of a 4 margin 1d black rare Plate XI on cover within the archive significantly ‘skewed’ the value of the archive increasing the estimate value by 5 figures upward so that the archive ‘intact’ - valued at £20,000+ was sufficient to deter most buyers. The plate XI cover has now been sold - thereby presenting postal historians and historic wine researchers/ wine aficioandos an unique unparalled opportunity to acquire the entire archive (excluding one cover only for which a scan is available) at a much more affordable collector/researcher’s price. This being the archive of Pulling & Co., Wine merchants of Hereford. The archive includes price lists, advertising cards, invoices dating from the 1820s, many 100s – at first we thought probably high hundreds of items housed in three large tubs, but when the team actually waded through we counted an extraordinary approximately 3,400 items of which in the region of half appear to be philatelic with a substantial balance in documents, receipts, invoices, uncancelled letters, and including hundreds of ‘Pulling’s’ own brand bottle labels, cards/marketing material etc. Highlights include 1d black Plate 10 on entire letter (4 margin but aged) from Worcester MY 11 1841 tied black Maltese Cross, close at top right otherwise four margins. There are a few other 1d black covers and a three margin 1840 2d blue on 1843 cover from Dublin, very late usage. Noted are many imperf and perf 1d red covers including much postmark interest, Irish, Spoons, etc. Invoices to Pulling & Co. postmarked from Cognac, France include four 1851-52 covers bearing Ceres imperf 40c orange pairs and three with Ceres imperf 40c orange horiz strips of four, including one 4 margins and unfolded – SG catalogue £600 - £700 each stamp depending upon shade and excluding premium for strips. An original lot, offered completely intact as received and condition variable throughout, but obviously including ‘plum’ items, excellent lot for a wine enthusiast with huge scope for research. Although perhaps not of pecuniary value what I particularly like about this archive is the social history and the fabulous engraved ‘letterheads’ and designs of invoices and receipts redolent of the period. This archive is the only lot offered in this auction which may be personally viewed at our offices, strictly by appointment only. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £
10874Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, BE, tiny light abrasion at bottom of chignon, a few blunted perfs at left, slightly redistributed gum around hinge, fresh m.m. BPA Cert. (1977). Rare. Cat £12000 US £
10877Great Britain - OfficialsO10s1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, CF, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, faint horizontal crease and small corner crease, signed in pencil, very fresh, m.m. Cat £2750 US £
10879Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, NF, slightly oily oval ACCOUNT/BRANCH/P.O. GLASGOW cancel, small red ink mark below chignon, light toning on reverse, v.g.u. BPA Cert. (2017) Cat £3750 US £
10882Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, LH, centred to left, central upright ABERDEEN cds, fine used. Expertised on reverse. RARE. Cat £3750 US3 £
10909Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, AB, centred slightly to top, central ABERDEEN cds cancels, excellent colour, very fine used. Cat £2500 US £
10950Great Britain - OfficialsO521902-03 ARMY 6d, the scarce Type O6 ovpt., centred to left, fine l.m.m. RICHTER Cert. (1990) Cat £3000 US £
10966Great Britain - OfficialsO851902-04 BOARD OF EDUCATION 2½d, centred to SE, toned, handstamped F.S. TURPIN/LONDON, m.m. Scarce. Brandon Cert. (2014) Cat £4850 US £
11482Hong Kong371882-96 QV Definitive 10c Deep Blue Green Wmk Crown CA, mint med h/r. (o/c NE) Very fresh lovely bright colour. Rare. Cat £1800 £
11559Hong Kong54b1898 (1st April) 10c on 30c grey-green, SURCHARGE DOUBLE with equal intensity, from position 17 of the third printing showing broken 'EN', very fine mint, and with 2011 BPA photo certificate signed by Schneider, Granger and Taylor, probably the most knowledgeable experts in the field today. To put the rarity of this stamp into perspective, the 10c on 30c with Chinese characters similarly with double surcharge has been recorded incl. within a complete mint pane, and a handful of singles (currently priced at £12,000 by SG). ONLY one row in a single pane became doubly printed, and the row comprised a setting of six subjects (incl. the above variety showing 'EN' broken); Moving on to the same stamp issue without Chinese characters which this is, ONLY ONE OTHER EXAMPLE IS KNOWN and unpriced by SG, and to find one with this combination of broken letters is almost certainly unique. A Hong Kong and indeed Asian philately rarity of the highest calibre. US5 £
