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Lot No Country SG Ref Description Estimate Image
3General - Africa INDEPENDENT AFRICA (mainly) enormous collection of over 17,500 stamps in nine albums, largely covering the 1950's to 2000's, but some with earlier (i.e. Belgium Congo, Ethiopia and Liberia from 19th century), with mint and fine used issues (often both) with some unmounted mint throughout, and incl. better values, many sets, miniature sheets, airs incl. loads of high values such as former French Colonies to 500f, some imperf variants, masses of popular topicals etc; stronger countries incl. Algeria, Burundi, Cameroun, Congo areas, Gazza overprints on Egypt with sets to £1, Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, Libya (really good incl. Cyrenaica and 1st overprint sets mint), Morocco, Niger, Ruanda, Tchad, Togo, Tunisia and so much else; extremely fresh and attractive collection. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. (approx 17600+ stamps) US5 £1743
27General - British Commonwealth1840-1937 'IDEAL' Green printed S.G. album with interleaving, in reasonable original condition. very well-filled with stamps on virtually every page. pages are printed for issued to about 1914, but some later issues added to about 1938. Some rare item removed and offered elsewhere in this auction, but otherwise offered largely intact, with good ranges throughout, with hundreds of stamps catalogued in the £20 to £200 range, and some much higher.Good ranges of Ascension,Australia & States, Antigua, Bahamas,Barbados, Bechuanaland,Bermuda,Canada & Provinces (Strong),Brit.East Africa,Brit.Guiana,Brit.Honduras,Brit.Solomons,Brunei,Cape of G.H. Ceylon, Cyprus, K.U.T.Egypt,falklands,Malayan States, Fiji,gambia,Gibraltar,Gold Coast,GB (very strong section with huge cat.value),Hong Kong,India & States, Malta, Mauritius, Sth.Africa & Provinces,N.Z. Nigerias,Nyasaland,Rhodesias,'Saints',Samoa,S.Leone, Sudan,Trin.& Tob.Zanzibar,Zululand, etc. Some faults noted but ignored in our valuation. Mixed Mint & Used, with a host of better stamps noted throughout. Original lots of this age rarely seen. Huge cat.value (Very many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £4500
36General - King George VI1937-52 Substantial mainly mint collection in red Crown album(about 4,250 stamps) including Aden 1951 Surcharge set, Ascension 1938-53 set, Australia 1937-49 set, Bahamas 1942 Columbus set, 1948 Eleuthera set, Basutoland 1938 set, Bermuda 1938-53 set, Br Honduras 1938-47 set, Br Solomons Islands complete, Falkland Is 1952 set, Gibraltar 1938-51 set, Gold Coast complete, India, Montserrat 1938-44 set, Nyasaland 1938-44 set, Sarawak 1950 set, Seychelles 1938-49 set, 1952 set, Sierra Leone 1938-44 set, Swaziland 1938-54 set. Most 1948-49 RSW sets are included apart from Hong Kong. A fine lot in fresh condition in a clean album. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £14666 US2 £2976
63General - Thematics BIRDS ON STAMPS a stunning unmounted mint collection of mostly all different (occasionally 2 of each) complete sets displayed on Hagner pages in three binders, all world largely 1970's-2013 issues, much Commonwealth and plenty of higher catalogued sets seen in the £10-£30++ region, highly attractive. (approx 2750 stamps and 155 miniature sheets or sheetlets). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £2225
68General - Thematics BIRDS ON STAMPS fabulous mostly unmounted mint (plus som lightly hinged and fine used issues) and largely all different collection displayed in two stockbooks, packed with higher catalogued £10-£50+ all complete sets, Albania through to Yugoslavia with much Comonwealth noted incl. Definitive sets to high values, largely 1970's to about 2015, with better Ascension, Botswana, Br, Virgin Is, China, Falklands, Guyana, Mauritius, St Lucia, and so much else. (approx 2980 stamps and 10 miniature sheets). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1780
71General - Thematics BIRDS ON STAMPS - AN INTACT LIFETIMES COLLECTION IN 50 ALBUMS a very large collection written up partially by country, but mainly by species. The majority are 1950's-2000's issues hinged mint (much being heavily mounted or some stuck down), and although much of the material comprises relatively cheap issues, there are some good exceptions incl. a fair Falkland Islands 1933 Centenary 5s Penguin, USA Duck Hunting issues range etc. We sampled four of the albums and these averaged 990 stamps, so we estimate there to be 40,000 to 50,000 stamps in total. An extraordinary collection which if not broken by species and stamps partially stuck down would be worth a multiple of the estimate, which reflects condition and arrangement. Sold on belhalf of Birds Trust for Ornithology.. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £3133
85General - World LARGE BOX containing an ALL WORLD collection on stockleaves. The collection contains many 1000s of stamps with strength in the period 1940s to 1970s. Stamps have been colllected for thematic interest with Animals, Birds, Fish, etc. Better items include Angola 1951 Birds set fine used, 1953 Animals set u.m., Bechuanaland 1938 set to 10s mint, 1961 Surcharge set mint, Pictorial set to 2R mint, Botswana 1967 Birds set u.m., Brunei inc 1907 $1 mint, French Colonies and ex French Colonies inc Birds high values u.m., Japan, Kuwait 1965 Falcons set u.m., Laos, Malawi with u.m. defin sets inc 1968 Birds to £2, Mozambique 1953 Butterflies set u.m., Spanish Colonies, Thailand, Turks and Caicos 1960 Pelican £1 u.m. A valuable lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1320
88General - World1840s-1950s Large Scott International album for U.S.A. and World counties A to C, containing an extensive mint and used collection with 1,000s of stamps. The U.S.A. includes some better early issues, noted 1857-60 Washington 24c grey fine used, 1893 Columbus set to 50c used. World countries start with a good range of Abyssinia, Afghanistan inc Large Tigers unused(5), Armenia, Albania inc 1948 Registered commercial cover to U.S.A., Azerbaijan, Andorra, Angola, Argentina inc imperfs, later with mint Airmails inc 1932 Zeppelin overprints, Ascension inc GVI 2/6d,5s,10s mint, Australia, extensive Austria with very good coverage of early issues, Austrian Empire, Azores inc mint Pictorials to 4E50(2), Bahamas, Barbados, Bavaria, Batum inc some rare overprints, Bahrain inc 1948-49 10R on 10s blue fine used, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, well filled Brazil inc good early issues, Bulgaria, Canadawith better items, Cherry Red Airways labels(2), Cape triangles(4), Cenral Lithuania, Ceylon, an interesting old time lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1375
716Australia211914-20 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY COLLECTION OF THE 1D RED DIE I written up on pages, with shades incl. some line perfs mint (79) and used (140), inverted watermarks mint (10, incl. corner block of four showing run N etc) and used (58) incl. some plated varieties, then OS perfins (25, with three mint, and two inverted watermarks), State perfins (6), dry inks (6, possibly rough papers), three cto, coil and booklet stamps, thin and thick papers, a range of plated varieties incl. BW listed with run N corner example, and a single, three covers etc. A very good lot of this popular value. (approx 380 stamps) Cat £2600 £1000
745Australia531918 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY COLLECTION OF THE 1D RED DIE III written up on pages, with shades mint (2), and used (157), inverted watermarks (4), dry ink, plated varieties used incl. notch in right frame, white flaw at base of 1 at right (3), white flaw on Kings head above ear (4), white flaw in Kings earlobe etc, and many minor noted flaws that have not been plated, a wonderful lot of this scarce printing. (225 stamps) Cat £8956 £2000
747Australia49-501918-20 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY COLLECTION OF THE 1D RED, MULTIPLE WATERMARK written up on pages, used incl. three with clear 1918 or Feb 1919 cds's, and others used (5) claiming to be Cooke printings, and one mint with a yellowish tint to the gum, Harrison printings mint shades (6), and used (152, with a wide range of shades and many dated cancels), an OS perfin, two dry inks, then plated varieties used incl. BW 74 (3)d x2, e, 74 (4)d x2, g, n, o etc, a very good lot of these scarce printings. (200 stamps) Cat £4970 £1500
756Australia1920-30 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY COLLECTION OF 2D PLATES 1-16, AND DIE 2 PLATES 1-4 written up in two Devon albums, all used and incl. some OS perfins or overprints etc, each plate, pane and position identified incl. numerous BW listed ones, comprising 2d orange (approx 1150) note cracked electro at 1R40, 2d scarlet (approx 720), 2d red brown (72) and 2d scarlet die II/III (approx 245), a very good lot for the specialist. (approx 2185 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1112
