Auction UPA68 - Lots 20000 to 20387

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Lot No Country More Lots SG Ref Description Estimate Image
20000Mauritius329,3311965 QEII Birds 2R.50c & 10R.Neat c.d.s.(2) Cat 47.5 20
20001MonacoD321909 POSTAGE DUE 10c Sepia. Superb part c.d.s. Cat 150
20002Monaco281920 Albert 5 Fr Mauve. Fresh l.m.m.Perfect centring. Cat 225
20003Monaco144-81937 Views & Prince Louis II set. Fresh u.m.(5) Cat 160
20004Monaco1981939 Louis II Stadium 10 Fr. Fresh u.m. Cat 150
20005Monaco239-481941 National Refief Fund set. Fresh u.m.(10) Cat 55 25
20006Monaco343-511948 Olympic Games set inc.Postage & Airmails.Fresh u.m.(9) Cat 100 45
20007Monaco352-601948 Francois Bosio Death set.Fresh u.m.(9) Cat 120 50
20008Monaco438-4491951 Holy Year set to 100 Fr. Fresh u.m.(12) Cat 105 45
20009Monaco453-7,512-61951,1955 Seal of prince Rainier III sets for 1951 & 1955.Superb u.m.(10) Cat 130 60
20010Monaco463-721953 Olympic Games set. Superb u.m.(10) Cat 100 40
20011Monaco5171955 25th Monte Carlo Rally 100 Fr. Superb u.m. Cat 110
20012Monaco642-31960 Royal Couple Airmails 3Fr & 5Fr.Superb u.m.(2) Cat 120
20013Monaco858-860b1966 Rainier & Grace Airmail set.Superb u.m.(5) Cat 80 35
20014Monaco1497-15251981-8 Portraits set with all colours complete.Super u.m.(29) Cat 120
20015Montserrat1-21876-83 1d (2) and 6d green, each with thin, g.u. Cat 74 19
20016Montserrat1-21876-83 1d and 6d, fresh appearance, part o.g. Cat 100 33
20017Montserrat5/121880 2d blue, 1884-85 1d rose-red, 2d (both) and 4d mauve, good used. (5) Cat 132 42
20018Montserrat61883 perf 12 1d red, centred to right, fresh o.g. Cat 80 31
20019Montserrat14-231903 set to 5s (superb), fresh, very fine used. (10) Cat 450
20020Montserrat24-331904-08 set to 5s (centred to right, early usage), 6d is the scarcer ordinary paper, fresh, fine used. (10) Cat 360
20021Montserrat1904-08 d on ordinary paper and 1d, 1908-14 d, m.m. (3) Cat 42 15
20022Montserrat35-471908-14 set to 5s (blemishes on three values to 2s), o/wise v.g.u. (10) Cat 325
20023Montserrat481914 5s red and green/yellow, fresh, fine mint. Cat 90
20024Montserrat49-591916-22 set to 5s, toned perfs on 2s6d, o/wise fine m.m. (11) Cat 130
20025Montserrat63-831922-29 set complete to 5s, blemish on a couple of low values, o/wise fine and fresh, m.m. (21) Cat 95
20026Montserrat84-931932 Tercentenary set to 5s, very fresh, very fine mint. (10) Cat 160
20027Montserrat101-1121938-48 KGVI set to 1 unmounted mint, very fine (12) Cat 110 48
20028Montserrat136a-149a1953-62 QEII pictorials set to $4.80 very fine hinged mint (15) Cat 75 28
20029Morocco Agencies - British Currency1-81898-1900 set to 2p, incl. both 20c and 50c blue-black ovpt., vertical creases on 1p, m.m. (10) Cat 157
20030Morocco Agencies - British Currency9-161899 ovptd. set to 2p (creased, and some short perfs, at top), g.u. (8) Cat 140 42
20031Morocco Agencies - British Currency221903-05 1p black and carmine, fine m.m. Cat 35 16
20032Morocco Agencies - British Currency17-231903-05 set to 2p (signed on reverse), fine m.m. (7) Cat 190
20033Morocco Agencies - British Currency24-301905-06 set to 2p, vertical gum crease at edge of 20c, o/wise fine m.m. (7) Cat 160
20034Morocco Agencies - British Currency27-81905-06 25c and 50c, fresh, fine used. Cat 73 31
20035Morocco Agencies - British Currency31-401907-13 set to 2s6d, fine mint, plus perf 15 x 14 4d (toned gum), m.m. (9) Cat 195 75
20036Morocco Agencies - British Currency55-611925-36 set to 1s, fine m.m. (7) Cat 55 26
20037Morocco Agencies - British Currency62-51935 Silver Jubilee, fine used. (4) Cat 40 18
20038Morocco Agencies - British Currency66-741935-37 set to 5s, fine m.m. (9) Cat 85 40
20039Morocco Agencies - French Currency202-111925-34 set to 1fr50 on 1s, fine m.m. (10) Cat 60 26
20040Morocco Agencies - French Currency212-261935 Silver Jubilee and 1935-37 set to 6fr on 5s, h/r, fine m.m. (15) Cat 32 14
20041Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency112-231907-12 set to 12pi on 10r (couple of lightly toned perfs at top), o/wise fine m.m. Cat 200
20042Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency140-11914-20 DLR 3p on 2s6d yellow-brown and 12p on 10s, very fine l.m.m. Cat 145
20043Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency1361914-26 Waterlow 6p on 5s, couple of lightly toned perfs, u.m. Cat 38 15
20044Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency130/51914-26 10c/1d to 1p/10d ex. 15c on 1d and 20c on 2d, m.m. (4) Cat 26 10
20045Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency143-81925-31 surcharge set too 40c on 4d, fine m.m. (6) Cat 60 26
20046Morocco Agencies - Spanish Currency149-591935 Silver Jubilee and 1935-37 set to 1p on 10d, h/r, fine m.m. (11) Cat 36 16
20047Morocco Agencies - Tangier231-401927 set to 2d, 1934-35 set to 1d and 1935 Silver Jubilee, h/r, fine m.m. (10) Cat 64 30
20048Muscat and Oman94-1051966-67 Unmounted mint set of 12, very fresh & fine Cat 100 44
20049Natal11/241861 3d, 1861-62 3d, 1863 thick paper 1d both shades, 1863-65 6d lilac and 6d violet (oval violet cancel), g.u. Cat 215 46
20050Natal59-611870 1s green, 1870-73 1d and 3d, fair used. Cat 36 11
20051Natal841875-76 ovptd. POSTAGE 1s green, missing SE corner perf, couple of tiny tone spots, h/r, m.m. Cat 140 25
20052Natal1001882-89 Crown CA 3d blue, well centred, small ink mark at bottom right, h/r, m.m. Cat 160 46
20053Natal1001882-89 Crown CA 3d blue, well centred, small ink mark at bottom right,, h/r, m.m. Cat 160 46
20054NatalO3-51904 Official 1d (2), 3d and 6d, small blemishes, good used. Cat 131 31