11773Hong Kong140-62b1938-52 Set with all shades and perfs except one $1 mint(42) includes SG 160a, many are unmounted including $10 green and violet(usual lightly browned gum), a scarce assembly Cat £2657 £1070
11869Hong Kong209d1973 Annigoni $10 on glazed paper, unmounted mint block of four, extremely rare. Cat £9000 US5 £
11995Iceland1873-1995 a substantial and valuable mint (much of later is unmounted) and used (often both and some light duplication) collection OFFERED INTACT and displayed in a handsome pair of Lighthouse albums with slipcases; highlights incl. 1873 4sk fine mint, 3sk unused, 8sk and 16sk used (these with faults), 1876-95 perf. 12½ 5a unused, perf. 14 incl. 16a brown mint and used, 40a mint, Official to 20a mint and used, 1882-95 to 50a and 100a used, 1896-1900 perf. 12½ 3a small figure mint, 16a mint and used, 25a (4) mint, Official 3a and 4a fine used, 10a mint, 1902-04 incl. 5a, 6a (4) mint, others to 1k mint and used, 20a strip of three one with error mint (toning), 1902-03 Gildi overprints perf. 14 x 13½ 100a mint (2), perf 12½ to 16a mint, 25a mint and used, 25a inverted overprint marginal example unmounted mint, 1902 (Nov) Official set mint and used, 1907-08 perf 12½ incl. 5a, 6a (2), 10a (3) mint, 1k and 2k mint and used, 5k mint, 1911 Sigurdsson set mint and used, 1912 set used, 1920 to 2k (3) and 5k (2) used, 1k mint with spur on '1', 1921-30 surcharges good range incl. 1k on 40a mint (2) and used (2), 10k on 2k mint and used, high values with Tollur cancels, 1925 Pictorial set mint, 1928-29 Air sets (2) mint, 1931-33 Pictorial set mint, 1930 Millenary set complete mint, 1931 Zeppelin set mint, further 1k with spur on '1' mint, 1931-37 incl. 40a mint (tone spot), 1k mint, 2k used, 1931-33 Falls set mint, 1934 Air set mint and used, 1935 Revenue 10 on 75a mint, 1936 Official set mint, 1937 Jubilee miniature sheet mint (2), 1939 Worlds Fair set mint sand used, 1939-47 Statue incl. 5k perf. 11½ (3, two unmounted), 1940 opts to 2k (2) mint, 1944 Proclamation set in imprint blocks of four unmounted mint, and most others for the period, mainly good to fine. (approx 2850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £2670
12102India1854-1935 Mint and used collection on Imperial leaves and loose in a packet(few 100s) including 1854 imperf ½a(8),1a(5),2a(5),4a cut to shape(7) all used, good range of later QV mint inc 1882-90 set to 1R(2), 1895 high values, 1902-11 set to 3R mint, 1911-22 set to 5R mint, 10R,15R,25R used, 1926-33 set to 2R,10R,15R mint, 1929 Air set mint, 1931 New Delhi set mint, 1932-4 defin set mint, 1935 Silver Jubilee set mint, good range of Officials inc some better mint items, C.E.F. inc 1900 set mint, 1921 1R brown and green mint(light crease), mixed condition still a valuable lot US £1415
12571Italy1850-1990's a largely used and all different original and intact collection displayed in two albums, incl. Lombary and Venetia 1850-57 5c (2) and 10c (2) with four margins, 1859-62 set, 1863 and 1864 Arms sets, other States with ranges of Modena, Naples 1858 1g pair, 5g (some doubling of the print), 10g (nice four margins) and 20g, Neopolitan Provinces nice 5g & 1g on a piece, Papal States to 50b (faults), Parma 1852 to 40c, Romagna, Sardinia incl. 1855-63 to 3l. (faults), Sicily 1859 to 20g unused, Tuscany range; then Kingdom from 1862 incl. 1863-65 to 2l. (2), 1878 Official set, 1879-82 set, 1889 5l. (2, cancels not guaranteed), 1890-91 surcharges set, 1891-97 to 5l., 1924 Trade Propaganda set (mint), 1926-28 Air set, plus Officials, Pneumatic, Postage Due, strong AMG, Fiume and Venezia Guilia ranges; COLONIES (generally very nice quality) incl. Levant 1874 to 2l., Libya Bengasi 1901 1pi on 25c, Tripoli 1909 5l. And both Express (mint), Eritrea 1903 to 5l., 1922 to 1l. On 10a, 1924 coloured overprints set, 1928-29 to 2l.50 used, 50c mauve and 1l.75 (mint), 1930 Pictorial to 5l. Used, 10l. Mint, 1933 Pictorial set, Express issues, Postage Due incl. 10l., Somalia 1906-16 to 1l. On 10a mint, 1922 (Feb) set mint, 1923 (July) set mint, 1926 bars set used, 1926-30 to 5l. And 10l. mint, 1932-38 to 10l. and 20l. mint, Postage Due 1909 overprint at top set mint, 1934 set to 2l. mint, Jubaland 1925 5l. 10l, 1925-26 2l.50 mint, Postage Due 1925 set, Express pair mint, Italian East Africa 1938 Pictorial set, Libia, 1912-22 5l. And 10l. Mint, 1921 Pictorial to 5l. used, 10l. mint, 1928 Air pair mint, 1928-30 1l.25 mint, Express issues, Tripolitania 1933 Zeppelin set mint, BRITISH OCCUPATION OF ITALIAN COLONIES with M.E.F. to 10s fine used, Eritrea B.M.A. 1o 10s, B.A. to 10s, both Postage Due sets fine used, Somalia, Tripolitania B.M.A. and B.A. sets mint etc. A very good lot. (approx 3500 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1800
13265Kuwait39-46 QTY1939 KGVI 1937-40 Pictorial types, overprinted 'KUWAIT' in following quantities. 2a x 47, 3a x 119, 4a x 120, 6a x 120, 8a x 94, 12a x 120. Mostly in large blocks and part sheets. All u.m. medium overall gum toning throughout. (620) Cat £15137 US7 £1042
