About GB Bespoke

UPA has launched a new service

If you collect high-value GB, 1840-1940, this service may be what you need to improve and complete your collection.

We know how tricky it can be to source classic stamps that tick all the boxes in terms of desired condition, excellent centring and perfect perforations.

Located in the heart of the UK, we have access to the best British Classic materials, major collections, auctions and suppliers, plus a team of philatelic experts with almost 300 years cumulative philatelic experience.


Here’s how it works…

  1. You tell us which SG/Scott numbers you are looking for, including any specific preferences (such as condition, gum, perfs, centring, budget).
  2. We use our resources to find the best match for your request.
  3. We email you a scan and details of the stamp for you to either accept or refuse.
  4. If you accept, we will issue an invoice and arrange shipping once paid. If you refuse, we will continue our search.
  5. All stamps will be certified by UPA (free of charge), or can be submitted for expertisation by Expert Committees (additional costs will apply).

Just like the auction, shipping is FREE, all UPA lots are guaranteed and there are no hidden costs.


The Small Print

  • GB Bespoke is an online service – we regret we cannot accept requests by any other means as the process requires email communication (for sending scans and details of stamps sourced).
  • GB Bespoke is for high-value stamps only – unfortunately it is not feasible to offer this level of service for low value stamps. If you are seeking lower value stamps, our UPA Auctions may be more suitable to your collecting needs – click here to request a catalogue.
  • If we are unable to find a match for your request after 6 months, we will notify you of this and will end the search unless you choose to amend your request (such as relaxing the search criteria).