20055Nauru1924-28 greyish paper 3d pale blue (centred high) fine used, and 1935 Silver Jubilee 1s, fine mint. Cat 20 8
20056Nauru26B-39B1924-48 shiny white paper set to 10s, some patchy gum toning, many appear unmounted, fine l.m.m. (14) Cat 200
20057Nauru1-121946-23 ovptd. at bottom set to 1s (yellowed gum), h/r, fine m.m. (11) Cat 85 32
20058Nepal1886-2006 A mint & used collection in a Tower album with useful mainly used early issues (45) from 1886-1941 includes 10 imperf reprints, then 1949 set & 1954 King sets superb mint (cat 280), 1957 Crown set superb mint (cat 160), then a good run of commems, defins & thematic material plus a few Officials. A bit sparse after 1992. Also Seven covers with 1941-46 issue frankings (SG 57, 58 & 59). Four pages of forgeries of early issues at the back. A great collection to develop. Generally fine/very fine (c600). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 330
20059Netherlands STADSPOST - Local post collection from various towns/cities in a Dutch stockbook, mint & used, plus a few Sweden local post. 1960's-70's(?) Clean lot with duplication. (Few 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 55
20060Netherlands757a-757d1952 Stamp Exhibition set. Superb u.m.(4) Cat 130
20061New Guinea73/91915-16 Roos first watermark 2d (a few tone spots), 2d and 9d, l.m.m. Cat 77 28
20062New Guinea1181918-22 Roo 1 bistre-brown and grey-blue, well centred, crisp corner cds, very fresh, v.f.u. A RARE STAMP. Cat 6000
20063New Guinea106/131918-23 Roos 2d, 2d, 3d, 9d and 1s, fine u.m. (5) Cat 51 28
20064New GuineaO191919-23 Official 2d rose-scarlet (watermark Type W5), horizontal pair, perfin O5, thin at edge on one, o/wise fine used. Cat 70 23
20065New GuineaO171919-23 Official 1d violet, perfin O5, centred to right, violet mark on reverse, v.g.u. Cat 50 18
20066New Guinea130b1925-27 6d yellow-brown, fresh, v.f.u. Cat 48 22
20067New GuineaO22-301925-31 Official set to 2s (gum scrape), incl. 6d shade, the 4d is with RADIO OFFICE cds, fine m.m. (10) Cat 98 35
20068New Guinea137/721931 (June) and (Aug) Air sets to 1s, odd wrinkle, fine m.m. (19) Cat 71 28
20069New Guinea1591931 (Aug) 2 brown-lake, two minor shades, ragged perfs at lower right on one, o/wise fine used. Cat 96 35
20070New Guinea177-861932-34 set to 2s, fine used. (12) Cat 135 55
20071New Guinea190-2011932-34 Air set to 5s, the 1d and 3d without gum, thinned perf on 6d, some yellowed gum, l.m.m. (14) Cat 110 40
20072New Hebrides1a-91908 on Fiji set to 1s (both), fresh, fine m.m. (9) Cat 200
20073New Hebrides10-161910 ovpt. set to 1s, very fresh, fine l.m.m. (7) Cat 19 9
20074New Hebrides18-281911 set to 5s, fine l.m.m. (9) Cat 110 60
20075New Hebrides36-511921 set to 6d, 1924 surcharge set, 1925 set to 5s, some gum toning, l.m.m. (15) Cat 56 21
20076New HebridesD1-51925 P. De set to 10d (centred to NE), toned gum, m.m. (5) Cat 150 50
20077New Zealand431862-64 imperf 6d red-brown, 3 margins, light cancel, v.g.u. Cat 110 24
20078New Zealand1864-71 perf 12 1d pale orange-vermilion and 3d lilac, v.g.u. Cat 77 24
20079New Zealand1361871-73 perf 12 6d pale blue, good used. Cat 55 19
20080New Zealand1671874-78 blued paper perf 12 2d rose, v.g.u. Cat 40 13
20081New Zealand1831878 perf 12 x 11 6d blue, v.g.u. Cat 50 18
20082New Zealand2421882-1900 perf 11 5d olive-black, centred to NE, small gum bend, fresh u.m. Cat 70 29
20083New ZealandL1/36c1891 to 1937 Life Insurance values on printed leaf, incl. a couple of useful mint, used, fair to fine. Cat. approx. 250. (26) 72
20084New Zealand248-571898 pictorials 2d to 1s, the 5d is the scarce sepia shade but with small closed tear at bottom, o/wise v.g.u. (9) Cat 400
20085New Zealand249/521898 pictorials 2d, 3d and 4d, fine m.m. Cat 56 21
20086New Zealand2671899-1903 pictorial 9d rosy purple, fresh, adherence, part o.g. Cat 50 16
20087New ZealandO61a/31907-11 Official 2d bright reddish purple (horizontal pair) and 3d, variable centring, fresh m.m. Cat 67 26
20088New Zealand1909-16 Edward 8d, 1915-30 values to 9dd, 1915-33 set to 3d (ex. 1d orange-brown), m.m. Cat 120 46
20089New Zealand388-941909-16 set to 1s (ex. 4d orange-red), incl. 8d shade, m.m. (8) Cat 150
20090New ZealandI74-71910-16 Official set to 1s, h/r, fresh m.m. (4) Cat 90 40
20091New Zealand412-31913 Auckland Exhibition d (unmounted) and 1d, fine mint. Cat 50 22
20092New ZealandO103-41915-27 Official 8d (a couple of lightly toned perfs) and 9d, m.m. Cat 107 35
20093New Zealand1915-30 perf 14 x 13 2d yellow, 4d and 7d, v.g.u. Cat 90 33
20094New Zealand1915-30 perf 14 x 14 2d yellow (2) and 9d, v.g.u. Cat 96 37
20095New Zealand453/651920 Victory and 1925 Dunedin Exhibition, fine m.m. (9) Cat 87 38
20096New Zealand4671926-34 Admiral 3s mauve, fine m.m. Cat 110 44
20097New Zealand546-71931 Smiling Boys 1d and 2d, h/r, m.m. Cat 150
20098New Zealand548/541931 Air set, 1932 Health and 1934 Trans-Tasman, very good to fine used. (5) Cat 124 50
20099New Zealand548-501931-35 Air set, fine m.m. (3) Cat 60 25
20100New ZealandF1451931-40 Postal Fiscal Arms 1s3d lemon, 4s to 7s, 8s, 10s, 15s and 1, very good cds used. (9) Cat 227
20101New ZealandF162,1761931-40 Postal Fiscal Arms Cowen paper 2 purple, plus Wiggans Teape paper 9s, each with pressed out corner crease, very good cds used. Cat 205 51
20102New ZealandF158/2061931-40 Postal Fiscals 1 pink, both papers, 1940-58 duplicated values to 2, good to fine used. (46) Cat 240 53
20103New Zealand552/41932 Health 1d and 1d (light bend) and 1934 Trans-Tasman 7d, fresh m.m. Cat 60 22
20104New Zealand570-51935 Air and Silver Jubilee sets, fine m.m. (6) Cat 32 13
