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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
20General - Covers1907-17 AMAZING ORIGINAL SEA CAPTAIN'S WW1 CORRESPONDENCE OFFERED INTACT - REMARKABLE RESEARCH / STUDY POTENTIAL, SOCIAL HISTORY. An accumulation of WW1 correspondence between Sea Captain, Frederick Hewett-Ponting and his wife Hermine C.D. Ponting, before his death in 1917 when his ship, SS Kathleen was sunk. The majority of the letters are dated from 1907 to 1917 and were sent from the following countries: Argentina, Russia, USA, Uruguay, Egypt, Hong Kong, Romania, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Malaya, Belgium, Constantinople, Netherlands, and Austria, there are some letters that the stamps have been removed and also loose envelopes and letters. Some of the letters are on the companies headed paper ‘P.Samuel & Co Ltd’ and Hartly Hodder & son.’ There are telegrams sent from the captain to his wife letting her know that he had arrived at his destinations safely and also references for when he changed ships. All the letters were addressed to his wife and were sent to either Cardiff or Germany, leading us to believe that his wife may have had a German origin. On some of the letters there are military censors. The lot also includes modern letters to the family when they were trying to find out the circumstances of the captains death as he was lost at sea he has no known grave. It also includes a photo of the captain and the gravestone for him & his wife, other documentation and a photocopy of their wedding certificate. They were married on May 29th 1907 meaning that they would have started sending the letters when they were sweethearts through to when they were married. After the death of the Captain there are some letters to his wife from ‘The Navy League Overseas Relief Fund’ regarding payment of the children’s education and their school reports. There are also German calendar slips, part of a 1907 German calendar, German documents (incl newspaper cuttings, and letters), other letters addressed to his wife in 1920’s, German books, cheque books from 1920’s and newspaper cuttings and other documents regarding ‘Howell’s School’, the school in which the children attended. There are roughly 450+ items in this lot.. There are roughly 370 letters in envelopes, 17 loose envelopes, 23 loose letters, 35 telegrams and other documents not counted. This is a, jam-packed fascinating lot, we can e-mail pictures for you to get a feel for this lot and the condition of it if requested or give a verbal report over the telephone as required. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. US3 £1362
34General - Omnibus Issues1935 British Commonwealth Silver Jubilee set complete fine to very fine used, including British Forces in Egypt overprint. A few very minor perf faults but generally a very fine & scarce offering! (250 stamps) Cat £2000 £1000
381Afghanistan73/8291876-1985 A remarkable 4 volume collection in Senator albums. From 1876 with a few primitive types, a good range of 1890s issues, early 20th century mainly used incl. Parcel post. 1924-26 Anniversary 5k in mint sheet of 4 & imperf single, a good range of mid 20th century pictorials & commems, covers start from 1949 with approx 90 commercial covers, many franked on both sides to produce some interesting frankings. A remarkable range of modern issues, odd Agency types mint, the majority are used & fine. Odd varieties noted. Much duplication throughout this collection and a really good base for futher development & study. A rare opportunity obtain a serious large Afghan collection. (1000s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR POSTAGE COSTS US £1780
697Australia15var1913-14 Roo £1 brown and ultramarine with the prominent variety 'broken tail', fresh, fine l.m.m. Very Scarce Cat £2500 US3 £
1256Bahamas OLD TIME DEALER'S STOCK in a large stockbook with some earlier issues inc multiples, strong GVI inc 1938-52 values to 5s(15),£1(5) mint, many unmounted including better shades, Columbus to 5s(4) mint, duplicated mint and used ranges to 1975 inc defin sets with much unmounted, similar ranges for BARBADOS with heavily duplicated GV to QEII mint and used, messy but valuable! The stock has been untouched for over 20 years and is offered intact as received, mainly fine condition. £1000
1766Belgium1849-1959 Extensive mint and used collection on Devon leaves, commencing with 1849-61 imperfs used(16), 1865-67 sets used plus a few mint inc 1Fr lilac(creased), 1883-91 values to 50c,2Fr mint, also set used with shades, 1910-11 Exhibition sets mint, 1912 set to 5Fr mint and used, 1915-19 5 FRANKEN used, 1925 Stamp Anniv set mint, 1928 Orval set mint, 1929 high values set mint, 1930 Antwerp mini sheet(reduced) mint, 1931-2 Albert set mint, 1931 TB set mint and used, 1932 Infantry set mint, TB set mint, 1933 TB set mint, 1934 TB set mint, 1935 SITEB mini sheet mint, 1936 Borgerhout mini sheet mint and used, Charleroi mini sheet mint, then good degree of completion for later sets mint, some also included used, with a good range of currency devaluation local handsamps, 1952 Koekelberg mini sheet mint, UPU set mint. A valuable lot in mainly fine condition US £1335
2022Botswana211a1966 Bechuanaland Bird 7½c with error yellow background very fine cancelled to order corner block of four, Lobatsi 31 V 67 pmk, not first day unlike most known examples, with full gum, with 2013 PFSA certificate, plus a normal mint block for comparison Cat £6400 US3 £
2745Canada121852-57 7½d yellow-green, 4 good to large margins, number in circles cancel, fine used. BOLAFFI Cert (1985), which states '…in perfetto state…' Rare thus. Cat £2500 £
2944Canada - New Brunswick51850-61 1s reddish mauve, 4 small to very good margins, fresh, light blue barred postmark, fine used. Cat £4500 £
2962Canada - New Brunswick61851-60 1s dull mauve, 4 margins, very close at left, light oval numeral, fresh, fine used. Originally purchased at auction in 2009 for £2645. Very scarce. Cat £5000 £