13342Labuan68a1894-96 Canoe 8c rose red perf 13½-14 complete sheet of 100 fresh unmounted mint, light gum creasing affects about 10 stamps, two small tone spots on reverse, otherwise very fine Cat £4500 US £
13375Labuan96ab1897-1901 Pictorial Mount Kinabalu 18c black and olive bistre vertical pair with margin at foot imperf between stamps and between lower stamp and margin very fine cancelled to order Cat £3250 US3 £
13408Lebanon1924-69 A lovely and quite comprehensive mint (much of later is unmounted) collection in a hingeless album, highlights include 1924 Olympics set, 1924 (Jan) Air set, 1924-25 Olympics set, 1924 (July) Air set, 1926 (Sept-Dec) set, 1927 (July-Oct) incl. inverted overprints 0p.50 two pairs, 1p.50 block of four unmounted, 0p.10 two blocks of four with one in each missing Libanaise, 1928 (May-Dec) to 25p, 1p overprint double, 1928 (May) Air set, 1929-30 Air 25p, 1930 Silk set, 1930-36 Pictorial set, Air set, 1936 Air set, 1945 Views set, 1946 Victory miniature sheet on thick paper with blue inscriptions, 1946 Herons set, 1947 to 300p, 1947 Red Cross set, 1948 set to 50p unmounted, 1948 U.N. set, 1949 UPU m/s unmounted, 1949 Air to 50p, 1952 set, 1953 Air Douglas 100p imperf proof in purple, 1954 set, 1955 sets, 1957 Games m/s a strong range of later sets incl. 1960 Refugee Year m/s unmounted, 1961 Olympic m/s unmounted, sparse to 1964 then fairly solid again incl. 1965 Definitve set, 1965 Pope m/s unmounted, 1968 Antiquities m/s imperf; Postage Due incl. 1947 set, and much else. (Approx 730 stamps and 17 m/s's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £1192
13513Leeward Islands113ad1938-51 10s pale green and dull red/green with broken top right scroll very fine m.m. small h/r, lightly browned gum as usual, please note that this stamp may be submitted for a certificate if required and is offered on the basis of getting a 'clear' certificate. VERY RARE Cat £8000 US6 £
13556Liechtenstein1912-80'S a mint or fine used and all different collection displayed on pages, incl. 1912-16 to 25h used (2), 1920 issue incl. perf. errors, 1921 2r on 10h thick '2' double overprint mint, inverted used, thin overprint inverted and double one inverted mint, 1921 to 1f mint, 1924-27 to 1½f mint, 1930 Pictorial to 1f.50 used, 1930 Air 35r and 45r fine used, 1931 Zeppelin pair mint, 1933 25r and 90r fine used, 1934-36 Air set fine used, 1935 Air 60r on 1f on flight cover, 1936 Zeppelin pair mint, 1941 Madonna mint, 1950 Animals set fine used, 1951-52 2f, 3f and 5f fine used, 1955 2f and 3f fine used, Postage Due 1928 set fine used, Official 1932 to 1f.20 mint, 1933 15r and 1.20f mint etc, a good lot. (approx 590 stamps) £1250
13685Malaya - Federated Malay StatesSB161934 Booklet-$1 booklet 'exploded' with two panes of 5c brown, front and back covers, fine Cat £3250 US3 £
13861Malaya - Kelantan1933 Registered Air Mail ICI cover from KOTA BHARU to MANCHESTER, various stamps(20) on front and reverse, values to 50c, PENANG backstamp, red Department of Agriculture seal on reverse, cat £1,350+, attractive £
14079Malaya - PerakSB11935 Booklet-$1 book with block of ten 5c brown and three Air Mail labels, partially 'exploded' with the other pane of ten 5c brown and advert panes and pane of Air Mail labels alongside, rare! US3 £
14409Malaya - Straits Settlements - India - Used in SingaporeZ68a1859 a good sized piece bearing 4a black on blue glazed paper with attached bisect, tied B/172, with red 'Overland via Marseilles' cachet alongside, Belfast arrival cds on reverse, ex. Hausburg collection, extremely rare, a full cover catalogued at £21,000. US5 £
15454Netherlands1864-1988 COLONIES COLLECTION nicely written-up on leaves. Starts CURACAO 1873 William III types to 50c m.m. or f.u., 1889 Numerals, 1891 Surch.1892-3 to 30c,1895 surcharges, 1903-8 to 50cm.m.1915-33 Numerals & Queen types to 2½G m.m.or f.u.etc. ANTILLES 1950-79 Numeral & Queen types to 50c, 1958-9 to 5G u.m.Then virtually complete to 1988 all u.m.Postage Dues,Souvenir Sheets etc. NETHERLANDS INDIES inc.Imperf.1864 10c, 1868 Perf.10c both f.u.1870-88 to 2G.50v used or unused.with many perf. variants.1883-90 numerals, 1892-7 Queen types, 1900 Surcharges to 2½G, 1902 Surchs.1902-67 Queen ty[es, 1905-12 to 2½G on blued paper.1908 'JAVA' ovptd types to 1G, 1908 'BUITEN BEZIT' ovpted.set to 1G, 1912-40 Numerals & Queen & Views to 2½G x 2. Then continues onwards to 1970's with high degree of completeness, inc. 1933-7 to 2½G, 1941-2 to 2G, 1945 to 2½G, 1948 Queen types to 25G u.m., Charity sets, Airmails, Postage Dues.Officials, Japanese Occupations, etc.NEW GUINEA inc.1954-60 Birds & Queen set to 1F, onwards to 1960's. P/Dues,SURINAME 1873-8 King types to 50c, 1890 Numerals,1892 2½c on50c, 1892-3 Queens to 50c, 2½G, 1902-8 Numerals & Queens to 50c m.m.or f.u., then onwards to 1970 + Airmails, P/Dues, etc. Amazing lot packed with scarcer items. Few minor faults but generall very clean. m.m.or u.m.or f.u.High Cat. value and rarely offered.(Many 100's) US £1335