20105New Zealand556-691935-36 pictorial set to 3s, 1d is perf 14 x 13, most are unmounted, fresh, fine mint. (14) Cat 170
20106New Zealand1936-42 pictorials 1d (2), 2d, 2d (4), 3d, 4d, 5d, 8d, 9d (perf 14 x 15), 1s (2), 2s (2) and 3s (perf 13-14 x 13), a few could be earlier watermark, many are unmounted, fresh, fine mint. Cat 190 72
20107New ZealandD401937-38 P. Due perf 14 x 15 3d, faint pressed out vertical crease, v.g.u. Cat 75 21
20108New ZealandF191/51940-58 Postal Fiscals 1s3d orange-yellow (a few small tone spots, unmounted), 2s6d, 4s and 5s, fine m.m. (4) Cat 106 38
20109New Zealand630-11941 smaller size 9d, single (centred to right) and multiple (centred to left) watermarks, m.m. Cat 98 38
20110Newfoundland35/91868-73 1c brown-purple and 6c rose, good unused no gum. Cat 147 31
20111Newfoundland49/591887 c rose-red, 3c deep brown and 1894 c black, fresh o.g. Cat 110 38
20112Newfoundland66-791897 Anniversary set to 60c (gum disturbance where hinge sweated off), h/r, fine m.m. (14) Cat 325
20113Newfoundland83-901897-1918 Portraits set to 5c, incl. 1c green and 2c orange shades, fine mint. (10) Cat 180
20114Newfoundland941908 Map 2c, fine m.m. Cat 29 12
20115Newfoundland95-1051910 pictorial set to 15c, a few faint perf tones, h/r, m.m. Scarce set. (11) Cat 475
20116Newfoundland117-271911-16 Coronation set to 15c, incl. 1c, 2c and 8c shades, fine mint. (14) Cat 387
20117Newfoundland130-411919 Contingent set to 36c, gum thin and toned perf on 12c, o/wise fine m.m. (12) Cat 160
20118Newfoundland149-621923-24 pictorial set to 24c, incl. 10c shade, many are unmounted, fine mint. (15) Cat 205
20119Newfoundland164-781928-29 Publicity set, incl. 8c shade, a few are unmounted, toned gum on a few, o/wise fine l.m.m. (16) Cat 151
20120Newfoundland179-871929-31 re-engraved set, incl. both 2c perfs, toned gum on a couple, m.m. (10) Cat 116 46
20121Newfoundland195-71931 Air set to $1, with watermark, fresh, fine mint. (3) Cat 110 50
20122Newfoundland198-2081931 with watermark pictorial set to 30c, incl. 6c minor shade, fresh, fine mint. (12) Cat 232
20123Newfoundland192-41931 Air set to $1, no watermark, fresh, fine mint. (3) Cat 85 38
20124Newfoundland209-201932 pictorial set to 30c, fresh, fine l.m.m. (12) Cat 80 37
20125Newfoundland222-91932-38 pictorial set to 48c (incl. 1c shade) and 1933 ovptd. 15c, most are unmounted, fresh, fine l.m.m. (10) Cat 39 18
20126Newfoundland236-491933 Gilbert set to 32c, very fresh, very fine l.m.m. (14) Cat 110 51
20127Newfoundland246a1933 Gilbert 15c, wmk top of shield to right, v.f.u. Cat 35 15
20128Newfoundland230-41933 Air set to 75c, fresh, fine m.m. (5) Cat 160
20129Niger Coast1/51892-94 d (offset on reverse), 1d, 2d (very good used, OPOBO RIVER cds) and 5d (2), fresh m.m. (5) Cat 81 30
20130Niger Coast1-61892-94 Oil Rivers ovpts on G.B. set fresh mint(6), the 2d has a tiny mark Cat 150 77
20131Niger Coast1-61892-94 Oil Rivers overprints on G.B. set(6) fine used Cat 120 77
20132Niger Coast201893 'Half Penny' in violet on 2d green and red fine used, OLD CALABAR c.d.s., some paper on reverse Cat 250
20133Niger Coast211893 'Half Penny' in vermilion on 2d purple/blue fine used, heavy FORCADOS RIVER c.d.s. Cat 180
20134Niger Coast181893 'HALF PENNY' in violet fine used tied to small piece by OLD CALABAR c.d.s., expertized on reverse Cat 500
20135Niger Coast171893 'HALF PENN.Y' in vermilion on 2d purple/blue fine used, part FORCADOS RIVER c.d.s., three separate expert handstamps on reverse Cat 200
20136Niger Coast51-6a1894 (May) set to 1s, incl. 5d shade, 2d and one 5d no gum/part gum, o.g. (7) Cat 125 40
20137Niger Coast45-501894 (Jan) set to 1s, 5d is thinned, v.g.u. (6) Cat 60 19
20138Niger Coast56a1894 (May) 1s perf 13-14, fine m.m. Cat 60 24
20139Niger Coast641894 in blue on half 1d vermilion perf 14-15 fine used, pulled perf at top left, OPOBO RIVER c.d.s., with Brandon(2004) certificate Cat 500
20140Niger Coast45-56,66-741894-98 Queen Victoria Head sets(21) mint or unused without gum, some gum faults, the 10s is fresh unused no gum Cat 350 99
20141Niger Coast701897-98 5d red violet perf 13-14 well centred very fine used, OLD CALABAR Registered oval Cat 90 53
20142Niger Coast701897-98 5d red-violet, perf 13-14, slight water stain, v.g.u. Cat 90 28
20143Niger Coast72/3a1897-98 1s (part o.g.) and 2s6d perf 15-16 (unused no gum), fresh. Cat 94 20
20144Nigeria1914-1994 COLLECTION on large stockcards. Starts with 1914-29 Vals. to 2/6d m.m. or f.u., Silver Jubilee vals. to 1/-, 1936 Pictorials to 5/-, Ranges of KGVI to 5/- x 3, later Definitives inc.1953-8 to 1, 1961 to 1 x 2, 1965-6 to 1, etc.Then Commemorative sets and values for the period. m.m. or u.m. or f.u.(Couple 100's) 185
20145Nigeria11c1914-29 10s on emerald (pale olive back), centred to NE, fresh, fine l.m.m. Cat 160 99
20146Nigeria121914-29 1 deep purple and black/red, centred to SE, couple of short perfs at lower right, fresh, m.m. Cat 190 104
20147Nigeria10a1915(Aug) KGV,Wmk.MCCA,5/- with Lemon back.Fresh m.m. Cat 21 10
20148Nigeria - Southern Nigeria7-91901-02 CA 2/6d,5s,10s fresh m.m., very fine Cat 250
20149Nigeria - Southern Nigeria7-91901-02 CA 2/6d,5s,10s Specimen fresh mint, 5s no gum and one rounded corner, 10s no gum 33
20150Nigeria - Southern Nigeria1901-1912 Mint and used collection balance on leaves(65) inc 1903-04 CA 2/6d used, 10s used, heavily cancelled, 1904-08 MCA set to 5s mint, mostly fine 110
20151Nigeria - Southern Nigeria10-191903-04 CA set to 10s(10) fresh m.m., the 2d,6d,1s have gum creases Cat 265 143