2997Canada - New Brunswick131860-63 Charles Connell 5c brown, the RARE UNISSUED STAMP, small ink speck at right eye, top three perfs clipped/missing at right (virtually all surviving examples have perforation faults), unused. Dealer's mark on reverse. RARELY OFFERED. Cat £10000 £
3358China3a1878-83 Large Dragon 5ca yellow with PEKING postmark in blue plus central BRITISH POST OFFICE CONSTANTINOPLE cancel in red brown, couple of short perfs, fine and extremely rare, possibly unique US3 £
3363China2b1878-83 Large Dragon 3ca vermilion IMPERF single superb used with central CUSTOMS SHANGHAI postmark, large margins US3 £
3698Cyprus OLD TIME DEALER'S STOCK with mint and used accumulation to the early 1970s with heavily duplicated QV to GV to middle values, GVI to top values, ditto QEII inc 1960s commems in large quantities, many unmounted, similar ranges for GIBRALTAR including heavily duplicated GVI mint defins unchecked for perf varieties, also some MALTA. An extensive lot with better items throughout, mainly fine, probably at least 4,000 stamps. HEAVY LOT. £1000
4082Denmark11851 Fewslew printing, Wmk.Crown 2 R.B.S. Blue, imperf. with 4 nice margins. f.u. With '1' in concentric-rings cancel (Copenhagen). Attractive example. Cat £2500 £
4083Denmark1851-1963 SUPERB COLLECTION. Nicely written-up on leaves, with much additional material, illustrations, detailed notes, maps, etc. Starts 1851 Ferslew 2 R.B.S. Local post f.u. 4 R.B.S. X 2 f.u. 1852-4 3rd Thiele 4 R.B.S. X 3 f.u. 1854-63 Dotted Spandrels 2 sk. X 2 f.u. 4 sk Type I, 4 sk x 2, Type II, 4 sk x 2, Type III, 4 sk, 8 sk, 16 sk, all f.u. 1858 Wavy-Lined spandrels 4 sk x 7, f.u. 8 sk m.m. 1862 4 sk x 2 f.u. 1863 Roulette 4 sk x 4, f.u. 1864-70 Crossed sword & Sceptre types 2 sk, 3 sk, 4 sk x 3, 8 sk, 16 sk all f.u. 1870-4 Numeral types, normal frames perf.14 x 13½ 16 sk f.u. + 2 sk m.m. 1871-3 Official 16 sk f.u. 1875-1902 Numerals to 100 ore f.u. + couple m.m. Inverted frames to 50 ore f.u. 1875-95 many shades to 100 ore f.u. Inverted frames to 100 ore f.u. 1882 & 1888 Coat of Arms small & large figures ranges. 1875-1902 Officials both perfs. Ranges m.m. or f.u. 1904-6 King types to 50 ore m.m. Then extensive later ranges to 1963 with fair degree of completeness, with much of value, often mint and fine used, inc.1905-12 Defins. 1907-12 Kings to 50 ore x 2 m.m. 1913-28 Kings to 5 Kr. 1933-72 Numerals to 350 ore m.m. or u.m. + f.u. Caravel types m.m. & f.u. Good Parcel Posts, Postage Dues, 1946-1998 Coat of Arms types to 50 Kr. m.m. & f.u. Many Commem.sets, etc. Condition is generally much above average to v.fine, with few minor faults. Exceptional lot (many 100's) Cat £11430 £2000
4989Finland1860-1936 BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN-UP balance collection, with each issue tastefully arranged on leaves, with issue details, and often with additional historical notes, illustrations, photos, and a few covers/cards, etc. Starts with well above average ranges of early Serpentine Roulettes, inc. 1860 1¼ teeth 10 k, 1¾ teeth 5 k. 1866 vertically laid paper 5 p x 4, 10 p x 3 various teeth size, wove paper 20 p x 3, 40 p x 6 inc.varieties. 1866-7 8 p x 4 inc.pair, 1 M x 2, 1871 5 p, 10 p x 4. 1875-82 new design Arms types to 32 p, 1882-4 to 25 p, 1885 to 1 M, 1889-94 to 10 M, trilingual types to 1 M x 2, 1891 Russian types (with rings) to 35 k, (without rings) to 50 k, 1901-3 first temp issues, second 10 M, 1911-5 new designs inc. 5 k perf.14 x 14½, f.u.1918 Vaasa to 1 M, 1917-25 to 25 M, perf.14 similar to 25 M inc. The rare 1 M Pale-Orange f.u. Then onward with fair degree of completeness for the period, inc.defins to top values, early commems. Etc. Condition is generally very clean throughout, with few minor faults. Often Mint as well as F.U. Superb lot (many 100s) Cat £14692 US £2002
5074France721853-61 Napoleon imperf 1 franc carmine - most attractive 4 margin fu example with crisp '2738' cancellation of Rouen - exceptional. Cat £3500 £
5171France1871 Postage due: the rare provisional postage due of September 1871 - EL to Rouen ex rural box 'F' (4.September) with 15c due altered in m/s to '25c' [Yv.4b] - a fine, attractive example of this postage due rarity on cover. An exceptional item well known to members of the French Specialist Societies. Beautiful. Cat £4200 £
5350France370-3771917 War Orphans Fund set 2c - 5 francs, fresh mm (35c offset on gum & 1F light bend) - the rare 5F + 5F value is unmounted mint. (8) Cat £2750 £
7010Germany - 1871 to 19451872-1900 Semi-specialised collection on album leaves with fu ranges of shades inc small shields (32) to 5g (2) & 18k (3), large shields (40) to 5g (2) & 18k inc 2½g (5), SG 14 (2) & 15 (2) pen-cancelled, SG 24 (fault), 27/27a (4) & 28 (split), 29 (4) & 30 (3), SG 38 shades (23) mainly cds used, 1875 to 50pf (9) & 1880 to 50pf (14) inc SG 44d. Good lot with masses of interest and cat value of £20k+. (Qty) Cat £20000 US3 £2726
7037Germany - 1871 to 19451922-23 Inflation period fu collection written up on leaves between SG 204-350 inc SG 210a, 1922 offivcials, SG 249-256 inc scarce 252a (expertised), 257-259, 274-311 inc 288a & 300 ; officials inc O274a, O342, O345, O347, O348, SG 334 on piece, 342, 343, 350 etc. Cancellations not guaranteed but most look fine. Difficult material to find.(Qty) Cat £6000 US3 £1022
7271Germany - West BerlinB70a1949 Berlin Relief Fund m/sheet SW corner very slightly shaved otherwise superb with special cds cancels Cat £3000 £
7797Gibraltar1081925-32 Script £5 violet and black superb fresh unmounted mint, with Diena(1974) certificate Cat £1500 US £
7806Gibraltar1081925-32 £5 violet and black, slightly naturally streaky gum, extremely lightly hinged, very fine mint. Scarce. Cat £1600 £
8005Gibraltar1971-75 Social Insurance Bradbury Wilkinson and Company collection of Proofs inc 2P to 45P nine values imperforate affixed to card, then 2P to 91P 13 imperforates affixed to individual cards, 10P to 73P four perforated values affixed to individual cards. Fine and rare, may be unique (18 cards with 26 proofs) US4 £
8282Great Britain - QV (line engraved)A1 ua1840 1d black plate VIII, lettered H-B on small 1841 entire to Wakefield, tied by LEEDS Maltese Cross cancel, 4 clear to good margins and a fine Leeds cds on back, a great strike of this rare MX cancel. Some splitting of cover folds but will display very well. Cert RPS.('Stamp lifted & replace after cleaning letter sheet'). Cat £10000 US4 £
