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If you are interested in selling, we are interested in buying. We sell direct to collectors which is why, in the main, we can usually offer to pay more than other dealers.

And, because we handle stamps from literally every country in the world and we sell in a number of different ways (Postal Auctions, Approvals, World Mixtures and eBay), we don't 'cherry pick' what we wish to buy.   


If you are a serious collector and you are looking to sell either all or part of your collection, please contact us now with details of your collection - catalogue value, details of rarer material, certificates (where relevant), varieties etc...

If you have inherited a collection or discovered an old childhood collection and would like to find out a bit more about it, please send us some photos/scans/photocopies of a representative selection of album pages (maximum 20 images) - this will allow us to establish the type of collection you have and identify any potential value. For details of how to send pictures and what to take pictures of - click here.

If want to know more about any of the following items, just click the relevant link below...

First Day Covers

Presentation Packs

Our Free 'Stamp Screening' Service

Our Contact Details

Our valuation service is free of charge and there is no obligation to accept any offer we make


British Post Office / Royal Mail First Day Covers        

Although stamps have done well in the recession and sales are up, these have not. Typically you can find collections and/or individual covers offered on eBay selling for as little as 10p / 20p / 30p each if prices are unreserved but often not selling at all if reserve prices have been set.

We do offer to buy such collections but only if there is sufficient quantity - if you have 250+ please contact us. If you are in the UK, we can arrange to have your collection picked up - free of charge - from your home or office by courier.


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Presentation Packs   

Some sets/presentation packs sell for more but the problem is that the other 95%+ hardly sell at all at good prices because there are so many on the market. Fortunately with these packs the MINT stamps are still valid for postage. 

We currently pay up to 60% of the face value of the prices printed on the stamps - as long as the total face value of your stamps exceeds £100. 


If you are in the UK, we can arrange to have your collection picked up - free of charge - from your home or office by courier. Please contact us for details.


When totaling your face value please use the current prices for any stamps marked 1st, 2nd or E – namely 62p, 53p and 97p respectively.

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Free 'Stamp Screening' Service



"A picture paints a thousand words" - so why not send us a few images of your stamps and we'll give you some feedback.  It won't cost you anything and you can become informed without losing sight of your stamps. Here's what you need to do....


If the stamps are in an album, photo a few of the more complete pages, i.e. the pages with the most stamps on them.


If the stamps are loose, take a batch of approx 20-30, lay them on a flat surface and take a photo/scan - you can do this with a few batches.


Don't worry too much about which countries to photo - GB, China, India and Russia are popular at the moment but at this stage of the process we're just trying to establish the calibre of the collection. If every stamp we see is a common stamp, it's highly likely the rest of the collection will follow suit and there will be little chance of value. Similarly, if we see mainly common stamps but also a few more interesting items, there is a greater chance of other more potentially valuable items in the collection.


JPG / JPEG files are ideal - but don't send very high resolution images. A jpeg image of an album page shouldn't need to exceed 300KB. If your files are more than 1MB in size, they're too big! Try re-scanning or taking photos at a lower resolution.


QUANTITY - please limit the number of JPG files you send to a maximum of 20. We may ask you to send more once we have examined your initial batch, but a maximum of 20 images is more than enough as a starting point.


BUT - please, please, please - don't send lots of photos of individual stamps - our service is free but we cannot open hundreds of scans which just have one stamp in each image.


We always, always reply to e-mails and scans sent – we try and reply to all enquiries within 24 hours (or possibly 48 hours over weekends and bank holidays) - if you don't receive a reply at all, we probably haven't received your e-mail – or maybe our reply has gone into a 'Spam' folder.


Email your images to

(This is the easiest and quickest way for us to process your images as you can attach a dozen or more in one email)


or click here to use our upload facility...


If you don't have the facility to email photos/scans, just send us some colour photocopies - same rules apply as above!


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Our Contact Details

telephone : +44 (0)1451 861111


email :


address : UPA, 4 The Old Coalyard, West End, Northleach, Glos, GL54 3HE, UK 


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