20152Nigeria - Southern Nigeria181903-04 CA 5s grey black and yellow very fine used, BONNY RIVER c.d.s. Cat 225
20153Nigeria - Southern Nigeria311904-09 MCA 10s grey black and purple/yellow fresh l.m.m. Cat 170
20154Nigeria - Southern Nigeria32a1904-09 MCA 1 green and violet Head Die A fresh mint Cat 325
20155Nigeria - Southern Nigeria32ab1904-09 MCA 1 green and violet Head Die B fresh mint, gum crease Cat 325
20156Nigeria - Southern Nigeria26ab1904-09 MCA Head Die B 4d grey black and pale olive green v.f.u., Lagos Parcels cancel Cat 50 33
20157Nigeria - Southern Nigeria22a1904-09 MCA 1d grey black and carmine fresh u.m. lower left corner Plate lock of six, light gum creases Cat 72 44
20158Nigeria - Southern Nigeria261904-09 MCA Head Die A 4d grey black and olive green fresh u.m. top marginal block of six, two are creased Cat 84 44
20159Nigeria - Southern Nigeria23,241904-09 MCA 2d grey and chestnut Head Die A, 2d grey and blue fresh mint Plate blocks of six, two 2d are creased Cat 26 16
20160Nigeria - Southern Nigeria33-441907-11 MCA set to 1 plus d,1d,6d shades(15) fresh mint, the 1 is heavily mounted Cat 461
20161Nigeria - Southern Nigeria441907-11 MCA 1 purple and black very fine used tied to piece by Lagos Registered oval Cat 300
20162Nigeria - Southern Nigeria541912 MCA 5s green and red/yellow v.f.u., central Lagos c.d.s. Cat 80 53
20163Nigeria - Southern Nigeria561912 MCA 1 purple and black/red very fine used Cat 275
20164Nigeria - Southern Nigeria45-561912 MCA set(12) fresh mint, the 1 has a gum crease Cat 250
20165Niue41902 perf 14 1d carmine, centred to SW, very good used. Cat 55 22
20166Niue16/241903 11s, 1911 d to 1s, 1917-21 1d carmine, fresh m.m. (5) Cat 58 22
20167Niue55/711932 pictorial set to 1s, 1935 Silver Jubilee (plus 1d with narrow 'K' variety), fresh m.m. (11) Cat 57 22
20168North Borneo1890's1970's COLLECTION on stockcards. Starts with few earlies, 1909 vals. to 12c, KGVI vals. inc. 1947 25c, 1950-2 vals. to 50c, 1954-9 to $2, 1961 to $2. m.m. or f.u.(90) 45
20169North Borneo66-791894 QV,Pictorial set to 24c,taken as cheapest.Fresh m.m.(9) Cat 100 45
20170North Borneo168,1701909-23 KEVII-KGV, Pictorials 6c Apple-Green & 10c Greyish-Blue.Fresh m.m.(2) Cat 90 40
20171North Borneo178d1911 KGV, Pictorial 25c.Fresh u.m. Cat 60 30
20172North Borneo305-7,3091939 KGVI Pictorials 3c,4c,6c,10c.Fine c.d.s.(4) Cat 33.75 15
20173North Borneo303-3141939 KGVI Set to 50c. Fresh l.m.m.(12) Cat 324 135
20174North Borneo335-3481947 KGVI Crown Colony set to $2.Fresh l.m.m.(14) Cat 65.5 28
20175North Borneo356-701950-2 KGVI Set to $10 inc.both 50c.Slight stain on Jesselton 50c.l.m.m.(16) Cat 150
20176North Borneo385-61957 QEII Defins. $5 & $10.Fine part c.d.s.(2) Cat 77 32
20177North Borneo391-4061961 QEII Set to $10. Fine part c.d.s.(16) Cat 75 35
20178Nyasaland21,23,271895 QV,No Wmk. 1d,4d,& 3/-.Fine c.d.s.(3) Cat 132
20179Nyasaland581901 6d purple & brown, a fine mint pair Cat 26 12
20180Nyasaland57e/581901 4d purple & green & 6d purple & brown in fine mint horizontal pairs. Cat 56 22
20181Nyasaland83-93a1913-21 KGV Wmk.MCCA, both d shades,1d Scarlet,2dGrey,2d,3d on pale Yellow,4d on Yellow,6d Dull & Bright Purple,1.-Blue-Green/Olive back.All fresh m.m.(9) Cat 45.5 20
20182Nyasaland1921-1964 COLLECTION on stockcard inc.1921-33 4d & 6d m.m.,1934 vals to 1/- m.m. or c.d.s.,KGVI inc. 1945 to 10/- c.d.s., QEII Ranges inc. 1953-4 to 20/-, 1963 to 1, 1964 1, etc.Clean lot, m.m. or u.m. or c.d.s.(68) 90
20183Nyasaland100-1081921-33 KGV Wmk.Script set to 1/-.Fresh l.m.m.(8) Cat 62 28
20184Nyasaland114-1221934-5 Pictorial set to 1/-.Fresh l.m.m.Some u.m.(9) Cat 45 20
20185Nyasaland130-431938-44 KGVI Set,all colours to 1.Fresh m.m.(18) Cat 200
20186Nyasaland1571945 KGVI 20/- Scarlet & Black.Fresh u.m. Cat 29 14
20187Papua New Guinea1-151952-58 Set to 1 very fine (16) Cat 90 35
20188Pitcairn Islands1/121940-48 KGVI set to 2/6 fine mint(some unmounted) & RSW pair fine u.m. Very fine (14) Cat 119 44
20189Pitcairn Islands1-8,13-161940-51 KGVI Set complete to 2/6d.+ U.P.U. set.Fresh l.m.m.(14) Cat 89.5 40
20190Pitcairn Islands18-281957-63 QEII Set to 2/6d inc.both 4d types.Fine c.d.s.(12) Cat 27 13
20191Pitcairn Islands1960's-2007 QEII COLLECTION on stockcards. Starts with 1964-5 to 8/- c.d.s.,1967 Overprinted set to 45c on 8/- c.d.s., 1969-75 vals. to 50c, 1981 to $2 c.d.s., 1988 to $5 u.m., 2000 to $10 u.m., 2007 to $10 u.m. + some Commemorative sets u.m.Clean throughout.(126 + 2 MS) 80
20192Poland1980-200 A fine used/cto collection in a large Paragon album with a good number of sets in 80's, later rather sparse but very clean throughout with little or no duplication (636 + 1 min sheet). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS 66
20193Portugal201856(April) King Pedro V (Curly Hair), 25R Blue, type 'a', with single lines in lower corners. 4 good margins. f.u. '102' in barred oval pmk. Cat 85 28
20194Portugal18a1856-8 King Pedro V (Curly Hair),5R Brown,with 4 good to large margins.f.u.'1' in dots pmk. Cat 120
20195Portugal331862 King Luis, 50R Blue-Green.f.u.'1' in dots pmk.4 large margins. Cat 140
20196Portugal241862(Sept) King Luis, 5R Brown,Type I, 4 large margins. f.u. '1' in dots pmk. Cat 39 14
20197Portugal431866(1 Sept) King Luis,curved label.80R Orange.4 large margins.f.u.'1' in dots pmk. Cat 110 40
20198Portugal461866(28 July) King Luis,curved label.120R Blue.4 good to large margins. f.u.'1' in barred oval pmk. Cat 110 45
20199Portugal611867 King Luis, curved label. Perf.12.80R Orange.f.u.'50' in barred oval pmk. Cat 160