8303Great Britain - QV (line engraved)11840 1d intense black, plate 1b, SE, 4 good to large margins, faint pressed out horizontal crease, very fresh, part o.g. Cat £17500 £
8306Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 11, KC, 4 small to good margins, black MC, fresh, without blemish, fine used. RARE. Cat £4600 £
8312Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, RJ, 4 decent margins, horizontal guide lines in top corner squares, extremely fresh, small wrinkle at bottom, m.m. RPS Cert (1969) states 'regummed' but expertly so in our opinion. A very good example of a rare stamp. Cat £37000 £
8334Great Britain - QV (line engraved)3j1840 1d grey-black, plate 2, SL, very worn plate, 4 tiny (just clear at left) to huge margins, double frame lines at top and at right, partial neat CAMELFORD cds in red, extremely fresh, v.f.u. Brandon Cert (2006). RARE. Cat £18000 US £
8341Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, QH, 4 tiny to very good margins, good colour, clearly cancelled by both RED and BLACK MALTESE CROSSES, tiny corner thin, fresh, f.u. Rare but unpriced. SG Spec D1ug. Brandon Cert (2003). US £
8343Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, horizontal strip of 5, FB-FF, SMALL TO VERY GOOD MARGINS ALL AROUND, light red MC cancels, fresh, v.f.u. A choice piece. RARE. RPS Cert (1995). US £
8345Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, horizontal strip of 4 CI-CL, CLEAR/LARGE MARGINS ALL AROUND, red MC cancels, vertical crease on CK, o/wise fine used. SCARCE. US £
8347Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5e1840 2d blue, plate 2, horizontal pair KK-KL, each cancelled by BLUE MALTESE CROSS, stamp on left with 4 clear margins, that on right with 2½ margins, faint corner crease, slight toning, v.g.u. EXTREMELY RARE. Cat £30000 US £
8350Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1b, 1A, 4 HUGE MARGINS, from left of sheet, neat crisp red MC, very fresh, v.f.u. EXCEPTIONAL IN EVERY WAY. Brandon Cert (2005). Cat £400 US £
8351Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, block of 4, DE-EF, CLEAR MARGINS ALL AROUND, black MC cancels, fresh, fine used. RARE. Cat £28000 US £
8353Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1a, block of 4,PK-QL, WITH GOOD MARGINS ALL AROUND, red MC cancels, very fresh, very fine used. RARE. An outstanding piece. RPS Cert (2007). Cat £32000 US £
8368Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 8,CI, 4 tiny to large margins (just about clear at upper right corner), very fresh, part o.g, RARE. RPS Cert (1970). A Duplicate copy signed by R.G. Lee. Cat £17,500 ++ US £
8372Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 1a, CB, 4 small to very good margins, with inverted '…ssot…' in black, overstruck by crisp red MC, possibly a type of Scottish undated namestamp (?), f.u. RPS Cert (1979) which does not mention the black cancel (although in photograph on certificate). Most unusual. US £
8377Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 7, FG, touches along top, fresh, part o.g. Cat £13500 US £
8390Great Britain - QV (line engraved)151841 2d deep full blue, plate 3, IK, mostly HUGE MARGINS, small marginal only scissor cut at top left, small off stain at right, wrinkle, m.m. Scarce. Cat £8500 US £
8406Great Britain - QV (line engraved)5f1841 2d blue, RE, 4 margins but just shaves at lower left, with neat NUMBER 3 IN CROSS cancel, fresh, f.u. RARE. Cat £18000 US £
8434Great Britain - QV (line engraved)141841 2d blue, plate 4, DD, 4 good to large margins, signed on reverse, tiny rub on neck, o/wise fine m.m. Ray Baudin Cert 1998. Scarce. Cat £6250 US £
8435Great Britain - QV (line engraved)141841 2d blue, BG, 4 small to very good margins, h/r, most o.g. Cat £6250 US £
8445Great Britain - QV (line engraved)7l1841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 5, PD, 4 small to very good margins, small rub at top, lovely neat RED MALTESE CROSS cancel, fine used. RPS Cert. RARE. Cat £4800 US £
8474Great Britain - QV (line engraved)141841 2d blue, CI, 4 small to good margins, corner gum thin, h/r, fresh m.m. Cat £6250 £
8533Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown (shades) COMPLETE SHEET RECONSTRUCTION AA-TL, fifty-three examples with Maltese Cross cancels, condition is mostly very good but margins vary widely. Seldom offered for the imperf. 1d. (240) Cat £8525 US £1001
8566Great Britain - QV (line engraved)16b1850 HENRY ARCHER 1d red-brown perf 16, Alphabet 1, plate 100, KF, heavy m.m. Scarce. Cat £3500 US £
8570Great Britain - QV (line engraved)8i/B2aa1852 1d red-brown I-D, the famous 'Treasury Roulette', wave pattern 1, die I, blued paper, a fine used example cancelled by part '818'? Tunbridge obliterator (London provinces), cut straight at base, with excellent even colour. Extension for expertisation available if required. Cat £7200 US £
8590Great Britain - QV (line engraved)351854-57 large Crown perf 14 2d blue, plate 6, block of 4 LC-MD, centred to NW, small ink mark of 'C' of MD, o/wise very fresh colour, fine u.m. RARE THUS Cat £17000 US £
8762Great Britain - QV (line engraved)431858-79 QV 1d red - the very scarce plate 225, very fresh mm with (almost complete) original gum - an exceptional example. Cat £3200 £
8764Great Britain - QV (line engraved)43/41858-79 1d red, plates 71 to 224, a few tone spots but an excellent collection of 108 examples, all with complete or large part cds cancels, 23 of the missing 42 plates occur in the earlier (and cheaper) plates to 118, with plates 221-224 complete, an extremely fine lot just crying out for continuation. Estimated at about £10 per stamp. (108) £1100
8766Great Britain - QV (line engraved)441858-79 1d lake-red, plate 225, FJ, centred to NE, good colour, slight gum yellowing, h/r, m.m. Very scarce. Cat £3200 £
8867Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847-54 10d brown, Die 2, margins just clear all around, h/r, m.m. Very Scarce. Cat £11000 US £