757Australia1920-32 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY OF THE 1s4d VALUE written up on pages, with 1920-22 shades mint (2) and used (29, incl. three showing varieties), OS perfin (5, incl. strip of three) used, 1926-30 perf 14 shades mint (3) and used (11), OS perfin SG O96 cds used, perf 13½ x 12½ mint (3, one showing the scarce thick '1' at right retouched BW 130ma) and used (30), OS perfin, 1932 C of A watermark mint (8, one unmounted) and used (83, incl. some cto, and some with varieties and positions identified), a lovely lot in fine condition. (176 stamps) US £1335
781Australia1924-28 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY OF THE 4½d VALUE written up on pages, with 1924 single watermark mint (6) and used (50), OS perfin (22), OS/NSW, then varieties incl. many BW listed incl. mint block of four one with white flaw in right value tablet, 1927 multiple watermark perf 14 mint (7), used (60), OS perfin (9), varieties incl. retouched right value tablet mint, perf 13½ x 12½ mint and used (19), varieties incl. BW listed, mint block of four positions 1R29-30/35-36, 1930 Die II (SG 120a) cto (17, one with scarce flawed 'A' of Postage 3R10) etc, a very good lot. (approx 270 stamps) US £1602
783Australia1924-32 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY OF THE 3D VALUE written up on pages, with 1924 Harrison printings mint (10, incl. a marginal block of four unmounted, an imprint pair), and used (20), OS perfins (3) and OS/NSW, Mullett printings mint shades (4) and used (45), type A/B pairs mint and used, OS perfins (14, all type A), OS/NSW (8), 1926-30 multiple watermark perf 14 shades mint (6), used (40), type A/B pairs cds used (2), OS perfin (6, two with inverted watermarks), OS/NSW (7) and T (4) perfins; perf 13½ x 12½ mint shades (5, two unmounted), a cds block of four showing types A/B, used examples (52), OS perfins (5), State perfins (2), Die II mint shades (5), used (58), OS perfin (5); 1932 C of A watermark mint shades (10, two unmounted), used (58, incl. flaws and cto), OS overprint mint and used range etc, a wonderful lot. (approx 345 stamps) US £1780
785Australia1924-33 KING GEORGE V HEADS - STUDY OF THE 4d YELLOW OLIVE VALUE written up on pages, with 1924 single watermark shades mint (5), OS perfin (11, incl. two cto), varieties incl. lower marginal gutter block of eight showing 4R55 diagonal white line on neck mint, 1926-30 perf 14 mint (3) and used (16), OS perfin, varieties incl. 4L25 Kangaroo tongue out mint, perf 13½ x 12½ mint (8, incl. unmounted mint block of four, and a pair), used (40), OS overprint mint (11, incl. two blocks of four), and used 12, one bluish opt), 1933 C of A watermark mint (8) and used (58), State perfins (8), varieties incl. mint imprint pair showing diagonal line on Kings neck, 4R60 mint etc. (255 stamps) US £1112
818Australia1930's-2016 a powerful mint (95% unmounted, just a few of the earlier period are hinged), displayed on Hagner pages in three binders and a two stockbooks, occasionally two of each, the earlier years are quite weak but does include things like 1936 Anzac, the bulk of the value is in the decimal later years with sets, setenants, self adhesives, gutter pairs and units, miniature sheets and sheetlets, note 2006 Commonwealth Games miniature sheets set of 17, some booklets, few A.A.T., Cocos and Christmas Is, a handful of fine used etc. Stated to catalogue in the region of £6500. (approx 6000 stamps and 260 m/s's) HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £2670
916Australia165,etc1937-56 Defins to 1/4d specialised mainly mint collection on leaves(many 100s) including 1d green Die II coil join pair, coil strip of three, coil join strip of four, Brusden White 182bh cat $150 per pair, imprint and gutter blocks, 1d maroon coil pairs(5), coil strips of four(2), 1½d maroon two imprint blocks, 1½d green McCracken imprint blocks(2) and gutter blocks(2), Authority imprint and gutter blocks, 2d red perf 13½ x 14 complete sheet of 160, 2d red perf 15 x 14 thin paper Ash imprint block of four, two are unmounted, Brusden White 188aa $500, 2d red with 'Medal' flaw used, cat $250, also complete sheet of 160 Die II(SG cat £1,440), 2d mauve imprint blocks(7), 2d mauve u.m. top marginal block of 16 inc 'Medal' flaw, ditto u.m. and fine used singles, ditto right hand pane of 80 inc 'Medal' flaw, 3d blue Die I 'White Wattles' mint, cat $125, and CTO, cat $70, 3d blue Die I mint, CTO(2), FDC, mint pair with margin at left, one with thinned frame line, BW 191d $175, 3d blue Die Ia mint(2), cat $125 each, 3d blue Die II mint(4), 3d blue Die III mint(3), 3d brown thin paper u.m. block of four, BW 196a $600, 3d brown mint imprint pair with 'White Face', BW 196c $150, 3d brown top marginal block of 16 with 'By Authority' imprint at top from a mis-cut sheet, unlisted by BW and probably very rare, 1937 6d purple brown u.m. imprint block of four, cat $150, 1943 9d brown lower left corner blocks, one without imprint, cat $100, 1937 1s green mint(4), also unmounted mint Ash centre imprint block of four, cat $400, also with 6d on FDC, 1941 1s mint strip of three inc 'Roller' flaw, ditto three used examples, 1956 no wmk mint block of 18 and two mint strips of three each including 'Roller' flaw, ditto ten used examples, also complete pane of 80 inc 'Roller' flaw, 1/4d imprint blocks, two with varieties. An interesting lot in mainly fine condition £1100
1096Australia - Postage DuesD91-981922-30 a mint and used study collection written up on pages, incl. shades, cancels, plate flaws incl. positions identified, note 1d corner block of 48 unmounted mint, 1½d right pane of 60 unmounted mint, 2d pane of 60 unmounted mint, 3d mint (9), 3d largely complete left and right gutter panes rows 1-8 of 90 stamps unmounted mint, 4d mint (3) and used (10), 6d mint (3) and used (4) etc. A very good lot for the specialist. (490 stamps) £1000
1560Barbados1852-1994 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves. Starts with comprehensive ranges of QV Imperfs. inc. 1852-5 Blued paper (½d) Yellow-Green, (½d) Blue-Green x 2, (1d), (2d) Greyish-Slate, 1855-8 White paper (½d) x 4 shades, (1d) x 2, 1858 6d x 3, 1/- x 3. 1860 (1d), Perf. types inc. 1861 Clean-cut perf.14-16, (½). 1861-70 Rough Perf. (½d) x 4, (1d) x 3, 6d x 4, 1/- x 2. 1870 Wmk.large Star (½), (1d), 6d, 1/-. 1871-4 Small Star (1d) x 2, 6d, 1/-. 1872 1d, 1/-. 1873 Clean-cut perf. (½d), 1/- x 2. 1874 ½d, 1d. 1873 large 5/- x 2. 1875-81 vals. to 4d x 3, 1875-81 vals. to 1/- x 5. 1882-6 shades to 6d x 2, 1/-. 1892-1903 to 10d, Jubilee vals. to 2/6d, 1906 Nelson vals. to 6d, 1907 Nelson to 2½d x 2 one apparently being SG 162a. 1909 6d, 1912-16 vals., 1916-19 large Seal shades to 3/-. 1920-1 Mercury types to 2/-, 1921-4 small types to 1/-, 1925-33 Badge types to 3/-, 1938-44 shades/perfs. to 2/6d x 2, Silver Wedding pair, later KGVI ranges. Then comprehensive QEII inc. 1953-61 vals. to $2.40 x 2, 1964-5 to $2.40, 1965 to $5, 1966-9 to $5, 1970 to $5, glazed paper to $5, 1972 to $5 x 2, 1974 to $5 x 2, 1975 to $10, 1979 Birds to $5, 1985 Marine Life to $10 x 2, 1987 to $5 x 2, 1988 to $10, 1989 Flowers to $10, 1990 to $10 x 2, 1994 Ships to $10, etc. Then solid ranges of Commems. inc. Souvenir sheets, inverted watermarks, etc. Early period mixed mint or f.u. with few minor faults. Later period mostly m.m. or u.m. + additional items f.u. Cat. value stated is approximate,but seems reasonably accurate. (Many 100's. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £10250 US £1112
3582Canada1859-1970's COLLECTION on leaves, starts COLONY types, 1859 1c x 2, 5c x 4, 1868-90 Large Heads to 15c x 3, Many small heads to 10c x 2, 1893 20c x 3, 50c x 3, 1897 Jubilee shades ½c, 1c x 3, 2c x 2, 3c x 6, 5c, 8c x 2, 10c, these all m.m.Then shades ½c to 50c f.u. 1897-8 leaves in lower corners ½c to 8c m.m.& to 10c x 2 f.u.1898-1902 to 6c x 2 m.m.& to 20c f.u.1898 Maps x 8 m.m.or f.u.1899 Surcharges 2c on 3c x 2 of each m.m. 1903 20c m.m.& to 50c f.u.1908 Quebec to 15c m.m.or f.u.1911-22 to 20c m.m.& to 50c f.u.+ Coils,many War Tax issues inc. overprinted 1915 5c 1922-31 $1 x 3, Coils,1928-9 to $1 x 2, 1930-1 to 50c m.m.& to $1 x 3, 1932-3 to 8c m.m.nice KGV Commems. inc.Grain,1935 to $1 m.m.& to $1 f.u.1937-8 to $1, 1942-8 to $1 x 2, 1946-7 to $1, many later to $1 values.Then good ranges of Special Delivery stamps, Officials, Postage Dues, etc. Some faults among earlies, inc.some no gum.Otherwise generally clean, with high cat.value in excess of £12,000 (many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £12000 US £1557