20200Portugal451867(20 Feb) King Luis,curved label.100R Dull Purple.f.u.4 neat good margins.f.u.'1'in dots pmk. Cat 150 48
20201Portugal521867(5 Nov) King Luis,curved label,Perf.12. 5R Black,Type I. f.u.'109' barred oval pmk. Cat 65 25
20202Portugal891870-84 King Luis, straight label.Perf.12, on un-surfaced paper. 80R Type I. f.u. with complete 'FUNCHAL' (Madeira) c.d.s.5th Dec.1881. Scarce usage. 30
20203Portugal1001876 King Luis,straight label.Perf.12 on un-surfaced paper.300R Lilac.Neat part c.d.s. Cat 200
20204Portugal284-941892 'PROVISORIO' overprinted diagonally on set to 80R(taken as cheapest).All fine c.d.s.(7) Cat 320
20205Portugal291a1892-3 King Carlos,Perf.12, 25R Rosy-Mauve.Overprinted 'PROVISORIO'.Fine c.d.s. Cat 110 45
20206Portugal309-3131893 '1893 PROVISORIO' Surcharged set to 75R on 80R (Taken as cheapest).Fine c.d.s.(3) Cat 315
20207Portugal3101893 King Carlos, '50R' on 80R Type I,Pale Orange,overprinted '1893 PROVISORIO'.Fine c.d.s. Cat 150
20208Portugal3051893 King Carlos 25R Rosy-Mauve,overprinted '1898 PROVISORIO'.Fine c.d.s. Centred low. Cat 150 50
20209Portugal3041893 King Carlos 20R Rosine,overprinted '1893 PROVISORIO' Fine near-full c.d.s. Cat 47 18
20210Portugal2521893(1 Aug) King Carlos,Perf.12.200R Blue/Blue.Fine part c.d.s. Cat 65 25
20211Portugal2671893(1 Aug) King Carlos,Perf.13.300R Blue/Pale-Brown.Neat part c.d.s. Cat 110 40
20212Portugal2921893(1 Feb) King Carlos,Perf.12.50R Blue,overprinted 'PROVISORIO'.Fine c.d.s. Cat 95 35
20213Portugal3371895 St.Anthony 700th Anniv.150R. Fine part c.d.s. Cat 150
20214Portugal378-851898 Vasco da Gama set.Fine c.d.s.(8) Cat 85 35
20215Portugal442d1911-12 'REPUBLICA' on 5R, Bisected diagonally on small piece.Fine c.d.s.Uncatalogued in SG 25
20216Portugal448,4541911-12 'REPUBLICA' overprint on 75R & 1000R on 10R.Both fine c.d.s.(2) Cat 102 38
20217Portugal671-6911926 Ist Independence set.fresh l.m.m.(21) Cat 300 125
20218Portugal780-7951928 3rd.Independence set.Fine c.d.s.(16) Cat 130 50
20219Portugal862,8641931 Nuno Alvares Pereira,75c & 4E.50 Both fine c.d.s.(2) Cat 123 45
20220Portugal878-801934 Colonial Exhibition set.Fresh u.m.(3) Cat 100 40
20221Portugal900-31938 Grapes set. Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 70 30
20222Portugal969-761945 Navigators set. Superb u.m.(8) Cat 50 20
20223PortugalMS996a1946 Castles Souvenir sheet. Fine 'CTT.AEROPORTO LISBOA 1 JUL 47' c.d.s. Cat 450
20224Portugal989-9961946 Castles set. Superb u.m.(8) Cat 225
20225PortugalMS1009a1947 Costumes Souvenir sheet.Fine complete 'CTT/AEROPORTO LISBOA/22 FEV 50'c.d.s.'s Cat 400
20226PortugalMS1028a1949 Portraits Souvenir sheet. Neat c.d.s.'s Cat 120 50
20227Portugal1021-281949 Portraits set.Superb u.m.(8) Cat 150
20228Portugal1039-441950 San Juan de Dios set.Fresh u.m.(6) Cat 140 60
20229Portugal1049-521951 End of Holy Year set.Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 55 22
20230Portugal1112-51954 Education Plan set. Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 95 38
20231Portugal1118-211954 4th Centenary Sao Paulo set.Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 180
20232Portugal1122-301955 Kings set. Fresh u.m.(9) Cat 60 25
20233Portugal1131-31955 Telegraph set. Fresh u.m.(3) Cat 80 32
20234Portugal1136-391956 Railway Centenary set. Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 125
20235Portugal1142-51957 Almeida Garrrett set. Fresh u.m.(4) Cat 200
20236Portugal1178-831960 Prince Henry set. Fresh u.m.(6) Cat 50 20
20237Portugal - Colonies - St. Thomas and Prince344-3611938 Vasco da Gama POSTAGE set. Fresh u.m.(18) Cat 156.5 60
20238Portugal - Colonies - St. Thomas and Prince362-701938 Vasco da Gama AIRMAIL set to 10E.Fresh u.m.(9 Cat 296.25
20239Rhodesia - Northern Rhodesia54/741953 Rhodes trio & QEII defins set to 20/-, very fine mint (17) Cat 83 31
20240Sabah (formerly North Borneo)408-4231964-65 Overprinted pictorials of North Borneo, very fine set to $10 unmounted mint (16) Cat 75 33
20241Sarawak1934-1959 COLLECTION on stockcard.Starts with 1934 Vals. to 15c Blue, 1950 to $5, 1955-9 to $5, etc. Generally clean thoughout, m.m. or f.u.(69) 75
20242Seychelles1/591890-1903 A small, mainly mint QV - KEVII range on leaves with QV mint vals to 15c(2) & 18c with 36c f.u., Edward VII 1903 to 75c & the three 1903 surcharges, all very fine mint. Clean & very fresh lot.(27) Cat 230 104
20243Seychelles681906 KEVII Definitive 75c Yellow & Violet f.u. Cat 55 32
20244Seychelles60-701906 KEVII Definitives 2c to 2r25 complete good used set. (11) Cat 200 120
20245Seychelles71-811912-16 KGV Definitives 2c to 2r25 complete set plus SG73a - 6c Aniline-Carmine. Superb v.l.m.m. set. (12) Cat 123 74
20246Seychelles82-971917-22 KGV Definitives 2c to 5r set plus SG93a - 75c (Die II) Emerald Back and SG95a - 1r50 (Die II). Super fresh brightly coloured mint small h/r. (18) Cat 249 152
20247Seychelles98-1231921-32 KGV Definitives 2c to 5r super fresh brightly coloured mint small h/r. (24) Cat 190 110
20248Sierra Leone11859-74 QV Defiitive 6d Dull Purple l.m.m. (Clipped perf SW corner), very fresh example. Cat 250
20249Sierra Leone21863 QV No Wmk.6d Grey-Lilac.Neat B31 barred oval pmk. Cat 42 16
20250Sierra Leone1870's-1960's COLLECTION in large-format stockbook.Starts with 1872-3 6d f.u.,1876 Wmk.CC 1/- f.u. 1883 4d f.u.,1884091 1/- m.m.& c.d.s., KEVII ranges to 1/- x 2 different m.m. & to 2/- c.d.s., 1912-21 to 10d m.m.& to 9d c.d.s., 1/- x 3 c.d.s., 1932 to 6d m.m.& to 2/- c.d.s., 1933 Wilberforce to 1/- m.m. & vals.c.d.s., KGVI vals. To 1 m.m. Others c.d.s., 1956 to 10/- pair, 1961 to 1 m.m., 1963 to 1 u.m. And to 1 c.d.s., later Definitives to 5L + Commemoratuve sets, etc.Generally clean throughout .m.m. or u.m. or f.u. (couple 100's) 200