8872Great Britain - QV (embossed)541847-54 1s pale green, Die 2, good margins, small blemishes, o.g. Very scarce. Cat £24000 US £
8874Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847-54 10d pale brown, excellent clear margins, streaky small part o.g. Fine appearance. Cat £11000 US £
8900Great Britain - QV (embossed)601847-54 6d purple mint, 2014 Sismondo colour photo-certificate states 'genuine, deep and rich purple colour (not SG61), unused with small part original gum and various album adhesions (spread in many areas), small thin upper right, narrow margins, just clear to touching, cut into the frame at bottom,' Fresh, part o.g. RARE. Cat £18000 US3 £
8901Great Britain - QV (embossed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BI, lovely neat central GLASGOW cds, somewhat faded at lower right where attempts have been made to erase a diagonal blue crayon line, still very good used. Cat £4750 US £
9023Great Britain - QV (surface printed)861862-64 9d bistre, DI, wing margin at left, very fresh, m.m. SCARCE. Cat £5250 £
9116Great Britain - QV (surface printed)120a1867 2/- B-K, the rare COBALT blue shade, exceptionally fine used example, super colour, cancelled by 'socked on the nose' '466' (Liverpool) obliterator, few irregular perfs only, one of the best examples we have seen. London retail £1,750 for VFU. Extension available for expertisation if required. Cat £3000 US £
9133Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, FF, a very good sound decently used example, free from faults, v.g.u. Rare. Cat £4200 US £
9180Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, PA, quite well centred, reasonable LONDON duplex, good perfs and fault-free, very good used. RARE. Cat £4200 £
9197Great Britain - QV (surface printed)120b1867-80 2s milky blue, MA, centred to NE, small thin at top right, m.m. RARE. Cat £20000 £
9205Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange on white paper superb used with Manchester Accounts cds, a truly brilliant example. Cat £4750 US £
9207Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BD, well centred, neat oval ACCOUNT BRANCH/P.O. GLASGOW cancel of 28 OC 91, on lovely virtually pristine example, v.f.u. Cat £8312 incl. premium US £
9211Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper £5 orange, DK, small blue crayon line at top, faint pressed out SE corner crease, LONDON cds and boxed postmark, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £15000 US £
9213Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, GH, centred to SW, GLASGOW cds, good colour, v.f.u. Cat £4500 US £
9216Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, GF, ovptd SPECIMEN, centred slightly to SW, light wrinkle, signed 'Richter'. Fine m.m. RARE. Cat £6000 US £
9217Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Maltese cross 10s greenish grey, DI, centred to SE, neat GLASGOW cds, extremely fresh, totally without blemishes, excellent true colour, v.f.u. Cat £3200 US £
9221Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, FG, centred to NE, superb upright BATH cds, fresh, v.f.u. An exceptional example. With Philatelic Expertising Ltd Cert (1996). Cat £7875 incl. premium. US £
9227Great Britain - QV (surface printed)137s1867-83 £5 orange, BF, ovptd SPECIMEN, centred slightly to left, fine unused no gum. Cat £4500 US £
9228Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CN, well centred, short perfs at lower left and a couple of coloured ink marks in NW corner, neat central HASTINGS cds, deep colour, fine used. Cat £4750 US £
9229Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, FF, centred to SW, slight rubbing along part of top margin, neat GLASGOW cds, fresh, f.u. Cat £4500 US £
9230Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, DG, smudged (dated) cds, small light crease at upper left, v.g.u. Cat £4500 £
9231Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CM, quite well centred, LONDON cds and boxed postmark, small wrinkles on reverse, fine used. Cat £8312 incl. premium. US £
9237Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, BC, quite well centred, light partial oval Registered postmarks, clear profile, fresh, fine used. Cat £7350 incl. premium. £
9238Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, EF, centred to NW, neat cds and somewhat suffused boxed cancel, o/wise sound, v.g.u. Rare. Cat £15,750 incl. premium. £
9239Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AA, crisp upright central EDINBURGH cds, a couple of shortish perfs at left, o/wise fresh and attractive, fine used. Cat £8300 incl. premium. £
9240Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1351867-83 wmk Anchor 10s grey, CG, centred to SW, crisp QUEENSTOWN/TEL. OFFICE cds, with horizontal blue crayon lines, excellent colour, extremely fresh, v.g.u. Cat £4500 £
9241Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, EB, well centred, LEEDS cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £7875 incl. premium. £
9242Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BE, centred to right, small abrasions on right hand '5', could pass for unmounted, fresh, very l.m.m. Signed twice on reverse. RARE. Cat £14000 £
9247Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 5s rose, CA, centred to SW, light gum bend, good colour, fresh l.m.m. Cat £11000 £
9249Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 10s greenish-grey, EG, centred to SE, small wrinkle at top, neat GLASGOW cds, good colour, fine used. Signed 'Kurtmeier, Berlin'. Cat £3200 £
9251Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, FG, well centred, KILMARNOCK cds and boxed cancel, good used. RARE. Cat £9000 £
9254Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, BG, centred to SE, very good used. Cat £4500 £
9255Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 wmk Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, EA, superb LYMINGTON cds, faintest trace of horizontal crease at bottom, still fine used. Cat £9100 incl. premium. £
9416Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1511873-80 1s orange-brown, plate 13, DJ, reasonable centring, tiny gum thin spot, h/r, m.m. Cat £4750 £