4919Cyprus154a1938-51 1pi orange perf 13½ x 12½, an EXCELLENT STUDY LOT comprising 297 used examples, with several early usages incl. 14 APR 44 (second earliest date known, after 12th April?), a few have sheet positions, some smaller village postmarks, a few are damaged, some short perfs etc., many are extremely fine. Also 2 damages examples unused without gum (not catalogued). Fine and unusual lot. Cat £8000 US £1112
5539Falkland Islands127-381933 Centenary set to £1 complete(12) fresh m.m., very fine Cat £4250 £
5545Falkland Islands1381933 KGV Centenary £1 Black & Carmine. m.m. Gum disturbance either side of h/r at top, and gum is very slightly yellowed overall.Otherwise attractive. Cat £2500 £
5876France41850 Ceres 15c green on bluish-green - good-looking example with even margins and much original gum - large thin patch and tiny ink spot on face o/w exceptionally fresh example of this very scarce and valuable stamp. Cat £29000 US3 £
5883France731853 Napoleon 1F deep carmine, 4 margins, pinhole and suspicion of thin spot - fu with Paris numeral cancellation - nice-looking example. Cat £5500 US3 £
5890France681853 Napoleon 80c deep carmine with 4 even margins (possible small repair at top), fresh mm with good gum, tiny adhesion - strong, attractive shade of this scarce value. Cat £6000 US3 £
6725Germany - 1871 to 19451933-45 Mounted mint collection in Lighthouse printed album(100s) looks complete for the period except 1933 Chicago Flight set, with mini sheets including the rare 1933 Welfare sheet(cat £2,000), mounted in the margins only, also se-tenant combinations, Officials, War Time Occupations inc Bohemia & Moravia, Generalgouvernment, mainly fine. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1100
6959Germany - Saar1947-59 FRENCH OCCUPATION fine used collection displayed on KA-BE printed hingeless pages, basically complete incl. 1947 Definitive set, 1947 surcharges set, 1948 Definitive and Air set, 1948 Flood Disaster set and miniature sheets, 1949 Youth Hostels set, Horse Day, 1949 Official set, 1949 Relief Fund set, 1950 Kopling, Red Cross, Council of Europe set, National Relief Fund set, 1951 Red Cross, Relief Fund set, 1952-55 Views set, and all others, plus Return to Germany issues incl. both Heuss sets etc. Catalogued at a staggering £11,700+, although the postmarks are not guaranteed ! (approx 250 stamps and 2 m/s's) Cat £11700 US4 £1025
7158Gibraltar1081925-32 Script £5 violet and black fresh mint, apparantly unmounted, possible hinge shadow, extremely fine Cat £1600 £
7528Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 1a, TL, 4 small to very good margins, fine and fresh, unused no gum. RARE. Cat £18500 US £
7529Great Britain - QV (line engraved)61840 2d pale blue, plate 1, CC, 4 tiny to large margins, vertical crease at right, small part o.g. RARE. Cat £48000 US £
7531Great Britain - QV (line engraved)41840 2d deep full blue, plate 2, horizontal strip of 4, MA-MD, margins all around except just touches at lower left of MA, black MC cancels, sound, v.g.u. Cat pro rata £6500 as two pairs. US £
7555Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, horizontal pair, KI-KJ, margins all around except just touches at lower right, each tied to piece by neat distinctive black KELSO MALTESE CROSS cancel, very fresh, v.f.u. Exceptional. SG Spec D1(2)vb. Cat £8000 US £
7567Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 1a, RB, 4 small margins, usual slightly toned gum, h/r, m.m. SORAWI Cert. (2003). RARE. Cat £18500 US £
7568Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 2, DJ, 4 small margins, guide line in NE corner, apparently with VIOLET MALTESE CROSS, light surface toning, v.g.u. RARE. SG Spec. AI(2)vf. Cat £12000 US £
7571Great Britain - QV (line engraved)3, 71840 1d greyish black and 1841 1d red-brown, a MATCHED PAIR from plate 11, lettered NH (double letter 'H'), the former with 4 tiny to large margins tied to piece by black MC, the latter with 4 tiny margins, fine used. SG Spec AS74b. RARE. Cat £6175 US £
7572Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2, 71840 1d black and 1841 1d red-brown, a MATCHED PAIR from plate 11, lettered HC, each with 4 small to good margins, guide line in NE corner of 1d black, fine used. SP Spec AS73-4. RARE. Cat £5880 US £
7597Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, PJ, on quite a thick paper, 4 tiny to very good margins, with SEPARATE RED AND BLACK CROSS CANCELS, v.g.u. Believed to be only 4 or 5 examples known. RPS Cert (1982). SG Spec DS5ug. Listed but unpriced. RARE. US5 £1196
7598Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 1a, TB, 4 small margins, yellowed gum, l.m.m. Scarce thus. Cat £18500 US3 £
7599Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 5, TG, 4 margins except just touches at upper right, fresh, fine m.m. Cat £12500 US3 £
7600Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, AL, 3+ margins, very fresh, lovely colour, fine m.m. RARE. Cat £38000 US3 £
7609Great Britain - QV (line engraved)(5)1840 2d deep blue, plate 2, horizontal strip of 4, HG-HJ, small to good margins all around, neat black MC cancels tie to piece, very fine used. SG Spec DS7. Cat pro rata for shade and two pairs £6750. US4 £
7611Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 7, AF, 4 small neat margins, tiny shallow thin spot, very fresh, traces of o.g. RARE. Cat £13500 US2 £
7624Great Britain - QV (line engraved)31840 1d grey-black, plate 1a, horizontal strip of 4, QD-QG, small to good margins all around, crisp light red MC cancels, light creasing at top, o/wise fine used. Cat £3650 as two pairs. RARE. US £
7625Great Britain - QV (line engraved)11840 1d intense black, plate 5, horizontal strip of 4, EA-ED, tiny (at lower left) to very good margins all around, crisp black MC cancels, fine used. Cat £3000++ pro rata as two pairs. RARE. US £
7633Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 11, QH, 3½ margins, full thick gum, l.m.m. RARE THUS. Cat £23000 US £
7640Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2wi1840 1d black, plate 5, JA, First Repair, State 2, with WATERMARK INVERTED, 4 small to enormous margins except just shaves NE corner, neat red MC, fresh, v.f.u. SG Spec AS27e. RARE. RPS Cert. (1978). Cat £3750 US £
7654Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, PF, 4 small to good margins, excellent colour, horizontal crease barely affects appearance, fresh unused no gum. Signed Buhler's. BPA Cert (2008). RARE. Cat £38000 £3500
7663Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 2, horizontal strip of 4, NA-ND, very close but clear at the bottom joins of NB-NC and NC-ND, bust rub flaw on NC, red MC cancels, v.f.u. Cat £24504 as two pairs. Rare. US £
7678Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 5, MA, 4 small to good margins, partially regummed, fine and fresh unused. RPS Cert. (2015). Cat £12500 US £
7682Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 9, ID, 4 small to large margins, very light vertical gum creases, fine o.g. Brandon Cert. (2008). RARE. Cat £21000 US £
7683Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 8, BE, 4 small margins, light toning, m.m. RPS Cert. (1982). RARE. Cat £16500 US £
7701Great Britain - QV (line engraved)21840 1d black, plate 2 (very worn plate), SL, 4 tiny (just clear at left) to huge margins, with part of CAMELFORD TOWN POSTMARK IN RED, very fresh, v.f.u. EXTREMELY RARE. SG Spec AS15j, xb. Brandon Cert. (2006). Cat £18000 US £
7703Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, CL, 3½ small margins, small closed tear at upper right, fresh unused no gum. RARE. Cat £38000 US £
7715Great Britain - QV (line engraved)2Wi1840 1d black, plate 4, ME, 4 good margins, WATERMARK INVERTED, small shallow thin in top margins, light red MC but with heavy ink 'blob' in centred, fine used. RARE. SG Spec A523e. Brandon Cert. (2011). Cat £3750 US £
7768Great Britain - QV (line engraved)141841 2d blue, BA, 4 very small to huge margins, vertical guide line outside NE corner square, double (blind) A, slight gum tones, h/r, m.m. Very scarce. Cat £6250 US4 £
7773Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 8, JI, 3¾ margins just into at upper right, with lovely crisp RED MALTESE CROSS, fresh, v.f.u. RARE. Cat £5000 US £
7784Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 8, ND, 4 tiny to good margins except just shaves at SW corner, with RED MALTESE CROSS , fine used. Very scarce. Cat £5000 US £
7785Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, plate 9, TG, 4 good to huge margins, extremely fresh, very fine unused no gum. Cat £6500 US £
7788Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, plate 32, OC, 2 margins only, with fine partial ALDERNEY CHANNEL ISLANDS Maltese Cross cancel, very fresh, f.u. RARE. SG Spec BS21 tc. RPS Cert. (2009). Cat £10000 US £