20251Sierra Leone27-341884-91 QV Definitive complete set mint med h/r. Very fresh bright colours. (8) Cat 120 68
20252Sierra Leone27-34,28a1884-91 QV,Wmk.CA.Set to 1/- + listed shade of 1d.All m.m.(9) Cat 150 65
20253Sierra Leone39,41-81893,1896-7 QV Wmk.CA d on 1d.Then 1896-7, d,1d,2d,4d,5d.All m.m.(6) Cat 42 18
20254Sierra Leone41-511896-97 QV Definitive vals d to 2s (SG50 - 1s has two p/p at bottom) good used. (11) Cat 90 49
20255Sierra Leone841903 KEVII Definitive 5s Green & Carmine f.u. (Colours slightly faded). Cat 140
20256Sierra Leone971904-05 KEVII Definitive 5s Green & Carmine good used. Cat 65 37
20257Sierra Leone981904-05 KEVII Definitive 1 Purple/Red super f.u. Cat 350
20258Sierra Leone931904-05 KEVII Definitive 5d Dull Purple & Black f.u. Cat 38 21
20259Sierra Leone1101907-12 KEVII Definitive 5s Green & Red/Yellow good used. Cat 70 42
20260Sierra Leone1111907-12 KEVII Definitive 1 Purple & Black/Red very good used. Cat 250
20261Sierra Leone104a-1061908-12 KEVII Wmk.MCCA,3d Ordinary paper,4d,5d.m.m.(3) Cat 56.25 25
20262Sierra Leone1261912-21 KGV Pictorial 5s Red & Green/Yellow (o/c NW) v.f.u. Cat 38 20
20263Sierra Leone127a1912-21 KGV Pictorial 10s Carmine & Blue-Green/Green good used. (o/c SW) Cat 200
20264Sierra Leone1271912-21 KGV Pictorial 10s Red & Green/Green mint small h/r. (o/c NW) Lovely fresh brightly coloured example. Cat 110
20265Sierra Leone131-1451921-27 KGV Definitive/Pictorial vals d to 5s super fresh l.m.m. (15) Cat 75 44
20266Sierra Leone155-1661932 KGV Pictorial vals d to 10s mint smal h/r. Very fresh lovely bright colours. (12) Cat 130 76
20267Sierra Leone163-51932 KGV Pictorials 1/-,2/-,5/-.Fresh l.m.m.(3) Cat 36.5 15
20268Sierra Leone1781933 Centenary of Abolition of Slavery and of Death of William Wilberforce 5s Black & Purple l.m.m. Lovely fresh examples. Cat 160
20269Sierra Leone168-1771933 Centenary of Abolition of Slavery and of Death of William Wilberforce vals d to 2s mint small h/r. Lovely fresh examples. (10) Cat 90 52
20270Sierra Leone181-1841935 KGV Silver Jubilee Set mint small h/r. (SG184 - 1s o/c NE) Lovely fresh lot. (4) Cat 32 17
20271Sierra Leone190a,191a1938 KGVI 1dScarlet,2d Mauve. Fresh l.m.m.(2) Cat 70 28
20272Singapore CHRISTMAS ISLAND 1932 envelope to London, bearing Australia 2d on 1d tied by Christmas Island cds, Singapore transit mark on reverse.
20273Singapore CHRISTMAS ISLAND 1953 (May) neat printed envelope to USA, bearing Singapore KGVI 20c tied by crisp upright cds.
20274Singapore CHRISTMAS ISLAND 1948 (April) envelope registered to England, bearing BMA MALAYA 10c pair, 25c pairs (2) and $1 pair, all tied by crisp upright Christmas Island cds's, registration label at left, Singapore transit cds on reverse. Some peripheral faults, still scarce and attractive.
20275Singapore98/1451968-70 A small unmounted mint lot with 1968 defins to $1, many Commem sets from National Day to Shipping, very fresh & fine, no duplication (29) Cat 49 22
20276Somaliland105-161942 KGVI Set to 5R, fresh l.m.m.(12) Cat 48 20
20277Somaliland125-351951 KGVI Surcharge set to 5/- on 5R.Fresh l.m.m.(11) Cat 55 25
20278South Arabian Federation1964-66 A range of u.m. overprinted sets from Seiyun(56) & Hadhramaut (18) plus odd unoverprinted values, no duplication (80) Cat 206 72
20279South West Africa91923 KGV Stamps of South Africa ovpt 'South West Africa' 2s6d Purple & Green l.m.m. Very fresh appearance. Cat 70 39
20280South West Africa241923-26 KGV Stamps of South Africa ovpt 'South West Africa' 2s6d Purple & Green u.m. Very fresh appearance. Cat 50 28
20281South West Africa531927 Stamps of South Africa ovpt 'South West Africa sideways' 5s Black & Green horizontal bilingual pair, mint small h/r. Lovely fresh example. Cat 75 45
20282South West Africa661927-30 Stamps of South Africa ovpt 'S.W.A.' 5s Black & Green horizontal bilingual pair, mint small h/r. Lovely fresh example. Cat 65 38
20283South West Africa841931 Pictorial issue 10s Red-Brown & Emerald horizontal bilingual pair good used. Cat 50 28
20284South West Africa1931 Pictorial issue SG74-83 vals d to 5s (SG83 - 5s x 2 shades) and SG86-87 - 3d & 10d Air issues all in horizontal bilingual pairs, l.m.m., except one pair of 5s mint smal h/r. (13) Cat 162 95
20285St. Helena153-1651953-59 QEII pictorial set to 10/- with extra shade of d. Very fine Cat 85 33
20286St. Kitts and Nevis - Nevis91867-76 1d pale red, short perf at left, fresh, unused no gum. Cat 65 13
20287St. Vincent131869 QV,No wmk.Perf.11-12.1/- Indigo.Neat A10 pmk. Cat 90 28
20288St. Vincent141869(Sept) QV No Wmk.Perf.11-12.1/- Brown.f.u.Barred oval pmk. Cat 160
20289St. Vincent1870's-1967 COLLECTION on stockcards, starts with various QV Vals. To 1/- x 2 different, KGV Vals. To 1/- x 2 different, 1938-47 to 5/- m.m. Also to 5/- c.d.s., later ranges inc.1955-63 to $2.50, 1965-7 to $5, etc.Few small faults, but mostly clean. M.m. Or f.u.(115) 60
20290St. Vincent251877 (July) QV Wmk.w2 sideways,Perf.11-12.4d Deep Blue.Neat A10 pmk. Cat 90 30
20291St. Vincent501885 QV,Wmk.CA,Perf.14.4d Red-Brown.Neat A10 pmk. Cat 22 10
20292St. Vincent56,61-21893-7 QV, Wmk.CA, 1893 4d Yellow,1897 2d Blue,5d Sepia.Fresh m.m.(3) Cat 25.75 11
20293St. Vincent67-731899 QV,Wmk.CA,Set to 6d.m.m.some with h/r(7) Cat 47.75 20
20294St. Vincent76-811902 KEVII,Wmk.CA. Set to 6d.m.m.(6) Cat 36 15
20295St. Vincent90,911906-9 KEVII,Wmk.MCCA, 1/- (Plain paper),2/-.Fresh m.m.(2) Cat 58 25