9651Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1921883-84 4d dull green, LH, with RARE TRIAL CANCELLATION octagonal LONDON/aB/30 JU/84, probably from W.H. Mulcock, Confidential Enquiry Branch, a couple of short perfs at top, v.g.u. See AG Specialised Vol. 1 page 251 £
9654Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, ovptd SPECIMEN, Type 9, LG, well centred, slight fibre adherence in one corner, h/r, fresh m.m. Scarce. Cat £3250 £
9702Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, ID, well centred, superb strong colour, neat cds cancels, a few faint tone spots on reverse mentioned for accuracy, v.f.u. Cat £4200 incl. premium. £
9704Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185s1884 wmk Crowns £1 brown-lilac, CC, ovptd SPECIMEN, Type 9, toned gum, m.m. Scarce. Cat £2800 £
9761Great Britain - QV (surface printed)211wi1887-92 Jubilee 1s dull green, WATERMARK INVERTED, tiny gum scrape and faintest tone spots, o/wise fine u.m. Very scarce thus Cat £2200 £
9779Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 wmk Orb £1 brown-lilac, AA, centred to NE, oval Registered pmks, good colour, fine used. Cat £4250 £
9780Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 wmk Orbs £1 brown-lilac, PC, central Oval barred postmark, sound, v.g.u. Cat £4250 £
9782Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 wmk Orbs £1 brown-lilac, PC, DUBLIN/SORTING OFFICE cds's and barred lines cancel, small blemishes, attractive, v.g.u. Cat £4250 £
9783Great Britain - QV (surface printed)186a1888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, TA, with FRAME BREAK cds and boxed postmark, smudged at right, sound, good used. RARE. Cat £9000 £
9787Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, FA, centred slightly to left, fresh, very fine mint. Scarce. Cat £4000 US £
9793Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, LA, some blunted perfs at top, slight yellowing in upper half of stamp, trace of faint vertical crease, u.m. Cat £7500 £
9802Great Britain - QV (surface printed)489b1941 2½d light ultramaine tete-beche horiz pair mint, full original gum, with Brandon(2014) photo certificate stating geniune 'toned'. Without toning this would be a £10,000+ item and one of the UK rarest varieties. Estimated accordingly Cat £18000 US2 £3133
9808Great Britain - KEVII260wi1902 2/6d lilac with inverted watermark, vlmm - appears um - extremely fresh and attractive example of this rare variety. Exceptional. Cat £6750 £
9859Great Britain - KEVII3201902-10 SH £1 deep green, centred to left, excellent colour, fresh, fine m.m. Cat £2000 £
9863Great Britain - KEVII2651902-10 DLR 10s ultramarine, well centred, fine u.m. Scarce thus Cat £2000 £
9864Great Britain - KEVII2661902-10 DLR £1 dull blue-green, faint vertical gum crease at edge, o/wise fine u.m. Scarce thus Cat £3500 £
10119Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow £1 green, wonderful deep fresh colour, odd p/p, diagonal light gum crease, fine m.m. Cat £3500 £
10128Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow £1 dull blue-green, well centred, light gum toning, l.m.m. Very scarce. Cat £3500 £
10134Great Britain - KGV4021913 Waterlow 10s indigo-blue, an intense shade, well centred, diagonal gum bend, extremely fresh, marginal u.m. Superb appearance. Cat £2000 £
10136Great Britain - KGVN64(14)1915 DLR 2s6d blackish-brown, WATERMARK INVERTED, blunted perfs at bottom, centred to SE, extremely fresh, marginal u.m. SG Spec N64(14). Very scarce. Cat £2500 £
10149Great Britain - KGV4131915 DLR 10s pale blue, centred to NW, slight gum yellowing, fine m.m. Very scarce. Cat £3500 £
10150Great Britain - KGV408wi1915 DLR 2s6d sepia (seal-brown), WATERMARK INVERTED, quite well centred, fresh, fine m.m. Scarce and under-catalogued. Cat £1200 £
10153Great Britain - KGV4121915 DLR 10s blue, centred to bottom, gum creases and a few faint tone spots, m.m. Cat £3200 £
10222Great Britain - KGV421a1924-26 2d orange, NO WATERMARK variety, well centred, very fresh, very fine u.m. RARE. Cat £2250 US £
10630Great Britain - QEII (pre-decimal)571b1958 Wilding 1d blue part perforated booklet pane of six unounted mint, roughly torn at left, with David Brandon(2014) certificate Cat £4800 US2 £
10697Great Britain - QEII (pre-decimal)624Da1961 POSB 3d from Thrissell machine, SW corner block of 9, the six lower stamps with ORANGE-BROWN OMITTED and the upper three stamps partially so, slight adherence/gum disturbance on three of the lower stamps, others are fine u.m. Cat £9600++. Brandon Cert (2009). RARE, possibly unique US2 £
10735Great Britain - QEII (decimal)1203a1982 Christmas 15½p VERTICAL IMPERFORATE PAIR, fine and fresh, u.m. EXTREMELY RARE, only 6 pairs known Cat £7000 US2 £
10748Great Britain - QEII (decimal)1527a1990 Christmas 22p, lower right traffic light block of 10 (2 x 5), the lower 4 stamps being COMPLETELY IMPERFORATE and the 2 stamps above PARTIALLY IMPERFORATE, fine and fresh, u.m. This positional piece is believed to be UNIQUE. Cat £8000 ++ Stunning US2 £
10763Great Britain - QEII (decimal)(1955ab)1997 Flowers Greetings Stamps, 2 stamps (Fuchsia and Passion flower) plus labels remaining in 1998 (Chocolates) Greeting booklet, BOTH STAMPS AND ALL LABELS with GOLD, BLUE-GREEN AND PHOSPHOR OMITTED, fine and fresh, u.m. A great modern rarity with just two intact booklets and this part booklet known. SG 1959ab, 1964ab. Cat pre-rata £5600 US2 £
10776Great Britain - QEII (decimal)2242a2001 Christmas 65p, block of 6 (3 x 2) from NW corner of sheet, all stamps IMPERFORATE (DIE-CUT PERFS AND ROULETTES OMITTED(, fine and fresh, u.m. RARE. Cat £4500 as three pairs US2 £
10787Great Britain - QEII (decimal)(2887ab)2009 Design Classics se-tenant, a cylinder block of 10 with sheet margins on 3 side, with MAJOR ERROR BLACK (WORDS etc) PRINTED QUADRUPLE, affecting all the design titles (Supermarine Spitfire, Mini Skirt etc) and also the words in the map and paperback etc, fine and fresh, u.m. Just a single sheet containing three blocks was discovered, two with printing treble and this UNIQUE block with the printing quadrupled. Cat £10,000 for the printed treble variety. This same block sold for £6500 at a London auction in about 2010 US2 £