7792Great Britain - QV (line engraved)71841 1d red-brown, from 'black' plate 1b, LJ, 3¾ margins (just shaved at lower left), central red MC, fine used. RPS Cert. (2005). RARE. Cat £5000 US £
7811Great Britain - QV (line engraved)121841 1d orange-brown, horizontal strip of 3, DA-DC, tiny to large margins all around, light gum bend, fresh u.m. RARE THUS. Cat £6000 US £
7812Great Britain - QV (line engraved)111841 1d lake-red, plate 165, horizontal pair, FH-FI, margins all around, tiny thin spot, small corner gum bends, h/r, m.m. RARE. Cat £10500 US £
7815Great Britain - QV (line engraved)151841 2d deep full blue, plate 3, BA, 4 small margins, fresh, unused no gum. RPS Cert (1983). Has since been cleverly regummed. Fine appearance. Very scarce. Cat £8500 £1000
7818Great Britain - QV (line engraved)81841 1d red-brown, plate 127, block of 4, BD-CE, on THICKER LAVENDER-TINTED PAPER, margins all around but almost touches at left, gum bends/creases on reverse, o.g. SG Spec B1l. Very scarce. Cat £6000 US £
7821Great Britain - QV (line engraved)151841 2d deep full blue, plate 3, horizontal pair, PH-PI, small to large margins all around, gum bend, a few light tone patches do not affect appearance, o.g. Cat pro rata £21,000. US £
7825Great Britain - QV (line engraved)14wi1841 2d blue, plate 4, ID, 3 margins, with WATERMARK INVERTED, fresh m.m. RARE. Cat £24000 US £
7830Great Britain - QV (line engraved)1852 1d red brown Alphabet 2, EB, the TREASURY ROULETTE, diagonal pre printing paper crease, lightly cancelled(full gum on reverse) fine used, rare. With Brandon cert(2004). SG Spec 2aa Cat £7000 US2 £
7861Great Britain - QV (line engraved)191854-57 small Crown perf 16 2d blue, plate 4, EA, part o.g. Scarce. Cat £4700 £1000
7872Great Britain - QV (line engraved)201854-57 small Crown perf 16 2d pale blue, PL, centred to SW, toned, most o.g. RARE. Cat £5500 US £
7875Great Britain - QV (line engraved)241854-57 small Crown perf 14 1d red-brown, Die 2, block of 4, IA-JB, centred to top, tone spots on two stamps (small patch shows through at lower right on JB), interesting inking print flaw (red-brown lines) through eye of JB, m.m. VERY SCARCE BLOCK. Cat £4250 US £
7877Great Britain - QV (line engraved)401856-58 perf 14 1d rose-red, plate 34, SE corner block of 50 (10 x 5), WITH PLATE NUMBER AND INSCRIPTION, natural contemporary clear fibre adherence on 2 stamps, the gum is remarkably 'flat' and free from gum cracking/creasing, extremely fine and fresh appearance, lightly hinged on just a few stamps, very fine u.m./m.m. With Richter Cert (1992). Estimated Cat Value £5000+ for blocks. An Exhibition piece. US5 £1618
7960Great Britain - QV (line engraved)(43)1878 (?) 1d late IMPERF PLATE PROOF IMPRESSION in rose on thick yellowish vertically laid card, from penny plate number 214, GG, EXTREMELY RARE. Ex. Chartwell coll. SG Spec DP40. Cat £21000 US £
7970Great Britain - QV (embossed)591847-54 6d lilac, large margins at sides, fresh, part o.g. Signed Kohler. RARE. Cat £19500 £1575
7972Great Britain - QV (embossed)571847-54 10d brown, 'WW' just visible but unable to determine Die type, 2 large margins, very fresh, m.m. Gorgeous colour. RARE. Cat £11500 US £
7979Great Britain - QV (embossed)551847-54 1s green, Die 2, 4 excellent margins, regummed to appear as unmounted mint, fresh, unused. RARE. Cat £26500 £1000
7982Great Britain - QV (surface printed)31840 1d grey-black, plate 11, EE, 3½ margins, suffused RED MALTESE CROSS, fine used. RARE. RARE. RARE. Also with MATCHED 1d red-brown, plate 11, EE. The 1d black with RPS Cert (1985) and Cat £40,000. SG Spec AS72e. US £
7983Great Britain - QV (surface printed)141841 2d blue, plate 3, horizontal pair, IC-ID, margins all around, guide lines in both NE and both SE corners, each cancelled by BLUE MALTESE CROSS (possibly of Truro), fresh, v.f.u. Mik Jackson Cert (2014). SG Spec ES11vc. Cat £10000 US £
8059Great Britain - QV (surface printed)90c1862-64 1s green, TF, with WATERMARK ERROR TYPE 20b (three roses and thistle), centred to NW, clear profile, v.g.u. Brandon Cert. (2014). RARE. Unpriced by SG. US £
8185Great Britain - QV (surface printed)120b1867-80 2s milky blue, DD, cut down and reperfed wing margin at right, very fresh, regummed to appear as unmounted mint, fine unused. RARE. Cat £24000 £2500
8199Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 wmk Cross 5s rose, plate 1, HF, centred to SW, horizontal gum crease at top, very fresh, fine l.m.m. RARE. Cat £11000 US £
8201Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, CI, off-centre to SE, light GLASGOW cds, light bend, fresh, white paper, fine used. Scarce. Cat £4500 US £
8202Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, HD, centred to bottom, blue Registered oval pmk, v.g.u. Cat £4500 US £
8203Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CE, central BELFAST cds and parcel cancel at right, fine used. Cat £4750 US £
8204Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BD, central BELFAST cds, trace of faint NE corner crease, super appearance, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £8310 incl. premium. US £
8205Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, FB, well centred, WEST STRAND B.O. cds and light boxed postmarks, fresh, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £9000 US £
8208Great Britain - QV (surface printed)137s1867-83 £5 orange, DB, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, well centred, a few light wrinkles, very fresh, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat £4500 US2 £
8211Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 Maltese Cross 5s pale rose, plate 2, AI, centred to top, h/r, fine m.m. SCARCE. Cat £18000 US3 £
8212Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, BJ, well centred, some trivial gum wrinkles/creasing, lovely white gum, fresh u.m. An exceptional example. Cat £14500 as hinged. Retail approx. £15,000+. US3 £
8215Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 5s pale rose, plate 2, CD, faint pressed out small horizontal and corner crease, regummed, fresh, fine unused. RARE. BPA Cert (2008). Very attractive. Cat £18000 £2000
8218Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AF, well centred, slightly oily upright GLASGOW cds, excellent perfs, faint trace of blue crayon at right, o/wise fine used. Cat £8300 incl. premium. US £
8220Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AD, light diagonal orange crayon at left, BELFAST cds, fresh, fine used. Cat £4750 US £
8221Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1341867-83 wmk Anchor 5s rose, DE, well centred, small subtle repair at lower right, small pressed-out corner crease, good colour, regummed to appear as unmounted mint, fresh unused. RARE. Super appearance. BPA Cert (2008). Cat £35000 £3500
8223Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AI, central upright MAIDSTONE cds, small faults but attractive appearance, v.g.u. Cat £4750 US £
8224Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 wmk Cross 10s greenish grey, BD, well centred, small faults on chin at left have been retouched in, has been regummed over small thins (not discernible), good unused. Attractive appearance. BPA Cert (2007). RARE. Cat £60000 £7500
8230Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 wmk Anchor £1 brown-lilac, FD, full YORK ST./MANCHESTER cds and light partial boxed postmark, excellent colour, violet handstamped initials on reverse, v.g.u. Cat £9000 £1750
8231Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, GI, ovptd. SPECIMEN, Type 9, slightly blunted perfs at top left, o/wise fine and fresh, m.m. RARE. Cat £6250 US £
8232Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 slightly blued paper 10s grey-green, GC, well centred, neat upright CORNHILL B.O. cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £9100 incl. premium. US £
8234Great Britain - QV (surface printed)131 var1867-83 wmk Anchor 10s grey-green on blued paper, BG, with imperf IMPRIMATEUR, small inclusion spot shows through to 'O' of POSTAGE, o/wise very fresh, very fine mint. EXTREMELY RARE. Brandon Cert. (2008). Cat £44000 US £
8235Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper £5 orange, CG, poor perfs at top, corner crease at lower left ends in small closed tear, partially reperforated, regummed, good unused. EXTREMELY RARE. BPA Cert (2007). Cat £70000 £8500
8236Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 wmk Cross £1 brown-lilac, FI, ovptd. SPECIMEN, Type 9, centred to NE, faint tone patch in bottom margin, regummed to appear as unmounted mint, very good unused. Rare. Cat £6250 £1500