16292Nigeria1-121914-29 MCA set with many shades and Dies including 3d(6),4d(5),1s(7),5s(5),10s(4),£1(4), fresh m.m.(40), a remarkable assembly Cat £1852 £1070
16789North Borneo4441977-78 Harrison Butterfly Sabah 20c multicoured in a fresh unmounted lower right corner Plate block of six, easily identified by the photogravure screening dots, especially around '20c', exceptionally rare in mint condition as these were missed by collectors and dealers at the time, a Plate block may be unique! Cat £4500 US2 £
17362Portugal - Colonies and Overseas Territories A valuable mint and used largely all different collection displayed in two albums, well represented from classic Crown types, surcharges, pictorial issues, dues etc, with AFRICA with Angola strong 19th century issues to top values, surcharges, Ceres to 20E used ,1951 Birds set used, Portuguese Congo 1894 to 300r used, , similar ranges for Mozambique Company, Mozambique, Inhambane, Lourenco Marques, Nyassa, Quelimane, Tete, Zambezia, Portuguese Guinea; ATLANTIC ISLANDS with Azores, Angra, Horta, Ponte Delgado, Cape Verde, Madeira, St Thomas & Principe; ASIA with very good MACAU incl. surcharges, bisect pieces, Portuguese India from early types to 300r unused, and Timor. A lovely lot throughout. (Approx 3850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1650
18041Russia RUSSIAN AREAS COLLECTION a highly useful mint and used collection displayed in an album, with Estonia 1918 German Iccupation 20pf on 10k and 40pf on 20k used, 1923-24 300m fine used, 1923 Air 5m and 15m on 5m used, imperf pairs of 10m on 5m, 20m on 5m used, 45m on 5m mint, 1930 1k to 3k surcharges fine used; Latvia wih a good range of Arms issues, 1921 Air perf and imperf mint, German Occupation 1941 set mint, Courland 1945 6 on 5pf and 10pf mint; Lithuania incl. 1918 typeset ranges, 1919 10s rose perf. 10½ fine used, 1922 new currency surcharges incl. Air set mint or used, Central Lithuania, Memel good range of mainly sets to top values, Airs, Lithuanian Occupation issues with many surcharges, Tuva, Armenia from overprint types, Batum range of British Occupation issues, Georgia, Ukraine Trident types etc. (approx 1200 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1200
18158Samoa181w1935 1d black and carmine ‘Apia’ pictorial, after 84 years an amazing new find. Complete sheet of 80 (8 x 10) watermark INVERTED unmounted mint together with a normal sheet for comparison, folded at row 7, complete marginal selvedge. Incredibly fresh, no signs of toning to gum on the watermark variety sheet. Catalogued £100 each as singles. Total catalogue for sheet £8,000+. Interestingly the marginal watermark inscription is upright on both the inverted watermark sheet and the normal sheet, giving no clue that the stars watermark would be inverted. Perhaps this is the reason why this sheet has taken more than 80 years to be discovered. Catalogued £8,000+ (2 sheets of 80) £1250
18173San Marino1877-1987 a mint or fine used and all different collection displayed in an album, highlights incl. 1877-90 10c and 25c mint, 5c, 30c and 40c unused, 1892 5c on 30c cds used, 1892-94 incl. 15c, 1l., 2l. and 5l. mint, 1894 Palace set mint, 1894-99 1l. pale ultramarine mint, 1921-23 to 2l. mint, 1931 Air set mint, 1950-51 Air 500l. purple, green and blue mint, and much else. (approx 460 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1250
18557Sierra Leone1932-1970 SPECIALISED mint and used collection in 18 binders and seven sheet folders containing 1,000s of stamps, covers and some unusual ephemeral material. The collection commences with an album of mint stamps including 1932 Pictorial set to £1, 1933 Wilberforce set to 10s, 1937 Coronation Specimen set, also 54 sets in part sheets, 1938 defins 13 values to £1 on 1954 O.H.M.S. cover, 1938 Specimens 10 values to 10s, 1946 Victory Specimen set, 1949 UPU sheets of 60. The bulk of the collection is specialized QEII issues with much unusual and rare material. Better items include 1963 Flowers six values to £1 S and M Goaman photographic Proof, 1963 overprints inc 2/6d on 4d u.m. pair one with 'AIRM' variety, Flowers set Harrison presentation pack, colour shifts, 1964 Kennedy collection inc Specimens, World's Fair 1s and 11s misssing value, other varieties and covers, free form presentation book, 1964-66 surcharges inc 3c on 3d inverted SG 315a u.m. and f.u., 4c on 1c error SG 330a u.m. pair, 2L double in blue and black SG 333a u.m.