10819Great Britain - Covers - QVPN41841 (April) POST OFFICE POSTAL NOTICE with attached 2d Postal Envelope ovptd. Large SPECIMEN in red, very fine for this. SG Spec PN4. RARE. Cat £3800 US £
10961Great Britain - OfficialsO81884-88 INLAND REVENUE 5s rose on blued paper, NH, blunt perf at upper left, central upright cds, fine used. RPS Cert (1969). RARE. Cat £6000 US £
10962Great Britain - OfficialsO91884-89 INLAND REVENUE 5s, FD, socked-on-nose BELFAST cds, light pencil markings on reverse, fine used. Rare. Cat £2400 £
10988Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, RD, well centred, neat oval upright Glasgow Accounts postmark, very fresh, v.f.u. Stanley Gibbons handstamp on reverse. Exceptional quality. Cat £2500 US £
10993Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, GB, centred to SW, neat ACCOUNT BRANCH /GLASGOW oval postmarks, signed twice on reverse (possibly including pencil 'A. Diena'). Scarce. Cat £2500 US £
11173Great Britain - BookletsZplat (Var)1969 Stamps for cooks £1, sewn with thread, each stamp ovptd SINGLE LINE SPECIMEN, 14 x 2mm (a few traces of doubling), instead of the standard large (72 x 13mm) ovpt, very fine complete and intact, BELIEVED TO BE UNIQUE and a massive QEII rarity. With Brandon Cert (2014). The normal specimen type is catalogued at £7500 - this is much rarer! US2 £
11667Hong Kong1862-1975 OLD TIME DEALER'S Stock in a stockbook with a range of Queen Victoria mainly used, EVII and GV mint and used ranges, then GVI with duplicated mint lower values to $5(2), unchecked for perfs, etc., many unmounted, used to $10, 1954-62 values to $10(9) mint, Annigoni values to $10(4),$20, Machin values to $20(3) unmounted mint, many better mint commem sets, some cheaper items in large multiples, Postage Dues and a few China overprints, should prove profitable for dealer/e-bay trader, mostly fresh and fine £1300
11943Hong Kong - BookletsSB3a1910 $1 book containing 1c pair and 4c plus selvedge and interleaving, stapled, very fine for this. Please note that as these booklets were constructed with panes taken from ordinary sheets and could be re-assembled the value is in the covers, extremely rare, quite probable that a complete intact original booklet does not exist Cat £5000 US3 £
11963Hungary1868-1983 SUPERB ORIGINAL COLLECTION, housed in 10 matching near-new hingeless Lindner albums (with slip cases). All major issues well represented, and in excellent condition throughout. Starts with 1868-73 1k & 2K f.u. 1889-90 similar types 1K x6, 1871-3 Engraved Heads 2K x3, 5Kx4, 10K x4, 15K.all f.u.Newspaper stamps 1871 Horn to left x2, Horn to right x9 m.m. 1900-4 'Turul' types to 60 f, Heads inc.2K m.m. 1908-13 similar types to 5K m.m.or f.u.1914 War Charity vals. 1915 Charity to 5K, + ovpts.on these to 5K.1916-18 to 10K m.m.Then fair degree of completeness thereafter for the period, mostly mint + some f.u. The modern period is mostly unmounted mint, with many imperf. variants, sheetlets, etc. Condition is generally very clean throughout, with a few minor faults noted among earlies. Attractive and well-presented lot. (about 5000+) Cat £6638 £1500
12553India23022005 5r. 50th Anniv of Jadavpur University ERROR MISSING BLACK (compass, grid, cogs, symbol, links to atoms) superb unmounted mint with normal, unlisted by SG, it is believed that only a very small number exist, guaranteed genuine in all respects US4 £1171
12832Ireland66b1922-23 10s dull grey blue with ACCENT REVERSED used, forged cancel, faint traces of toning Cat £5500 US2 £
13050Italy868P1954 Parcel Post 1000L pair u.m., trace of gum toning Cat £12000 £
13051Italy868P1954 Parcel Post 1000L pair fine mint, possibly regummed Cat £12000 £
13574Jamaica132a1938-52 5s slate-blue and yellow-orange, the RARE LINE PERF 14 issues, very fresh, fine m.m. One of the key George VI stamps. Cat £6500 £
14004Leeward Islands114ca1938-51 perf 13 £1 violet and black/scarlet, WATERMARK SIDEWAYS, upper marginal example from Position 11, very fine and fresh, u.m. Only one sheet of 60 printed. A 'Watermark Inverted' example with the same Catalogue value realised £4235 in UPA Auction 52 in January 2014. A major KGVI rarity. Cat £7000 £
14098Liechtenstein1912-84 Collection on leaves(681 stamps,5 mini sheets) including 1912 set mint, 1921 values to 80r mint and 1f used plus some perf varieties, 1924-27 5r to 1½f used, 1925 Birthday set used, 1928 Flood Relief set mint, Accession set to 1f20 mint, 1930 set to 2f mint, also values to 1f50,2f used, Air set mint, 1931 Zeppelin set mint, 1933 Bithday set mint, 1936 Zeppelin set mint, 1941 Madonna 10f mint, 1944 Views set used, 1945-7 Arms 5f both mint, 1946 St. Lucius 10f mint, 1949 Paintings set mint, 1950 Animals set mint, 1951 Agriculture set mint, 1951 3f brown mint, 1954 Marian Year set mint, 1955 2f,3f mint, 1960 Europa mint. A fine and valuable lot. Cat £7530 US £1068
14221Malaya1867-1971 Used collection on leaves(603) including Straits Settlements 1867 2c on 1a unused, 8c on 2a used, 32c on 2a used, 1867-72 CC set to 96c used, 1882 CA set used, 1883-91 CA set to 96c used, 1883 2c on 4c rose used, 1892-99 set to $5 used the $5 has a heavy postmark, 1902 CA set to $5 good to fine used, the $5 is very fine with c.d.s. pmk, 1904-10 MCA $5 fine used, 1906-12 $5 good used, 1912-23 MCA values to $5 used, also $25 and $100 apparantly postally used but postmarks cannot be guaranteed, 1921-33 Script set to $25 fine used, 1935 Silver Jubilee set fine used, 1936-7 set to $5 fine used, F.M.S. inc good range of Leaping Tigers to $5, also a range of States, these are mostly more modern and of little value, a useful lot £1500
14866Malaya - Straits Settlements240c1921-33 Script $100 black and red/blue mint, part original gum, very slightly rubbed Cat £9500 US £
15290Mauritius111848-59 Intermediate Impression 1d dull vermilion/greyish horizontal pair with large boxed 'INLAND'(Kanai IIA-3) cancellation, cut into / huge margins N and W and small faults, with Brandon(2012) certificate, an attractive and scarce multiple, catalogued £6,000+ premium for pair. Cat £6000 US £