8252Great Britain - QV (surface printed)124a1872-73 6d pale chestnut Plate 12 JL, ABNORMAL, clearly visible Plate numbers, neat Cambridge MR 28/73 c.d.s., believed to be the finest example known and seriously under catalogued. With 1973 RPS certificate. Exhibition quality. SG Catalogue Value £5,250 incl premium. US2 £
8315Great Britain - QV (surface printed)153var1873-80 4d sage-green, the ABNORMAL plate 17, MA, centred to left, WATERMARK INVERTED, top left corner has been added but a RARE stamp, decent '107' numeral cancel of Bradford, g.u. SG Spec J66. BPA Cert. (1991). Cat £20000 US £
8492Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1821883-84 1884 10s Cobalt, I C, on white paper superb used with Bowness Windermere JU 16/ 85 c.d.s. Exhibition quality, the finest we have ever handled. Accompanied by 2015 RPS certificate 'AFTER COMPARISON', also with Westminster guarantee folder, current retail for well centred fine used seen at £8,000. EXCEPTIONAL Cat £8250 US2 £3524
8499Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1771883-84 blued paper 10s ultramarine, BA, well centred, trace of orange crayon in bottom margins, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £8250 US £
8501Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, EE, well centred, gum wrinkles, fresh, fine m.m. RARE. Cat £6750 US £
8502Great Britain - QV (surface printed)187-961883-84 lilac and green set to 1s, most appear to be regummed, toning on 2½d, corner thin on 3d, vertical crease on 5d, light horizontal crease on 1s not apparent on front, all (except 2½d and 5d) of decent appearance, unused. Cat £5500 £1000
8542Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185s1884 wmk Crowns £1 brown-lilac, MA, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 9, good colour, possibly partially distributed (slightly yellowed) gum, m.m. Scarce Cat £2800 £1500
8585Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(210)1887-92 Jubilee 10d, a COLOUR TRIAL IN GREEN AND BROWN, cancelled 'BOI' in bars on piece, submitted 24.1.90, v.f.u. RARE. Cat £7000 US £
8589Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(210)1887-92 Jubilee 10d, COLOUR TRIAL IN PURPLE AND BLUE, tiny speck on ear, uncancelled, o.g. RARE. Cat £7000 US £
8594Great Britain - QV (surface printed)186s1888 wmk Orbs £1 brown-lilac, FA, ovptd. SPECIMEN Type 11, a few lightly toned perfs but super colour and very fresh appearance, probably expertly regummed, fine unused. RARE. Cat £6800 £2000
8596Great Britain - QV (surface printed)186a1888 wmk Orbs £1 brown-lilac, TA, with FRAME BREAK, cds and smudged boxed postmarks, good colour, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £9000 US £
8603Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, RA, couple of small gum creases, excellent colour, m.m. Cat £4000 £1500
8604Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, CC, centred to bottom, incredibly fresh, crisp m.m. Cat £4000 £
8673Great Britain - KEVII2661902-10 DLR £1 dull blue-green, well centred, very fresh and fine, crisp m.m. Cat £2000 £
8702Great Britain - KEVII2651902-10 DLR 10s ultramarine, centred slightly to NW, fine u.m. Scarce thus. Cat £2000 US £
8741Great Britain - KEVII3201911-13 SH £1 deep green, centred to NW, exceptionally fresh with super colour, very fine mint. BPA Cert. (2012). Exceptional. Cat £2000 US £
8983Great Britain - KGV1913 Waterlow 2s6d IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL IN GREY-BLUE, very fine unused. RARE. Cat £5500 US £
8985Great Britain - KGV4031913 £1 green, well centred, light gum crease at edge, appears to be unmounted but barest trace of hinge is apparently, fine l.m.m. Cat £3500 £1250
8986Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow £1 green, well centred, very fresh, tiny hinge thin, h/r, crisp m.m. Signed 'Gebr Senf/Leipzig'. Cat £3500 £
8987Great Britain - KGV4031913 Waterlow £1 green, excellent colour, patch of slightly yellowed gum, u.m. RARE. Cat £4800 US3 £
8992Great Britain - KGV4041913 Waterlow £1 dull blue-green, short perf at right, very fresh and fine, crisp m.m. Super smooth white gum. Cat £3500 £
8999Great Britain - KGV(403)1913 Waterlow £1 deep green, centred to right, h/r, fresh m.m. A scarce shade. SG Spec N72(2). Cat £4500 US £
9004Great Britain - KGV4131915 DLR 10s pale blue, centred to NW, tip of one corner perf is slightly toned, o/wise very fresh and fine, crisp m.m. Scarce. Cat £3500 £
9011Great Britain - KGV4111915 DLR 10s deep blue, centred to NE, small wrinkle, slightly naturally streaky gum, fine u.m. Cat £3750 US3 £
9018Great Britain - KGV(411)1915 DLR 10s deep bright blue, well centred, yellowed gum, m.m. SG Spec N70(b). SCARCE. Cat £4000 US £
9072Great Britain - KGV422a1924-26 2½d blue, WITHOUT WATERMARK, h/r, very fresh m.m. RARE, and seldom offered. Cat £2800 £
9089Great Britain - KGV437wi1929 PUC 2½d, with WATERMARK INVERTED, very faint patchy gum yellowing which does not affect paper, o/wise fine u.m. RARE. Current Retail price is £3250. Cat £3750 US £
9278Great Britain - QEII (pre-decimal)663 var1965 Parliament 6d phosphor, an IMPERF IMPRIMATUR, originally from the National Postal Museum Archives, fine and fresh, marginal u.m. With museum handstamp on reverse. RARE. Cat £4500 US4 £
9304Great Britain - QEII (decimal)1192a19 Textiles 15½p, IMPERF HORIZONTAL PAIR, fine and fresh, u.m. RARE. Cat £4500 US4 £
9429Great Britain - Covers - QV16b1850 HENRY ARCHER TRIAL PERFORATION perf 16 1d red-brown, plate 99, DJ, used on 1853 (AU 24) mourning cover to Holborn, '76' numeral cancel, fine. RPS Cert. (1951). RARE EARLY USAGE. Cat £2400 US £
9782Great Britain - TelegraphsT18s1876 £5 orange, AB, ovptd. SPECIMEN, Type 8, centred to SW, small corner bend, fresh, fine l.m.m. Very scarce. Cat £2800 US £
10391Hong Kong27-901904-06 KEVII MCA wmk set to $10 mint, with extra chalky paper values of 4c & 20c, very fine, lightly hinged. A very rare set so fine (16) Cat £3360 £
10619Hong Kong209d1962-73 QEII Annigoni $10 on glazed paper, a corner requisition number(0914) single, unmounted mint. A great rarity Cat £2250 £
10947India 1937-65 Mint collection on leaves(1,390) with many in marginal blocks of four with the stamps either unmounted or mounted on two stamps only including 1938-39 Official 1R to 10R in blocks, 1940-43 set of 14 in blocks, 1947 Independence set in blocks of eight or nine, 1948 Gandhi set, 1952 Saints and Poets sets in blocks of four, the stamps unmounted, 1955 Five Year Plan 2a to 5R in blocks of four, the stamps unmounted, 1957 and 1958-63 definitive sets in unmounted mint blocks, Indo China and Congo Forces sets in unmounted mint blocks, fresh and fine throughout with fresh white gum Cat £2400 US £1157
10964India1855-1902 Mint and used collection on leaves(192) including 1859 2a yellow buff unused,1860 8p on bluish paper used and 8p on white paper mint(2,one a little stained), 1865 set with several mint, 1866 6a fiscal with postage overprint used(4), 1866 4a mint Die I and Die II(2),6a6p mint, 1868 8a mint(both shades), 1874 9p and 1R mint, 1882-90 set mint including blocks, 1891 2½a on 4a6p mint vertical pair with misplaced surcharge, also West India 4a pink essay imperf pair, mainly fine Cat £3300 US £1157
11168India - States - Gwalior137 Blk.x 241949 KGVI 'GWALIOR + Native Language' (Alizah Press) overprinted 12a, in marginal block x 24. u.m.light overall gum toning. Various minor varieties inc. Partial doubling of some 'G''s and vertical bar before 'G' on Row 4 stamp 4. RARE & POSSIBLY UNIQUE LARGE MULTIPLE (Block x 24) Cat £18000 £
12317Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika1938-54 KGVI SPECIALISED COLLECTION on leaves, partly written-up. Starts with basic issue to £1. Then very specialised ranges inc. Detailed study of 1c value, many in Plate blocks and part sheets, displaying the 3 Frame Plates and 8 Centre Plates, packed with perf.chages, shades, 'Damaged value tablet' and the subsequent re-touches from several states of the dies. Also a host of unlisted minor varieties.Then similar detailed analysis of 5c both colours. 10c Black & Green similar inc.'Mountain re-touch' in block + single, 10c Brown & Grey 'Re-touch in sky' in block, etc.15c both colours, 25c, 30c Violet & Brown re-touches, 40c, 50c inc.SG 144 & 144e Blocks, re-touches, 1/- Black & Brown inc. 'Mountain re-touch', etc. 3/- 're-touch to left of mountain', 5/- pair, 10/- Plate 7A etc. Then Then a nice range of covers inc. Some scarce flown Censored items with military cancels, T.P.O. Then nice detailed ranges of Commems. Inc. South Africa overprinted set in multiples with many varieties, inc. 'Crescent Moon' flaw, and many others. Condition generally very fine throughout. M.m.or u.m.or f.u. Of tremendous interest to specialist in this reign.(many 100's + 12 covers). £1250