20296St. Vincent101,104-5,071909-11 KEVII,Wmk.MCCA.1909 1/- h/r.1909-11 with dot 2d,2d,6d.All m.m.(4) Cat 39.75 17
20297St. Vincent158a,1591938-47 KGVI, 10/- & 1. Fresh l.m.m.(2) Cat 35.5 15
20298St. Vincent164-771949-52 KGVI All colours set to $4.80.m.m.some with h/r(19) Cat 45 17
20299Sudan1-91897 Stamps of Egypt ovpt 'SOUDAN' vals 1m to 10p complete set mint, (SG4 - 3m Two p/p's at top and most o/c). Cat 200 110
20300Sudan1-91897 Stamps of Egypt ovpt 'SOUDAN' used set. (SG5 - 5m Two p/p's on left, SG6 - 1p one p/p at top and one on right has damaged design, SG7 - 2p tones perfs, SG8 - 5p Two pulled perfs both top and bottom). (8) Cat 100 35
20301Sudan59-671935 50th Death Anniv of General Gordon superb l.m.m., set 5m to 50p. (9) Cat 130 76
20302Swaziland1913 Revenue 1d red and 1922 1d red fine mint, Barefoot 59,70 38
20303Swaziland1913 Revenue-6d red and purple two examples tied to piece by large circular cancels, one with no stop, Barefoot 60,60a cat 60 44
20304Swaziland1913 Revenue-1d red fiscally used pair, Barefoot 59 38
20305Swaziland1913 Revenue-1d red fine mint corner pair, Barefoot 59 44
20306Swaziland1913 Revenue-1d red tied to small piece by 1917 Mbabane postal c.d.s., Barefoot 59 33
20307Swaziland1913 Revenue-1s to 1 used and 6d mint(7), fine, Barefoot 60-66 cat 475
20308Swaziland1922 Revenue-1 red and olive green inverted watermark fine used, stated to be the only known example
20309Swaziland1922 Revenue-1 red and olive green very fine used, Barefoot 76 cat 125
20310Swaziland1922 Revenue-1 red and olive green very fine used, Barefoot 76
20311Swaziland1922 Revenue-10s green and purple very fine used, some paper on reverse
20312Swaziland1922 Revenue-1s violet and purple used, pen cancel, small faults, Barefoot 84 cat 50 22
20313Swaziland1922 Revenue-1s violet and purple ovpt at top very fine used tied to piece, Barefoot 77 55
20314Swaziland1922 Revenue-2/6d orange and green fine used, light crease 22
20315Swaziland1922 Revenue-5s brown and grey very fine used, Barefoot 74
20316Swaziland1922 Revenue-6d red and purple fresh m.m. 22
20317Swaziland1922 Revenue-5s brown and grey fine used, a couple of short perfs, Barefoot 64 cat 75 55
20318Swaziland1925 Revenue-Ovpt in two lines 1s violet and purple fine used, pen cancel, Barefoot 80 55
20319Swaziland1925 Revenue-Ovpt in two lines 1 red and green very fine used, Barefoot 85
20320Swaziland1925 Revenue-Ovpt in two lines 5s grey and brown very fine used, unlisted by Barefoot
20321Swaziland1925 Revenue-Ovpt in two lines 2/6d orange and green fine used, pen cancel 55
20322Swaziland1930 Piece bearing 1913 2s, 1922 5s, 1925 1s, Barefoot 62,74,80, a fine piece bearing three different overprint types
20323Swaziland11-191933 KGV Definitive vals d to 5s f.u. (Some o/c). Cat 87 48
20324Swaziland201933 KGV Definitive 10s Sepia f.u. Cat 180
20325Swaziland1938-1960's COLLECTION on stockcards, starts with KGVI Defins. to 1/- m.m. or c.d.s. Then Mint or u.m. QEII ranges inc.1956 to 1, 1961 Surcharges to 2R on 1, 1961 to 2R, 1963-6 to 2R, 1968 Overprinted set to 2R. Very clean throughout.(117) 100
20326Switzerland4591945 Peace 10 Fr. Violet/Buff. Fine c.d.s. Cat 170
20327TanganyikaN1-N51916 Nyasaland Protectorate stamps ovpt 'N.F' set of 5 l.m.m. Very frresh bright colours. (5) Cat 130 76
20328Tanganyika45-591917-21 KGV Definitives ovpt 'G.E.A.' vals 1c to 5r (Includes both 25c and 75c shades). SG57 - 3r Two p'ps SE corner. Super fresh brightly coloured l.m.m. (16) Cat 113 65
20329Tanganyika601917-21 KGV Definitive ovpt 'G.E.A.' 10r Red & Green/Green v.l.m.m. Superb. Cat 150
20330Tanganyika611917-21 KGV Definitive ovpt 'G.E.A.' 20r Black & Purple/Red mint very light med h/r. Superb. Cat 325
20331Tanganyika72-731922 KGV Definitives ovpt 'G.E.A.'. 1c Black (1 tone spot and 1 toned perf) and 10c Orange mint small h/r and f.u. sets of 2. (4) Cat 43 21
20332Tanganyika1922-25 Small Giraffe issue SG74-82 - 5c to 75c and SG89-92 - 5c to 30c. All lovely fresh brightly coloured mint small h/r. (Most o/c). (13) Cat 80 46
20333Tanganyika93-1051927-31 KGV Portrait Mandated Territory issue vals 5c to 5s good used. (Missing SG104 - 3s), (13) Cat 77 44
20334Tanganyika1061927-31 KGV Portrait Mandated Territory issue 10s Deep Blue f.u. (o/c W) Cat 160
20335Tanganyika93-1051927-31 KGV Portrait Mandated Territory issue vals 5c to 5s (Missing SG98a - 30c Bright Blue). Lovely fresh l.m.m. (13) Cat 140 84
20336Tanganyika1061927-31 KGV Portrait Mandated Territory issue 10s Deep Blue u.m. (Toned gum). Very fresh bright example. Cat 100
20337Tanganyika1071927-31 KGV Portrait Mandated Territory issue 1 Brown-Orange mint very small h/r. (o/c E). Lovely fresh example. Cat 275
20338Togo - Anglo-French OccupationH131914 Togo Yacht stamp ovpt 'TOGO Anglo-French Occupation One Penny' 1d on 5pf Green. (Small thin NW corner). Very fresh example mint med h/r x 2. Cat 160
20339Tonga1886-88 King George I issues. SG1b - 1d Carmine P12 x 11, SG1ba - 1d Pale Carmine x 2 shades, SG2ba - 2d Bright Violet P12 x 11 and SG3ab - 6d Dull Blue P12 x 11) mint small h/r. (Most o/c and 6d clipped perfs on left). (5) Cat 127 69
20340Tonga131892 King George I issue 8d Bright Mauve mint small h/r. (o/c NW and soiled thinned perfs all the way round). Cat 70 32
20341Tonga38-531897 Pictorial issue vals d to 5s set mint small h/r. (2d, 3d, 6d and 2s6d have overall gum toning, most o/c). Very fresh appearance lovely bright colours. (14) Cat 225 130
20342Tonga57cb1920-35 Queen Salote 2d Black & Slate-Violet 'Small 2' variety. Super fresh example mint small h/r. Cat 70 42
20343Tonga57a1920-35 Queen Salote 2d Agate & Aniline Violet Wmk Upright mint small h/r. Lovely fresh example. Cat 40 22