15291Mauritius31848-59 Earliest Impression 1d orange vermilion used with large boxed 'INLAND' (Kanai IIA-3) cancellation fine used, close to good margins, outer frame line touched at left, with Brandon(2012) certificate, a fresh and attractive example of this famous classic Cat £18000 US £
15312Mauritius1891 Postal Stationery envelope surcharged 50c. on 1878 8c. Pale grey (H & G milky blue) hexagonal frame type around Queen's bust, P.O control mark in red 'GENERAL POST OFFICE MAURITIUS' in crowned double circle with manuscript control signature 'L.M.C.P.' of Louis Martin Colonial Postmaster, Higgins and Gage B (Envelopes) 14, unused envelope, some peripheral ageing but otherwise fine, 2002 Sismondo colour photo-certificate confirms. H&G state about 50 envelopes were prepared, Sismondo states 'only 36'. Extremely rare Mauritius specialist piece US4 £1171
15314Mauritius1891 Postal Stationery envelope surcharged 50c. on 1878 8c. Pale grey (H & G milky blue) hexagonal frame type around Queen's bust, P.O control mark in red 'GENERAL POST OFFICE MAURITIUS' in crowned double circle with manuscript control signature 'L.M.C.P.' of Louis Martin Colonial Postmaster, Higgins and Gage B (Envelopes) 14, used envelope, cancelled by the barred numeral 'B32', with red oval 'Registered / Mauritius No. 22 AU 1891' alongside and large 'R' in black, addressed to Marseille, France with appropriate arrival datesatmp of Marseille of September 20 (?) on reverse, Sismondo 2002 colour photo-certificate states in good condition and genuine in all respects. H&G state about 50 envelopes were prepared, Sismondo states 'only 36'. Extremely rare in used condition Mauritius specialist piece US4 £4395
16474New Zealand3531906 Cowan paper perf 11 1d Universal, block of 4, one perf lightly toned, o/wise extremely fresh and fine, very l.m.m. (one or two stamps possibly/probably unmounted). RPS Cert (as old SG number 418c) 1969. A great rarity. Cat £2800 £
16475New Zealand3551906 Waterlow mixed perfs, plate W2 (C.P-G9E), 1d rose carmine NW corner block of 4, with additional rows of horizontal perfs, officially patched and cut, a few tiny faint tone spots, part o.g. RARE. Ex. Midas and Sir Gawaine Baillie collections. Realised £1555 at John Mowbray (New Zealand) auction in November 2009. Currently catalogued at £1700 for the basic stamps. £
17457Norway1863-1995 OUTSTANDING & BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN-UP balance Collection, in 5 matching binders, with each page laid out with issue details, often with associated photos, maps, diagrams, etc. Starts 1863-6 Arms 3 sk, 4 sk x3, 24 sk.1867-8 Arms 1 sk x2, 3 sk (m), 4 sk x2, 8 sk. Posthorns 1871-5 1 sk x2, 4 sk x2, 6 sk.1877-9 many shades to 60 ore x2. Oscar set m + f.u. 1882-5 large die shades to 20 ore x2, small die to 25 ore.Surcharges. 1889-95 & 1897-1915 P/Dues. Then a wealth of later material with fair degree of completeness, inc. Most defins.represented, and majority of Commems for the period. Also includes much additional material, with varieties, covers, cards, maps, and much else of interest. Altogether a very interesting lifetime collection. Condition is generally very clean, with few minor faults among earlies, but well above average. Mint and often additionally f.u.(very many 100s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £8350 US £1335
17561Nyasaland56a1898 Internal Postage setting II imperf 1d vermilion and deep ultramarine fresh unused with margin at top Cat £5500 US6 £
17563Nyasaland561898 Internal Postage setting II imperf 1d vermilion and deep ultramarine COMPLETE SHEET of 30 showing the 30 different types and including many frame brakes in various position, cancelled '872' DEEP BAY, some creasing and a few small tears as to be expected with an item of this nature. A magnificent showpiece, possibly unique Cat £4500 US6 £2092
17855Papua New Guinea1,etc1952-2012 Complete collection fine mint nearly all unmounted except a few early sets which are mounted, including mini sheets and sheetlets, the scarce 1994 sucharges and Postage Dues (except the rare 6d on 7½d blue), much value is in the very modern issues which were printed in tiny quantities (100s), all contained in three Seven Seas printed albums. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS CLIENTS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £3500 US3 £1022
19527St. Helena11856 QV PB Wmk Star 6d blue block of 6 possibly from position R10/7-R11/9. cut into at right and bottom but with gum and one of only two such known blocks - a great St Helena rarity US £
19549St. Helena31863 QV PB Wmk Crown CC 1d lake block of 6 with clear margins all round and much original gum from position R8/4-R9/6 (only 69 sheets printed and blocks are rare) US £
19587St. Helena34ba1884 QV Crown CA ½d on 6d emerald with part original gum showing DOUBLE SURCHARGE - ONE WITH N Y SPACED - extremely rare with probably only two examples known - complete with 1975 BPA cert stating it to be genuine but not recognising the NY variety and unkindly describing it as 'soiled' whereas this adhesive is of very good to fine appearance, of fine colour and well centred for this issue. Upon the reverse we note trivial imperfections, small blue manuscript (not affecting appearance), partial hinge remnant and light pencil / gum bend. Possibly unique mint part o.g. Cat £11000 US £
19819St. Helena114-231934 Centenary set to 10s in imprint blocks of 4, a single lightly toned perf on one 2d and one 10s (mentioned for accuracy), o/wise very fine u.m. Cat £1700 £
20439Sweden82 & 841918 King Gustav V 55o. light blue and 80o. black Varnamo issue, superb mint with Wahl (2004)and Rendon photo certificates, the key 20th century issues, extremely scarce. Cat £5000 US £2225
20463Sweden1950's-1990's COMPLETE BOOKLETS COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION in box from 1950's through to early 1990's. Fair degree of completeness for the period with occasion duplication which often displays full or partial cylinder numbers and other marginal markings. Some Definitives, but mostly Commems, with many thematics noted. Condition is superb unused throughout, with a HIGH FACE VALUE. Catalogue figure shown is given by vendor, but judging from the lists enclosed, seems to be fairly accurate, but not guaranteed by us. Rarely offered lot (several hundred booklets) Cat £4000 £1000