12448Kuwait39-46 QTY1939 KGVI 1937-40 Pictorial types, overprinted 'KUWAIT' in following quantities. 2a x 47, 3a x 119, 4a x 120, 6a x 120, 8a x 94, 12a x 120. Mostly in large blocks and part sheets. All u.m. medium overall gum toning throughout. (620) Cat £15137 £3000
12946Malaya - General1867-1970 Mint and used collection in large Yvert printed album(many 100s) including Johore with 1896 Ketahkotaan set to $1 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, 1949 original values to $5 mint, Kedah 1937 Sultan set to $1,$5 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, 1950-52 set to $5 mint and used, 1957 and 1959 sets to $5 mint, Kelantan 1937-40 Sultan set to $1 mint ex 3c, 1948 RSW set mint, 1951-52 set to $5 mint, Straits Settlements with some better values and Specimens, Malacca 1948 RSW set mint, 1949 set to $5 mint, 1960 set to $5 mint, F.M.S. with a good range of mint Leaping Tigers inc better values, N.Sembilan 1949 original values to $5 mint, Pahang 1935-41 set to $1,$5 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, 1950-52 set to $5 mint, Penang 1948 RSW set mint, 1949-52 set to $5 mint, 1954-60 sets to $5 mint, Perak with a good range of early overprints, 1899-1901 Surcharge set mint, 1938-41 Sultan set to $1 mint, 1948 RSW set mint, Singapore. A good lot in mainly fine condition. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £1375
13429Malaya - Straits Settlements240ds1921-33 KGV script wmk $500 with SPECIMEN overprint, mint, small hinge remains, excellent colour & perfs. A rare stamp Cat £4750 US £
13844Mauritius1858-1970s EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves, starts 1858-62 (4d) Green, (6d) Vermilion x 3, (9d). Then un-issued (no value) Red-Brown x 4, Blue x 12. 1859-61 6d Blue x 2, 6d Slate x 3, 1/- Verm, 1/- yellow-green. 1860 4d x 2, 9d. 1863-72 1d x 5, 2d x 9, 4d x 12, 6d x 7, 1/- Yellow x 6, 1/- Blue, 5/- x 3.Then ranges of 'Cancelled' items to 5/- x 5, 1878 Surcharged 50c on 1/- x 2, 1879-80 to 2R.50c, 1883-94 to 25c, 16c on 17c, 1891 later surchs inc. 2c on 38c on 9d slightly doubled ?, 1895-9 Badge types to 18c, jubilee 36c x 3, surchs.on these, 1899 Admiral x 8, 1900-5 to 50c, 1902 'Postage & Revenue' 15c, 1904-7 to 1R m.m. and to 1R f.u.1910 vals to 15c, 1913-22 to 1R x 3, 1921-6 to 20c x 4 both colours, 1921-34 Heads to 2R.50c, and 10R, Silver Jubilee set, KGVI ranges to 10R + many varieties, QEII inc.1953-8 to 10R x 3 + varieties, 1965 to 10R + varieties, in blocks, many later to top values to 1970's. Few minor faults among earlies, but generally clean.m.m.or u.m.or f.u. Interesting lot for specialist, with high cat.value.(many 100's) US £1335
14188Montserrat1953-2013 SUPERB QEII COLLECTION written-up beautifully on leaves (in Hawid-style mounts). Starts with DEfinitives 1953-62 to $4.80 both dies, 1965 Wmk.upright set to $4.80, 1968 Surchages to $5 on $4.80, 1969 Wmk.sideways set + 3c Inverted Wmk. x 2. 1970-3 Birds Wmk.upright to $10 + $1 Inv,Wmk. Wmk.sideways set + Wmk.Inv. vals. 1974-6 Surchs. 1976 to $10 + Wmk.varieties. 1980 Flowering Trees & Shrubs surcharge errors. 1981 Fishes to $10 + Wmk.Inv. 75c 7 $5. 1983 Wmk.change to $10.1983 $12 & $30, Fishes surcharge errors, 1984 Birds to $10 + varieties.1988 Shells to $10, 1992 Insects to $10, 1996 Mythology to $10, 2001 Fruits to $10, 2007 Flowers to $20, 2013 Butterflies to $20. Then Commems. OFFICIALS inc.1976 Trees & Shrubs to $10 + $5 Inv.Wmk. Also another set in pairs, one stamp showing 'missing stop after S' varieties. 1980 to $10, 1981 to $10, 1985 to $10, 1989 to $10, 1992 Surchs. 1993 to $10, 1997 to $10, 2002 to $10, 2007 to $20, etc.UNMOUNTED MINT THROUGHOUT (except for 1976-1980 Officials which only exist C.T.O.) Colourful lot packed with thematics on many topics. Many rarely offered varieties, and very high face value. FABULOUS LOT (Many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US2 £1175
14809New Zealand1850's-1970 INTERESTING ORIGINAL COLLECTION, written-up on leaves. Starts with nice ranges of 'Chalons', IMPERFS. 1859-61 No Wmk.6d, 1862-3 1/-. Wmk.Large Star, 1862-4 2d x 4. 1862-4 6d x 4. Wmk. N.Z. 1864 1d x 1, 1/-. PERFORATED Wmk.Large Star, Perf.12½ (Plate 1) 2d x 2, 1865-71 (Plate 2) 2d x 5, 1864-71 1d Vermilion x 2, 1871 2d Red x 2, 1864-73 3d x 4, 1865-73 4d Yellow, 1864-71 6d Brown x 6, 1871-2 6d Blue x 2, 1864 1/- Green. All these f.u. Then first SIDEFACES inc. 1873-8 first issue ½d x 2 m.m. + one c.d.s. 1873 Perf.10 Wmk.NZ, ½d x 4 m.m.; later issues m.m. or f.u.; 1d x 3, 2d x 4, 3d x 2, 6d x 1. Second sidefaces ranges to 6d x 8, 1/- x 8,one m.m.1898-1908 Pictorials to 1/- x 3, 5/-, various perfs/printings. Universals, many printings m.m. or f.u.KEVII Heads to 6d x 6, 8d x 3, 1/- x 4, m.m. or f.u.KGV Heads Line engraved to 9d m.m.& to 1/- x 6 f.u. various perfs/printings. 1930's Commems. KGV & KGVI Pictorials to 3/- x 4 various wmks.& perfs. Then continues onwards to 1970 with fair degree of completeness, inc. Defins. to top values, and many Commems. Also many covers (inc.First Day) and varieties noted. Needs a more careful examination by specialist. Some faults noted but generally clean and a high-potential lot, with high catalogue value.Also much postmark interest.(many 100's + covers). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US3 £1192
14810New Zealand1855-2010 EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves, starts with QV ranges inc. Imperf Chalon Heads inc. 1857 no wmk. Blued paper, 1/- Green, 3 small to large margins (stained and repaired tear) used with Royal Certificate. Others to 6d f.u. 1862 Pelure paper 1d SG 81, Roulette Nelson 12½-13 6d, 1862-4 3d, 1864-71 to 6d, later to 6d Blue. The Small Heads inc. 1874-8 vals. To 6d, 1882 to 1/-, also Adverts on back. 1898 Pictorial types to 1/-, 2/-. 1899-1900 vals., 1902-7 vals. To 2/-, 1903 5/-, ranges of 1d Universals, KEVII ranges inc. 1906 Christchurch to 3d, 1909-12 Heads to 1/- x 2, KGV inc. Heads with many perf. Changes to 1/- x 7, 1926 Admirals to 2/- x 4, 3/-. Pictorials inc. 1935 to 3/- x 3, 1936 to 3/-, 1936-41 to 3/- x 3, Silver Jubilee, Airs and other Commems., strong KGVI inc. Defins. to 2/- x 4, 3/- x 2, Centenary to 1/-, QEII extensive ranges to 2010 inc. 1953 to 10/-, 1960-6 to £1 x 3, 1967-70 to $2 Magenta x 3, $2 Blue x 6, 1969 to $2 x 2, later Defins. to top values and hundreds of Commems for the period. Then good ranges of Semi-Postals inc. Health stamps inc. Souvenir Sheets for 1957, '59, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, '69, '70, '71, '72, etc. LIFE INSURANCE 1891 vals., 1903-4 set, 1905-32 vals. to 6d, POSTAL FISCALS ranges, inc. 1940-58 to £1, 1967 to $10 x 2, POSTAGE DUES inc. 1899 vals., etc. OFFICIALS ranges of most issues to higher vals., Centary set to 1/-, KGVI to top vals. Then good ranges of Ross Dependency, Tokelau, Aitutaki, Niue, Penrhyn, etc. Major faults ignored in valuation, others mixed mint or fine used, some u.m. Very high cat. value, with much of interest. (Many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS US £1468
14813New Zealand1857-1970s EXTENSIVE COLLECTION on leaves, starts few Chalons inc. 1857 1d, 6d, 1862 2d, 1864-7 to 1/- x 2, 1871 to 6d, Queen's Head types, inc. 1873 Perf.10 ½d Rose (unused), later ½d's inc.1892 Perf.12½,½d Inverted wmk.1874-8 Perf.12½,2d x 3, 2d x 4, 3d, 4d x2, 6d x 5, 1/- x 5.Perf.10 x 12½ 2d, 3d, 6d x 2, Perf.11½-12 2d. Blued paper Perf.12½, 2d. 1875 2d, 1878 Perf.12 x 11½ 1d x 3, 2d x 4, 6d, 1/-x 2.1882-1900 to 1/- x 2, 1891-5 to 1/-.1895-1900 ½d black x 8 inc.'HALE-PENNY' variety.1d x 15 inc.'Ellipse' flaw x 2, 2d x 15, 2½d x 7 inc.Large '2' and '1' of value joined variety.3d x 6, 4d x 12 inc. Adverts on backs,5d x 4, 6d x 5 inc. SG 201a, 8d x 2 (one Un.)1/- x 5. Pictorial types inc. 1898 to 5d, 1899 to 2/- x 2. Then extensive later ranges inc. KEVII Heads to 1/-, KGV Heads to 1/-,Victory to 1/-, 1925 Dunedin set m.m.Admirals to 2/- x 2, early Health stamps m.m. 1934 Trans-Tasman 7d m.m.1935 Pictorials to 3/-,Silver Jubilee m.m.1936-42 to 3/- x 2, strong KGVI ranges inc. defins.Centennial set, QEII inc. Defins to top values, early Health Souvenir sheets u.m.and much else. Also some interesting varieties, etc. POSTAGE DUES inc. 1939-49 to 3d x 2, OFFICIALS inc. Pictorials to 1/-, KEVII to 8d m.m.KGV to 1/-, KGVI inc. Centennial to 1/- inc. 'ff' joined on 1d pair, Pictorials to 2/- x 3, Defins. to 2/- x 3, LIFE INSURANCE 1891-8 to 5d, later to 1/- x 4. POSTAL FISCALS inc.1882 8/- SG F17a, later QV to 3/-, 1949-55 to 9/-, 10/- x 4, £1, later to $10 x 2, etc. Good lot for specialist. Generally clean condition throughout, m.m. or u.m.or f.u. Cat value is approx.but doesn't include varieties, etc.(many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £9000 US £1335