(2), 7c on 7d(3) with unlisted 'x' on value SG 334, Le 2.00 on £1 SG 349 part sheet of 50, 7c on 1/3d inverted imprint block of six u.m. with Brandon cert SG 322b, ditto u.m. block of four, also blocks with surcharge partially omitted, 2L double on 11s SG 327, 60c on 9d SG 335 with additional overprint on backing paper, 1c on 6d SG 351a sheet of 30 where one stamp has floated off prior to overprinting, giving the unique catalogue description 'stamp omitted(in pair with normal)'. The 1965 Diamond issue SG 385-6 includes missing colours and Proofs in unissued colours. Other unusual items include 1966 Coins issue in original box ontaining five to 14 of each value, 1968 Human Rights presentation book presented by the Prime Minister, Walsall five original printers Die blocks (unique) A MOST INTERESTING COLLECTION, probably the 'definitive' collection but still with plenty of scope for development, UNIQUE, offered intact... HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £
18843South AfricaSB81931 3s booklet black/pink, complete but 'exploded' and mounted on an album leaf, fine and rare Cat £3750 £1926
19079Spain1850-2002 A highly useful and extensive mainly used collection displayed in two albums, incl. 1850 5r with 3½ margins, 1851 10r green with four margins used, 1852 5r with 3½ margins used, 1853 5r with four margins used, 1854 5r with four margins used, 1862 incl. a fair 19c used, 1864 1r with four margins used, 1865 perforated 1r and 2r with numeral cancels, 1866 19c with a small tear used, 1866 20c, 1867 incl. a 19c with faults, 1868-69 incl. a nice 19c used, 1870 incl. a good 19c used, 1872-73 4p unused, 1873 1p mint, 4p unused, 1876-77 to 4p used, 10p unused, 1878 to 4p used, 10p mint (corner perf pulled), 1889 to 10p used, 1920 Air to 1p used, better 1930’s Pictorial issues, strong later issues, plus Officials, Telegraph, Carlist etc, a good lot with very high catalogue value. (approx. 2850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. £1000
19810Sweden1855-2007 a mainly fine used and all different highly catalogued collection displayed in an album, highlights incl. 1855-58 a very nice 6sk. grey with neat 1856 cds, others with faults 3sk., 8sk. and 24sk, 1856 Stockholm 1sk. black unused, 1858-72 to 50o. incl. a fine 30o. with 1870 Aby cds, 1863-72 all values used (17o slate-grey rounded corner), 1872-79 incl. 4o perf 14, 6o grey, both 1r (perf. 13 pulled perf), 1874-98 Official range incl. better perf 14 values, 1874-89 Postage Due range, 1903 Post Office 5k, 1924 Congress of UPU set to 40o, 1924 UPU 5o to 50o (less 40o), extensive later issues etc. A strong lot to build upon. (approx 1850 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1250
19993Tanganyika581917-21 G.E.A. ovpt on MCA 4R red and green/yellow WATERMARK INVERTED fine fiscally used, catalogue unlisted, THE ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE US £
20447Turkey1863-1989 a valuable mainly used and extensive all different intact original collection displayed in an album, much of note incl. 1863-64 to 5pi used, thick paper 1pi used, 1865 to 5pi used, stong other 19th century issues incl. 1886 25pi brown with clear Crete boxed cancel in blue, various Newspaper issues, 1901 Foreign Mail to 50pi used, 1905 50pi mint, 1908 5pi mint, 1915-17 loads of overprint types with many better values, 1921-23 to 200pi used, later issues, also Postage Due issues, Obligatory Tax incl. Aviation Fund, Red Crescent, range of Hatay, LEVANT FOREIGN POST OFFICES with Austrian 1867-83 to 50s used, 1908 to 20pi used, BRITISH incl. 1893 40pa on ½d on piece, 1903-05 24pi on 5s mint, 1905-12 set to 1s used, 1921 to 180pi on 10s used, FRENCH incl. 1885-1901 to 20pi on 5f used, 1902 to 20f on 5f used, 1921-23 to 75pi on 5f mint, GERMAN 1900 to 25pi on 5m used, 1905 5o 10pi on 2m used, 15pi on 3m mint, ITALIAN range, POLISH, RUMANIAN, RUSSIAN incl. 1900-10 to 100pi on 10k mint, 1913 to 30pi on 3k mint, ROPIT overprints mint, unissued series to 70pi mint, and much else, a good original lot for the specialist. (approx 2070 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1500
20734United States of America1851-1953 Mainly used collection in loose leaf album(few 100s) including 1851-57 imperf 12c black, 1857 perf 12c black, 1861 set to 90c with some grills inc 12c(2), 1869 Pictorial set to 24c, 1870-71 set to 90c with some grills inc 6c and 7c, 1873 values to 90c, 1887-88 values to 90c, 1890-93 set to 90c, 1893 Columbus set to 30c, 1895 values to $2, 1898 Omaha set to 50c, 1901 Pan-Am set, 1904 St. Louis set, 1913-15 Expo sets, back of the book inc Airs, Parcel Post 1912-13 set, mixed condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1869
20849United States of America2641894-95 Madison $2 deep blue, fine m.m. Very scarce. Cat £3250 US3 £
20851United States of America2661894-95 Marshall $5 deep green, well centred, reperforated at right, some disturbed gum, o.g. PSE Cert. (2014). RARE. Cat £5000 US3 £