20344Tonga101-1141953 QEII Set to 1.Fresh m.m. top 3 vals.u.m.(14) Cat 70 28
20345Tonga1966-70 A collectioon of almost all overprinted values unmounted mint on stock page. A very clean, all different lot (c75) Cat 85 33
20346Transjordan159-1711927-29 Emir Abdullah New Currency issue vals 2m to 1000m complete set v.l.m.m. nearly u.m. Superb. (13) Cat 200 120
20347TransjordanD189-1941929-39 Postage Due issue set of 6 vals 1m to 50m mint small h/r. (Al o/c). Lovely fresh examples. (6) Cat 50 28
20348Transjordan183-1941930 Emir Abdullah issue ovpt 'Locust Campaign' 2m to 500m complete mint small h/r set. (Higher vals o/c). Lovely fresh appearance. (12) Cat 150 88
20349Transvaal121G1877-79 South Africa Republic stamp ovpt ' V. R. Transvaal' with T7 ovpt good used. Cat 40 21
20350Transvaal134-137a1878-80 QV issue vals 1d to 6d good used. (Includes both shades of 1d and 6d). (1d x 3 short perfs most o/c). (6) Cat 54 26
20351Transvaal244-2521902 KEVII Definitive vals d to 2s (Missing SG249 - 4d). (SG252 - 2s has one p/p on right and one at bottom and faded top left value tablet). Lovely fresh mint small h/r. (8) Cat 140 65
20352Trinidad and Tobago155a1913-23 Britannia 5s Deep Purple & Mauve mint very small h/r. Superb. Cat 80 48
20353Trinidad and Tobago2131921-22 Britannia 5s Dull Purple & Mauve mint med h/r. Superb. Cat 75 42
20354Trinidad and Tobago2151921-22 Britannia 1 Green & Carmine mint small h/r (o/c SW). Superb example. Cat 180
20355Trinidad and Tobago230-2381935-37 Pictorial issue vals 1c to 72c super l.m.m. set. (9) Cat 70 42
20356Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad1131883-94 QV 5s Maroon l.m.m. (Black mark on back not visable from front). Super fresh example. Cat 55 29
20357Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad106-1121883-94 QV Definitves vals d to 1s l.m.m. (All slightly o/c) Lovely fresh appearance. (6) Cat 88 46
20358Trinidad and Tobago - TrinidadD11885 Postage Due d Slate-Black good used. Cat 50 29
20359Trinidad and Tobago - TrinidadO11894 QV Definitive ovpt 'O S' official stamp d Dull Green mint med h/r. (o/c NE). Lovely fresh example. Cat 48 22
20360Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad114-1211896-1906 Britannia issues d to 1s Wmk Crown CA l.m.m. Very fresh bright colours. (7) Cat 46 27
20361Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad127-1321901-06 Britannia colour change issue d to 5s set. Lovely fresh examples l.m.m./small h/r (5s l.m.m.) (6) Cat 110 64
20362Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad133-1441904-07 Britannia issue vals d to 5s v.l.m.m. (Includes both shades of 1d, 2d and 6d and 4 shades of 1s). Super fresh brightly coloured examples. (13) Cat 250 140
20363Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad1411904-07 Britannia issue 1s Black & Blue/Yellow mint small h/r. Lovely fresh example. Cat 25 14
20364Trinidad and Tobago - TrinidadD171905-06 Postage Due 1s Slate-Black f.u. Cat 45 26
20365Tristan da Cunha1-121952 KGVI Overprinted set to 10/- Fresh m.m.(12) Cat 140 65
20366Tristan da Cunha14-271954 QEII Set to 10/-.Fresh l.m.m.(14) Cat 90 40
20367Tristan da Cunha14-271954 QEII set to 10/- very fine mint (14) Cat 90 38
20368Tristan da Cunha28-411960 QEII Marine Life set to 10/-.Fresh very l.m.m.(14) Cat 75 35
20369Tristan da Cunha42-541961 QEII Marine Life decimal set to 1R, Blunt corner perf.on 2s.Fresh l.m.m. some u.m.(13) Cat 80 30
20370Tristan da Cunha42-541961 QEII South African currency set to 1r very fine mint (13) Cat 80 33
20371Tristan da Cunha1963-1983 COLLECTION on stockcards, starts with Definitives 1963 to 10/-, 1971 to 50p on 10/-, 1972 to 1, 1977 to 1, 1983 to 2.Then some Commem.sets for the period. Fine condition m.m. or u.m.(92) 45
20372Tristan da Cunha71-84b1965-7 QEII All colours to 1.Gum bend on 5/-.l.m.m. most inc.3 top vals.are u.m.(17) Cat 50 18
20373Turkey1198-12001938 AIRMAILS.Aeroplane surcharged set. Fresh u.m.(3) Cat 53 22
20374Turks and Caicos Islands1261909-11 KEVII Definitive 3s Black/Red f.u. (Tiny white mark on 'A' of Caicos). Cat 40 21
20375Turks and Caicos Islands1938 d to 1/- yellow bistre (ex 6d mauve) in unmounted mint marginal blocks of 6. Very fine (54) 55
20376Tuva53/108 19341934-36 A small mint & used collection on leaves with vals to 3a, no duplication, a greta starter collection. Fine/very fine(44) Cat 94 33
20377Tuvalu1/4881976-87 A small u.m. or vfu collection on leaves, very fresh & fine (100+) Cat 65 24
20378United States of America1954-72 A very fresh hinged mint range of defins/airs & coil stamps with values to $5, very fine lot (89) Cat 164 40
20379Upper Silesia36-461921 Upper Silesia Plebiscite overprint set, some faults m.m. Cat 180
20380Zanzibar3-111895-6 QV Overprinted a,1a.6p,2a,2a,3a,4a.Fresh m.m. Small 'Z' raised high on 2a & 3a.Dropped small 'Z' dropped lower on 2a.(6) Cat 60 28
20381Zanzibar172-41896 Sultan Seyyid 3R,4R,5R.m.m. h/r(3) Cat 89 35
20382Zanzibar2091904 KEVII 'Two & Half' on 8a.Fresh m.m. Cat 30 13
20383Zanzibar2951921-29 Dhow issue 10r Green & Brown Wmk Multi Script CA, mint small h/r. (o/c N). Lovely example. Cat 225 135
20384Zanzibar319-221936 KGV Wmk.Script.2/- to 10/-,m.m.(4) Cat 120 50
20385Zanzibar339-521952-5 KGVI-QEII, Set to 10/-.Fine c.d.s.(14) Cat 60 25
20386Zanzibar373-881961 QEII Set to 20/-.5c & 10c l.m.m.Others u.m.(16) Cat 42 18
20387Zanzibar1961-70 A small unmounted mint range with 1961 x 16 vals to 20s, 1964 1st overprint set of 20, smaller opt x 16 vals to 20s & other commems.Very fresh & fine Cat 80 28