15152Newfoundland71857 6½d scarlet vermilion on thick paper, a superb looking unused copy with four large margins. With 1989 David Brandon certificate stating genuine with small corner thin and regummed. Rare stamp. (SG 7) Cat £4500 £
15153Newfoundland61857 6d scarlet vermilion on thick paper, a good looking copy with close to touching margins lightly used. With 1989 David Brandon certificate stating genuine with small thin spot. Rare stamp. (SG 6) Cat £4750 £
15164Newfoundland151860 1/- orange vermilion on medium hand made paper, a fine looking copy margins tight to touching lightly used. With 1989 David Brandon certificate. An exceptional rarity. (SG 15) Cat £11000 £
19754Turks Islands11d1881 ½ Type 6 without bar surcharge on 1s dull blue fresh mint, part original gum, with 2016 BPA certificate Cat £2500 US2 £
20434Unsolds Offer £1,000 Unsolds Offer (Fixed Price) £1000
20435Unsolds Offer £2,000 Unsolds Offer (Fixed Price) £2000
20587Bermuda89h1930 (Mar) KGV Wmk.Script.2/6d Grey-Black & Pale Orange-Vermilion/Grey-Blue. Fresh l.m.m. RARE printing. Cat £2750 £
20755Great Britain - QV (line engraved)3,71840 1d greyish black, GB, and 1841 1d red-brown, GB, a MATCHED PAIR from plate 11, 4 small to very good margins, each with black MC, fine used. The 1d black with PTS Cert (2013). Cat £4730 £
20757Great Britain - QV (line engraved)(5)1840 2d steel-blue, QK, 4 good even margins, crisp BLUE MALTESE CROSS, vertical crease at left (not readily apparent from front) and small corner thin, extremely fresh, super appearance, f.u. SG Spec 5ud. Cat £15000 £
20759Great Britain - QV (line engraved)(2)1840 1d, RAINBOW COLOUR TRIAL IN RED-BROWN, with void corners, large margins and incredibly fresh, v. Fine unused. SG Spec DP20. Cat £5500 £
20760Great Britain - QV (line engraved)51840 2d blue, plate 1, block of 4, DE-EF, SMALL MARGINS ALL AROUND, neat black MC cancels, fresh, fine used. RARE. SO FINE. Cat £28000 £
20761Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(62)1855-57 small Garter 4d, IMPERF IMPRIMATUR on deep blued paper, folded on upper sheet margin, excellent colour, very fresh, part o.g. RARE. Cat £8500 £
20770Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(118)1867-80 2s dull blue, plate 1, AL, IMPERF IMPRIMATUR, good margins, fine m.m. Scarce. Cat £4750 £
20775Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1211867-80 2s brown, HD, wing margin at right, well centred, very fresh (nice white paper), v.g.u. RARE. Cat £4200 £
20779Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1361867-83 Anchor £1 brown-lilac, FG, centred to bottom, crude large cork cancel, tiny closed tear at upper right, good used. Very scarce. Cat £9000 £
20780Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, FI, centred to NE, slight yellowing, v.g.u. Scarce. Cat £4500 £
20782Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, AE, well centred, faint horizontal pressed-put crease, neat crisp MANCHESTER/ACCOUNTS cds, superb colour and appearance, f.u. Cat £4750 £
20783Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1321867-83 Anchor slightly blued paper £1 brown-lilac, FB, a couple of weak corner perfs at top, neat VERE STREET/W.D.O. Cds, good colour, fine used. Cat £17,500 incl premium. £
20786Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1281867-83 Maltese Cross 10s greenish grey, FC, centred slightly to left, small GLASGOW cds, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £5600 incl premium. £
20787Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 blued paper 10s grey-green, EG, small squared circle postmark, fine used. RARE. Cat £5200 £
20789Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1271867-83 Maltese Cross 5s pale rose, plate 2, AI, a few nibbled perfs, centred to top, part o.g. RARE. Cat £18000 £
20790Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 blued paper 10s grey-green, FB, a few corner wrinkles and greasy perfs, partial LOMBARD STREET cds, f.u. RARE. Cat £5200 £
20791Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 blued paper 10s grey-green, CC, well centred, cds cancels, very good colour, fine used. Cat £9100 incl premium. £
20792Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, BF, centred to NE, good colour, blunted perfs at upper right, v.g.u. Cat £4500 £
20793Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, AF, centred to right, excellent strong deep colour, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £4500 £
20794Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(129)1867-83 Maltese Cross £1, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL IN ORANGE, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, very fine marginal l.m.m. Very scarce. Cat £2700 £
20795Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, AG, a 'short' stamp centred high, LONDON cds, v.g.u. Cat £4500 £
20796Great Britain - QV (surface printed)129s1867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, GF, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, centred to SW, light gum wrinkle, very fresh, fine m.m. RARE. Cat £6250 £
20797Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1261867-83 Maltese Cross 5s rose, plate 1, AA, centred to top, light overall toning h/r, m.m. Scarce. Cat £11000 £
20798Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 Anchor blued paper 5s rose, CH, very slight yellowing and mottled gum, most o.g. RARE. Cat £42000 £
20801Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128)1867-83 Maltese Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL IN MAUVE, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, couple of light gum creases, very fresh, l.m.m. Cat £2400 £
20803Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128)1867-83 Maltese Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL IN BISTRE, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, fresh, marginal m.m. Scarce. Cat £2400 £
20804Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper £5 orange, DB, crossed by two orange crayon lines, crisp PARLIAMENT ST. NO. 12/S.W. Cds and faint violet boxed cancel, very slight rubbing at upper right, one short perf at top, v.g.u. RARE. Cat £15000 £
20806Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, DK, centred slightly to right, tiny trace of orange crayon at top, original colour touched in at lower left, super crisp LANCASTER cds, f.u. RARE. Cat £4750 £
20807Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, CJ, centred to right, lovely small ARGYLL STREET/GLASGOW cds, superb fresh appearance, v.f.u. Cat £5675 incl premium. £
20809Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1311867-83 Anchor blued paper 10s grey-green, CE, light YORK ST./MANCHESTER cds, faint trace of diagonal crease, o/wise v.f.u. Expertised on reverse. Cat £9100 incl premium. £
20812Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1371867-83 £5 orange, CA, centred to top, vertical blue crayon at left, also diagonal traces at lower right, central GLASGOW cds, crisp, fine used. Cat £4750 £
20813Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1331867-83 blued paper £5 orange, CI, creasing/wrinkling at right, a few clipped perfs at bottom, quite lightly cancelled, g.u. Eminently collectable. Cat £15000 £
20815Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1291867-83 Maltese Cross £1 brown-lilac, GE, centred to SE, neat cancel, faint manuscript on reverse, fresh, f.u. Cat £4500 £
20816Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(128)1867-83 Maltese Cross 10s, IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL IN ORANGE, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, very fine and fresh, marginal l.m.m. Cat £2400 £
20817Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1301867-83 blued paper 5s rose, CD, erased blue crayon across NW corner, RICHMOND cds, very fresh, f.u. Cat £4800 £
20824Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(156)1873-80 8d orange, SB, IMPERF IMPRIMATUR from unissued plate 2, small margins, light corner crease, extremely fresh, m.m. RARE. Cat £11000 £
20841Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1761883-84 blued paper 5s rose, JE, centred to NW, GLASGOW cds (numeral beneath), fine used. Very scarce. Cat £4000 £
20844Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1751883-84 blued paper 2s6d lilac, NG, centred to SW, fine m.m. Cat £6750 £
20851Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(178s)1883-84 2s6d lilac, JA, ovptd CANCELLED, Type 14 (partly double), gum wrinkle at bottom, short perfs at bottom left, very fresh, u.m. Scarce thus. RPS Cert (2016). SG Spec K10(t). Cat £4000 £
20852Great Britain - QV (surface printed)182s1883-84 10s cobalt, LG, ovptd SPECIMEN, Type 9, patch of gum disturbance at edge, very fresh, m.m. SCARCE. Cat £3400 £