20941United States of AmericaSe.476a1916-17 perf 10 no watermark Franklin 30c orange-red, centred to NE, superb rich colour, very fresh, fine marginal u.m. Philatelic Foundation Cert. (1984) states Position #30 from Plate 6911 Scott 476A. RARE. Cat. Scott Specialised $6500 (2010). Seldom offered. US3 £
21150Yemen - Royalist IssuesR381963 10b black & red 'Waterlow' CONSULAR REVENUE with Provisional 'YEMEN' overprint in carmine produced at AL-MAHABESHAH. A fine mint copy. Very Rare. (SG R38a) US £
21188Yugoslavia1866-1990 a mint or fine used and all different collection displayed in an album, with Bosnia and Herzogovina strong range of 1879-1900 types sorted by perf and types, 1906 Pictorial again sorted by perf types incl. perf 12½, 9½ and 6½ compound 25h to 5k fine used, 1910 Birthday set fine used, 1912-14 set fine used, 1916 set fine used; Montenegro Prince Nicholas types; Serbia incl. 1866-68 pelure paper 40p mint, Prince Milan issues; Yugoslavia from 1918, incl. 1919 (March) set fine used, Croatia Coronation 10f and 15f mint, a good range of Occupation issues, later issues, Postage Due, some Trieste B etc. (approx 2100 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1250
21331General - British Commonwealth SIGNIFICANT British Empire/Commonwealth collection with focus upon New Zealand and territories, plus additional areas Great Britain and Islands, and general British Commonwealth offered intact as received, the product of one collector’s work and over more than 30 years collecting, this is a very substantial collection housed in some 21 boxes including (counted as boxes) a few equivalent sized large carrier bags, also noted collector’s equipment/ paraphernalia/ NZ Campbell Paterson catalogue included. Noted valuable early material (more about this follows), unusually the collection continues right through from early through to relatively recent with expensive New Issues through to 2012 and in some cases through to 2016. We note very substantial value in mint (unmounted) new issues plus FDCs to 2016 in places. Running a few of the collector stated to catalogue (STC) Stanley Gibbons catalogue values we note: New Zealand and Territories STC £63,600, Great Britain and Islands STC c.£19,000, additional material catalogued by SG Stamps of the World (SOTW) including almost exclusively British Commonwealth STC £13,000 includes Faroes at £375 – though for the purposes of auction valuation little real value has been attached to this final part of the collection. In general, the main SG catalogue value of the collection extends to c.£82,500. Addressing the more valuable / classic material we note strength in early NZ (but NOT chalons), with a high degree of completion from circa 1898 in mint onwards to 2012, the majority as per KA-BE hingless album leaves, not according to SG or Campbell Paterson (as we all know collecting NZ for the early periods (and even more modern) can extend into challenging degrees of specialisation, however to more normal collecting interest NZ must be approaching a high degree of completion if one excludes rarities. Supporting this we note most of the better sets with Christchurch, Auckland, defins etc, with ranges of ‘officials’ plus the ever important Postal Fiscals with real value here, all mint including representative (printings unchecked) £2 10 shillings probably unmounted, £3 10 shillings (light bend), £3, £4, £5 – ovpts present excluding 35/- on 35/-, also note a good used (variable perfs) £10 ovpt on £10 postal fiscal unlisted by SG (used). Additionally noted is a very strong section of the NZ defins ERRORS – with missing colours, shifts, albino ovpts, offsets, PE25b (Z) Foil-stamped overprint design error issued and recalled (one sheet known) supplied by Campbell Paterson for $1,200 NDZ. This NZ defin ERRORS section alone appears to have cost the collector in excess of $12,000 NDZ – a considerable sum and all apparently perfect unmounted mint and identified in a stockbook. As may be deduced the describer could continue extolling the virtues of this conservatively estimated collection. Please note that whilst we cannot guarantee vendor supplied catalogue values, we have no reason to doubt them. This collection only may be viewed by appointment at our offices, scans of significant areas can be supplied, verbal condition reports naturally. For a collector wishing to continue this represents an unparalleled opportunity, not to mention the high face value cost residing in areas that have barely been touched upon, or the expensive printed albums that a good proportion of the collection is contained therein. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £12500