21017Turkey1863-1921 MINT & USED COLLECTION on leaves. Starts with Sultan Abdul-Aziz first types on thin paper 20 pa, 1Pi x 2, 5 Pi x 2. Thick paper 1 Pi. 1863 Postage Due 20 pa. 1865 Perf.12½ shades to 2 Pi,5 Pi x 2 all f.u. 1867 (June) 2 Pi & 5 Pi f.u. Then un-issued 10 pa to 1 Pi m.m. Postage Due vals. 1868 (Oct) Perf.13½ to 5 Pi x 4 f.u. 1871-2 Perf. 5 to 11½ to 5 Pi f.u. To 10 pa x 3 f.u. 2 Pi. Then later similar ranges inc. Sultan Murad V types from various printings to 5 Pi mostly f.u. 1892-1901 Postage Dues f.u. 1894 Printed Matter types to 2 Pi f.u. 1898 Military Post set Perf.13½ f.u. 1901 Internal Mail to 50 Pi f.u. Foreign mail to 5 Pi f.u. 1901 Printed Matter to 2 Pi f.u. Postage Due set f.u. 1905 Perf.12 to 50 Pi f.u. 1905 Printed Matter to 50 Pi f.u. Postage Due pair f.u. 1908 to 50 Pi Perf.12 f.u. Postage Dues f.u. 1908 (Dec) perf.13½ to 25 Pi f.u. Then continues with most issues represented to 1921 inc. 1913 G.P.O. Types Perf.12 to 25 Pi f.u. P/Dues to 1 Pi f.u. 1914 Tougra A Perf.12 issues to 100 Pi f.u. Postage Due vals f.u. 1915 (Aug) Surcharged pair f.u. 1916 Pictorial types to 50 Pi x 2 f.u. Telegraph & Telephone Ovptd. Types f.u. Inc. On Pictorial types mostly f.u. And much else. Majority are Fine Used with some mint. Condition is generally very fine throughout, and an excellent lot. Stated by Vendor to cat £4,300 approx (NOTE the latest SG cat is 2006, and new up-rated price catalogue expected in 2015) (many 100's) Cat £4300 £1000
21018Turkey1863-1981 Mint and used specialised collection in Devon loose leaf album(about 3,300 stamps). The collection is expertly presented and written up with these highly complicated issues identified, some with Michel catalogue numbers where not listed by S.G. The collection commences with 1863 set plus shades used, 1865-76 Star and Crescent specialised mint and used issues inc overprints, 1876-90 Ottoman Empire types inc uncatalogued varieties, 1913 G.P.O. Set mint, hundreds of War time overprints including inverts, Hejaz Railway set mint, 1921-23 Pictorial set used, 1923 Smyrna Conference set used on pieces, 1923 defin values to 500P used, 1926 defin set mint, 1928 Izmir set mint and used, 1929-30 New Currency sets ex 20k mint, 1930 Railway ovpt set mint, also set ex 1K,100K mint, each with variety '390' for '930', 1934 Smyrna set used, 1935 Women's set ex 50K used, good degree of completion for later issues mint including 1952 defin set imperf, booklets SG SB15-18. This collection is far to complex for a more detailed description, an excellent opportunity to acquire an in depth collection, offered intact. US2 £1958
21021Turkey1867-1989 INTERESTING ORIGINAL COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION in large stockbook. Starts with 1867 an later similar Star & Crescent overprinted types. 1876 Sultan Murad V types. 1898 Military Post set Perf.13½, 1914 Pictorial types. 1915/6 Star & Crescent Ovpts on various types. 1917 Provisional ovptd. Isssues. Then extensive later ranges, with fair degree of completeness, with many Commem.sets and ranges of various Definitive types. Then some Souvenir sheets. Then some pages of Red Crescent issues, Officials, Postage Dues, etc. Some duplication noted, but condition appears to be very fine throughout, mounted mint or unmounted mint. Unchecked by us in detail, but stated by Vendor to Cat. £5,000 + (NOTE :- latest SG catalogue is 2006 edition, and price-uplifted new edition due 2015) (Very many 100's) Cat £5000 £1000
21105Turks Islands21867 6d Die Proof in black on India paper affixed to card, very fresh and fine, with Stanley Gibbons sale card for £2,950 and RPS(1975) certificate £
21156Turks Islands391881 2½d on 1s dull blue fresh mint, large part original gum, perfs clipped at left otherwise very fine Cat £3750 £
21186Turks Islands34,351881 2½d on 1d red Types 23 and 24 in a vertical pair fresh mint with part original gum, fine Cat £2250 £
21187Turks Islands21-23,171881 ½d on 1d red in a fresh mint upper left corner block of 15 being the complete overprint setting 11 comprising SG17, SG21(9), SG22(3), SG23, SG24, light gum wrinkle on two, fine and rare Cat £3915 £
21422United States of America1861-65 Civil War, remarkable collection of Patriotic Covers unused, in three volumes containing 425 covers. Volume 1 contains famous people, military portraits, scenes and States including Elmer Ellsworth covers (24), he was an early casualty and martyr on the Union side, and a range of covers showing 'Loyal' States and 'Rebel' States. Volume 2 contains caricatures such as Jefferson Davis trying to tickle the British Lion with cotton, other covers showing 'Traitor Jeff', 'Confederate Bonds' cover featuring shackles. Volume 3 contains Flags, Eagles and miscellaneous covers. A most interesting lot, apparantly all different, in generally fine condition, accompanied by the William Weiss catalogue of Union Civil War Patriotic Covers. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US4 £2637
21951Falkland Islands1381933 Centenary £1 black and carmine, fine m.m. Scarce. Cat £2500 £
22012Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 10, horizontal pair LD-LE, close (at right) to very good margins all around, heavyish black MC cancels, v.g.u. This plate scarce in multiples. Cat £3500 £
22018Great Britain - QV (line engraved)471858-79 2d deep blue, plate 15, block of 4, CI-DJ, wonderful rich colour, fine l.m.m. Exceptional. Cat £3300 £
22029Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, CG, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9 (broken letters), centred to SE, good colour, a few lightly toned perfs, h/r, m.m. RARE. Cat £6000 £
22197ItalyD381870-1925 Postage due - 10L brown & blue (toned gum) with heavily-rounded corner, centred R - o/w fresh mm example of this very difficult early issue. Cat £9000 £
22199ItalyD341870-1925 Postage due - 2L brown & pale blue, (perfs slightly trimmed at top) fresh mm with gum toning. A very nice copy of this extremely scarce stamp. Cat £6500 £