20853Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185s1884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, CC, ovptd SPECIMEN, Type 9, centred to SE, toned, crisp m.m. Scarce. Cat £2800 £
20854Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, CA, well centred, tiny trace of blue crayon in SE corner, crisp WEST STRAND B.O cds, light toning, v.g.u. Cat £2800 £
20855Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1851884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, OD, centred to top, excellent colour, horizontal crease at bottom, faint vertical crease, m.m. RARE. Cat £32000 £
20856Great Britain - QV (surface printed)185s1884 Crowns £1 brown-lilac, MB, ovptd SPECIMEN Type 9, very fine and fresh, l.m.m. Excellent example. Cat £2800 £
20862Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, BC, a few wrinkles on reverse, good colour, v.g.u. Cat £4250 £
20863Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, QD, centred to top, light cds, damaged SW corner, o/wise fine used. Cat £4250 £
20865Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, DB, well centred, light oval Registered pmk, excellent colour, very fresh, v.f.u. Cat £6375 incl premium. £
20866Great Britain - QV (surface printed)1861888 Orbs £1 brown-lilac, RA, centred to bottom, neat cds cancels, very slight soiling at top, o/wise fine used. Cat £4250 £
20867Great Britain - QV (surface printed)2121891 £1 green, DA, centred to NW, tiny tone spot on reverse mentioned for accuracy, faint gum crease at left, still fine, u.m. Cat £7500 £
20874Great Britain - QV (surface printed)(91)1962-64 1s green, SG, IMPERF IMPRIMATUR from unissued plate 3, small margins, fine m.m. One of the rare ABNORMALS. Cat £13500 £
20878Great Britain - Covers - QV21840 1d black, RC, 4 small to good margins, guide line in NE corner, tied to part 1841 EL by scarce MANCHESTER 'FISH TAIL' MALTESE CROSS in black, fine. SG Spec A1(2)ub. Cat £4500 £
20879Great Britain - Covers - QV21840 1d black, plate 3, RH, 4 good margins, tied by red MC to neat EL from Carmarthen to London, USED on 24 MAY (SUNDAY). Very scarce. SG Spec A(2)ti. Cat £14000 £
20880Great Britain - Covers - QV31840 1d grey-black, plate 11, small SW corner rub, tied to 1841 Entire to Bridgwater, straight line MILVERTON handstamp at top, very scarce. Cat £16000 £
20881Great Britain - Covers - QV6, 81841 wrapper bearing 1840 2d pale blue (TE) and 1841 1d red-brown vertical pair (IH-JH), tied by black MC cancels, margins vary, used to Newport Pagnell, horizontal fold through central margin of 1d pair. This is a very scarce Combination cover. Holcomber Cert (1991). £
20882Great Britain - Covers - QV(B2a)1852 1d red-brown, with TREASURY ROULETTE tied to 1854 cover from Red Cross St. John Fund to Exeter, extremely fine for this. RARE. RPS Cert (1943). Cat £23000 £
20899Great Britain - OfficialsO161887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, BD, centred to SE, small light oval ACCOUNT BRANCH/GLASGOW postmark, light wrinkle, f.u. Signed 'Philip Kosack'. Cat £2500 £
20900Great Britain - OfficialsO16s1887-92 INLAND REVENUE £1 green, RA, ovptd SPECIMEN, Type 10, centred to top, light gum creases/wrinkles, extremely fresh, h/r, m.m. Cat £2250 £
20913Great Britain - OfficialsO851902-04 BOARD OF EDUCATION 2½d, toned, m.m. RARE. Brandon Cert (2014). Cat £4850 £
20914Great Britain - OfficialsO241902-04 INLAND REVENUE 1s dull green & carmine, tiny gum thin spot, o/wise fine m.m. BPA Cert (2016). Scarce. Cat £3750 £
20920Great Britain - OfficialsO1121903-04 ADMIRALTY 3d, very light vertical gum crease at edge, very fresh, fine l.m.m. BPA Cert (2016). Cat £2600 £
20928Great Britain - Postal FiscalsF321860-71 6d pink, Die U, super crisp embossing, BLOCK OF 4, slightly streaky gum, hinged on one stamp only, fine u.m./m.m. VERY SCARCE. Cat £1600 £
21022Tibet1882-2009 An unique collection well written-up in six loose-leaf volumes: Volume 1: shows 1882 entire from Ghurkha, Kuti, Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal & another letter dated c1885-90 with wax seal; Early postcards including the 13th Dalai Lama in black & white & other early 'ethnic' cards, Liebig card etc., early prints including one of the British Expedition 1871; 20th century covers including KEVII & KGV Indian ½a green each on cover from Gyantse (Siliguri Base) to Nepal & 1919 cover to Gyantse from Katmandu. Also a scarce set to 50c of Chinese P.O. in Tibet unused (with paper adhering to back & some perf faults) , these would cat £2360 as fine mint. Volume II: with a mint & used study of the 1912-14 First issue with shades, multiples, varieties & values to 1t, 9 covers 1915-25 bearing 1/6th trangka green adhesives, one with photo certificate (Sismondo 2000) and one bearing 1/3rd trangka c1927 (this affixed across back of cover and thus halved when opened, but a very rare item in any condition). Also later printings including 'POTSAGE' variety (2) in a complete sheet of 12 & another single example, plus 1914-17 4t & 8t including a reprint. Volume III: has a mint & used study of the 1933 issue with 3 covers, 18 complete sheets, these include 'missing cliché' & sheets with 'substituted clichés'. Cancelled sheets are cto. Volume IV: offers 1933 issues on covers including one franked ½t yellow pair & 2t cinnamon, another with 1t & 2t franking etc. Volume V: contains a very impressive range of forgeries & forged covers unused & used with 54 complete sheets & 21 covers, forged postmarks, etc. A very important research section. Volume VI: starts with so-called Officials including a probably unique airmail cover from Turkey in 1954 with Turkish adhesives on address side & on the back, a 1933 4t green, and 'officials' 1shokang brown & a pair of 2Khakakang brown black all cancelled by Lhasa cds cancels. Later some examples of stamps and covers from the post Chinese takeover period with propaganda labels, 'Free Tibet' etc. Overall the collection is well adapted to be displayed at local or national level, on matching album pages, and collections of Tibet of this level are very rarely offered. It is not possible to authenticate all of the material in this collection, but is covered by our return guarantee. A download of the entire collection is available should this be required, please request this. As an exception to 'no viewing' rules, this collection may be viewed at our office. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS £
21038Cape of Good Hope14c1861 Wood Block 4d deep bright blue, touched at the bottom, o/w large to extensive margins, extremely fresh and deep colour. Gorgeous stamp. Rare in this condition, lightly cancelled, superb colour. In 40 years of handling Cape triangles we have hardly ever handled this rare shade. With Georg Bühler certificate (Feb 1982). (Michel 6b) £1250
21039Great Britain - KGVI476 2/6 brown - a very scarce complete sheet of 40 u.m. A few stamps with minor belmishes. Current retail value £2,500+. Premium piece of increasing scarcity. (Catalogue £3,800+) £
21041General - World FASCINATING 1942 JUGEND AUSGABE SCHAUBEK ALBUM – Translated ‘Youth Issue’ 1942 World Stamp Album. This is a fully printed album including some illustrations - the most politically and militarily motivated ‘World’ (in inverted commas) stamp album that I have ever seen. The full impact of the Third Reich ‘propaganda machine’ in ‘mid-World War’ is written within these 240 extraordinarily well-filled pages of Mint and or Used comprising some, between 4,000 to 5,000 different stamps from classic through to 1942 period – which, unsurprisingly are dominated by a good collection of Germany, so that, for example Bavaria has 4 almost complete pages, Denmark comprises 4 almost full pages, Danzig 4 well filled leaves, but Germany from Empire to 1942 including territories and a few Colonies – some 45 well-filled leaves, condition variable upon earlier issues – but generally good to fine – France comprises 6 well-filled leaves, USA with 5 well-filled leaves, but Great Britain with just 2 leaves and, I may be wrong, but not even provision for a 1d black! British Colonies with, for example, 12 spaces for the stamps of Australia, 6 spaces (empty) for the stamps of New Zealand! A large heavy album, more than 2 inches thick – remarkably well-filled, some reprints / private printings in the German Zeppelins and high values – but what a joy to discover this album and write about it, there is room to upgrade and continue. I hope this album remains preserved for future generations... Includes better stamps, probably no rarities, but with between 4,000 to 5,000 stamps and possibly more (I haven’t counted) – what a pleasure to describe. Photo-downloads will be available free of charge upon request... HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. £1500