21539Great Britain1840-1980 Good original mint/used collection housed in pair of brown SG 22 ring loose leaf albums. Earlier QV line engraved ranges from mulready (front) 1d black x 3 apparently plated, two of these blacks attractive but faults. 1d red imperf ranges including horizontal format block of ten used. Imperf 2d blues (1840 x1) range, substantial range perf 1d reds inc multiples, later ½d ‘bantams’ and perf 2d blue plates, substantial surface printed ranges with vals to 2 shilling, 1d lilacs with inverted ‘X’ mint control single, shades, printings, 1887 Jubilee odd mint vals, 1883 2/6d + 5/- used, small faulst, Officials ranges incl 3 x Board of Trade perfins, Edwards similar ranges and KGV with range Royal Cypher 1d control marginal pairs mint (shades), seahorses to 10 shilling used, KGVI control singles mint range, 1d coil leader, ½d orange coil join strip. Volume 2, from good wilding ranges mint/used, ditto postage dues, good ranges early sterling machins with mint multiples, evolving into some depth of mint decimal machins, apparently specialised and including mint multiples/reasonable face value, through to mint machin high values, mint regional ranges, used here/there and mint/used dues. Many 100s, earlies condition mixed with useful ‘nugget’ pickings, but essentially this would form the nucleus of an excellent higher entry level collection forming a ‘launchpad’ for development and continuation. It goes without saying that SG catalogue value will obviously be high. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1250
21543Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1840 1d black, deceptively simple small collection of 1d blacks comprising 6 singles, several being 4 margin, two of these being pretty but faults, followed by no less than 8 different 1d black covers (all bar one being entires/covers, the one being upon a small front), half of those on cover appear to be 4 margin examples, one (letters M-A) appearing exceptional 4 margins to trace of adjoining stamp. A few black covers the adhesive not tied to cover, and one or few appear to be unplated (who knows why), finally note a 1d black envelope backstamped Hastings October 1840, addressed to Mr. Charles John Rowley, Combe Farm, Greenwich and a 14 years later (August 1854) printed illustrated Obituary poem entitled ‘Lines Occasioned' by the Death of Captain Rowley of Weeting Hall (Near Brandon, in the County of Suffolk) – who was Commander of a British Man of War (Died aged just 49) – what a wonderful piece to research. Finally note a couple of letters – one from a much travelled niece returning from America after a twenty year absence, the Lady must have come from a wealthy family. Fascinating lot, request scans if interested. £1000
21546Great Britain - QV (surface printed)661855-57 large Garter 4d rose-carmine, on THICK GLAZED PAPER, off-centre to top, very fresh, fine l.m.m. RARE. Cat £6500 £
21555Great Britain - QV (surface printed)631855-57 medium Garter on thick blued paper 4d carmine, centred to right, faint crease along top, repaired NW corner, m.m. RARE. Cat £14000 £
21557Great Britain - QV (surface printed)621855-57 small Garter deeply blued paper 4d carmine, trimmed perfs at top left, fresh m.m. SCARCE. Cat £8500 £
21558Great Britain - QV (surface printed)82a1862-64 4d pale red, with hair lines, BD, IMPERFORATE, close at left, small faint corner crease, fresh l.m.m. Cat £2750 £
21561Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1862-64 6d lilac (hair lines), CG, IMPERFORATE (wmk upright), gum crease, fresh, heavy m.m. Scarce. Cat £3500 £
21562Great Britain - QV (surface printed)85a1862-64 6d lilac (hair lines), EF, IMPERFORATE (wmk inverted), shaved at right, lower marginal example, l.m.m. Scarce. Cat £3250 £
21563Great Britain - QV (surface printed)821862-64 4d pale red, with hair lines, vertical pair FF-GF, wing margins at right, centred to SW, light toning on lower stamp, m.m. Cat £4200 £
21574Great Britain - QV (surface printed)87b1862-64 9d straw, on THICK PAPER, very fresh, short perf at top, fine o.g. SCARCE. Cat £6000 £
21586Great Britain - QV (surface printed)78a1862-64 3d pale carmine-rose, EL, WITH WHITE DOTS, imperforate (close at left), horizontal crease at bottom, m.m. SCARCE. Cat £6750 £
21592Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(78)1862-64 3d rose, with WHITE DOTS ADDED, CB, the unofficial line perf 14 issue, irregular perfs, very fresh, m.m. SG Spec. J27a. RARE. Cat £14000 £
21593Great Britain - QV (surface printed)87b1862-64 9d straw on THICK PAPER, FC, centred to NW, small faint natural inclusion spot in front of nose, fresh, fine o.g. Very scarce. Cat £6000 £
21598Great Britain - QV (surface printed)981865-67 9d straw, FJ, off-centre to SW, very fresh, h/r, m.m. Scarce. Cat £4800 £
21600Great Britain - QV (surface printed)941865-67 4d vermilion, plate 8, AC, imperf IMPRIMATUR, very close at bottom, torn sheet margin at very top, mark on gum at edge, o/wise fine u.m. Cat £2500 £
21609Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(94)1865-67 4d vermilion, plate 9, AE, imperf IMPRIMATUR, faint pressed out horizontal crease at top edge, o/wise fine and fresh, m.m. Scarce. Cat £2500 £
