Auction Schedule

Our auction schedule for 2018/19 is shown below...

UPA68 : Tuesday 9th January 2018   -   closed

UPA69 : Tuesday 10th April 2018   -   closed

UPA70 : Tuesday 10th July 2018   -   closed

UPA71 : Tuesday 9th October 2018

UPA72 : Tuesday 8th January 2019

UPA73 : Tuesday 9th April 2019

UPA74 : Tuesday 9th July 2019

UPA75 : Tuesday 8th October 2019

  • Catalogues can be requested at any time and are posted/emailed approximately one month prior to the auction date.
  • Bids can be placed online, emailed, faxed, telephoned or in writing up till 5pm (UK time) on the closing date.
  • Unsold lots are available to purchase at reserve prices (80% estimate) for a short period after the auction closes.