21617Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1141867-80 10d deep red-brown, EA, centred to NE, lovely colour, very fresh, fine m.m. Cat £5000 £
21618Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1181867-80 2s dull blue, NB, centred to NE, very fresh, small wrinkle, fine m.m. Cat £4200 £
21625Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1141867-80 10d deep red-brown, SB, centred to SE, very fresh, very fine l.m.m. Cat £5000 £
21627Great Britain - QV (surface printed)120b1867-80 2s milky blue, MJ, centred to NW, probably regummed, good unused. RARE. Cat £24000 £
21630Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1191867-80 2s deep blue, RE, wing margin at left, centred to NE, extremely fresh, disturbed gum, part o.g. only. Cat £5000 £
21631Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(117)1867-80 1s green, plate 4, TF, IMPERFORATE ON DR. PERKINS BLUED PAPER, corner gum crease, h/r, m.m. Scarce. Cat £3500 £
21634Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(118)1867-80 2s, IMPERF PLATE PROOF in black on card, very fine unused. SCARCE. Cat £3750 £
21657Great Britain - QV (surface printed)122b1872-73 6d pale chestnut, plate 11, SK, imperforate IMPRIMATUR, small margins all around, very fresh, fine mint. Scarce. Cat £3800 £
21662Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1511873-80 1s orange-brown, plate 13, KL, well centred, extremely fresh, light vertical gum crease, o/wise fine l.m.m. Cat £4750 £
21674Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1511873-80 1s orange-brown, plate 13, SA, centred to SE, a few tiny faint tone spots, o/wise fine m.m. Cat £4750 £
21725Great Britain - OfficialsO641883-86 GOVT. PARCELS 1s orange-brown, plate 13, JF, slightly yellowed gum, m.m. Brandon and Wenvoe Certs. (2017). Cat £1750 £
21730Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, BD, well centred, regummed, good unused. RPS Cert. (2016) rather unjustly states 'soiled'. RARE. Cat £12000 £
21731Great Britain - OfficialsO9a1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose, AE, with RAISED STOP variety, centred to left, nice little 'notch in top corner E' flaw, paper wrinkles at right, very good cds used. Brandon Cert. (2018). Cat £3200 £
21733Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s pale ultramarine, CG, crisp STIRLING cds (slightly suffused on reverse), expertised on reverse, fine used. Cat £3750 £
21736Great Britain - OfficialsO101884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s ultramarine, IH, small oval ACCOUNT BRANCH/P.O. GLASGOW cancel, suffused postmark on reverse, fine used. Cat £3750 £
21737Great Britain - OfficialsO9cb1884-88 INLAND REVENUE 10s cobalt on white paper, CF, centred slightly to left, fine unused no gum. Philatelic Expertising (GB) Ltd. Cert. (1994). RARE. Cat £22000 £
21739Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, central ABERDEEN cds, fine used. Scarce. Cat £2500 £
21742Great Britain - OfficialsO351896-02 OFFICE OF WORKS 10d, fine used on small piece, Guarantee/dealer's marks on reverse. Brandon Cert. (2018). Cat £2250 £
21743Great Britain - OfficialsO821902 BOARD OF EDUCATION 1s green and carmine, surface scratched at top, possibly never hinged, light gum bend, fresh l.m.m. BPA Cert. (1982), Rare. Cat £12000 £
21752Great Britain - OfficialsO521902-03 ARMY 6d, ovptd. Type O6, small faint corner crease, fresh, fine m.m. BPA Cert. (1990). Scarce. Cat £3000 £
21758Great Britain - OfficialsO251902-04 INLAND REVENUE 5s bright carmine, LONDON hooded cds, small blemishes and repaired NW corner, good used. Brandon Cert. (2018). SCARCE. Cat £11000 £
21760Great Britain - OfficialsO1121903-04 ADMIRALTY 3d, centred to SE, light horizontal crease near bottom, very fresh u.m. Scarce thus. Brandon Cert. (2017). Cat £2600 £
21791Nepal1881-1930 a valuable and original old time collection of first types displayed in a small book, mainly in very nice used condition (largely usual telegraph cancels), highlights incl. 1881 imperf 2a and 4a with four margins unused, 1886-89 clear impression 2a with four margins unused (2), 1899-1900 ½a black imperf clear impression unused, 1917-30 2a tete beche pairs (6, vertical or horizontal) and a block of six, ½a orange pair and single used, 2a brown shades (2) and 4a with pin perfs used, 4a shades incl. blocks of four, range of 2a shades in tete beche pairs, blocks of four and six used, and 4a tete beche block of six used, 1a horizontal strip of three incl. an apparently 1a green error of colour, 1928 redrawn 1a shades incl. some nice blocks and complete sheet of 64 used and much else. A seriously good lot for the specialist of the complex issues. (approx 940 stamps) £2000
21810Newfoundland16a1862-4 QV Hand-made thin semi-transparent paper, without mesh.1d Red-Brown. 4 neat even margins.Fresh mint with full original gum, very lightly hinged.Attractive and RARE. Cat £8500 £